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Ever wondered about a carreer of a fortune-teller, or someone else, who makes predictions he has just made up himself? Hahahaha, I loled, that made my day, thank you! :D--SunyiNyufi 13:55, March 22, 2012 (UTC)

Hey, remember how we talked about Miranda becoming a Spectre in one of the threads? I just watched a video where a guy had an even better idea: after you kill Kai Leng at the Cerberus base, Miranda would take over, and she would turn the whole organization into what it should have been from the start, not a terrorist group but protectors of humanity, like the STG for the salarians. You should really watch this video :)

Sh*t, forgot to sign that pervious message *facepalm*

I don't think that N7 equals STG, because N7 is just (to quote this wiki) a “premier school for leadership”. But when I said that Cerberus with Miranda in charge would work like STG, of course I meant that the Alliance government would oversee the Cerberus operations, and that way they could do what they intended to do, jut without TIM.

Ah table-top RPG...haven't played one of those in ages... The story you outlined seems very interesting! Good luck with it! :) --SunyiNyufi 21:55, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

Hmm, you might be right about that N7 things, honestly I didn't think that deeply about it. I think the best solution would be then to take people, who worked for Cerberus because they wanted to serve humanity, and integrate them somehow. I mean Miss Perfect Genes would pretty easily get the N7 designation if she wanted too that's for sure :D

lol, I was just reading the Mess Perfect 2 comic updates like 10 minutes ago :3

Preferences hmm... well I think my favorite race is the krogan, mostly because they are like a cross between dinosaur and turtles, which somehow is really cute...though I don't exactly know why. And they aren't as aggressive as some characters make them out to be, especially Wrex, who not only is friggin smart, but apart from proposing to eat people who give Shep trouble, he is never really aggressive either. Then again as Eve said, he is a mutant :) Favorite character would probably be Mordin, not only because he is interesting, but also because Shep is able to seriously argue with him about the genophage without Mordin going “I hate you, I won't talk to you anymore!” like it happens sometimes in other games, and I liked how he slowly revealed that his constant “best option” talk was more for convincing himself than anybody else. But I generally like most characters, found Kaidan a bit boring in ME1, but he is really nice to have in ME3, in ME2 the boring one was Jacob. Though my main problem with him was, that every time I tried to be nice to him, it sounded like my FemShep wanted to rape him right there in the armory, which was really weird :/ Oh, and my favorite -or rather only- LI is Liara. I personally like nerdy people (since I am one myself :P), but I also felt that my FemShep is sort of a tease, who would just love to make ME1 Liara blush again and again, and then LotSB proved that Liara can be really cool too, so she is a perfect match for a cool Shepard imho.

Favorite class has to be vanguard! God, I love the charge ability! Makes the game less about shooting from cover, and more dynamic, especially with the cooldown bonuses in ME3, you can charge so much that you just become a blue blur on the battlefield :D But the charge+nova combo is a bit too overpowerd in ME3. It is fun, but it kills everything too easily. Same for heavy melee.

Hmmm, best moments in the three games... Talking to Sovereign on Virmire. That paragon interrupt to hug Tali in ME2. Telling TIM to go f*ck himself at the end of ME2. Curing the genophage. Liara's “gift” (which I still think was pretty much Liara knocking herself up without Shep knowing). Oh yeah and that “This is for Thane you son-of-a-bitch!” moment :D

How about your favorites? :) And also a comic, in case you didn't saw it already ;)--SunyiNyufi 14:02, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

About the Liara thing: I know she can meld without getting pregnant and all, but I think if she is Shepard's LI (or rather ONLY if she is the LI), this would be something she would do, because she has nothing left to lose at that point. I mean it is possible that both her and Shep die, so it doesn't matter. If only Liara dies, it still doesn't matter that she tried to have a baby, or rather even better that Shep doesn't know and it won't add to the grief. If Shepard dies, then Liara will at least have their child. If they both survived, it will be ok to tell Shep about it later, since she/he already talked about little blue children. So I think it would be a win-win situation for Liara anyway.

“Had to be me. Someone might have gotten it wrong.” ;__;7

Quarians are certainly interesting, and I liked their nomadic way of living in ME1 & ME2, and the Pilgrimage was also a rather interesting custom. Too bad that in ME3 they become a bit retarded and more aggressive, especially in those geth video footage from the past. Actually I like the asari now better, that we learned about their secret, because it makes them a bit less innocent and peaceful in my eyes. I mean still they obviously are way more peaceful than any other race, but the fact that they went against Citadel regulations...or more than likely imposed that rule on the other races while not comforting to it themselves... well played :D About the gender thing: it's stupid to call them females, since that is a term used by non-mono-gender species. Asari are asari. They have tits and rigid hair tentacles. Who cares about female or not? :D

Liara definitely made the biggest personal journey besides Shepard in the whole game. And yeah, I agree that she became a bit more sad and pessimistic. Less analytic and more emotional. Also a bit more tired of everything by the time of ME3. That's something I felt with Shepard too, they are both just very very tired, and they need each other (and also Garrus at one point), to pick each other up when they are down, so they can keep on going. Like there is that one dialogue where Liara talks about how she is still young and could see the whole cycle to end and the galaxy reset, and Shep says she should give up yet, then she asks Shep how the commander can keep going forward, and if they are in a relationship Shep says: “Every time the world is about to end, I think how mad you'd be at if I didn't do anything about it. I couldn't do it without you.” Moments like these are why I love ShepxLiara so much :) Tali is good too though, if I would be willing to ever play male Shepard I would most likely choose Tali as LI. Though I have to admit I think the possible TalixGarrus pairing is really cute too :D

Now that's an interesting reason to play sniper! :) I actually like sniping too in a lot of games, like in Fallout New Vegas, I love to use my anti-materiel rife to kill enemies who haven't even seen me yet. One shot one kill is definitely a very good feel. Even in Skyrim and Dragon Age Origins I played archers, who can one-shot pretty much anybody, even dragons lol. Also in ME games there is always some combo in every class that is really overpowered. What actually makes playing vanguard really easy is the fact that you are immune while you charge, and after charge you have full shields. So unless you charged into a banshee, who instant-kills you, you will always have time for an escape-charge if the situation gets hot.

I'm actually sort of replaying the game right know, with Kaidan instead of Ashley, though I'm totally cheating: tweaked the galaxy map scanning mechanics, so that one scan is enough to discover all war assets in the system :)

PS.: I love reading walls of text, gives me a reason to delay doing the dishes :D--SunyiNyufi 17:18, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

Every ShepxLiara romance dialogue is pure gold really. Even on Mars Shep manages to flirt with Liara:
L: Shepard, when you were on Earth, I meant to see you, but...
S: I would have liked that, but under the circumstances... I think I can forgive you. *killersmile*
I don't remember any special dialogue in that Liara's project scene, but it's cute anyway :)

On sharing secrets, well she only shares them with Shepard, whom she trust no matter what. Hah, this reminded me of a quote from the info drone somehow: “The doctor reffers to me as Glyph 95% of the time instead of 'info drone'”. That was funny :D

On the quarians: I absolutely agree. The change regarding them is really big. They already tried to shift the opinion in the favor of the geth, while you talk with Legion. I mean I understand that the geth acted in self-defense, and it's nice that they portray that, but the whole argument is one-side, since they don't really show why exactly the quarians acted like they did, why they declared marshal law and things like that. I mean in wars like this it is very rare that one side is completely innocent, usually both side are guilty to a certain degree. But really the current admirals were just complete idiots. I mean in ME2 my Shepard took back a ship for them, something they were not able to do on their own, I even asked them not to go to war, since we will need their fleet...and then in ME3 they go to war anyway. Biggest facepalm moment for me in the recent past.

“you say it like being innocent and peaceful is a bad thing:)” - It's not bad of course, just less interesting than having dark secrets :3

“Well, at least they can share a romantic evening with a meal and beverages... You know, dextro-amino style.” - They can eat that turian chocolate Garrus got from Doc Mitchell :D

I loved the Phallanx in ME2! It was perfect for when an enemy was out of charge range, it was accurate, and you could kill anything with a couple of shots. Loved it. In ME3 I use Disciple (of course) and the Palladin pistol with scope. For some reason I don't like submachine guns in ME3, don't exactly know why though...they sort of feel different then in ME2. Lol, this “drones all over the place” reminds me of DAO. I played as a ranger, and turned Leliana also into a ranger, plus had a mod that added my mabari as a 5th party member. So my party during the siege of Denerim was: Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana + 1 bear, my dog, my character + 1 more bear. Nothing could defeat us! :D Had to change the bear to wolf inside the fort though, cos they always got stuck in the doors.

My Shepard would never trust the control ending... though to be honest, my Shep doesn't trust that stupid starchild either. I mean he is so full of crap really, and pretty much outright lies, since he says that destroy will kill you too, yet it's the only ending where you can have Shepard alive. And it is totally Shepard taking that breath, since the damn file name for that movie is End03_Shepard_Alive. So if it's not indoctrination then I just assume that the kid is lying, and pretend, this happens :D
But to be honest, I highly doubt that they will “fix” the endings. I mean that most recent interview with Casey Hudson pretty much shows, that they still don't get what the problems with the endings are, or refuse to acknowledge it, which is worse. I bet they will use more space magic to explain things, and when the fans will be still mad, they will say “We did what you wanted, so leave us alone!”--SunyiNyufi 22:02, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

I agree with having “less interesting” characters like Bethany, because they really ad some stability to the cast. In that aspect I liked Jacob too, but he was a tiny bit too boring. I mean, if you want to ad a character who doesn't have personal problems that should be solved by the player, then at least have him/her tell us interesting stories or something. But I actually think that Bethany herself was a very interesting character, since as the (possibly) only mage child in the family, she felt responsible for her family having to hide and all. Too bad that my canon Hawke is a mage, so RIP little sister :( However I don't think that the same thing can apply to a whole race. I mean every race at some point in their history will have at least one leader that thinks like TIM, so government secrets are inevitable.

I used the Locust in ME2, and loved it, but...I dunno. It just somehow feels different... I really dunno why. Weapon weight isn't really an issue with the vanguard though, since one of your class specific skill upgrades is that you can carry more. With Disciple and Paladin I still have +200% recharge time :3 And for shooting far away targets Paladin with a scope is really good, it's kinda like the Phalanx was in ME2. Banshees... God were they scary when I first saw them :D Actually you can get up-close with them too, as long they don't use that blue aura thingy. I usually charge them, roll backwards, shoot them with shotgun, have Liara and Garrus take down the remaining barrier, charge again, use nova, roll back, charge again and so on :D

“Shepard can be alive after the "Destroy" option, but EDI is not present.” - Actually a lot of people said that EDI can be present after the Normandy crash even with Destroy, because the people who come out after Joker are your LI and your most used squad mate, and if you used EDI the most, than it's her. Nobody knows if it's a bug (like dead Tali showing up for romance scene) or intended.

“A question: is that picture... your work?” - Nah, found it on the net somewhere. I haven't gotten around yet to make a something about ME3, cos I'm too lazy to make room for the tablet on my desk :D

I saw one comment on BSN regarding that Omega-DLC possibility “Yes I would love to retake Omega with Aria, so that in the end she can starve and die on the station!” That's pretty much my opinion on it: any pre-ending DLC is pointless, if the ending stays the same. And I'm really anxious about what will happen with BW in April. That month will be about playing Witcher 2 Enchanced Edition anyway :)--SunyiNyufi 10:54, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, Bethany was really nice in the DLCs, but then again, most characters are more interesting in DA2 DLCs than in the main game. This reminds me of something that happened to me: I recommended DAO to my best friend. She loved it, so of course she played DA2 too. Since I finished the game way before her, I tried to warn her that the end won't be very good. Then one night at 3 am I get a text message: “F*ck you Anders!” I laughed so hard :D worst...SMG...EVER. Really. It's just plain bad. Banshees are nice enemies, cos except for Vasir, they are the only ones using charge, which is challenging and friggin creepy at the same time :D And yeah shooting them in that battle is really pointless, since you are just waiting for a sign to fire the missiles anyway. This reminds me of the brutes on Tuchanka, before you activate the hammers. I tried to kill them all, but they just kept coming...then realized, that I should have just ran past them.

I'm not sure about the flashbacks. For a lot of people it was Liara, even if you didn't use her, so it might be bug. Some flags are really messed up in ME3, for example if you don't have Ashley on the Normandy as squad mate, the engineers Gabby and Ken won't have any banter between them for some reason. Devs said it will be fixed in the patch, like the face import bug, but who knows when the patch comes out...

I never lack inspiration...only willpower and time :)

Well, I know that they will be adding new cinematics to the Witcher 2, will have a completely new epilogue, new quests, new locations and new characters. Also, it's really not “milking the franchise EA-style”, cos for PC users it will be available for free, like every other update. Really CD Projekt is one of the best studios right now, since they actually listen to the fans: no DRM, no lawyers going after pirates; people complained about not having a tutorial, so they added one etc. I really wish Bioware would do the same...not with the free stuff of course, EA would never let that happen, but they could at least listen and understand us *sigh*--SunyiNyufi 16:29, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

I don't think that Anders doing something was surprising, rather what he actually did...mostly cos I still find it stupid and counter-productive. And my friend's Hawke's LI was Anders, but she thought that killing civilians was something her Hawke wouldn't be able to forgive Anders, yet since she managed to get everyone in Hawke's family get killed, she sort of couldn't bring herself to kill Anders. She was really torn about the whole thing. My Hawke on the other hand by that time just wanted to get out of that damn city, so she took a last morale stand, supported the mages (but killed Anders), and then said “f*ck it”, and became a pirate with Isabela :D

Paladin does more damage than Carnifex though. I mean they are both good, but since I use my heavy pistol as a mini sniper rifle, Paladin is better. Besides I have so much credits in this game, that I dunno what to spend it on really. I mean, I could upgrade all the weapons, but why would I do that when I already know which ones I will be using anyway? Same with weapon mods. And armor sets are a waste of creds too, mix-and-match is way better, well at least for the vanguard.

“We Infiltrators get sneaky-sneaky, and just walk between them giggling:)” - And vanguards are too used to punching everything to death :D I wish Shepard would act like a vanguard in cut scenes too. She would never just stand there and try to shoot Kai Leng. She would charge him, and then re-organize his face with a heavy melee. Would be priceless!

The war asset triggering is really buggy. For example the salarian fleet never triggers for me, even though after we save the councilor they are supposed to give us their whole fleet, yet I only have Kirrahe and STG between my War Assets... Though actually now that I looked at coalesced.bin there is no salarian fleet string at all...or it's just really late and I can't find it hehe. Generally though the war asset system is really flawed, because it's impossible to reach even 4500 EMS without multiplayer (unless you edit coalesced.bin, which could result in you being banned from Origin for modifying a game file), even though BW promised that we wouldn't have to play multiplayer to get the endings. Then again, they also said it won't end like Lost and we will get closure.

Btw those conversations on the Citadel can be weird sometimes. Like when there is that refugee who ask for his family to be allowed to dock, but the clerk says they have no room. If you support the refugee, Citadel supplies go down, so I wanted to try supporting the clerk once, and Shep basically said that if their ship won't go away, they will just shoot it down... I never reloaded the game that fast before :D

Haven't read the Witcher novels, since only one or two were released here so far, but I sort of liked the games. Even TW1 with it's horrible character animation, even worse voice acting, and weird combat mechanics...the will to see Geralt bang as many women as possible, kept me going :D But in the end the story was pretty interesting and nice. Same for TW2 sort of, it started out a bit rough (cos there wasn't any actual tutorial), but I liked the characters, especially the chemistry between Geralt and Triss was really good in the second game imho :)

Never played a LotR game actually. Don't really know why...maybe I had enough Tolkien already, since I read almost every book he ever published. Though I thought of trying out the online game once when it became F2P, but I'm not really into MMOs. The only MMORPG I'm looking forward to trying is World of Darkness (if they ever finish it that is) :3--SunyiNyufi 21:12, March 26, 2012 (UTC)

Actually anything you have mentioned would have worked better than blowing up the Chantry. Especially since public opinion about mages is divided, and a lot of people do think that the mages deserve better, however you won't be able to get them side with you if you blow up their friggin temple, that is in the middle of the city! I mean really, at that point even the nobles in Kirkwall hated the templars and were willing to work against them. But noooo let's go all terrorist, cos that's more flashy! About the civilians, while there might not be many in the Chantry itself (because for some reason it's full of templars, even though it never was like that in-game), the whole building explodes, so anyone in the court and the nearby buildings is most likely dead or injured at least.

All those gifts are for Ashley, but you can only give her one. If you have Kaidan, the only gift you can buy is alcohol. Makes no sense, really.

Kai Leng's plot armor is one of the stupidest things in the game besides the ending. Also he is a crappy assassin in-game. He could have shot the councilor from where he was without jumping down, he only needed a silenced pistol. Or if he wanted to do it by had so badly, he should have jumped down behind the councilor. These are like Assassin 101 lessons. About his actual character I don't know much, because I only read that prequel book for ME. But in the game he probably represents Cerberus' incompetence the best. He's task is to kill the council, yet he fails utterly, cos he is stopped by a terminally ill drell. Which btw he is not willing to admit to TIM, and only says “things didn't go as planned”. And really, have we ever seen a Cerberus project go right? I mean, in ME1 Shepard wipes out some project; in ME2 while they succeed in reviving Shep and having her kill the Collectors, Shepards pretty much steals the Normandy and the whole crew from Cerberus; in ME3 Shepard beats them every time except for Thessia, which I refuse to count as an actual failure since it is forced on me a friggin cut scene. So yeah, Cerberus sucks. Kai Leng sucks too. And how eats cereals in a house they just bugged?! (That's the only thing I remember from the Deception book storyline I read somewhere.)

I'm not playing MP either, mostly because if I wanted to play alien killing with my friends I would be rather playing Alien Swarm. And I still think it's stupid to have MP included in the final game of a trilogy.

