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  • SpartHawg948

    So, there have been a few requests (two, to be precise) for me to create a blog in which users can comment on the blurbs, news stories, and inane ramblings I post in my "Tongue-in cheek thought of the, ah, who am I kidding? I'm not gonna change this daily..." section on my user page. Well, here you go!

    Note: I can be vain, fickle, and capricious, to name a few of my better qualities. Post at your own risk! :P

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  • SpartHawg948

    So, the hot new thing in blogging on the wiki seems to be discussing the awards given out by various gaming magazines. With that in mind, I figured I'd go over the awards recently announced by my personal favorite magazine (gaming magazine, that is), the Official Xbox Magazine, in their February 2011 issue. Some commentary of an opinionated nature will follow, as will honorable mentions for each category. So let's see what they picked. (Please note, there were quite a few awards, so some have been omitted for celerity and relevance)

    • Xbox Live Arcade Game of the Year - Limbo. (Never played it, so no opinions whatsoever, though coincidentally enough, the day before I read this, I was commenting on how I kinda miss Limbo since it apparently wen…
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  • SpartHawg948

    So, word on the street is that it's next year now. And you know what that means! Well, you should, if you read the title of the blog. New Year, new books to read. And then to record here in my little corner of the Wiki. Why, you ask? Lots of reasons. For posterity's sake, boredom, vanity, and because apparently some people did read my previous book blog. Some of them even commented. Neat, huh? So anywho, here's where I'll record my reading exploits for 2011. I can't promise I'll meet or exceed my 2010 total of 31 books (that vacation really helped me catch up on my reading), but I'll try. And, thanks to the awesome Kindle my folks got me for Christmas, maybe I'll manage to set a new record. So, without further ado:

    (Haven't updated since Octo…

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  • SpartHawg948

    So, as the title suggests, the latest Gameinformer has an article entitled "The 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade", featuring "the best, most fully realized characters we've seen" in what they term the greatest decade of video games ever. Now, here's the cool part. There were four games/franchises which were represented multiple times. They generally weren't surprising. The four games which had multiple characters (for a total of 8 of the 30) were: Red Dead Redemption (John Marston and Bonnie MacFarlane), the Uncharted series (Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher), the Grand Theft Auto series (Niko Bellic from GTA IV and Tommy Vercetti from Vice City), and... you guessed it. Mass Effect. Coming in at #12 is Commander Shepard, and at #17 is The I…

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  • SpartHawg948

    Fantasy Hockey Stuff

    November 9, 2010 by SpartHawg948

    Sooo... I'm bored. And when I get bored, and the Wiki is slow, and there's nothing much to do, I blog about random things. Hence my Book Corner blog, and my "Who's the best Star Trek Movie Villain?" blog (btw, it's Khan, hands down!). Well, now it's time to blog fantasy hockey. As some may remember from last month, I'm in a fantasy league with some friends and friends-of-friends, with a team boasting the confidence-inspiring name "The Ralph Wiggums". Who is in the Ralph Wiggums? Let's check the roster:

    In the interests of nerdiness, when possible, links to both The NHL and Wikipedia pages for players will be provided. An asterisk (*) denotes that the player was a draft pick.

    • Mike Ribeiro (Dal-C)
    • Jason Arnott (Was-C)
    • Rick Nash (Cls-L/RW)*
    • Brenden …

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