Hi all, Just wondering what everyones favourite loadouts were for Multiplayer, to see if I've missed out on something massive - having now maxed all chars. and all weapons, I am beginning to tire of MP (sacrilege!) and was looking for ways to mix things up (that includes beating gold only using the Scorpion). To start off, I'll give you my current favourites.

Bronze, Silver: Turian Soldier, with maxed Marksman and Concussive shot - uses Phaeston w/piercing and ammo, and the Talon w/barrel and ammo.

Gold: Geth infiltrator with maxed Hunter Mode and Tac. Cloak - uses either the geth plasma smg, the Krysae or the Claymore (used to use the valiant, but got bored of it)

Ideas? Your preferred play style? Leave it below. SanjayBeast (talk) 22:06, June 16, 2012 (UTC)

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