“It's hard to survive, while Reapers are on the loose:)” - And then in the end it doesn't matter anyway, because apparently Mass Effect's big artistic message is “Life sucks and then you die”. Thanks Bioware, I already knew that!

Well I didn't take the Geralt thing seriously at all in the game, so it didn't bother me. Then again, I didn't read the books, so had no real connection with the characters at the point. And going for the lulz helped me through the tediousness of the game. My Geralt ended up with Triss, and I'm pretty sure he actually fell for her. Though I have to say Triss in TW1 wasn't that good, but I really liked her in TW2. Especially loved that conversation at the end if you go and save Triss, some Nilfgard people try to talk sh*t about her to make Geralt insecure, Triss asks him about that and Geralt just says that only an idiot would believe his enemy :D

LotR RTS lol. Doesn't make much sense, even though I like RTS games. Especially the Warcraft series. Oh, and Settlers! Settlers 2 was the game that helped me learn English words when I was a kid. Thinking back, it is funny how I couldn't piece a sentence together yet knew the word headquarters already :)

“it would take asari lifespan for us to start playing” - The it's time to become a cyborg, because I really want to play that game. I loved Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines way too much, I want an other game like that! “The logic... Where is it?” - It's right there with the “Yo dawg I heard you don't wanna be killed by synthetics...” logic. Oh yeah, and they don't ban you just from MP, if the ban you, you can't play SP either, which means that you bought something for $60 that will just sit on your shelf forever. Gotta love EA.--SunyiNyufi 09:37, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

“Poor Anders took it a bit too serious. He just wanted to help XD” - And sadly this still makes more sense, then his actual reasons :D

I don't think Kaidan has that many headaches... At least he doesn't really complain about them, and on his Citadel “date” he says he likes drinking beer, so I guess alcohol is ok for him. He is really nice in ME3, since he doesn't want to bang my FemShep anymore. Though he got really really scary after Horizon...his voice got deeper, and he sort of talked about killing TIM in a really dark yet joyful manner like some serial killer O_O

The biggest problem with ME universe is that lore and gameplay are a bit too separate. And characters have plot armors, even though they don't deserve it. The worst about this Kai Leng thing is that it wouldn't be so hard to make him better...or rather suck less. As you said, and modded omni-blade and biotic charges would have been better for him. Especially the charges, cos they are instantaneous and silent, which is perfect for an assassin. Also they should have lost those eye-thingies he had, and rather added TIM-like eyes for him, which would show very well that he is indoctrinated. And his assassination attempt on the councilor could have been written better too. Like: he tries to shoot her with a silenced gun, but she has strong shields that block it, and when she notices it, she screams, Shepard & co realize what's going on, and from that the same things can happen as in the game. Or if they wanted him to use swords only no matter what, then he should have jumped down behind the councilor, slowly creeping up on her, then have her accidentally look back while Kai Leng readies his sword for a swing, the councilor would scream, duck and use cloak again, Shepard & co notices etc. It's really not that hard to come up with logical ways to display the scenes as they want, yet Bioware misses it so many times it boggles the mind really. And that's the biggest problem with Bioware games as of late IMHO, they're not build up logically which leads to way to many plot holes and space magic.

Actually instead of an MP you know what I would like to see? A Mass Effect MMO, but not like SWTOR, rather something like what they are trying to do with World of Darkness, where you could actually roleplay characters who are not necessarily soldiers out to save the world.

I know Geralt will be looking for Yennefer, and that he was/is his true love, one of the reasons why Triss was worried what will happen once he got his memories back. I will be interested to see how it will play out in TW3, cos I still think that Geralt loves Triss, maybe not as much as he loves Yennefer, but will still care for Triss, so who knows what will happen. Yennefer also has amnesia, so she might not even recognize Geralt at all. It's complicated :D

Never played table-top WoD, cos most of my RPG-friends like tolkienesque fantasy better, and we have a very popular table-top game here in Hungary called M.A.G.U.S., which is written by Hungarians, so it's pretty much the game everyone knows how to play :) Or we play free-style, without any rules really, just for the fun of it. Had some really wacky adventures like that, in of them a friend of mine played a dragon, who was made out of chocolate, something attacked us, my friend tried to breath fire on the enemy, but the storyteller said that since it was a choco-dragon, it's head melted as a result XD--SunyiNyufi 21:30, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

OMG, you need to watch this! XD--SunyiNyufi 22:19, March 27, 2012 (UTC)

Well, Kaidan doesn't really have time to become twisted, since he says that just before the Cerberus base mission, but still, I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and not-boring he is in ME3. That's why I'm currently replaying ME1, where I will save him at Virmire. If you can forget about ME3's endings (which is a hard thing to do, but still possible), playing ME1 again is a joy really. It's fun to see how Shepard just randomly assembles the team, and they don't yet know that their friendship will be larger than life. Though it's also a bit weird to see Garrus as a more insecure and naïve guy, who looks up to Shepard. Also, the Mako! God I missed the Mako soooo much! Cos even though the driving mechanics are the worst thing ever, driving it feels like doing space rodeo :D I also missed Adrenalin Burst ability, and the fact that there is no global cool down, and don't have to use thermal clips. However not having Inferno ammo kinda sucks... But still, it's really fun :3

“In Kirkwall you can use blood magic right in front of a templar and... nothing.” - Exactly what my problem was with DA2, though actually there is a mod, that gives the mages a button for melee attack, so I could actually roleplay that I only used Hawke's magic if it was outside or at night, or if I planned to kill everyone present there :D And yeah, I agree with you, it seems that Bioware really tries to go 'mainstream', which means that they makes thing more 'shiny' and appealing, but it will lack depth. Which I think, is a pretty stupid policy in the long run, because people who are actually invested in your games are more likely to buy other games from you in the future. Then again, EA really doesn't seem to be on the top of long term plans.

“The Reapers are coming, everyone […] has to contribute just to survive.” - Of course, I don't really have a problem with rping a soldier in ME, since it would make less sense if Shepard was just a scientist, and it is established from the moment you start ME1, that it will be a story about a soldier trying to save the world :) But as you said in a post-ME MMO people don't have to worry about saving the world that much anymore. And when I say post-ME MMO, I mean a universe where the mass relays exist. Honestly without those there is no sense in making another Mass Effect game, since you can't really explore space anymore. Unless the game starts so far in the future that the mass relays are rebuilt already, but if they do that then destroying them was pretty pointless. And yeah, I know my ideal MMO is pretty much impossible. That's why I like text-based online RPGs better. In those I am allowed to play an inexperienced, agoraphobic elf, who can't fight at all, since she is a musician, and while she can do some bard-magic stuff, at the first sign of violence she would start to scream and run away :D Ah, good times!

“Role-playing a soldier isn't just shooting stuff.” - Too bad Bioware sort of forgot about that in ME3. Really, why I love many aspects of that game, after playing a bit of ME1, this last game really doesn't seem like a role-playing game. The dialogues are so lacking in options, it boggles the mind really. I mean, I can understand that in ME3 the stakes are high, so you don't get a neutral “I should go.” option in situations, but the fact that you basically just choose in what kind of manner the dialogue should go instead of actually choosing what to say is just sad...really. I mean, on Earth, when Shepard gives her speech to the others, you can choose like twice on the dialogue wheel from two options. In ME1 after becoming a specter you choose at least three times, and you have at least four options. This is just sad...

“But I'm still not comfortable with Geralt supposedly loving one person, and sleeping with a dozen of others. I object to it morally:)” - Same here, I sort of stopped going after other women in TW1 once I gave Alvin to Triss, and never cheated on her in TW2 either...which might not be Geralt-like, but hey he can change too, right? :)

Nah, never tried GURPS, but it seems similar to MAGUS mechanics. Sadly nowadays we don't have much time for table-top RPG, unless it's summer, cos then me and my friends always go away camping or something for at least 3-4 days :) All we do now is play Munchkin most of the time.

Awww, thanks! :) *is eating a birthday cake while writing this*--SunyiNyufi 07:28, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

Well on Mars even Kaidan asks if you still have Cerberus ties, but the talk with him upon seeing that almost-husk Cerberus soldier is different a bit: he still says things like “that could be you for all I know”, but if you choose the paragon option, Shep says something like “well I would say we just need to give this some time, but I doubt you will change, you were always stubborn hahaha”, and Kaidan goes “look who's talking!” and they both laugh, while even the paragon option is friggin depressing with Ashley. Also when you visit Kaidan once he wakes up in the hospital, he totally says “I was right about Cerberus, but I was wrong about you Shepard, I'm sorry.” and after that the Cerberus subject is pretty much dropped. Well not entirely, but Kaidan never really accuses Shepard again, and even during the coup he says that he is confused, and Shep has to admit that drawing a gun on a councilor doesn't seem right. I always bring Garrus with me for Rannoch... then again, my choice of team is always Liara-Garrus...

Yeah, without mass relays the ME universe sucks, and setting a new game in a too distant future sucks too. On the other hand while a new ME game set in the First Contact War or sometime in the past would be interesting, that wouldn't exactly be an ME game, cos it can't even have the pretense that your choices matter... As you said, we will wait and see.

I was part of a really big Hungarian online text-RPG community, had to leave when the admins went full retard, and started to restrict the number of clans and groups in the game, for which they tried to make up with a brand new world description and new cities...too bad that the guy who wrote the world description had no idea about the actual game. And was also friggin stupid. He built a really big dwarf town around a mine filled with dangerous gasses, where is the logic in that?!

I don't mind voiced protagonists, especially in Bioware games, since while I dislike their male hero voices, they are always spot on for females for me. And I'm in love with Jennifer Hale's voice. Or with Ali Hillis' voice...or Claudia Black's... or Alix Wilton Regan's voice (my God, Traynor had the sexiest accent in the whole game!)... yeah, I'm really into voice actors. But yeah ME3's dialogue system isn't as bad as Skyrim's or KoA's (← worst dialogue system ever), but I still think that they should have left us pick our choices more often, since even Paragon Shepard get angry from time to time. And they should really work on what that dialogue circle actually says. There are still times when I have no idea how Shepard will react, cos that one word synopsis isn't accurate. They should do it like in Deus Ex Human Revolution, use a one word description, but when I leave the cursor there it would show at least a short sentence Shepard will actually say. Or at least don't autosave after conversations.

Munchkin FTW! :)--SunyiNyufi 14:13, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

Liara/Tali is also a good team, I just like Garrus a bit more than Tali. The sit-back-and-watch mission for me in ME2 is always Legion's loyalty mission, cos I take Tali with me, and they both hack the geth and release drones, so even as a vanguard I don't really need to charge at the enemy :D

Yeah...First Contact War was a bad example. Hmm...what about Skyllian Blitz? Everybody likes to shoot batarians. And if you had a War Hero Shepard, you could import his/her face into the game and play as him/her. Otherwise you play as somebody else. But then again, if they did this, they would need to do the other service histories too...

Dwarf Fortress is an exception not the rule :P

Oh yeah, I know all their names, I just thought I shouldn't list the whole Mass Effect cast, cos that would make this wall of a text even longer :D I really liked Traynor's character, he is a sort of nerdy science girl with a great sense of humor and a sexy British accent, and she could have been a potential LI for my FemShep, if there was no Liara (though honestly I can't really imagine ME without Liara anymore). And Traynor gave me a really great role-playing opprotunity: you know when she comes up to Shep's cabin, and she goes on about the shower and then chess...well since I haven't locked onto Liara at the time (which in itself is stupid though), my FemShep offered her to take a shower, which Traynor no doubt thought was flirting, while my FemShep thought that it's just a reward for her excellent work. So Traynor showers, and leaves the door open, talks about hot date and stuff, and waits for Shepard to jump in; meanwhile Shepard tries to guess who Traynor's date is, and tells her to keep her posted about it :D My FemShep is totally oblivious to subtle flirting, especially is she herself isn't interested. Sort of the same happened with Thane in ME2, when he said in his very sexy voice “I never talked to anyone besides my family...your my only friend, Shepard”... “Well then it's time for you to get out of this room an make friends!”... “I shall...consider it.” I had to laugh every time when I get to this part :D Seems like in ME universe everyone wants Shepard! :D

But back to Traynor, yeah I found her a more interesting character than Cortez or Vega. Though the guys were good too, I especially liked how they would playfully tease each other, but Cortez was a bit too emo, and Vega was a bit too bland. Also when he tells Shepard about that mission, that went wrong, he says that there was a Cerberus agent working FOR the Collectors...doesn't really make sense...

I think DE:HR's system would work even with a circle. I mean it's not like they would need to put full sentences there, so there most certainly would be place for it no matter what platform you are playing on. And since you would need to have the “cursor” on the option for the half-sentence to appear, people who would like to go with the stream-lined conversation, could still do that, since they would need to just no wait and click it.

You know, re-playing ME1 made me also aware of the fact that while the combat isn't that good and the game is glitchy as hell, it is still a better PC port than ME2 or ME3. Which is really sad.

PS: Dat feel when you play the rogue VI assignment on Luna, and now you know it's EDI! :3--SunyiNyufi 10:16, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

I don't think having Shepard as an NPC during the Skyllian Blitz would be good, because all 3 games make it very clear that it was Shepard alone who was able to keep Elysium from getting overrun, so if he/she was an NPC that would mean, you don't get to play the hero, which is not advisable in video games since that's like looking at things from the side lines. It would feel like DA2's ending, where you are thrown into a conflict, can't really choose anything, and everything goes sh*t anyway. I was listening to an Escapist podcast yesterday, in which they mentioned some sort of good ideas about future ME games set in the past, like you could play a Justicar who tries to keep peace in asari space, or a C-Sec agent investigating some murder cases on the Citadel etc. While these obviously wouldn't be as big and important as the ME trilogy, they could be still interesting.

Well Samara doesn't sort of want Shepard if you make the move, though I would really never do that, because in this I can really feel the age difference. Cos you know while Liara is technically older than Shepard too, she really acts more like a young adult in her early 20s, and Shepard is 29 at the beginning of ME, so it's sort of ok. Samara on the other hand feels old. Kasumi lusting after Jacob was a nice touch, and I was kinda sad that they didn't get together. And I feel sorry for everyone romancing Jacob. I mean, in ME3 if you romanced him, he is just terrible. Of course it's a bit realistic, cos as he says “was I supposed to wait forever?”, but damn you Jacob, it's only been 6 month! And you already got your gf pregnant, which means that you didn't even wait 6 month! But naming the kid 'Shepard' is funny :D

“So, does your Shepard rewards her subordinates with some food and water, when they do an excellent (good doesn't count) work?” - C'mon, you know that's not what I meant :P Especially cos it's not like Traynor doesn't shower otherwise, she just get's the opportunity to have a nice, long, hot shower in a “big” bathroom, as a reward for giving Shepard 2 missions. I mean, I rather give her that than buy her a new toothbrush... it's not worth 6000 credits.

"Ok Garrus, you torn an Atlas mech apart with your bare hands, you may have a meal now, but only a small one" XD – Could totally see that happening between Shepard and Garrus as a joke XD

In Vega's defense, we have no idea what actually happened, so he might as well just be stupid, and not understanding anything. We will find out what happened in ME: Paragon Lost anime...if I will ever watch it that is. Oh God, Allers... I sometimes totally forget she is on my ship at all. I mean, she is kinda useful due to the interviews you gave her, but her in-game model and her voice are sooooo bad. I mean, one would think that since Chobot works in the media, she can read breaking news with enthusiasm, but no, she is more monotone than Meer. And she is a very good example how Bioware is not that good at making humans based on real people (except of default ManShep). She really is just friggin ugly. Worse than Miranda, who actually got prettier in ME3. It's funny though that Liara and Samara are based on RL people too and they look really good. But back to Allers, I think she was a waste of resources, and yeah Emily Wong would have been a much better choice, and also simpler to do (since she already had a model and all that), so they could have spent more money and time on things like say... not making Tali a badly photoshopped stock photo.

Other characters I liked: Kal'Reegar was really cool (and then they killed him in a damn email); Kirrahe is funny and “Hold the line!” is one of the best quotes ever :D Also loved Bailey, mostly for his voice, same with Wrex. Seriously listening to Wrex is like massaging my ears! Doctor Chakwas is also really cool, and one of the few characters who sticks with you no matter what... Which reminds me RIP navigator Pressly ;__;7 And there are really a dozen more characters who are really good, actually there are only a very few I really don't like: the council especially that friggin turian councilor (that's why I always let them die), Balak, that stupid VI on Noveria (USER ALERT! USER ALERT!), and there is this one turian NPC on the Presidium who bumps into you every friggin time if you go to the financial district with rapid transit. Every. Time. I wish I could just shoot him.

“As far as I know about ME1 development, primarily it was developed for PC.” - But wasn't it released for Xbox like half a year before the PC version? I'm not really sure, and it's certainly too early for me to actually look it up. But yeah ME2-3 aren't that bad PC ports, but I really missed being able to press J and go right to my journal. Not that I would want to go to my journal in ME3, since it's crap.

"If only you knew, what will happen in a couple of years, you wouldn't be sending those drone swarms and erecting those annoying barriers":) - Haha, or: “How about you don't try to kill us with poisonous gas, and I will let you shag my pilot 3 years from now on?” :D

And of course once again I forget to sign my message...not that it matters much at this point but still :D--SunyiNyufi 07:06, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

I never really meant that Shep did the Blitz alone, but I think it was Shepard who rallied and lead the militia and then held off the ground forces with a turret (I don't really know if I remember this correctly), long enough for the navy to arrive. But yeah my Shepard also has a “I'm just a soldier” attitude. And if you think about it while Shep is certainly a capable person, she is extremely lucky in all games, and in ME3 things can only go as smooth as they do because Shepard already knows many important people. Luck and connections.

