See here. Note that the video also includes footage from the new IP as well. What do you think?

Some things I've noticed:


Prothean pyramids? They certainly don't look like Egyptian pyramids (other than shape. This is the first time I've seen three Prothean pyramids together. There's also light coming from them. I get the feeling this is a new world or at least a new part of an existing world.


"To go somewhere new." Also a shot of an updated version of system navigation. I really like how the navigation looks in terms of movement, placement of celestial bodies, etc.


Our new hero? Note the N7 logo. This seems to contradict the statements that you will not be a military character. This also really narrows down the timeline to somewhere when humans join the galactic community.


"We're taking you to a whole new region of space." Just afterwards, a shot of a rugged environment with a distinctly redish hue. The sun is way too big in the sky to be Mars (plus the "new region" part). Note that a similar-looking planet was shown in the still frames leaked a few months ago.


"This world is so vast..."? That sort of makes it sound like we're limited to just a single planet, though the galaxy map seems to indicate this isn't true.


Decrepit dwellings. Looks like a raised highway near the top.


"Pick a planet across the other side of the galaxy." So we're not limited to just one planet. We also evidently have access to the relays.


More dwellings or wreckage. A mining camp?


Starship hull? Could that be a Reaper? It seems to have the tentacles.


Galaxy map. Looks more immersive and enveloping than before.


"New consoles and new software." Methinks it's next gen-only.


"We've never seen these characters this real before." That almost makes it sound like we're getting some returning characters. He didn't say "species" or "races" but characters. Also, nice armor. I think I saw the N7 logo in the image before.


Same location before. That's a krogan. So they're not all extinct. Don't think it's Wrex as I don't see the red crest. Not Grunt either unless he changed his armor. This krogan doesn't have the synthesis veins apparently.

Note the lack of a release date or a name or anything about a story. We're a ways off I think.

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