The title pretty much says it all, folks. A former Wikia employee and all-around awesome individual, Pawel Dembowski (aka Ausir) has been globally banned from Wikia. The full story can be found here, but the long and short of it is as follows.

Ausir took a position at a new company, Curse. He's their "Wiki Team Lead", meaning he is the head honcho of all the wikis on the Curse Network. One of those wikis is for some game called Cobalt. Now, the folks at Cobalt list the Cobalt wiki on Curse as their official wiki. Despite this, Wikia was apparently claiming that theirs was the official Cobalt wiki. So Ausir left a message with Wikia pointing out the discrepancy. For this, he was banned. Globally.

Now, you might point out that he also moved The Vault from Wikia to Curse. True. However, before pointing to this as the "real reason" for the ban, recall three facts. 1) The Vault and all its info still exists on Wikia, albeit under a new name. (Wikia renamed it Nukapedia). And it's still the most accessed source for Fallout info. 2) Ausir founded The Vault. That's right. The Vault in its present form would not exist were it not for Ausir. 3) This was not a unilateral move. It was based on a community discussion and a consensus that the folks at The Vault were unhappy with the changes Wikia has been making this past year or so. Similar discussions, in fact, have taken place at this very wiki.

Now, if you can't tell, I'm furious about this. I so wish I wasn't bound to follow the language policy right now, because I want to shout from the rooftops that this move on Wikia's part is F------ B---S---!!! It's so d--- ironic too that this happens right as Wikia is crying foul about SOPA. I don't know about you folks, but I've worked with Ausir a bit, and he's pretty much the personification of what makes Wikia and the Wikia community so great. This is pretty much a slap in the face that they'd do this to someone who has done so much for them. I don't really see that there's anything we can do about it, other than maybe petition to have the ban revoked (I'll probably be sending a few messages and emails after this), but I just wanted to make sure this injustice didn't go undocumented. And if they ban me for this, whatever.

I dunno. Am I making too big a deal about this? I don't think I am, but then I'm a little biased here, aren't I? What do you all think?

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