You know what always bugged me about that Tela Vasir conversation was (besides the fact that I usually kill her by pushing her off the map yet she is always there) that Shepard can't say “I'm just fucking using Cerberus, but I plan to betray them and steal their ship and crew as soon as I can!”, because honestly, my Shepard pretty much planned it from the start. I mean it is pretty obvious that most of the non-squad crew are decent people (also mostly former Alliance) who signed on for saving other and working with Shepard. The only two people who were actually Cerberus were Miranda and Jacob... and well also EDI, so make that three. Jacob pretty much told Shepard that he doesn't care about Cerberus, just wants to do good, Miranda is in your debt after her loyalty mission, the only liability was EDI, who if really necessary could have been shut down I guess. So yeah, my Shep totally played Cerberus :D

“there are a lot of kids in the Galaxy named after Shepard.” - I think it was in one of the Escapist's podcast too that they talked about calling Shep “THE Shepard” in the grandpa cut scene, and one girl mentioned: Well yeah, since Shepard means hero in krogan know and they have lot of children, the galaxy is probably full of Shepards, so you have to be specific that you talk about THE Shepard, not the guy next door. :D

“Now, if Shepard had a hot tub in his/her quarters... Wait, Normandy is not an asari ship.” - hahahaha XD TBH it took me like 2 play-throughs to notice the bathroom in ME2 at all. Same with your “room” in ME1, never really went there, except for the obvious pre-suicide-mission sex scene :D

“Paragon Lost (Renegade Won?)” - lol :D I think it's made by different people. At least I'm certain that it will be a traditional anime and not a CGI one. I want to watch Dawn of the Seeker in Japanese first, because Cassandra shouting ONORE BULODO MAGEY is just way too funny!

My problem with the Tali image is (besides the fact that I could make a better photoshopped one in like 20 minutes or so), that it's sad that Bioware didn't make an original design. I never romanced Tali, but I still think she deserved better. Also she has a lot of hair... I wonder how she can keep it clean under the helmet... do they have a built in hair washer or what? Cos if they do, I totally want a suit like that :D

I don't really let the council die, because I hate them (though I do), but because at that moment in ME1 my Shepard has no idea if even the fleet will be enough to defeat Sovereign, so she decided that the fleet should focus on Sovereign, but I chose the middle dialogue option not the totally renegade one. And I think making some clearly renegade choices makes a usually paragon Shepard more interesting, and shows that not everything Shep does turns out good. In ME2 I killed the heretics too. Btw, all that stuff you said happens pretty much the same way even if you let the council die. Only exception might be that the salarian councilor thanks you for allowing her to get that position. And probably the conversation after Mars is a bit different, but it can't really be that much different, since you still have to get the primarch and cure the genophage and go to Thessia.

“gave him/her all the power and resources (I like the stuff from Spectre Requisitions in ME 1 and 3) and all that.” - To quote Mordin: Council Spectres based on salarian STG. Better funded of course. Didn't have to buy our own gun heh. :P “But he's just too shy to ask for an autogpaph. He admires you silently:)” - He should admire me from afar, or he will get a gun shoved in his face like Conrad!

The Joker-EDI romance... was so weird for me at first. I mean, I supported them of course, because that's what my Shepard would do. But I really did feel uncomfortable when EDI started to ask about how she could force Joker into a relationship. I'm pretty much over it now, and taken a “hey love is love no matter what”, but first it was like yikes. Shepard-Joker would also feel yikes to me, cos I really just don't see them like that. Then again I never really saw any real attraction between my FemShep and Garrus either, while everybody else says “best romance ever!”

Females are handled so badly in this game. I mean sure we get to “see” krogan and salarian females, but for God's sake they are the friggin same body models in different cloth! Actually in retrospect the council's chambers in ME1 could be full of salarian females, cos they are wearing the same type of cloth that dalatrass does, and most of them don't speak. Turian females can't be shown, because Bioware still couldn't decide which is canon: that they have fringes (like Garrus says in ME2 if you romance him), or they don't (as shown in the Evolution comics). Bioware is not into continuity.--SunyiNyufi 16:20, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

Sure Shepard is charismatic, like every other Bioware PC really. But luck is still a big factor. And talking people into doing something they might not have wanted to do is not that hard. Then again, I'm a wisard with words :D

Well yeah, Sepctres do have blood on their hands, that is obvious. However I disagree with Vasir on the scale: bombing a whole building killing countless civilians, just so she could take out one person as a favor for an information broker is way over the top. Sure, Shepard isn't clean either and hand the make tough calls before (else she wouldn't be an N7), but my Shepard still actively tries to minimize the bloodshed as best as she can.

I disagree with Cerberus using Shepard, because my Shepard when she has the chance she does sabotage Cerberus all she can. She shuts down project Overlord, uploads encrypted Cerberus data to the Alliance, blows the Collector base up. The only Reaper tech you actually recover is the IFF, which only lets ships go through the relay... which btw really bothers me, didn't EDI say that she could integrate the IFF because she was made using reaper code? So then does Cerberus have lots of ships with reaper code, because they clearly took things from the destroyed base... damn plot holes. Also for Cerberus actually being to get pieces of the base, I blame the Alliance (well I actually blame Mac Walters), because they lock Shepard up, and most likely don't do shit about... well anything really in those 6 month. They could have gone after Cerberus, or confirm the Collector base's location (since they were investigating it according to James), and secure it. But noooo. Let's not do anything, and then when the reapers attack just ask Shepard without telling her what is going on of course, and expect an actual plan from her even though 2 minutes ago she was just in her room reading the book version of Veania... I hated the start of ME3.

I didn't mean, it meant hero, but Wrex says it will, once you cure the genophage :)

“but in ME3 one of the bathrooms is inaccessible by the opposite gender” - Obviously because Javik doesn't get the separate bathroom thing. We don't want him to walk in on our primitive women when they are taking a shower :P

About the council... I dunno. I always felt that in that situation politicians aren't really that important, and possible galactic extinction is. Then again, my Shepard would willingly defy orders when they told her to protect some councilor in exchange of hundreds of civilian lives. Differences in character. This human-only council... I heard about it, but it never came up in my game, since my Shepard was mostly Paragon, so they say that it will be a “human-led” council, which I guessed would mean that humans get a spot on the council, and get more say in things, since they pretty much say that the other races are scared and begging us (especially Shepard) to lead. Turned out in ME2 that I was sort of right, except that only after 2 years humans don't have any real influence in the council anymore, so I felt that it really didn't make much of a difference whether they live or die. Sure aliens are a bit more racists on the Citadel, but tbh that makes Citadel visits in ME2 more interesting. Also I always figured that no one would actually be openly upset about the humans for not saving the Council, since in the end they did save the galaxy, and at that time had the largest fleet, and continue to have a much larger fleet in ME3 too actually (your Alliance war assets outweigh the turian ones by far). But I really think that this is a situation where really isn't a right or wrong choice and it all depends on how you interpret the situation and your own Shepard character. In that aspect it's kind of like the decision whether to save Amaranthine or Vigil's Keep at the end of Dragon Age Awakening. Both choices make a certain sense there too.

In ME2 EDI says that their relationship with Joker is platonic. I was totally fine with platonic. I was not fine with EDI being very clear about wanting to bang Joker. But as I said, I got over it. What still bugs me is that EDI pretty much walks around the ship naked. I mean, I know it's not really naked, but it still feels like naked to me, so I always make her put on some alternative outfit if I take her on a mission.

“Aren't salarian females stated to be permanently residing on their planets?” - If you let the council die, the new salarian councilor is female. So you can never know... maybe they are female...maybe they are not... there is only one thing that we know...that they used to eat flies :D--SunyiNyufi 20:05, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

I never expected TIM place all his bets on Shepard, so yeah the “I don't need you” talk is's still sad to think that if the Alliance was not full of idiots, then Shepard just would have gone back to them without working for Cerberus, and everything would have gone better. Also I still feel deep down that Cerberus is just a bunch of incompetent people who get lucky sometimes and have a lot of money to buy fancy toys. Even ME3 couldn't change my mindset about this. Oh and I think I read somewhere that TIM's station is moved every time an outside agent leaves, so Miranda can't really know the location (even though it is clearly next to that super nove thingy that was present throughout ME2, and which turned blue in my ending, yet in ME3 it's blue-red once again).

“with this logic, Liara shouldn't understand the separate bathroom thing either.” - And you don't know how many times people talked about this in 4chan ME threads. Really it comes up quite often. Also big revelation: Normandy SR1 doesn't have any accesible bathrooms gasp :D

My logic “against” the council that what if we “waste” several ships saving them, and we only needed a couple of more ships to kill Sovereign...actually I'm pretty sure Garrus says that exactly at the end. Then Liara goes “a sacrifice for the greater good, I hope it's worth it”, so none of my squad mates was really against letting them die, and those squad mates were a turian and an asari (which I still find extremely funny). So yeah, since in that situation my Shepard isn't sure about how many ships they would need, so she decides to focus on Sovereign. Not because she wants humans to lead or anything, but because she thinks that's acceptable (and also because I think it makes the game more interesting). For the councilor post she promotes Anderson, because she would never ever trust Udina with that post. Thank you Mac Walters for my choices not mattering once again!

Hmmm... I think I will check the war assets point to see, which one of situation gives more, but only after sleeping a bit. It's almost 1:30 am here, so making sense of the coalesced.bin would be kind of hard right now :D

Loved that conversation between Liara and Garrus! He is such a badass! :D I think my favorite kill in all of the games was when a krogan was charging at me, Mordin already took down his armor, so I also charged, he flew backwards, landed on some crate, bounced off to the side from that then over the guard rails and fell down into the deep. I swear I heard a “boink” sound in my head while watching that, and had to giggle.

“I cannot unread this... Now i can't think any other way :D” - You're welcome :D That broodmother thing is stupid. What comes next? Deleting pictures of dwarves cos it's offensive to short people?

PS: I found this on the internet today. I would give Bioware all my money, and would even forgive the endings, if I could do it!--SunyiNyufi 23:40, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

I completely agree with your rant about Cerberus. Stupidest villains in the series really, and they are not even that challenging... well except for the turrets that I sometimes fail to notice and the suddenly I'm down to half health already.

“About Liara and the bathrooms... I was mostly kidding.” - Everything on the internet is serious business... :D But yeah of course she would know. You should read some other 4chan theories about the asari. There is this one guy, who always posts about how asaris have hidden penis like genitals... But besides things like this, Mass Effect threads there can actually be pretty interesting. It also works as a support group to help others get over the endings, and I'm not kidding with that. If you post in a thread that the endings left you depressed and you don't have the will to play video games anymore, at least a dozen people will reply with “I know how you feel” “We are with you bro!” etc. And they regularly have actual argument about the setting and the whether or not you can reach other start systems using on FTL drives.

“Maybe it's the explanation why Shepard has such strong will? XD” - hahahaha XD

I don't really have that much of a problem with Udina suddenly being councilor. My problem is that unless you read the books, it's not explained why, and you don't even have the option to ask why. I mean, sure there is like one sentence about Anderson going back to the Alliance in the Codex, but that's really not enough. One other thing that bugs me is also that in the beginning of ME3 Shepard already knows James, while the player won't unless they read that one shot comic about James. But then again, that one shot doesn't explain shit either. Frankly I think that in a franchise like ME they shouldn't do books that are set after or during the games. They should be like the first book or the Evolution comics, prequels. Except they shouldn't suck like the Evolution comics :D

Manguard is the best, have you seen “Vanguard: A gentlman's guide” chart? Easiest and most fun strategy for ME2 imho. But really, being a Manguard is not just about what biotic powers you use during the fight, it's about your Shepard willing to do extreme (and silly) things :D

Finished my ME1 replay btw. It was glorious. Why does Shepard look so good in the Onyx armor? Being able to drive a Mako again, was so fun! The only thing I missed was the charge ability. But I guess I'm okay without it as long I get an actual boss fight. Also DAT music! Have to listen to ME1 OST again!--SunyiNyufi 16:16, April 1, 2012 (UTC)

“I don't need support, I need normal endings.” - Well for now you will only have the “support group” as an option, because honestly, if BW had planned an ending DLC they already would have told us, and if they are making an ending DLC right now, that will still take several month. Btw I still hold on to the fact that 4chan really isn't as bad as people say... well /b/ is, but there are special retards in every community. It's just my personal opinion :)

“we read the books, done our homework, and know the universe better, then some of the writers. And as for newbies, they don't really need to explain this stuff either, because newbies do not care.” - You know that's probably the most sad thing about the whole stuff. This “ME3 is the best place to start the series” shit. It doesn't make any sense! I mean, sure there are people out there who start with ME3 (though I would say they are the kind of idiots who think the Fallout series started with Fallout 3), but wouldn't it be in the best interest of EA and Bioware to make a compelling enough story, so that those people will buy the other two games too? Shouldn't they goal be to make the newcomers interested in the whole series, so they can roll out all kinds of different editions with all 3 games included in them? It just...doesn't make any sense... not even as a business decision... Also James' character doesn't get explained like at all in the one-shot. All we get from that is, that he is pro-Shepard, and can kick batarian ass... then again James doesn't have much real character beyond that...

“And it's good to be a ME geek :)” - Yes it is, but once again, trying to create a story that realize on another story that has many variations, is asking for trouble. It could be handled right of course, like that comic where Liara recovers Shepard's body, because that was very limited, focused on the story, and clearly avoided anything that had to with choices. The books and other comics don't do that, which is sad. Though I have to admit my utter disgust for video game related books right now comes from the fact that Kotor2's Exile was killed like a bitch in one of SWOTR novels, and it still hurts a bit. I really loved that character. Loved her way more than Revan, even though the ending to that game was crap too.

“It's like a Cerberus barbecue!” - hahahaha :D Singularity is great really. Especially in ME1, since if you have it on max then basically the whole room gets swallowed up by the blue storm of death. My favorite thing in ME3 (well besides charge+nova) is to have Liara use warp on someone, then I charge the enemy, and BOOM! Biotic explosions ftw :D

Yeah, will start an ME2 play-through soon, but right now I'm kinda busy watching Battlestar Galactica. Never watched the show before, don't know why... Well it probably aired here in a bad time slot back in the day, and I was probably too busy with school stuff... Anyway, had I watched the show, I most likely would have found the Joker-EDI relationship less surprising in ME3 XD So yeah, ME2 comes after that...and after updating my blog post...and doing some gardening... God, I have so many things to do tomorrow!

I like the music in all three games really, but I think the ME1 music had the best futuristic feel to it. The other two, while great, are more like music for epic heroic tales. Also nothing can beat Spectre Induction or Vigil's theme. Man when I hearing Vigil's theme always makes me think of how great ME1 was, how epic it felt beating it for the first time. How shocking some moments were... or how the 'explicit' sex scene everyone complained about was actually artistic and tasteful and only showed some sideboobs :D--SunyiNyufi 17:00, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

I read that Muzyka stuff, and “clarifying” and “closure” doesn't mean new ending for me. I think it really just means, that they will add more cut scenes, where characters talk, and you still don't have anything to choose as Shepard, and they maybe add a text-roll epilogue. Completely new ending is unlikely, because of the “artistic integrity” bullshit you mentioned. Which really many people use as defense for Bioware, comparing ME to a Mona Lisa, and saying “you wouldn't ask Leonardo to change her smile just cos you don't like it”, but if I had to look at the Mona Lisa for over 100 hours, and loved it, only to suddenly realize that her mouth is painted on with poop, I certainly would complain. Artistic integrity is no excuse for making an illogical ending, and that's something BW should learn. Too bad that they are smug idiots.

“I'd call it a blatant lie, but nowadays it's called "advertisement".” - What I don't understand, why put it in your advertisement if it's very obviously a lie and is so extremely stupid? They could have done fine without it, they should have just constantly used the phrase “re-take Earth” and “war”, and ME3 still would have gone gold before release.

“Now, video games are different. They are more virulent and mutable.” - Yeah, I agree with that. I still think that if they made a really epic story, most people would still play through the first game even if it's slower and the combat is worse. Then again, for me the combat in ME1 was great really. No cover hugging, just running and gunning and using biotics. Especially towards the end, because I had the Master Barrier ability already, so nothing could kill me at all... well except for the biotic enemies at one compound who kept throwing singularity at me, so I didn't even had the chance to fire my gun lol.

“So what's to explain?” - You know, after thinking about it, James isn't really my problem. What I actually wanted to see and have it explained was how Shepard gets arrested. I mean I know that they do it because of Arrival, but still. Was Shepard able to dismiss her crew before it happened? Or were others also taken in custody like Gabby and Ken, or just only former Alliance soldiers? What about the team, when did they leave the Normandy? I mean Miranda and Jacob would have gone to prison too, but somehow they managed to run away. Seriously, after the start of ME1 there should not be any parts of the story where we don't know what Shepard is doing. I mean look at the ME2 prologue, sure we don't see what's actually happened in the last month, but we know Shepard is hunting geth. Then Shep dies, and time passes. It could have been done similarly with ME3: have cut scene where Shepard talks with Joker and says “ok, everyone who wanted to go, is gone, you can tell Admiral Hackett that we surrender” and then Anderson comes aboard and takes Shepard into custody. Shepard gets locked up, time passes. It's really not that hard to do. The only thing “against” this is, that if you play in action mode, it could be seen as a too long cut scene, but since you only have to watch it once, I still don't think that would be a problem.

“But still, don't you think, that ME-verse would be lesser, without "Redemption" or "Retribution", which follow the game's timeline?” - As I said before, Redemption is a good example how you can handle things like that. The plot is very focused, it avoid every possible changes to the galaxy Shepard could have made. About Retribution...I did not read it. However my general problem with it is that it's another chapter in the Adventures of Kahlee Sander & David Anderson. Seriously it just would have been better if it's not Anderson. I mean I understand why it's him, but it still negates a seemingly important choice Shepard has to make.

“which philosophy is closer to perfection: Infiltrator's victory with a single shot, or Adept's victory without firing a shot?” - That's a really good question. I many games I like to one-shot people, because it's really cool, and makes you feel badass and all that... but then there are games where playing without shooting anyone is more interesting and challenging. Like sneaking around and using silent take down on people in Deus Ex: HR or Alpha Protocol. Now Alpha Protocol despite all its flows was a game where choices and consequneces were done perfectly.

