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SpartHawg948 SpartHawg948 27 February 2013

Thank You!!!

So, as some of you may know, a recent attempt to oust me was overwhelmingly defeated by the community. For this, the single most lopsided vote in the history of the Wiki, the community at large has my most sincere thanks. As one of the people voting neutral pointed out, the vote was a major vote of confidence in my involvement at this wiki. I can't recall a time in my six years here that I've been prouder. To everyone who voted "Nay", thank you! Thank you so much! To everyone who voted "Neutral", I respect your vote. You took part and voted your conscience, and I can appreciate that. To those who voted "Yea", well, to borrow from a comment the President made in early 2009 (IIRC), "I won". Have fun with that. Take solace in the fact that yo…

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SpartHawg948 SpartHawg948 30 January 2013


Not sure how widely the info is being distributed right now, but Wikia is apparently trying out a new "Alliance" system. Details are a bit vague at present. Now, if we sign the Wiki up for one, it seems like a no-brainer which one. But, as the page says, this should be a community thing. So, I'm starting an impromptu community discussion here. If there is enough positive feedback, we can put it up in the policy forum for a vote.

Like I said, the initial info they're giving is a tad vague, but let's hear what you folks think!

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SpartHawg948 SpartHawg948 15 December 2012


I'm sure some (most? I've been at work all day...) of you have seen this already. If so, I apologize.

By now you've all more than likely heard about the horrific mass shooting in Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the slain, as are most of yours, I'm sure. Now, I have my own opinions on the shooting, the cause, solutions, etc. But I'm not getting into that because, quite frankly, most of you don't care. And I only blog about things you don't care about in my book and fantasy hockey blogs.

But, it has been brought to my attention by a friend/fellow veteran/fellow avid gamer (known on the wiki as Skitz470) that, in a prime example of an epic rush-to-judgement fail, a mob of tools actually attempted to pin the blame o…

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SpartHawg948 SpartHawg948 31 January 2012

An Open Letter Regarding Mass Effect: Deception

Dear Casey Hudson, Mac Walters, William C. Dietz and the teams at BioWare and Electronic Arts,

Over the last 5 years the Mass Effect Wiki community has built the most comprehensive guide to the Mass Effect Universe outside of BioWare, and we have thoroughly enjoyed doing it. While editors and admins come and go, we can be certain of one thing; we all love the Mass Effect Universe and wish to see its success continue. We cannot express how proud we were when Mac Walters revealed that the team had used the wiki in the past. The incredible amount of work that the teams in Edmonton and Montreal have put into the franchise leaves us in awe and we are eagerly awaiting the next installment in March. To us the Mass Effect franchise represents the …

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SpartHawg948 SpartHawg948 20 January 2012

Ausir globally banned from Wikia

The title pretty much says it all, folks. A former Wikia employee and all-around awesome individual, Pawel Dembowski (aka Ausir) has been globally banned from Wikia. The full story can be found here, but the long and short of it is as follows.

Ausir took a position at a new company, Curse. He's their "Wiki Team Lead", meaning he is the head honcho of all the wikis on the Curse Network. One of those wikis is for some game called Cobalt. Now, the folks at Cobalt list the Cobalt wiki on Curse as their official wiki. Despite this, Wikia was apparently claiming that theirs was the official Cobalt wiki. So Ausir left a message with Wikia pointing out the discrepancy. For this, he was banned. Globally.

Now, you might point out that he also moved Th…

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