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  • Temporaryeditor78

    as people may or may not know, we have been working behind the scenes with Fandom staff in anticipation for Mass Effect: Andromeda. here's the PSA on what's been happening, and your comments are actually solicited for research purposes.

    on selected andromeda topics you'll see some vids on top of the article (distinct from the video ads - turn off your adblocker if nothing's loading). normally the wiki doesn't allow videos due to quality issues, but these are the in-universe briefings or trailers, approved by the publisher, or Fandom's self-made intro videos. also they're hosted on a different section of fandom's servers (not here).

    the front page hasn't been updated in forever, and i just did not have the time to redesign it myself, so this…

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  • Temporaryeditor78

    well, it's probably fair game to critique all ME comics released so far based on their visual merit. everything's been said and whined about the stories, Mass Effect: Foundation is complete, and as of this writing only the omnibus collection is on scheduled release.

    been planning for a long time to make this, but more important things just kept getting in the way. the day i release this is the day i finally felt like, "fuck it. artists: the good, the bad, the ugly - now or never." i'm not counting interactives like genesis and genesis 2.

    • colorist: everything

    first off, let's begin with the dark horse guy who got coloring credit for all comics to date (incidentally, also because he's first in an alpha order list).

    for the most part, he knows ho…

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  • Temporaryeditor78

    for shits and giggles. why not, we're in a slow patch nowadays.

    Dr. Chloe Michel - incompetent ship doc. always a variant of "no health issues to report" whenever you talk to her, meaning she barely does her job right or everyone is always in miraculously good condition after getting shot at, stabbed, or worse at the field. medi-gel orders of magnitude more useful than her. one can technically slog through a whole ME3 game WITHOUT any doctors and the difference is barely noticeable.

    Dr. Chakwas - incompetent drunkard ship doc. same deal with dr. michel, except we have onscreen evidence she is slacking on the job.

    Kenneth Donnelly - closeted homosexual/asexual. always commenting on women's figures suspiciously close to covering "something" up. i…

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  • Temporaryeditor78

    placeholder for various ME3 content i've never seen on the wiki or ingame but are present inside the gamefiles for some reason. if this gets too long, there's probably a shot at making the content go to mainspace.

    image: exists. image of plants and water system on sanctuary.

    audio: exists. will upload on transition to mainspace.


    Although its location in the distant Attican Traverse eroded any tourist value, the colony of Horizon promised substantial industrial opportunity. This potential was extinguished when the Collectors depopulated the colony. The few surviving witnesses provided valuable early intelligence on the Collectors and their harvesting process.

    A new colony, Sanctuary, was built from the ruins on Horizon. Opening its doors t…

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  • Temporaryeditor78

    just watched it.

    wtf. i expected better, considering it was frikkin Production I.G who made this. i'm guessing bioware DIDN'T throw enough money on the project and the animators simply decided to parcel out the meager budget wisely. read on for more opinionated nonsense.

    • thematically appropriate music for what's shown. fairly reminiscent of series fare but with a bigger feel.
    • bonus points for featuring actual ME soundbytes like weapons fire or varren growls (although i'm guessing that's pretty much standard fare for all such cross-media adaptations).
      • minus points for occasionally putting the wrong sounds on stuff
        • mattocks firing full auto avenger sounds? we now have proof zaeed isn't the only one who can do that.
        • praetorian harvester? wut.
    • minus …

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