“ME drawn quite a lot of inspiration from it, I'm sure you'll recognise familiar concepts:)” - Well yeah...only watched the first season so far, but the similarities are very obvious. Though after watching it, I wish Shepard had to make more serious choices in ME3. Like what I read somewhere before release, but never happens in game: the Normandy finds a really small colony world which is occupied by reapers, who have already turned most of the colonists into husks, and Shepard has to decide to either try to save the remaining few colonists, or nuke the colony from orbit, killing the survivors and all the husks too in the process. That would have been a choice I would have liked to make in ME3.

“BTW, do you punch her?:)” - No, never. My Shepard would never do that, because it's way better to just walk away. Shep doesn't really care about the press, but she wouldn't actively try to make herself look bad. But I really liked that reporter lady in ME3, cos if you don't do the renegade interrupt, she basically breaks down, and you can see that this time it's really not about the story, she is just shocked, angry and desperate at the same time.--SunyiNyufi 08:51, April 3, 2012 (UTC)

“A theoretical question: how would you react to storming a Cerberus facility, filled not only with soldiers, but also with scientists and other civilian staff, and your command gives a "take no prisoners" order?” - Hmmm that's a tough one. I think it depends on the character I'm role-playing really. Because if it's a soldier like my Shepard, he/she would go against orders on moral ground (even says so to EDI during ME3), but on the other hand someone who maybe hasn't been with the military as long as Shepard, and can't get away with stuff like disobeying orders cos of his/her service record (war hero background) would probably obey the order. And then have sort of PTSD about the whole stuff.

About EA and marketing – Well everyone knows they suck now, since they've been voted the worst company in America. Also they stocks are dropping really bad, so I think that the ME3 marketing department gets also fired pretty soon.

“Ah, just on a side note, I like cover hugging. It gives me more realistic feel to combat” - That's true, but if I want realistic combat, I can play other games that have more realistic and better combat. I like being able to just run through the battle field and punch people, because that it something I can't do it most games... well not without dying horribly.

“Why if you freaking die, only Liara tries to retrieve your sorry arse and give it a proper funeral?” - That also bugged me a say the biggest Alliance hero ever dies. The Alliance knows where the Normandy crash site is, yet the don't send anyone there to recover Shepard's body? Even if the Shadow Broker agents manage to get Shep before the Alliance, why would the Alliance just give up? It makes no sense. I mean, I can understand your squad members not trying to get your body back, IF the Alliance is doing something. But since they are not, it doesn't make sense. Was everyone too depressed over your death or what? And you know, things like this and the arrest stuff are what shows some of the ME3 writers are really not good at storytelling. I mean sure, ME geeks can make up in their mind what happens, but they shouldn't have to! And the whole “let's make the game more accessible to others” thing is really coming back to bite in their ass this time around.

“Who'd you suggest to be a replacement for Anderson in the novels?” - I don't know. It could have been some other N7 operative, who answers directly to Anderson or something. But then again, Mac Walter is only good at writing Garrus, so he wouldn't really be able to create a compelling new character.

“That's why I loved Fallout 1-2 as a perfect example of RPG, and was very surprised to see Fallout 3 as a shooter” - Fallout 3... that was pretty much the only game where I managed to create the most depressing character ever. She gets kicked out of the Vault, and tries to find her dad...then she learns she wasn't even born in the Vault, and everything is a lie. And somehow I managed not use any followers besides Dogmeat...dunno how really, I just never really met with them, cos I was role-playing and not wandering off aimlessly in the name of exploration. So then she finds her dad, and she's happy...Then they kill her dad, and things go really bad with the whole Enclave stuff and she gets exiled from her old Vault once again... At the very end, she was so glad to just die. She really was. And thank God that I didn't have Broken Steel installed, because that poor girl really needed to die. Have you played Fallout New Vegas? A much better Fallout game, though incredibly buggy, but it's more conversation focused, and has an actually compelling story with interesting characters :)

“So how's Battlestar Galactica going?:)” - I'm somewhere in the middle of season 2. There were umm let's say interesting parts... like that soldier trying to rape cylon-Sharon. And everyone went “oh you can't rape a machine” and “they are just machines so we can do what we want”, how stupid is that? Even if the cylons were just machines (which they are obviously not), there is no excuse for abusing them, even machines deserve some respect and care so they can function. Like how I always take care of my computer, even though she very often acts like a stupid bitch pats PC case

I hope Bioware uses the IT theory, and I really hope the kid is not real. Simply because if he is, then he is a very bad attempt at emotional connection. I mean, I get that he represents the people who can't be saved, and that's eating away at Shepard's mind, because even for a war hero Shepard, loosing people is constantly on her mind. But I as a player find it really hard to have an emotional connection to that kid, because it's really hard to like someone who is only shown for like 2-3 minutes and then dies. I mean, sure I would feel sorry for them, but I would just shrug it off. The dreams are also a bit stupid, because chasing the kid is idiotic, however when you hear your dead friends talking, it really hits home. Oh and the kid going up in flames is visually bad. I think it's really just not shocking enough, and could have been easily replaced with something scarier, to make it a real nightmare and not just an unpleasant dream.

Oh, here, I found something funny on the net :D--SunyiNyufi 07:57, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

You should check out these ME3 epilogues. They are really good!--SunyiNyufi 08:46, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

“Would it bring up anger or hatred, and in that way justifying killing unarmed people?” - Hmmm, once again, it depends on the character. My Shepard is mostly lawful good. She is a soldier, who believes in rules and justice, but knows that sometimes the situation demands some renegade way of thinking. In this case I think she would take the scientists under arrest. Funnily enough, if my other Bioware PCs were in the same situation, most of them would just simply kill the scientists, cos they feel they are given the right to execute justice right there. Shepard on the other hand is really big on democracy and all that, so unless the scientists have guns, she wouldn't shoot them.

About EA...I think very soon there will come a time, when they realize just how much they are loosing right now. Unless they actually do realize it already, and are just way too proud to admit it. I knew EA was evil every since they started milking the Sims franchise. I think that was the first time where large and important expansions (like pets and weather) were not included in the sequel but once again sold separate for more money.

“How many people from the Normandy died in it besides Shepard?” - At least 20 and the Alliance didn't even bother to recover their dogtags. It's really like they just don't care at all. Which is sad. I also liked Kahlee in the game better...or rather I liked how the game actually handled her: she was capable not Mary Sue, and she doesn't get much special attention even though as one website mentioned she is “the other most important person in the ME universe”.

“Still, Walters was the guy, who created a bulk of the gameworld, so I can forgive him because of that:)” - Sure, gameworld is great and all, but studios should realize that a writer, who can create compelling settings or even compelling characters can't necessarily write an interesting story. Speaking of writers, there is one ME writer most fans still love: Patrick Weekes. He wrote Mordin in ME3, and the Geth consensus mission, and the Blaso things amongst others. People love him, while they hate Mac Walters. Guess who is going to be at PAX? Mac? Casey? No, let Patrick do it! Cowards...

I think the problem with Tallis in DA2 was really not her voice, but that she was a sort of cut scene ninja, and they should not have modeled her after Felicia Day. Also they should not have shouted from the rooftops that it is Felicia Day. I mean, I like Felicia and all, but that ad campaign once again was really cheap. “And then Skyrim came out, yuck:(“ - I never really had any problems with Skyrim. When I first played it, I found like 3 bugs or so. And it never crashed. Never gave me BsoD or anything. I actually sort of planned to start playing it again, cos I found a mod that seems to make being a werewolf actually interesting :D Though first I should finished that Kingdoms of Amalur DLC. Which btw shows how DLCs should be done: it ads a new island to the game with new enemies, new weapons, new characters (most of them hilarious), new quest, and by the end of the one particular quest line you become the sovereign ruler of the island, have your own nice looking and useful keep with people in it, who call you “my liege”. You can even pursue diplomatic relations with other nearby cities, though it's mostly through text and such, but it can have consequences. For example I became allies with one of them, and now there is some girl from the ruling family of the other city, who claims to be my bride... the fact that I'm a woman too doesn't seem to bother her... she is really keen on getting married for some reason :D

“One day she might ask, if she has a soul!:)” - To which I will answer: No, you have an attitude b*tch! And then we argue :D But really I somehow have the feeling that while most of my electronics don't have souls or whatever, some of them pretty sure have a personality. Like my first PC that sometimes wouldn't let me play certain games for no real reason. It didn't have a virus or and hardware of software problem we could find, and it actually let me play the game the next I'm pretty sure she was just moody. Or she simply didn't like Warcraft...

“i was constantly thinking, that the kid will turn out a husk or some other Reaper abomination” - I was soooo waiting for that too! Already imagined: kid is playing, Shepard runs up to him, camera shows the kid's face that is like a husk gruesome and all, Shepard takes one step back from shock, and then Shep wakes up. Would have been so much better. Also don't get your hopes up about this closure stuff. It is very likely that BW will disappoint you once again.

“Am I not getting something, or the "Epilogue slides" have a minor mistake?” - Might be just a typo, or an error of the writer. Haven't tried all the combinations myself yet, so I didn't see it yet...but damn, Outreach telling Sanders that Shep sort of became god was funny XD

Oh yeah, and here an other link. Though it's a bit old, I haven't read it before. Patrick Weekes is truly a funny guy. And the woman at the of the post is Liara's writer :D Hmmm...I wonder if she's from Hungarian origin, cos her family name suggests so...--SunyiNyufi 13:45, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

That is some very interesting role-playing indeed. Actually if that self-bombing and crew getting hurt stuff would happen, then even my Shep would probably gun them down, unless they make a really good argument against it. But really, diversity is what I really like RPGs, everyone has different motives, reasons and reaction. Too bad that even in online text-based games people get angry just because you don't react the way they wanted you too. For example, my character was the sort of co-owner of a brothel (loooong story) that was backed by a major crime organization. We were looking for all kinds of staff at the beginning, so everyone had to go through an interview and get recruit that way. In came a young kid proudly wearing a medallion with the symbol of an other crime organization rival to our partners. However our partner's identity was a secret so I couldn't turn him down, well not without giving away the reason, yet I couldn't allow him to pass either. I tried to make the thing very professional, gave reasons why we don't want him to work for us. He got angry and stormed out, leaving me a PM, in which he called me an asshole and said I should not have wasted his time. In retrospect that game reminds me a lot of ME3: we worked hard to make a little town into something better, but the admins decided to have a magical explosion there and blew everything up. Yeah, that's when I stopped playing there...

"Pressly and a few servicemen from the lower deck didn't make it." - Wasn't Joker the one, who said that? But yeah, I get what you mean. Mass Effect is really inaccurate in many places. Like how Mordin constantly says that the genophage affect fertility, while the codex and the krogans say that it affect the child viability.

“Oooh, oooh, that's like "the most important person in Thedas" advertisements! XD” - Are you suggesting that Bioware's advertisements aren't accurate? I'm shocked! XD

I actually like Skyrim, though it's the type of game I only play when I'm in the mood really. The story is not that great in it, except for maybe the Dark Brotherhood questline (y u betray me Astrid?! I loved you! ;__;), but you can always wander around and find things to do, or have funny/interesting random encounters. Like when I thought I found a lonely mammoth, and tried to kill it, but it turned out there was an other one, and a giant too. Started running in the other direction and run into a bandit ambush. Luckily I ran fast enough to avoid of the arrows, and in the end the giant killed all the bandits lol.

“maybe it's love? XD” - Well, it's surely one-sided. While my character isn't a complete Ice Queen, she really isn't the romantic type. The only person she has some kind of attraction for is that one chick from her past whose name I already forgot... KoA's main story was really forgettable. Anyway my chara would probably agree to the marriage actually, since it's a political one...didn't find the option to go through with it in-game yet...not that I'm really searching for it :D

“Having such keen empathy with computers? Are you sure you're not a quarian?:D Because reading the personality of PC's... Wow! Just... wow!:D” - Sometimes it goes even further than that! The same PC I mentioned would always freeze up and restart while I was chatting with my (ex)boyfriend, and just with him. My current PC is much more obedient actually, but she hates my father. He tried to use her twice and managed to get BsoD from her both times :D

On the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut thingy... I'm interested in seeing how they try to salvage this endings. There are a few tweaks that could make it better, and Jessica Merizan (or whatever the community manager's name is) said on twitter that survivors won't starve, rebuilding the mass relays is possible, and Shepard can reunite with his/her squad. Then again it's just her talking on twitter, trying to calm people. I honestly don't think that all this can be done without retconning at least the Grandpa-storytime ending. Because that suggests that the mass relays are not rebuilt, and it's been so long that having other races on other planets is a possibility not a fact. Also if the mass relays can be rebuilt, it's stupid to blow them up, since it just creates more plot holes. So yeah, we will see what comes of it. I think it's going to be shit, but hey I always have my headcanon!
Also this is a very obvious PR move from BW trying to calm people down, so they won't get killed at PAX, since this will allows them not to actually address anything related the endings this weekend. This was also confirmed by Jessica on twitter too. Will still people ask about the ending? We will see. BW has won a couple of month where people will probably hate them a bit less. What I find baffling is that people think that since it will be a free DLC, it means EA/Bioware are nice people again, and “the whiners should stop complaining”. I mean seriously, at this point EA doesn't have a choice but to release it for free! Imagine that they dared ask money for this, people would really stop buying from them! Then again, I stopped buying EA/Bioware DLC long ago anyway.

“dance moves worthy of a short-cirquited LOKI mech XD” - Hahahaha! Pure gold! XD

You know I don't find this whole “the Shepard” stuff realistic at all, even in ME universe. I mean, sure Shepard is like space Jesus at this point, but unless the galaxy really goes into a Fallout-like dark age, I don't think that kind of religious fanaticism is possible. And I seriously doubt that just with the mass relays gone, civilization goes that much backwards. Then again the grandpa and child might be a descendent of serious in-breeding of a small human colony, they certainly sounded retarded.

Vanguard for life! And charging and Atlas is fun, I do it all the time! :D Although I first take it's shield down (thank you BW for Energy Drain bonus power), and then charge, nova, heavy melee, roll backwards, start from beginning. The best part is when you charge at it while it's firing a rocket at you. So epic :D

Bioware people seem to have a very diverse ethnic background, and yeah, wouldn't be too proud of Muzyka. He seems like a snob asshole. Oh this reminds me, Feketekuty is working for the DA team now, so DA3 will have at least one competent writer lol.

You know, I was thinking about the synthesis ending while shopping today... don't really know buy anyways, synthesis is kinda what the Architect tried to do in The Calling: let everyone carry the taint through magic and be equals. Sure his plan was a little more drastic, because a lot people would have died during the magic, because magic in DA is explained, while space magic in ME is not, but it's still essentially the same. So why is it that while in the book it was considered something bad, it's something good in ME?--SunyiNyufi 16:47, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

“Oh, and role-playing romance scenes can get very awkward XD” - Tell me about it! In that brothel I mentioned I played out a... well let's say job interview, that turned into more. It was nice and tasteful, but kinda ended before the characters actually had sex, because we run out of time. After that my best friend kept nagging me about continuing the story for like month, because that was her favorite erotic story ever. We never did continue it lol...

Yeah, gameplay can get really stupid in ME. Like how you can heal Legion with medigel, or how Javik also doesn't put on a helmet, cos (to quote TVTropes) that's for primitives :D What I really find stupid is that Liara could wear helmets fine in ME1, yet since ME2 she only has the stupid breather mask, which doesn't really protect from headshots... And Ashley, well she doesn't make any sense at all in ME3. Different uniform than anyone else ever in the game, despite being just an LT-Commander, lets her long hair down with heavy armor etc. Just stupid.

I sort of liked the Thief Guild in Skyrim, but more for the characters inside the guild and not the story-line. And I love how Brynjolf calls my character “lad”... dammit Brynjolf, why can't I marry you?! As for being a werewolf, I'm not so well informed with the Elder Scrolls lore, but even I know it's stupid to stay one, that why my character has some witch heads tucked away in the closet, so she can cure herself any time. And being a vampire in Skyrim really sucks...even more than werewolf, unless you use mods. “I want to play a person, not a surface-to-air missile turret, and knock over 9000 dragons out of the sky.” lol true, dragons become really annoying after some time.

You know what I don't understand about that “relays can be rebuilt” comment is, that if they can be rebuilt than their destruction doesn't make sense in the narrative. I mean, why do they get destroyed? To create a dark age in the universe and sort of reset it? If so, the relays can't be rebuilt. Are they destroyed to show the player that they have to sacrifice something for victory? No matter what ending you do have to make some sort of sacrifice, be it yourself, free will or synthetics, so there is no need for the mass relay destruction. It just doesn't make sense. As for the crash landing, I think they might try to make us believe it happens on Earth, or some terraformed planet in the Sol system (if there is we have terraforming in ME at all?), because if we consider the situation, the timeline and the characters, there is no other solution.

Yeah, Gaider also has some serious attitude problems. Bioware lead writers in general should become more humble really. Thought at this point I really don't care about them anymore. My favorite developer is Chris Avellone anyway.

“might be bad for my sanity:)” - Ah that is something I don't worry about anymore :D

Man... I'm reading a thread on BSN about BW's PAX panel (also some of the Kotaku live blogging), and they are so full of shit. “One of the things in the citadel codex is that anyplace -inside- the citadel has emergency seals, and some exterior areas have emergency seals that can keep atmosphere in. Even if the Citadel is destroyed (which it may or may not be in ending), "is not like the entire things blow up." People on (in) the arms may well still be alive. No reason to assume 100% casualtties” - How the hell are we not supposed to assume everyone is dead, if all we see are dead people, and Shepard and Anderson imply that they probably tried to build a new human reaper in there?! And it blows up pretty badly in red and green into pieces. I mean sure some could survive in one closed of tiny piece if they are lucky, but they sure as hell will die there later, because they will have no means to ask for help or get off the station by themselves. Aaand of course they “can't” talk about the ending, have to wait for DLC, but they still stand by their product, but want to give you more closure. “Oh and don't forget to download the new multiplayer DLC pack, FOR FREE!” Worst thing is, in a video, people clapped. I mean I understand that it is polite to clap, but c'mon BW doesn't deserve it! They deserve icy cold silence that chills their bones... People are such sheep...--SunyiNyufi 23:05, April 6, 2012 (UTC)

“It's DA2 companion armour all over again.” - I don't have a problem with DA2 companion armors actually, because I hate having to check everyone's equipment before selling my loot. But it bugs me with Ashley, because she is in the military. And if Ashley gets special costume, why not Kaidan too? Btw I just played Horizon in ME2, so my Shepard is currently depressed because y u friend no more Kaidan?! And because half the colony was lost (that feel when you know you just saved Traynor)... Next she will go to Illium, where she meets Liara, and becomes even more depressed. Poor Shepard.

