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    WARING:LONG RANT AHEAD (but do read full story, and I hope you enjoy)

    So, having just spent 4 million credits, collected over the last month, on PSPs (a decision that I will surely regret tomorrow, when the Rebellion PSPs come out, but oh well) and unlocked not only all the characters, but weapons too, I thought i might share my opinion with you.

    • Short story : poo, but dressed up with funny weapons and powers.
    • Longer (much, much longer), for those who might be interested in the specifics that I love/hate, is ahead.

    First off, let's start with weapons.

    • No 1 : the Krysae Sniper Rifle. A lovely concept of an explosive sniper that proximity detonates, allowing for shooting enemies behind cover, but with serious flaws such as the fact that you can't s…
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  • SanjayBeast

    Well, I don't know about you guys but when I first saw the leaked info for Rebellion and glanced at the magic word 'Phoenix', I could hardly contain my excitement. Finally, I would be able to play as a Javik-esque character, with Dark Channel as a power and maybe some awesome weapons - I was, of course, referring to the similarity of the 'From Ashes' title of the DLC relating to the Protheans to the 'Phoenix' title of the new race (Phoenixes, when reborn, rise from the ashes where they died). So imagine my anguish when after weeks of discussion in the Bioware forums, where Mr Chris Priestly neither denied or confirmed any of the leak, I discovered that they, the 'Phoenixes', were just in fact Ex-Cerberus Soldiers. To me, this comes across …

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  • SanjayBeast

    Just wondering if anyone, like me, had thought that instead of just having a 'Player Tips' section for each weapon page, we could have some sort of Multiplayer GUide on how to use each weapon effectively. It would try and be a guide for all players who have acquired new weapons and want other peoples ideas on how to use, for example, the M-99 Saber in the most effective way. I dont know if this would come under the format of a tutorial page, but i think that just a small section at the bottom of each page would be useful for people who dont just want single player advice, but want to learn how to use it well in multiplayer would be a start. any takers/suggestions?

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