I'm sure some (most? I've been at work all day...) of you have seen this already. If so, I apologize.

By now you've all more than likely heard about the horrific mass shooting in Connecticut. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the slain, as are most of yours, I'm sure. Now, I have my own opinions on the shooting, the cause, solutions, etc. But I'm not getting into that because, quite frankly, most of you don't care. And I only blog about things you don't care about in my book and fantasy hockey blogs.

But, it has been brought to my attention by a friend/fellow veteran/fellow avid gamer (known on the wiki as Skitz470) that, in a prime example of an epic rush-to-judgement fail, a mob of tools actually attempted to pin the blame on Mass Effect. Based on what? Well, the fact that someone they assumed was the shooter had "liked" Mass Effect on Facebook. The only problem? They were looking at the Facebook page of the shooter's brother. So now that poor guy, who is (to vastly understate it) having an abysmal day, has to deal with this crap too. And the Mass Effect Facebook page has been bombarded with posts by idiots.

Look, I'm not calling for anyone to go out and do anything. I just wanted to point this out, and to try a mild appeal for sanity, though I know that no one who needs a dose of sanity most in this scenario will see this. Oh, and if you hear anyone blaming video games in general (and especially if they blame Mass Effect in particular), please try and talk some sense into them.

Oh, and if you comment on this blog, please just respect the rules of the site and of proper decorum. (No swearing, insulting, please leave politics off the Wiki, etc)

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