That Dwemer thing in Skyrim was weird for me too. I mean every wiki on the net, and every in-game book says that they know where little about them and stuff, but then there is Markarth, which was pretty much built on Dwemer ruins...huh?

“But no, it's not GECK:)” - Awww :( But-but, we could use space magic to terraform a random planet in the Sol system in minutes, couldn't we? :D

“Funny fact: there was already a DLC called "Resurgence Pack" for multiplayer of... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. So is this where we're heading now? Is this what Bioware draws inspiration from?” - Well they did say, they want CoD audience. But honestly, this PAX stuff was just plain stupid, and not informative at all. Then again, I didn't expected much from it anyway.

About the Citadel... Sure, what you say are correct and all, but my problem is that while you can deduct it if you seriously think about it, it is not implied through the narrative that anyone survived. I have the same problem in the Destroy ending with the “geth being destroyed too” fact: there is no cut scene or whatever that actually shows it happening. And in a game like ME where characters lie on a regular basis, taking everything at face value is stupid. So if you indeed destroyed the geth, they should have shown that. If people survived on the Citadel, they should have shown Bailey getting people on shuttles and stuff. But no...let's have speculations from everyone!

“the Indoctrination Theory is pure fanon, with no chance of being implemented officially.” - It's too bad really, because the IT was like “Get out of jail free” card, and all the IT fans would have rejoiced and thought “we are so smart, we figured BW out”, and even other fans would have been okay with it, if it's properly implemented. Instead we will get an “explanation”, because we aren't smart enough to figure out BW on our own. They are condescending really. Just like Gaider was regarding DA2.

I personally abandoned the indoctrination theory in favor of the much more plausible Intoxication Theory :D

Oh btw did you read that extremely stupid explanation from PAX that they used a real life model for Tali's face because they used real life people for other characters as well, so they thought that Tali “deserves the same treatment”. That was so stupid that I couldn't stop laughing :D--SunyiNyufi 16:40, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

I can understand why changing companion armor is fun and it can stay, but then they would need a better system to sort through all equipment, so that you would get to see really easily was is good an what is shit. Which would require an actually well functioning inventory system, and that is pretty hard to do. The closes to a perfect inventory is probably what SkyUI does to Skyrim's inventory system, the list is easy to see, you can sort through stuff very easily and all that. So sad that it is a mod, and not something actual developers came up with.

“only if it's done in "artistic" way *sarcasm*” - How about a rainbow suddenly appearing in the Sol system, touches every planet so they would become beautiful and green, and they will also have levo-amino and dextro-amino food? Yes, rainbow in's maaaaagic! *sarcasm*

Honestly, I never played any CoD title, so I would be sort of interested in the list :D

“"Dragon Age" at PAX was as pathetic, BTW.” - Not surprised at all. Then again, they don't really have anything to talk about at this point, since they literary are just starting to work on DA3.

Well, in my headcanon, most people from the Citadel live, thanks to Miranda Shepard's life is also saved, some squad mates die, but most make it, and after everything is over, while Shepard does resign from military life, they ask her to be the overseer of peace negotiations between the remaining races, mostly because she is the only person in the universe who understands the geth (yes they live, cos starchild is a liar) and can keep Wrex from eating others. Then when that is over, Shepard lives happily ever after with Liara, who continues to be the Shadow Broker, turning Shep into a full-time daddy :D

“That sort of "strategy" will bite them in the ass in future, and I'm only will be very happy to gloat.” - Yeah, they really don't seem to realize how much damage DA2 and ME3 actually means for the future. And EA's stocks are dropping rapidly, so they have to be really delusional about all of this. Well, we will see what happens. I'm sure as hell not buying any EA games in the future. Not that they have any games I would like to play really. I place my hopes for RPG in Wasteland 2 and a potential Kickstarter project from Obisidian.

“So all the fun went away very fast for me.” - I already reached the point where I can really just laugh at stuff like this. Even what BW is doing doesn't really get me angry anymore, because at this point it's really not worth it anymore. They failed, it is sad...and also surprising that they are going down in such a spectacular manor. I mean really, after ME2 and DA2 I didn't expect much from them, but ruining 3 games in 10 minutes is surely a record worthy to be in the Guiness books!

About Tali... I just checked and there is a mod already, that will change her pic to either of the two most popular fanarts of her. Once again, players fixing the game for a company.--SunyiNyufi 20:23, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

“hey, some developers learn!:)” - hahaha, now that was funny :D Btw PC will leave consoles in the dust very soon, so studios have to re-focus their work.

“Holy crap, I just imagined all that stuff O_o” - Rainbow varren for everyone! :D

Interesting list. I guessed that the weapon stuff was something like CoD, since it really felt like a shooter thing rather than an RPG one, and really the weapon mod variety in ME3 is pretty bad. I also still don't get why ammo powers are class skills and not weapon mods like in ME1. Doesn't really make sense.

“I'd be very interested in who exactly, why and how.” - Well I'm not really clear on the “how” part, cos even I don't have enough free time to come up with every aspect of the battle on Earth. My casualty list includes: James, Javik, Ashley, Samara, Zaeed, and maybe Jacob... nor sure about him, because sometimes I think he should die, because he is boring, but then again, in most stories boring people don't die XD

“What bugs me though, that these guys never have enough money to truly shine.” - Indeed, that is their biggest problem, and the fact that they are forced to work with the game engine made by a different company. Chris Avellone in an interview said that Dungeon Siege is their most stable game so far exactly because all the engine stuff was done in-house and they got enough funding from Square Enix for the game. So I would say that if they get enough money through Kickstarter they could do something really great. Hope it happens :)

Yeah, I have the mod/cheat whatever already downloaded, didn't really use it, because I already edited my files so that Zaeed gives me 5000 war asset points, and I think that's an accurate number for him :D--SunyiNyufi 10:45, April 8, 2012 (UTC)

“Nah, they're not that hard-working:)” - Yeah that shows...for example how they didn't implement a hybrid thermalclip-cooldown system, which would have been the best. Especially for shotguns that have limited thermal clip capacity, it doesn't make sense not to use regular cooldown instead. But then again, why do I expect logic from Bioware?

The AI was never really good in any BW game so far. Funny thing is, that ME3 pretty much uses DA2's “another wave” system, “justified” only be the fact that Cerberus troops are dropped of in shuttles. Lame...

I also miss the part battle cries. “Scoped and dropped!”, I guess in ME3 everyone is depressed, so they don't really talk.

I dunno about the Hornet, I just don't like it... then again a Vanguard has shotgun for short range combat (and their own fist), so there is no real need for an SMG. I think SMGs are more a weapon of the Adept to keep enemies away, so they can use their biotic powers on them. For my first Vanguard playthrough in ME3 I also carried an SMG around, because they are really light, but realized that I really didn't use them at all.

“I always wanted to save them all, as I did in the Suicide Mission.” - I feel that the scale is much bigger, there have to be some casualties, and also I think Shepard dealing with her feelings after the battle is much more interesting if some of her friends died, because on one hand she would be devastated that they lost so many people, so many close friends, on the other hand, she still has Liara, Garrus, Tali who are her best friends really, and there is also the joy from all this fighting finally being over. Why I chose those people? Well James and Javik are the once taken to the beam at the end, so they die. And the others are all veteran warriors who either don't have much to live for, or are just simply the type, who would not back down, even if they are only ones left on the battlefield, and I think situation likes that most likely did occur on Earth. Also I like to kill of characters in stories for some reason. Really, I have some short stories written for fun or college classes, and a lot of the characters die...Guess I'm just weird that way.

“I think a good portion of RPGamers will look Obsidian's way, especially the older generation, who remembers all their works good. So let's hope!” - You should read this, if you haven't already :)

“I'm having a game session tomorrow, and create pictures of some NPC using ME3 face-builder.” - That's a really good idea! I suck at face creation so much, that I rather use a pre-made face for my FemShep, this one, though I changed the brow and eye colors, and for my current playthrough I was too lazy to edit in the hair, but face is still the same :) For table-top characters I either look for some pic on the net, or draw it myself. Last time I played an orc, forgot to look for a pic, so had to do a last minute sketch to satisfy the GM :D--SunyiNyufi 07:49, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

“As if Cerberus' "tactics" weren't ridiculous enough.” - Well Cerberus is the most ridiculous foe in the series for a reason :D I mean really, even the merc bands in ME2 were smarter. When I see a shuttle, Liara puts a singularity there, we wait a bit and then she does a warp detonation, cos they aren't even worth bullets. If someone manages to land, then charge+nova.

“Chiktikka vas Paus” - Go for the optics! That always makes me laugh :D

“frying Kai Leng with a turret flamethrower was humiliating enough” - Nice :D Fighting Kai Leng with a vanguard is especially because of the dialogue: “You're slow, Shepard!” Dude! I just zipped across the whole room and punched in the face before you could even try to move away. You're a friggin turtle compared to me, who is the Fist of the North Star!
Also everything involving Liara in ME3 is just gold. That romance is the best ever. That hand holding while looking at the stars, that “I love you”, and even that sex scene (though I still think my FemShep would never wear that kind of underwear, cos she is too much of a tomboy). One thing I noticed while lurking on 4chan was, that after ME3 came out, while a lot of posts complained about the ending, there were also a lot of people, who admitted, that after seeing Liara's gift on Earth, they just had to start the ME series all over again, romance her, because that scene was just incredibly beautiful, and made people realize that even if you turn her down, even if you are “just friends”, Liara will always be deeply in love with Shepard. Other interesting thing is that /vg/ thinks that MaleShep-Kaidan is the best done gay romance.

“About killing characters off. It's a very good tool to further emotional impact. Probably the strongest tool. And of course it fits the setting completely.” - Yeah, killing of characters in a tasteful and logical way is always a challenge, because if it's a well loved character, you really have to make sure the death is meaningful in a way, and is not only there to emotionally impact the main character. Actually character death is really well done in ME3, even those that you can prevent like Samara or Grunt, are really good. I especially love that moment with Grunt where he tells, he will hold the rachni off. While he doesn't say it, you can feel the “I will make you proud mom!” vibe of the whole scene.

“I always thought Zaeed was a reasonable one” - Not that reasonable imho, which is why he is no good as a Fire Team leader in ME2. Also Shadow Broker files show that he has no idea what to do with himself, has no plans for the future really, and in ME3 he tries to repair Jessie, so I guess he is ready to give his life for the cause this time.
But of course there is no problem with a headcanon where everyone survives. It's just that I like my stories bittersweet. And I mean actually bittersweet, not what BW thinks the word means.

I think what make Avellone great is, that he is still a gamer at heart. You can really feel in interviews and in his games, that he really does love video games, and tries to think about what would be fun to play. Same can me said about J. E. Sawyer, lead designer of Fallout New Vegas. He even made a free to download mod for FNV, that changes many things in the game for the better, and adds more dialogue. I really wish the Obisidian gets some more money for their projects from somewhere, because they really have talent.

Playing an orc was really fun, cos I could do some really stupid things. Like there was this door that was obviously a trap, but since orcs aren't that smart, I tried to open it and got knocked out by an electric shock :D Had to nap for like half an hour there on the spot, while the others tried to disarm it somehow.--SunyiNyufi 14:34, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

Goddammit, I love Forbes so much!!!--SunyiNyufi 07:35, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

It's not just the sound Kai Leng himself makes, really, I mean he is using his friggin katana to stand up! That makes a louder sound that himself. So I think that Shepard was just too lazy to get up, go there and put a bullet in his head. But really, Shep is getting less and less genre savvy in the games. In the first game Shep was pretty much always ready for anything, could say things like “We need bigger guns” while looking at the Thorian, and the making sure Saren is dead part. In Arrival, she goes to Project Base alone, which is the stupidest move ever, but okay, was needed for...what ever reason actually, doesn't make sense. Then in ME3 you get killer robots and Kai Leng sneaking up on Shep all the time. It's kinda sad...

I always thought of Tali as female best friend for my FemShep, Garrus is the nr. 1 best friend of course, but Tali is close second. That's why when I found out that Garrus and Tali got together, I giggled and thought how funny a double date with them would be :D

“I wonder why there wasn't an N7 logo on the underwear... Really, they slap it on pretty much everything, that's possible.” - I still hope someone will make a mod with more sporty underwear and N7 logo. Not that it's that much of problem, cos we only see Shep in underwear once. Honestly, I think Shepard would have an easier time to deal with anything if Liara gave her some sugar on regular basis :D

“N7 operatives often work in secrecy.” - You see, that's why I never really thought that N7 is like STG. I mean Shepard has a stealth ship, but she doesn't work in secret really. Same for James. And really in ME it seems like the salarians are the only ones able to work in secret, everyone else needs some sort of logo. I mean even Vasir has a stupid Spectre logo on her armor. Really this game has more logos than actual commercials. Fun fact, Shepard's dogtags in LotSB don't have N7 logo on them, yet they do in ME3 ending...hmmm... Also notice, how Miranda and Jacob wear the same uniform, but don't have Cerberus logo anymore? Yet the scientists, Jacob guards, are wearing Cerberus uniform with a logo. Wish you could tell Dr. Cole, that maybe their first action after running away should have been to change out of those clothes!

I usually don't take Javik with anywhere. Really, once you take him to places his racism stops being funny. And yeah that Citadel cut scene, while cute, was not really realistic at all. I mean sure, some people wouldn't know what Protheans actually looked like, but still they would freak out if they saw a totally new alien race. On the other hand, I loved that Kasumi mission with the crazy hanar, who wanted to serve the Reapers, since the Collectors work for them and stuff. That was funny and well written at the same time.

I loved curing the genophage. That's really a high point in the whole series, and so well done too. You achieve something incredible, but you have to let a close friend make a heroic sacrifice to make it happen. And everything you've done in all three games counts. Wrex alive? Good. Data saved? Good. Bomb disarmed? Good. Get any of this not right and the krogan's future is screwed. Brilliant really.

I always make Garrus the Fire Team leader, because I trust him, and I want to take Miranda with me always, since she is actually very useful, and I love how she cuts off that video chat with TIM at the end of the base. Priceless :D As for Zaeed, I don't think he really is so fixated on taking out the Blue Suns after the suicide mission. Maybe he already took Vido out...who knows. It's not like ME3 actually tells us what happens between the two games...

Forbes is really good on covering all this ME stuff right now, because they are impartial really, since even while they say that EA/Bioware should give the fans what they want, they also make it really clear that it would make more profit for them in the end. Which it would. Imagine, if Bioware actually released a different ending DLC, with at least 3-4 new missions, new planets, maybe a ground vehicle, and epilogue cut scenes tailored to every choice you made in the series, and would sell it for 10$. People would buy it like hotcakes, and while sure it wouldn't be nice to charge for the ending, since they would give so much more than that, people would be willing to overlook it. Then again EA doesn't have a good business sense, never had.--SunyiNyufi 18:51, April 10, 2012 (UTC)

I can understand going to the batarian prison alone, that makes sense. However, going to Project Base doesn't. The Normandy is in the system, so why wouldn't Shepard have at least Mordin, the team scientist down, so they could come up with something? Or Legion, who is a friggin computer. The could have gotten knocked out with Shepard, and all that...but no, let's make it dramatic, and have Shepard do it on her own. Then have her fight through the whole base, cos that's cool! Bioware logic at it's best.

“a double-date will include scores of mercs/Cerberus/heretic geth/reaper monsters/whoever is unlucky today being joyfully slaughtered XD” - You know, I actually don't think that would happen...though it depends when exactly is the double-date. If it's after ME3 ending, then Shepard is burnt out, Liara and Tali aren't aggressive. But just imagine a Sunday afternoon they spend together, Shepard and Garrus would teach Shepard's little blue daughter how to shoot a gun in the backyard, while Tali and Liara would relax and chat inside. Would be nice...

“in this case, either LotSB or the ending is illogcal.” - ME3 ending, not logical?! Oh the horror! :D I don't really know which one is wrong, but the breath taking is really Shepard, says so in the file name... right after LondonRed, LondonBlue, LondonGreen lol. On the Spectres, I always figured that they would actually work better if they really worked in secret, cos sure Spectre status is useful from time to time, but if you deal with criminals and such, it's easier to go undercover, and get what you want that way. I would love to play an undercover Spectre one day... Then again, that would require more dialogue based missions, and less shooting stuff, so it's not gonna happen.

Lol, never noticed the Cerberus logo on EDI. Guess it's like a tattoo for her, and she couldn't remove it?

I sort of liked Javik at first, mostly because he wasn't as friendly as the others, and had some really funny comments about the races. However, after a couple of playthroughs he is way too emo and too much of a dick. I mean, I understand why he is like he is, it's just gets annoying a bit. Sort of like with Thane. I found him really interesting when I first played ME2, but he got annoying really fast.

“I also liked how re-writing the heretics in ME2 bites you and the quarians in the ass.” - I never really understood while that was a Paragon choice in ME2. I mean, Paragon Shepard constantly says that re-writing is like brainwashing, which is unethical. And Legion himself says that the heretics were not re-written to serve the reapers, but chose to do that, so it's not like correcting them either. I always blow the station up, because my Shepard is a champion of free will, be it for organics or synthetics. The heretics chose to fight on the reapers' side, even if it meant, they will be destroyed. So my Shep destroyed them. Free will is more important for her than anything really.

