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    E3 2015 runs from June 15 to June 18. Rather than recreating the list of exhibitors and games, which is subject to change due to surprise announcements, I direct your attention to the list posted on Wikipedia. So what games are you hoping to see? What piques your interest? What are your reactions to the announcements and trailers?

    Of the games currently listed, I'm most interested in

    • Halo 5,
    • Fallout 4 (haven't played this series before but want to)
    • Star Wars Battlefront (same thing, plus I'm a Star Wars fan)
    • Gears of War
    • Rise of the Tomb Raider
    • Assassins Creed Syndicate
    • Mad Max

    Also hoping to hear about:

    • Mass Effect 4 (not announced to be there but rumored, was not announced last year but appeared)
    • The Bioware IP (ditto)
    • Dishonored 2 (supposedly …
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  • TheUnknown285

    For me:


    • A good, compelling story.
      • A compelling premise. ME3 was the first and only game that I stood line for at a midnight launch. I did that not for graphics or gameplay but to experience the Reaper War. By comparison, my biggest problem with Dragon Age II was that there was no real impetus tying everything together. Have a real purpose that goes beyond just being a day in the life.
      • Emotion. Mass Effect has made me laugh, given me goosebumps, and almost made me cry. I want more of that.
      • Great characters. One of the biggest draws about Mass Effect and Dragon Age is in the interesting characters that you fall in love with.
      • Dialogue. Mass Effect is full of great lines from the funny, to the badass, to the epic, to the touching, to t…
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  • TheUnknown285

    See here. Note that the video also includes footage from the new IP as well. What do you think?

    Some things I've noticed:


    Prothean pyramids? They certainly don't look like Egyptian pyramids (other than shape. This is the first time I've seen three Prothean pyramids together. There's also light coming from them. I get the feeling this is a new world or at least a new part of an existing world.


    "To go somewhere new." Also a shot of an updated version of system navigation. I really like how the navigation looks in terms of movement, placement of celestial bodies, etc.


    Our new hero? Note the N7 logo. This seems to contradict the statements that you will not be a military character. This also really narrows down the timelin…

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  • TheUnknown285

    E3 2014 begins Tuesday. Wikipedia has a list of games that are supposed to be showcased. Which one's are you excited about or at least interested in? I'm interested in the following games:

    • Mass Effect 4 (not listed but rumored)
    • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • Quantum Break
    • Halo 5: Guardians
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • Batman Arkham Knight
    • Destiny

    Update: Teaser trailer for Mass Effect 3 has been released. See my blog.

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  • TheUnknown285

    An April 10 post post on the Bioware Blog announces a survey on Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Maps. The survey will be open for one week from April 10. I took the survey last night. It's kind of long and boring. For each map, it asks you if you play the map, how satisfied you are with the layout, how satisfied your are with the visuals, how difficult you find the map, and lets you comment on each map. It treats the hazard versions at separate maps. I generally had no strong opinions on each map. I did comment that I thought Jade is the hardest firebase bar none, that the city in the background on the Hazard version of Ghost reminds me of Batman: Arkham City, that the reactor on the hazard version of Reactor should cooldown automatical…

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