See? Everyone would willing to buy a longer DLC, with new ending and gameplay. Like they did with Broken Steel. And the fans even delivered a prefect setting for such a DLC with the Indoctrination Theory. Most fans and the non-shitty journalists even begged Bioware to use IT, no matter if it was intended or not. But no, we must preserve “artistic integrity”. Watched the video, and I agree that “explaining” the ending is bad...they could pull it off, if the BW writers were geniuses, but they never were that good when it came to overall story, so I really don't have any hopes for it. That “leaked script” made me laugh though :D--SunyiNyufi 10:10, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

“The Project itself was an Alliance black op.” - If it was that secret, then they wouldn't even tell Shepard, and also for a “secret project” there sure are a lot of guards. Place is like a military base really. Also there is no way that Shepard disappears for 2 days and nobody on the Normandy isn't doing anything about it!

Speaking of playing an adept. I started an other Vanguard playthrough in ME3, and chose barrier as my bonus power this time cos that's what I had in ME2 (there it's pretty much necessary, if you want to go around shotgunning everyone), but it really doesn't make sense for a vanguard. Nova is way better for shield detonation, charge is quick and you can easily have an armor that gives you lots of shield. So Energy Drain is still the best :)

“I'd recomment the M-920 Cain. Kids just lo-o-ove fireworks XD” - They sure do! My favorite in ME2 was the Arc Projector however, cos that's chain lightning in weapon form :3 God how I hated enemies with chain lightning in DAO, like those skeleton mages in the forest...they could kill all of your party in like a minute.

“The Citadel doesn't have concrete... right?” - I dunno... ME has so many problems with details really. One of them just hit me, while playing the Palaven section: why do the turian soldiers salute like human soldiers do? It can't be an universal thing, cos that wouldn't make sense...

“Think of the Jedi in Star Wars.” - Ah the Jedi... I still have to finish that replay of Kotor 2... But anyway, I would really like to play a spy in ME universe. Even a human spy would be ok. Imagine all the things they could do! Changing hair and skin color on the fly, so they wouldn't be discovered. Turning invisible if need be, being able to climb on walls and ceilings, using listening devices, it would be fun! Not that Bioware could do a decent stealth game ever. Their gameplay is never really that good.

“Why annoying?” - I dunno really, his stories about his dead wife just get annoying after the 3rd or 4th time, but I always talk to him in the end, cos my Shep would, and all that. Really it's just that he sort of screams “emo” every time you talk, which I hate IRL too. Usually I sort of try to counter it with him wearing his alternate outfit, and suddenly because of the sunglasses and piercings everything he says sounds less moody and more hilarious :D

Interesting role-play perspective regarding the quarian-geth thing :) Actually after I first finished ME2, I was afraid that decision would come back and bite me in the ass later, cos that was my only “renegade” choice in that game. Felt weird when it didn't. My other major “renegade” choice (letting the council die) comes always back to haunt my Shep, even though she had her reasons, and didn't do it out of spite. I liked how charmingly racist everyone in ME2 was due to that. Heh, this reminds me of the turian at the Citadel port security:
Turian: Why are you treating me like a criminal?!
C-Sec officer: Because you tried to smuggle a 15cm serrated blade onto a public shuttle.
Turian: You humans are all racists!

Background conversations are one of the best things in the game! :D I miss the different news broadcasts in ME3. Like that one batarian broadcaster on Omega, who sent a message to who is abducting human colonists: keep up the good work! XD Or the advertisements! “If you had a 360° holo tv, you would be able to see the naked asari behind me!” I miss those things in ME3. I know that there is the ad for the Blasto movie, but it's not the same...

“The only explanation I can come up with, is that the real Reapers played the demo, decided to come a bit earlier, and indoctrinated Bioware into making that load of bullshit, so everyone loses hope O_o” - That's a more logical explanation then suddenly everyone at Bioware/EA going full retard...

“Liara's lectures were priceless:)” - Well she is the smartest in the group, so she obviously can explain what's going on...sort of :D

PS: Wow, the weather is so bad over here, that I have to turn on the light in the room, and it's only 10 am o_O--SunyiNyufi 08:07, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

Btw reading that argument on DAO wiki with Asherinka about choices atm. Lol this is funny :D Too bad I refuse to acknowledge her opinion, because she did not play ME1-2. Really, starting a trilogy at the end shows what kind of person you people who always read the last page of a book first.--SunyiNyufi 08:28, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

“I bet Tali would suspect, that my Shep is cheating on her, and plasma-vent the whole base with a few clicks on her omni-tool XD Just kidding.” - That reminds me of how badly BW handled the Liara romance at some places really. I mean, when you first talk to her on the Normandy, she says something like “it's been 6 month, you sure you still want this?” Wish my Shep could have said this: “Bitch please! I turned down Kaidan for you; I told you I'm willing to wait for sex, while I actually wanted to pounce you right there in the middle of med bay. Then I died, and came back still loving you. Then killed the friggin Shadow Broker for you, and pretty much proposed afterward. Why the hell do you think my feelings would change in 6 month? Besides, isn't 6 month a really short time for the asari anyway?” But then again, my Shepard probably wouldn't say all this, and just deflect everything with humor. Her coping mechanism is similar to Joker's.

Snipping with Vanguard in ME3 is really a waste, because if you have around 150% cooldown bonus, you can just charge from target to target really. So no need for cover. Well there might be need for it insanity, haven't played on that yet, and probably won't, I find it more tedious then challenging. As for Barrier, it works differently. It doesn't fade with time, and you can detonate it, to propel enemies away from you. Thing is that Vanguard has Nova for that, which is more powerful than Barrier detonation. Also Barrier slows down recharge time, which sucks. Anyway, I overall found it not really suitable for Vanguard in ME3, but that's just my opinion.

“BTW, about that... maybe Chiktikka (or is it Chik'Tikka?) vas Paus changed her career to Defence Drone? So she doesn't go for the eyes anymore, and is more like a guard dog?” - Or maybe, she learned to go for the optics right away, so Tali doesn't have to yell at her anymore :D

Jack + Cain = universe doooooooooooooooooooomed!

I loved the Cain for massive battles, like the human reaper boss fight. But otherwise I actually mostly preferred not using heavy weapons at all. Game is more challenging that way. And actually it feels stupid now that you can only have heavy weapons on you in ME2. Wish they would have tried to justify it somehow, but they didn't even bother.

“So maybe something like Assassin's Creed will really happen.” - Assassin's Creed in space. I would love to play that, way more than playing an AC game set in revolutionary America >_>

“so if geth supposedly didn't pursue the quarians leaving Rannoch, how all of quarian colonies became overrun?” - I thought the geth didn't pursue the quarians once they abandoned their whole system, not just Rannoch. It certainly would make sense, since even Legion admits that they inflicted great harm on the quarians in the Morning War, so I think the geth took over all the colonies somehow (probably took some time), and didn't rest until the quarians tried to run, and then let them run away. But yeah, in a war there are no innocent parties really.

About the DA wiki argument, it was an interesting read. Made me laugh a couple of times too :D

“I mean, the war rages, broadcast channels must focus all their efforts on combat data and morale-supporting propaganda, and, sadly, the biggest news at that time were casualty lists and lost colonies.” - I understand that, but I think this pretty much shows one of my biggest problems with ME3: it's too dark&edgy and also takes itself too seriously most of the time. I mean ME1 and ME2 both had a much lighter tone. I understand that there is a war, and everyone could die any time, but it's ridiculous that if I walk around the Citadel, all I hear is drama and sadness almost everywhere. Like the Alzheimer lady, the PTSD asari huntress, the turian guy who gets deployed, the human soldier who tries to get her asari daughter to Thessia... Seriously, I can't walk around the damn station, cos it just makes me depressed. ME3 should lighten up a bit seriously. Not too much of course, but still.

“I kinda wonder what class to choose... Suggestions?:)” - How about Sentinel? You could role-play a Shepard with the morale of Batman, so you could be the dark protector of the galaxy :D

I loved the krogans combat chatter in ME2, cos it depends on what weapon you use “Pistol? How about trying a real man's weapon!”, “A shotgun?! Nice!!”. And in retrospect the ME1 chatters is hilarious XD

OH MY GOD! Someone on 4chan realized what the synthesis ending means!

I also have a comic about the Extended DLC, and one about how the real end should have been, for you. I'm so full of links today :D--SunyiNyufi 15:32, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

Well, she calls you out on it in LotSB, and seems like everyone in ME universe thinks that being imprisoned for 6 month means breaking up. Don't really get why it is so for some romances really... I mean, sure some romances seem to just casual sex at first, blowing off steam and stuff, but none of them really is. Except for Jacob maybe... So yeah, it's just really poorly written, because Bioware wanted to give you the option to go for somebody else. To that I say: f*ck you Bioware, if I had a relationship for 2 games now, I don't want to go for someone else, no matter how sexy Traynor's voice is! Really, LI's should have been locked on from the start of ME3, and maybe give you the option to break up and cheat, not this ambiguous crap.

Well Insanity in ME2 wasn't that bad, I'll give you that. Played it a bit, and had fun with it, but not my cup of tea. I like higher difficulties in games like DAO, where I can really tell the others what to do and how to behave, cos it's pretty much the most important part of it, but that doesn't really work in ME series.

“Engineers are lazy:)” - This reminds me of that TF2 video Meet the Engineer :D

“there is the latest Deus Ex” - I loved Deus Ex Human Revolution, it did so many things right, that I was able to overlook that it had some totally useless skills, and stupid boss fights that didn't fit the game at all. I loved the setting too, though I wish the hubs would have been bigger. The biggest letdown for me in that game was, when I managed to get into that club called Hive. I thought that would be like the best club, kinda like Afterlife on Omega, you know? And instead I got this tiny room with some people in it not doing anything. Such a waste. As for AC in space... being able to climb up and down on a Presidium-like want. Instead we will have native-American assassin climbing trees...yay -_-

“The only explanation left, is that geth drew away the quarians from their colonies before they drew them away from Rannoch.” - Well it could be that the rebellion started in the colonies first and reach Rannoch last? I really don't know, BW once again doesn't really provide that much information for us...mostly because if I have to guess, I would say they don't have any idea either.

On the topic of shitty writing form BW: current most discussed topic in the ME general thread on 4chan is how bad the space battle cut scenes are, since they always show ships firing on reapers while facing towards the planet they are trying to save, and miss a lot. Meaning that the planet pretty much gets nuked. And even if it didn't, as the Gunnery Chief (or whatever his title was) in ME2 said: Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son of a bitch in space, and every shot that doesn't hit it's target, will ruin the day of someone somewhere in the galaxy sometime. Yay for galactic wasteland even without mass relay destruction!

“After the first playthrough, each time I hear people talking about going to Sanctuary, I just want to grab them and yell "NOOOO!!!":(“ Exactly! The only really fun conversation you can hear on the Citadel is between Liara and her dad. Oh and that salarian guy who got his new armor just around the time his human friend sold her car. That was cute :) But everything else is depressing... people dying, going of to Thessia and Sanctuary... seriously, it's just depressing.

“You can't go all Batman and "dark-protectory" in shiny armour, can you? O_o” - Well there is a mod for ME2 that let's you change the color to something less shiny... also let's not forget that Batman wears his underwear on the outside, so I don't think shiny would be a problem for him. Really as much as I love Batman, I can't take him seriously in his original costume.

“"Enemy is everywhere!" makes me think I have a freaking army instead of two squadmates.” - Shepard always was a one man army :D Also let's not forget about “I will destroy you!” and “Go go go!” Really, the best missions are, when you fight geth, at least they don't talk.

“So Bioware are husks?” - Well it sure feels like they look like the old Bioware, but you know that they aren't really, and it starts to be obvious that whatever soul they had is gone, so you just take your shotgun and put them out of their misery, before they try to eat your brain.--SunyiNyufi 19:45, April 12, 2012 (UTC)

“but you were tempted, weren't you?;)” - Me, the player...of course! It's Traynor after all! My Shepard? Nah, she has only eyes for Liara. Funny thing is, that if something like ME2 prologue happened to Liara, my Shep would be just as obsessed about finding her body, and probably would have given her to Cerberus for revival too. So yeah, they are both obsessed with each other :D “thanks for coming by” - Oh dear God, as I read it, my mind automatically played it in Tali's voice... What have you done to me Mass Effect?!!!!!! I agree on the Jack romance, it really is well done, and I like that while she seems to be bisexual, she is not an option for FemShep. One thing that bothered me about DA2 was that everyone was “Hawke-sexual” in that game, which didn't feel right. I mean really, can anyone honestly believe that after what he's been through, Fenris would be willingly sleep with a male mage Hawke? Not a chance. Merrill suddenly going for girls too was really weird too... And damn you DA2 that Merrill and Carver never get together!

“well, you can fully control the use of powers, but... Those guys and gals, who rely on shooting can't do jack (sorry, Jack XD) on higher difficulties.” - Yes, but since there is not tactics option in ME, you have always tell everyone what to do, which if you think about it in context is stupid, cos especially by the time of ME all characters are veterans, so they would always discuss tactics before the mission. But what ever, ME is a shooter not really an rpg anyway :P

I always treated HR as a standalone game, because really so much time passed since the first game, that I didn't at all expect it to be like the old one. But I think considering everything, it is a good game, with extremely shitty boss fights, and a stupid last level. I liked the conversations and how they impacted things though, like if you are nice to the guy at the precinct and convince him to let you in, he will turn up, and you can give him a job at Sarif Industries. Or how if you break into every office in the Sarif building, you get an email about office theft :D And the game has the change for random fun how I tried to not kill anyone in the game besides bosses, but there was this one terrorist guy in the sewers surrounded by turrets. It took my some time, but I was able to shoot him with a tranquilizer rifle, only for him to fell face down in the water and die XD

“Sur'Kesh and Tuchanka weren't hit that hard, and I would just love to visit Thessia before the attack to see its beauty.” - And that's one more Bioware sort-of-lie about the game. “You get to visit the homeworld of the council races!”, they just forgot to mentioned that by “visit” they mean, you get one mission there, and you can go outside the combat zones at all. Stupid Bioware.

“It's not definite, by any means, but still doesn't look like Rannoch was the last.” - Well that's because Bioware writers don't work things out, and don't really get how war works. I mean really, even if you only played strategy games, you would know that you attack the small settlements first, and uprisings rarely happen in heavily occupied places like Rannoch.

“Noone cares about possible collateral damage in situations like this.” - I agree on that, but that convo I mentioned shows that noone is supposed to “eyeball” it, so why are they missing? The reapers certainly aren't outmaneuvering them, because they don't move that fast. Also going for drama over common sense in a sci-fi is really a bad choice.

“What adds to the depression is people crying at the hospital and in the docks.” - Indeed. Though there is that one french guy from Lyon, who won't shut up, and is kinda funny :D Then you hear in the end that he enlists, so he can fight for his home...

“I wonder how they screw up the next Dragon Age this time.” - Well, they have a lot of options, really: make choice that don't matter, don't offer different origins at all, limit conversation to diplomatic and aggressive etc. Though I think they can't fail as much as ME3 did, mostly because with DA3 everyone will be really cautious.

PS: No links this time, I just woke up :D--SunyiNyufi 08:26, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

TBH I could have seen a Tali-FemShep romance work...sort of... Because Tali seems like to have a little crush on Shepard, who is so great and saved her and is nice to her, but I'm glad that with female Shep it doesn't turn into anything sexual, and stays in the role model category. I never understood why people wanted gay option with Morrigan... okay that's not correct, I can understand it, since omg she has the voice of Claudia Black, which means that she is the sexiest character ever! But, I think Morrigan would never ever do it with another woman, mostly because she treats (most) other women with at least a bit of respect and uses men as sexual toys. And her romance does start out with only casual sex, that turns into something more serious later on. Also I was completely satisfied with just being best friends. Same with Tali. As for male romances...they didn't suck in DAO imho. Alistair was adorkable as always, and Zevran is kinda like Morrigan: casual sex turning into something serious. My favorite Warden chose Leliana though, most because after thinking about the characters past and motivation, I suddenly realized she was gay... which actually did surprise me, cos it was intentional. And anyway, both Leliana and her are rogues, love archery and are more open to other cultures. Though it's still hilarious that a Dalish is in love with someone who does believe in the Maker so much :D

“Would Isabela really wait 3 years to get her hands on Hawke?” - She most certainly wouldn't :D I love Isabela so much in DA2, I like her romance the best, cos she is the only companion, who is the most mentally stable, and with whom my Hawke can have an actual relationship as equals. Also she is just pure fun. Tried to romance Merrill with same Hawke once, and my God was that awkward! And that elf underwear yikes!

Also this is the best romance ever!

“i adore Merrill and hate carver with passion.” - I love Carver! I mean sure, he is annoying in Act 1, but once he becomes a Warden, he is great. And after Legacy, my Hawke and Carver ironed things out, and are friendly and all, which felt nice, cos you know, it was a relationship I had to work at to make it change.

“I don't recall visiting Palaven.” - Honestly, at that time I wouldn't want to visit Palaven...seeing mountains burn from space is one thing, but I really don't want to send next to the fire :D

“But... I guess we'll never know.” - Agree. Sometimes when I think about the geth-quarian war, I rewatch Animatrix... and then I stop thinking about it, because it's depressing how idiotic humans are. And then I go to youtube and watch cute cats doing cute things to cheer myself up :D

“I know it sounds more like an excuse, then an explanation, but still...” - Yep, that's exactly how it sounds :D But you know I can forgive stupid cut scenes, because there are a lot of them in this series anyway. I particularly love how Shepard always seems to carry an assault rifle, while she actually doesn't. Or how she put her shotgun on the back sometimes in dialogue... Or how she always pulls out the generic pistol, while you can plainly see that I have a different one equipped. Though these aren't as stupid as the intro cut scene in Deus Ex HR for the first boss fight, where Adam suddenly forgets that he should be sneaky, and that built-like-a-bulldozer guys manages to sneak up on him. That was so stupid, I had to laugh :D

“I don't know if they be cautious. They seem to be so self-centered and arrogant right now that might as well consider DA2 their pinnacle of artistic integrity.” - Oh no! I meant that the players will be more cautious with future BW games, so the expectations will be lower, meaning that the fail will be predicted, so instead of raging people will just say “yep, I knew it will suck!”--SunyiNyufi 17:02, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

Well straight FemShep doesn't really have a lot of options actually. I mean there is Carth Kaidan, who is boring in ME1, non-existent in ME2, and cool in the last game. Garrus is only popular, because he is a bro, his romance is actually kind of awkward in ME2, but gets better in 3. Thane dies, and everybody forgot that he is an LI or friend, so nobody mentions him after death. And Jacob... well no comment. While guys -as you said- get good straight romances like Tali, Jack or even Miranda. So yeah, being a straight FemShep sucks.

“Bethany I can understand: she was literally dragged into the Circle against her will” - Not really, she is actually happy to go to the Circle and be around other mages, and is okay with all this, so that the family doesn't have to hide just because of her. I can also understand Carver becoming a templar, cos I think that templars are a necessary thing in Thedas. Sure the order is retarded and all, but having warriors, who can successfully subdue mages, is necessary to keep order, and I think that's why Carver joins. But I always take him with me to the Deep Roads, because my Lady Hawke want to avoid the amount of bitching she would get if Carver is left behind “y u not take me with u sis?!” XD And really, being a Warden is really good for Carver, since he gets to prove his worth in an enviroment far away from his sister, and as he says being a Warden opens his eyes about things, and makes him realize how stupid the quarrel between him and Hawke is. Warden Bethany on the other hand turns into a biatch :3

“What should be included in an imaginary "perfect DLC for ME3", apart from bearable endings, of course, are hub locations, that you can visit before shit hits the fan.” - But that would requier work. Bioware doesn't do that “work” stuff, just pick your favorite color will ya?! :P On a serious note: yeah an other hub would be great... if not Tuchanka, then maybe Omega? You help Aria take it back from TIM, and then it becomes a hub? Could be possible... “my cat seems to cheer herself up watching me playing Mass Effect:) She always seems so interested:)” - Awwwww :3

“Oh yes, the cutscenes with generic weapons... What bugs me the most, is that sometimes they show actual weapons you have. And squaddies... Something like this:)” - Exactly :D Funny how fans can write better cut scenes than BW.

“As someone wrote on DA wiki, "so now we have to gather War Assets and Military Strength for the Mage-Templar War?"” - Omg, I hope we don't! That system is utterly stupid, reducing everything to numbers. If I want to win a game purely with numbers, I would play some RTS.--SunyiNyufi 18:50, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

I never understood Miranda's choice of location either. I mean anyone could walk in on them doing it, and it's not like Shepard going into Miranda's office is anything new, they could say that they were discussing tactics if they want to hide it. Also one thing I notice... Miranda has more pillows than Shep does. This is an outrage! My FemShep demands more pillows!

Well, as I said, I never let Carver join the templars, and while I think they are necessary, the ones in Kirkwall are sure all crazy. Then again, the whole town is crazy cos of that ancient tevinter magic thingy that made a Veil thin...or something... I dunno, it's been awhile since I played DA2, and don't plan to play it anymore either. Templars in Ferelden were much nicer actually... well except the ones who came after Anders in Awakening. Though that quest was incredibly funny, because I installed some mods, and one of those accidentally made all the female templars naked XD Killing them while they were in their undies was so much fun :D

“Dark Channel is next to useless, imo” - Totally agree. His Lift grenade or whatever, is good though, but really, ME3 needs more biotic squad mates, because if you don't have Kaidan and didn't buy Javik, the only one is Liara. While ME1 had Wrex who was sort of a vanguard, and ME2 had Jack, Thane, Samara and Miranda. Seriously, it's like they wanted to turn everyone into soldiers, so it will be more like Gears of War. Actually this is one of the reasons why I disliked having Ashley: land on Mars with Ash and James, Cerberus troops everywhere, some have shields, and none of us has friggin overload. I mean sure, their grenades work well, but those are limited. And Liara also doesn't really have anything for non-biotic shielding. It sucked. Ashley's abilities suck in general, so I told her to go to Hackett, because I really didn't need an other soldier, I already had James (whom I never take with me anywhere anyway).
But back to the Aria topic, I would love her as a squad mate. Maybe a temp squad mate, not a full time one, but it would be glorious. Just imagine, battling through Omega, killing Cerberus troops, then having a boss fight with that admiralwhatshisface who is TIM's lackey, and then we got to after life, Aria sits down on her couch, and says: Much better. Though it only works if you completely disregard the fact that everyone on Omage will die anyway with the current endings :D Or maybe not if you pick the synthesis one...maybe then everyone is immortal.

Nice ones! :D You know, I just googled “mass effect cat” and found this :D

While I like co-op, in a DA game it sooooo wouldn't work. I mean, cos it can't be integrated into that story, since the protagonist is always The Chosen One sort of, so it would have to be something like separate campaign, but it will end up to be horde mode like ME's multiplayer, cos actually doing a campaign would cost money, and that's not something EA likes. But by the time DA3 comes out people will be bored with horde mode already. Really, EA/Bioware should stop trying to turn singleplayer games into multiplayer ones, and just create a friggin multiplayer IP on their own, if the want it so much!--SunyiNyufi 22:08, April 13, 2012 (UTC)

“Also there was this huge Pride Demon right under Kirkwall and also that Desire Demon Xene-something, and, oh, also there was Corypheus nearby. Nice city to emigrate to, really.” - Yeah, not really the city I would visit even for only a weekend :D

1) Pretty sure, it wasn't on purpose :P Actually I think I installed some retext mod for the templars, and that's why the female armor disappeared. Didn't really realize it until DAA, cos Origin doesn't have any female templars. So first time I saw it was right at the beginning of Awakening, when Alistair as the king rides in and tells me that my job will be hard...there is that templar lady next to her, without armor :D 2) “Naked” in Bioware games means undies, cos I did not install any nude mods :P It was the standard Ferelden undies, you know which Morrigan also magically gets when she takes off her cloth, even though it is pretty clear that she doesn't wear a bra, while she is “fully” clothed :D 3) Pff, that's just the tip of the iceberg man, I have much stranger thoughts that just randomly pop into my mind. I might also be a bit sleepy right now, which adds to it :3

“Ashley has the bonus power, that is quite useful to the player: Marksman.” - I loooooooooved Marksman in ME1, cos that was a Vanguard power, for obvious reasons. But really as an extra power it sucks, since the Vanguard=shotgun now. Carnage was also a vanguard power in ME1 btw. And yeah, Ash and Vega can do damage, but just shooting stuff is boring. “Liara not having anything vs Shields is good for keeping balance.” Didn't mean to imply that she should have, cos that would make here way too OP. She is already way too powerful. Battle using her is like: “Oh look there are a bunch of Cerberus mooks standing next to each other and they don't have shields! Let's use singularity and then shoot the other guys why waiting for powers to reload, then warp detonate them! What do you mean, you already have warp ready? Well, I guess then lets kill them. Oh look! Another bunch of guys next to each other! Too bad you don't have singularity rea- What? You can do it again?! Fine...” I sometimes feel like Liara could do everything on her own, if there weren't shields really...or Atlas drops. The Atlas guns her down often.

“I also find it curious, that Aria's story with Wrex isn't wrapped up. It has been confirmed, that Aethyta is Liara's father, wich was heavily suspected, but not Aria-Aleena. Yet. Maybe there will be a DLC involving her after all? “ - Or BW just totally forgot about that part. They tend to do that sometimes. Like you know female turians having fringes, the quarians not being “as soft as humans” and things like that.

“That would be stupid even for Bioware in its' current state.” - I don't think you give BW enough credit in the stupidity department. If anything, this ME stuff proved that they are waaaaay beyond stupid!

“NWN multiplayer wasn't bad at all” - I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere about NWN MMO. But it's not Bioware, because they don't really hold the rights for any of their old titles really. It's like how everyone thought that Baldur's Gate announcement will have something to do with BW, but they never really had the rights for the IP. Bioware, or rather EA, only has Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

About the videos... I think it's pretty weak actually. Then again I might be spoiled, cos I know some of the best AMV makers in the country, who had me test their vids (1)(2) from time to time. Compared to what they can do with Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects, these videos look a bit...boring to me. Also some of them are way too long. A trailer for example shouldn't be almost 3 minutes long. And especially the trailer winner is wrong, because it has slow piano music, while trying to show action. I mean, sure action should be in a trailer, but then put a music to it that will make it exciting and pump up the adrenalin! Or if you want that piano music, make a tragic trailer, show people dying, not space battles and random landscape shots...Ehh, this reminds me when I was asked to be a judge in an AMV contest. Sure as hell will never ever do that again!--SunyiNyufi 00:13, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

“Atlas mechs tend to be my favourite enemies, though: hijacking is fun.” - I like them too :) Too bad that on lower difficulties, you can't hijack them. Also I just remembered that there is one mission where playing as a vanguard sucks really hard, so I always take a sniper rifle with me: geth dreadnought. Sadly, that is a mission where charging and punching isn't the best tactic, since that stupid energy wave takes down your shield. And I'm not as good at sniping as I could be.

“Quarians supposedly have scales?” - I would guess so, or at least harder skin than humans (which they are basically now according to Tali's pic), because Grunt says this to Shep IIRC: “Only a finger deep to severe your spine. Humans are soft. Salarians are soft. Quarians not so much.” And since it's an imprint not his actual knowledge, it could very well be that he was talking about quarian body, not the enviro suit. But who knows really... Once again, Bioware is not big on continuity.

“wasn't that DDO?” - Nah, I'm pretty sure that it was some new NWN MMO, but for the life of mine can't find the article about it. Not that it matters to me much, cos as I said before, I'm not big on MMO.

“For a fan-made stuff they are decent.” - Being fan-made doesn't mean they should not sync the action to the video at least, so it has a rhythm :) Besides in this day and age regarding stuff like this, the only difference between pro and amateur is the amount put into it really, because everyone can learn the skills like using Sony Vegas or Photoshop. But back to the video themselves... well they did to get stuff. People like promo stuff very much, even if it's totally useless :D

“why not?:)” - Well to begin with, you have to watch a lot of videos, and most of them are terribly bad. Though you can trim the number down a bit, if you refuse to watch badly encoded videos. There was this one vid that was 2 minutes long, and was more than 700 Mb in size. Also I was judging for a very specific “contest” where the winners would make it into that years hungarian version of AMV Hell (dunno if you are familiar with that or not), so they had to be funny. But 95% of them wasn't funny at all. Like really, not even a chuckle from me while watching them. They had stupid themes, bad execution, bad lip sync, but in the end we were forced to chose from them, because that's what we got. Yeah, never do that again... Though you can really apply this to any other contest where anyone can enter. Won't organize any more Photoshop contests either...--SunyiNyufi 08:40, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

A new Archengeia video is up, you should watch it :)--SunyiNyufi 11:10, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

“Oh, and you can always bring a scoped pistol, not a sniper rifle, in order to maintain a good power recharge bonus.” - Sure I could, but in that mission power recharge really doesn't matter for a vanguard, cos all I can do is use Pull to lift the geth up, or use Shockwave to get them out of covers. Being a vanguard really sucks in that mission, I spent most of the time commanding Garrus and Tali instead of shooting the enemy lol. “I won't give up, Garrus' record will be broken:)” - I'm rooting for you! :D As for the bottle shooting, what bothers me in that scene is the missing on purpose part. I mean, I can imagine that Garrus is a better sniper than my Vanguard Shep, so why do I have to miss on purpose, and not just suck at it? They should have made the shooting a QTE, would have made so much more sense.

I don't really think that Grunt means the “not so soft” because of the suits, since he is imprinted with Okeer's teaching, and Okeer was older than Wrex. Now, if we think about it, the Rachni Wars ended in 300 CE, the Krogan Rebellions started in 700 CE, so there is a 400 years window, where they could have kidnapped quarians to work as mechanics (lol), maybe not in such big numbers like the Batarians, but then again at that time council races even might have let krogan use slaver, cos honestly the salarians and the asari aren't that much above slavery themselves, and the batarians were also a Citadel race despite their use of slavery. Also, the Krogan Rebellions ended somewhere around 800 CE, and the quarians only created the geth around 1900 CE, so there was plenty of time for krogan mercs to raid quarian colonies or something. I'm not saying that the quarians should be necessary scale-y or bone-y like the turians, but I would have preferred them to be less human like and a bit more alien. And also being very human like in face yet having only 3 fingers and chicken legs, just sort of freaks me out. “I wonder how would they deal with the fact, that the whole City of Neverwinter got blown up in the 4th D&D edition? What's the point of playing, then?” - Pfff, like people care about canon, stuff like that only matters for geeks /sarcasm Honestly, I have no idea... not that I really care that much about NWN anyway.

“lot's of people make videos out of dedication” - I know, but it's just easier to assume that people are greedy bastards, cos I have a very high chance of being correct :D I'm an eternal cynic. As for the video you linked, it's good, really. I would have chosen a different music for the beginning, something with less repetitive violin sections, but other than that it was nice. Except for that fact that it reminded me of how there is never any mention of Shepard mental state in the game after he/she comes back, which is soooo stupid. I mean, sure headcanon that Shep has problems, and doesn't know if it's really her, or it's just some other person with Shep's memories, who is trying to be her, while she really isn't. Or how the guilt is eating away at her for killing all those batarians in arrival... Also having to spend 6 month in confinement and barely getting any visitors will just mess her up even more. So much missed opportunity, sad.

“If by any chance someone asks me to be a judge in a video contest, I know what to do. Run!!!:)” - I would say, if anyone asks you to take some kind of leading role in any online community, run! Cos being an admin suck even more than being a judge :D

“F*cking think!” - But thinking is hard. Most people in general don't like to think at all, because not thinking about thins, about the world, and just living day after day is a way easier existence. If you think about it, it's quiet funny, that most people who protect this “artistic” ending of ME3 are the ones who don't really think, while art and literature are meant to make you think.

Gotta tell you what happened to me to day. I was walking around with 2 friends, one of them asked:
“Hey, I remember you said, you were looking forward to Mass Effect 3. Was it good?”
I facepalmed hard, then explained what is wrong with ME3 to her, and told her that I sort of lost faith for most video games. Then she said:
“Really? Guess you saw that Assassin's Creed 3 trailer than.”
Me: “Why are you putting salt on the wound? Why???!!!”
Then we continued to talk about how stupid it is to set an AC game in revolutionary America, and walked around town discussing which buildings Ezio could climb and which not. It was fun :D--SunyiNyufi 20:15, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

“A question: would it be fair to lock two out of three enemies in Stasis (Liara + bonus power), or a shot has to be taken without any assistance?” - Hmm, it does sound a bit like cheating, but I guess it would be ok. Then again, I am a vanguard, who always makes their enemies defenseless one way or the other before killing them :D I say, you should try with stasis first, and if it worked, then try to do it on your own :)

“Or I don't know, a Sentinel contest with Kaiden or Miranda, something like, who can eat more direct rocket hits? O_o” - Looool XD So true, really. This reminds me of Varric's battle cry in DA2: Another one for me, how much have you got Hawke? Or sarcastic Hawke says it too sometimes: We're keeping scores right? :D Really, it would have been fun to do something contest like with others not just Garrus and James. Btw I was so not surprised that my skin FemShep could own James' ass! I mean, Shep got so many upgrades in ME2, that she is like terminator at this point, only with human brain :D

“so if it's such a prominent memory, Grunt may have mentioned it as well, but he didn't.” - Well for him it's not really a prominent memory, cos remember all the imprints are like “holding a book for a child, just remember this”, he doesn't have a real connection. And he might also not know that in today’s society it's such a big deal seeing quarians outside their suits, cos he more than likely doesn't have much imprint about current society at all.

“they have hair, makes sense too, it gets cold in the desert at night” - What I don't get about the hair is, that Tali says the quarians used to carry pollen on themselves in the shouldn't they be actually hairy? Like all of their body then, not just long hair on their had, cos that's not really effective. I agree on the skin tone of course. “c'mon, asari and batarians look very human-like too, but noone complains:)” - Actually, I'm geeky enough to say, that I would have liked it better if either of those races are less human-like :P Especially the asari, cos then they would stop being the “blue space babes” race. It's kinda like the elves in DA really, while I think they look extremely stupid in DA2, I still think it's better they don't look like short humans with pointy ears.

“Salarians are smart enough” - Ahahahahaha XD I'm sorry, but really, that's just too funny. I mean, sure the salarians great when it comes to science and espionage, but so stupid regarding everything else, that it's hilarious :D But yeah, sure, they would use mechs... which could be considered slave labor, once the mechs gain awareness like a certain other mechs created by a certain other race ;D As for the asari, they are really more morally ambiguous than any other race imho. Sure slavery they don't protect slavery out in the open, but yet allow their young to go out in the galaxy, be slavers, mercs and what ever for centuries, and then come back an settle down. Question is, how much someone can change, and can they really give up their aggressive and morally wrong past, just cos they hit the matron stage? Who knows... Then again, I might have been just tainted by 4chan, cos there was that one thread about how asari probably would love to keep human females as slaves. It was very well explained, and made sense too, but of course there was no actual proof for it in the lore.

“And even in that case it sounded more like sarcasm, then a serious consideration.” - That's because Meer's voice acting really sucks in that scene. Hale delivers it so much better, you can really hear the doubt in her voice. Also about the dream... I always wandered, why Shepard never talks about that to anyone, not even Liara or Garrus. I mean the dream clearly disturbs Shepard, and it's a re-occurring one too, so Shep should have at least mention it to someone. Seriously, I wished Kelly was on board, so that she could give therapy sections to Shep, and help her deal with this stuff.

“I can elaborate, if you wish.” - Go ahead :3

“Problem was, that noone else liked it XD” - Well, yeah that's one of the problems :D I was admin once in a big anime-fan community once, and since the other admins liked to be all buddy-buddy with the members, I had to be the strict one. You know, deleting double posts, telling them to stay on topic, shooting down all their stupid requests regarding site improvements. They constantly asked why they can't upload as many photos as they want. I always answered, that if they are willing to pay for the server space themselves instead of it coming from the admins pockets, they could upload as many pics they want. That always shut them up, cos paying is something that most of them don't want to do...

“I just... ok, so which exact buildings Ezio can climb, then?” - Well actually most buildings in the heart of the city would be very easy too climb, cos they are sort of built like this one. So yeah, climbing them, and jumping in between them would be really easy for Ezio. Except for that one building we came across, that was covered in glass...that had cracks or anything to get a grip at all, and was like 3 story tall :D

“Wait? Why are you so silent? Why aren't you laughing, jumping, screaming, like you always do, when you're excited?” - Awwwwww. Well yeah, telling others about ME3 is...painful. Though in my case it also had to be done, because while my friends didn't play ME, they like DA, so I told them, that Bioware will have a lot riding on DA3, and we will see what happens. And my friend even made me play DA2 again, cos she said she couldn't romance Fenris for some reason, so I have to check what's wrong lol...

“Guess I suck with face-builder too XD” - Welcome to the club! :D--SunyiNyufi 10:03, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

Oh look, the Mess Perfect creator doesn't like the endings either. Who would have guessed :D--SunyiNyufi 10:11, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

“They might have added the Synthesis ending to ME3 specifically for Shepards, who are confused with their real identity.” - Yeah I think I argued in of the threads...or blogs...or whatever here on this wiki that Synthesis probably works only using Shepard, because Shep I kinda like Adam Jensen at this point: his/her body is extremely compatible with synthetics. But then again, human DNA shouldn't be able to mix with any other kinda of DNA, so green ending is still just SPACEG MAGICK.

“The only thing we know, that "primitive quarians were considered attractive":) (mind you, Javik even considers EDI's body attractive O_o Guess lying around for 50.000 years really spurns certain... instincts)” - Don't even remind me... so many JavikxLiara shippers out there constantly saying that at one point Javik will bang Liara... But that would be so out of character for both of them actually. I mean, I could see Liara asking Javik to have a child together For Science!, but I really can't see them actually having sex. Yikes...

“There even was a conversation about this in Eternity bar in ME2.” - I remember that, and it makes a certain kind of sense, but still I would have liked them to be a bit more alien...dunno how, but still. Then again, that would have meant that Bioware has to do different body models for them, and that would require work, which BW sure doesn't love :P

“also salarians are good at learning from others' mistakes:)” - Not so good with their own though: “Hey guyz, let's uplift the yahg to make us more dominant in the galaxy, nothing wrong can come out of that, am I rite? Lulz”

“Humans allow their young to become slavers and mercs too, does that mean, that humans are inclined towards slavery?” - I think the difference between human and asari in this regard is that while sure humans do become criminals and such, it's not a human tradition to say to your kid: Hey let's go out on adventures and do whatever you want, and when you had your fun, come back, and try to be a decent person! Because that's pretty much the asari tradition, even Aethyta says that she told the other matriarchs that they shouldn't let their young going off, doing whatever, but they didn't listen. “Mind you, the majority of asserted scum we meet in three games, like slavers, smugglers, mercs and other criminals are... human.” - This I never really understood. I mean really, in ME1, we are sent out into this vast galaxy, and we fight human stupid. Though we did work in the Traverse, which is dominated by humans, but still it's obvious Bioware was just lazy. “Or I don't know, like every young person, regardless of species, who goes out in the galaxy becomes a slaver.” - I didn't mean that obviously, I just meant that asari tradition allows a lot more lets say moral flexibility than others.

On the topic of merc bands, I just thought about it, but how come that in ME3 suddenly the Blood Pack means vorcha only? I mean, sure we did kill their leader, but it's hard to imagine that the other krogans let the vorcha seize power. It's also hard to think that the vorcha actually can manage a merc band. Also while the Blue Suns were human founded, the batarians muscled in pretty soon, hence the salvery I would say.

“I would be lying, if I didn't admit I'm idealizing the asari a bit, but that? A bit too far, really.” - It was a really well explained theory though, really civil and all, and yeah I liked, cos you know, I like innocent looking races with dark secrets :D

“I was referring to Hale's voice in that scene:)” - I found it pretty honest... Though it was stupid how Liara replied that she knew it was Shepard. Dammit girl, if you knew, then why did you stop the kiss on Illium with shaking your head?!

“All that time, he was just a figment of the protagonist's imagination.” - Oh, so it's like Fight Club, or Identity. Liked those movies :) And yeah, I see the connection lol...

“so, you'd be romancing Fenris? My condolences XD” - Actually, I might not have to... I think she forgot to give him that stupid book as a gift, cos gifts are important as we all know. Btw, is it just me, or are all the gifts really insensitive in DA2 (except for Varrics and sibling)? Cos you know, you give Isabella a mini ship, while she is said that she can't have a ship, then you give her a medallion that looks like a vagina; Anders gets a tevinter amulet that could get him killed; Merrill gets Dalish stuff that reminds her of her people who hate hare and cast her out; Aveline gets a shield that not only reminds her of her old husband's shield, but also about her father and how she still struggles to find her own path; Fenris gets a book while he can't read, and then a tevinter blade-of-honor stuff. Really Hawke doesn't know sh*t about gifts.

“Oh, and she romanced Traynor, no surprise either:) It's like Traynor being the saviour of all those, who didn't like any of ME1-2 romances.” - Well she certainly has a thing for chocolate brown women with a sense of humor, cos she romanced Isabella in DA2 :D

“What's is the blood colour of different species in ME?” - I'm pretty sure Bioware just forgot about how they should have different colors for it really, and made everyone's red. Cos asari blood always was blue/purple, don't really remember salarian blood, but green seems okay. Wasn't turian blood grey-blue? As for krogan blood, no idea really... The only time I remember krogans being covered in blood is the Tuchanka mission in ME3, but I think that's husk blood...

Btw, I played some ME3 today, and just ran around the Citadel listening to every conversation prior to the Cerberus coup, and heard some really funny lines :D One is from Rupe Elkoss, who says: Like I told Councilor Udina, if I wanted to get screwed by the asari, I would've returned Benezia's calls. XD It's funny how that greedy little volus actually saves that human girl, cos he convinces her not to go to Sanctuary. The other was from the female soldier in the bar: “I'm a woman?! Omg, where did these tits come from?! Were they cloaked?! Are they infiltrator tits?!” :D--SunyiNyufi 17:24, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

“It's pretty much how asari reproduce: copying DNA strains into their own.” - Well I meant more of a physical combining, since asari only use the other DNA as blue prints...but then again space magic could use it as a “blue” (lol) print too...who knows... speculations!”

“science would gain nothing useful from the genes of a full-fledged retard” - Oh god, that made my day! XD Thank you! XD

“I was shocked, that Mordin or Kirrahe didn't react to experimenting on the Yahg!” - I doubt that they would be allowed to work at STG if they had that kind of strong ethical conserns about this stuff. Sure, Mordin says that he would have argued against uplifting the krogan, had he been there, but that's just hypothetical.

“What makes you think, that humans do not say exactly the same to their young? Like see the galaxy, learn and come back.” - Well first of all, mostly the fact that humans found their first relay only 36 years ago, which means that the first generation knowing that there are other races in the galaxy, just reached the age of having children of their own. Older parents are more likely human centric and probably slightly racists, so they wouldn't really encourage just going out there, because most of them don't really trust aliens that much yet. For example there is that one human soldier on the Citadel, who married an asari, and got disowned by her family for it. I imagine that thing is probably very common. And this actually leads me to the “Bioware people are just lazy” point, because really, there is no friggin way that humans would be that widespread in merc bands and pretty much everywhere in the galaxy. It really doesn't make much sense. That's why I raised an eyebrow when Zaeed mentioned that he founded the Blue Suns 20 years prior to ME2. I mean really, 16 years after the First Contact war, when humanity is still trying to establish colonies, and has to work hard to maintain them, and lets not forget about how everyone hates us, there was really a market for a merc band founded by two humans? Not even mentioning the fact that IIRC in that prequel book, Blue Suns having human members was a rarity. Bioware is sometimes just really stupid with ME lore.

“Criminals are deviants in almost any galactic society, what you're implying sounds like asari encourage their young to become criminals.” - Okay, first of all, I did not say that, if it sounded like that, I didn't mean that. All I meant to imply is that pretty much every asari you talk too seems to accept that fact that you can go wild during your maiden stage............ You know I think I just lost my train of thoughts. I mean really. For a second I stopped typing, and I realized I don't even recall properly what my original point really was, which is bad... for me I mean. So I guess, I just add it once again, that I didn't mean that all asari are “criminal scum”, and just leave it at that, before I lose all my mental facualties while trying to come up with answers :D

“These guys are as flexible, as an amphibian can be, literally and metaphorically.” - Pfff, I bet everything with salarians boils down to either breading contracts or extending salarian dominance. Which reminds me, the salarian fleet never triggers for me as a war asset, even though Hackett says that the councilor commits the entire fleet to the cause.

“Oh, and how about Elanos Haliat, the mastermind behind the attack on Elysium” - That was something that never did make any sense, not even the first time I played ME1. I mean really, how? How could have a human batarian backers for a slave raid? I thought the batarians always hated us, so why would they actual finance a humans plans? I mean I can understand the batarians work for the Blue Suns (still find that stupid too though), cos they are the ones getting paid. But really, paying for some humans plans? And on top of that a human is supposed to be the strongest pirate in the Terminus system in 2176? He must have been hell of a guy then, too bad he went down like a bitch in the game.
“I don't think, that "evil batarians corrupted good Blue Suns", Vido's part of the Blue Suns didn't mind slavery already.” - I didn't meant that, by “muscled in” I just meant that they started taking a bigger role. I mean if they really would have been used for just “cheaper labor”, then there would not have been so many batarian Blue Suns in leading position on Omega.

“aren't Ardat-Yakshi and the prothean legacy enough?:)” - Nope :D I like my blue space babes real dirty :D

“What??? She does that?” - Check this vid, kiss starts around 2:20. The headshake is very subtle, but it's there...also lol how Liara looks taller than ManShep :D

“That's one of the many reasons I don't like the friendship/rivalry system. In any case, not how it was implemented. Might have been good in theory, but they handled it so poorly...” - Agree on that. I liked that you got different benefits from being rivals, and that some dialogue reflected that, but the gifts don't make sense at all like that. First of all, why would I give gifts to my rival anyway? Though then again, my Hawke would give gifts to Merrill, and yet be full on rivalry, because blood magic is bad!!! Hopefully the system will be better in DA3.

The yellow blood could be batarian too though. Or did we see batarian blood somewhere?

“Oh, but wait, Walters said, that there can still be survivors on the Citadel!” - Actually I think Weekes said that, but yeah it's stupid, it's like “hey just because we didn't show you anything but that bodies, and later explosions along the wards, that obviously doesn't mean that everyone died horribly, how could you even think that?!”

“There can be no partial cloaking!:)” - Imagine there was! :D You could freak out people by cloaking everything except for your head..or hand..or whatever. I would totally do it :D

“Sometimes girls just don't understand that guys are... Well, guys...” - And guys don't understand that guys and girls aren't that different after all. Especially if it comes to dirty things like drinking and strippers :D Actually, I would say regarding naughty things, girls are way worse than guys.

"There even is an Infiltrator right here, in this very room!!!" - Hehehe :D This reminds me of Legion saying “Geth do not infiltrate”. Ummm Legion, you know that your skill is called geth infiltrator right? XD Ah, I miss that adorkable robot.

“One thing I was sure about: put Snifles as a bonus talent!!! XD” - Predictable :P

Oh, and before I forget, did you see what email EA sent around about ME3? Not 100% sure if it's real, but the fact that it very well could be, makes me sad once again.--SunyiNyufi 22:15, April 15, 2012 (UTC)

“Also "pureblued" and blues:) gues it's their favourite music genre:)” - Hehe :D Maybe quarian music is blues-like and that's why they had “old souls” :)

“in these dark days of post-ending stress disorder:)” - PESD... thank god I'm not at the level of needing a gun :D Though I have a very nice dagger nearby... too bad my ex-roommate took her bow and sword with her.

“But never mind, the whole base doesn't make sense to me at all” - Yeah, Cerberus being there doesn't really make sense. I mean, shouldn't they at least allow Shepard to do what ever it takes to stop the reapers, and build the Crucible, so they could steal the victory from her in the last minute? Would have made more sense...guess TIM is too far gone at that point.

“that a lot of humans admire asari and their culture regardless of their stance on other aliens.” - Admiring and mixing with them are two different things. And remember, the humans we meet and are able to talk about aliens are either in the military, or live on mixed-raced space stations. I bet a lot of humans living in human only colonies are far more racists. Then again, I base this purely on how humans are today, so they could be different in the future... I guess... I'm not really that hopeful regarding humanity though.

“The Council intervened and stopped the turians from launching an all-out war, that would undoubtedly crush humanity.” - Except that after taking back Shanxi, we were turning the tide, so it is really questionable, who would have won. I know they say that “turians have the biggest military force” in all games, but honestly I never really felt that they did. Especially not in ME3. And lets not forget that the whole war only happened, cos the Council was either unable to make proper logical laws (like you know, if it's not a rachni ship, try to talk to them first instead of shooting), or they couldn't properly enforce those laws on the turians. Either way, humanity was pretty much innocent in the start of it. Which is why (in my opinion) that we got the Skyllian Verge and the embassy on the Citadel. It's compensation really. Also I think someone in ME1 or ME2 mentions that with the Skyllian Verge, the Council sort of hoped that we would settle there and remove the criminal gangs from that sector while we're at it.

So yeah, maybe we weren't treated as badly as the quarians, but I seriously doubt that the Council did most things out of trust, and not only because it was convenient. Did I mention, that I always let them die horribly? ;P

“You don't remember the whole flow of the discussion (who would?)” - Actually I did remember after thinking about it for like 3-4 minutes, but my basic principle is, that if I have to think about why I'm protecting my argument, it might not be worth protecting :D

“actually Hackett's dialogue is a bug” - Not saying the wiki is wrong, but that's just stupid. I mean, the new councilor liked Shepard very much actually, she even points out how grateful she is that Shep let the Council die, and then we save her life too, so it really doesn't make sense for her to not give you the fleet... Stupid Bioware. “Has your mind exploded yet? O_o” - It did, thank you :D “The vid... No, no, no, it's some kind of mistake, misinterpretation, probably her assistant just walked at the door, and Liara was shy, or tried to deceive her... it's not what she really meant, can't be true!” - Nope, the assistant and your squad mates are always there, and Liara always does that. I always thought even before ME3 that by that she meant “this is not right”. I always thought she distances herself because even she doesn't know if it's really Shepard...though it turns out, she knew, so she did it because she felt guilty about her deal with Cerberus and how she couldn't let go of Shepard at all.

Why is blood magic bad? Well that's a very complex issue. The act of blood magic itself isn't bad actually, cos as Merrill points out, it just substitutes blood for lyrium. However, you have to make a deal with a demon to do it (IIRC), and the fact that you can use anyone's blood not only your own makes killing people for their blood the best option for a blood mage. Now if it were the kind of “blood magic” the Warden gets during the Warden's Keep DLC, that would be sort of ok, cos that only works with ones own blood. So yeah, blood magic itself isn't really bad, but it's like playing with fire near a hay sack.

“all over Torfan XD *does the Grunt laugh*” - lol

“There is only so much dirty:)” - I can understand that... I would actually never want to go to a “guys night”, “girl nights” are much more wilder and amusing anyway :D

“I suppose someone is trolling hardcore.” - Seems to be legit though... or at least EA/Bioware didn't openly deny it yet, and it has been posted on Forbes too. So I would say, bloodrage is on!--SunyiNyufi 09:41, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

“Something like Ashley/Kaidan's situation on Horizon, there were treated with disdain even before the Collectors hit.” - I would say that was mostly due to the fact that Ash/Kaidan works for the government, and everyday folks treat government workers with mistrust pretty much everywhere even today. “But it only shows, that human-supremacy isn't state-policy, and the majority is quite open-minded.” I'm sorry, but humans as general being open-minded is something that I feel is very unlikely in pretty much any kind of setting.

“It took entire human second fleet to liberate Shanxi from a turian patrol fleet.” - You're saying that like the whole fleet was almost lost to the turian patrol fleet, which it was not. Humans were spread thin, so the human patrols, were not a match and were caught by surprise, but once the whole fleet was there the turians were kicked out of Shanxi. And we don't even know how many fleets the Alliance had at the time. Sure it could be that the turians had a stronger fleet, but once again we don't know how much stronger, since Bioware wants us to swallow everything that gets said often as a truth without any evidence.

“Talking first was EXACTLY what turians did, if you remember the whole story.” - Honestly, I don't remember the beginning of the Evolution comics, and I don't really want to re-read it, however, I would like to quote the wiki: “This was forbidden under the Citadel regulations after the Rachni Wars, but instead of negotiating, the turians opened fire.” So umm yeah, turians once again trying to bomb every problem away. Sure you could argue that in fear of the rachni that was the best option, though I would personally disagree with that. Actually what I don't understand in this whole scenario is that with other races who already have colonies outside their system, the Council established first contact and negotiate, so why not with the humans? I mean, how could have humanity slip under the radar so much that they could have ships in a system patrolled by turians, and go as far as trying to active a dormant relay, without the Council races noticing them way before that? It just doesn't make sense.

“yet the idea, that they also maybe hostile and more powerful apparently didn't cross their minds.” - I would say that isn't true, since when you bring Javik on board, the marines say protocol is “assume hostile”. Though that could have been implemented after the First Contact War. Still let's say they didn't assume that intelligent races would be hostile, it would sort of make sense, since they thought the turians are protheans, and the protheans most certainly weren't hostile towards humanity, otherwise they would have killed them instead of observing. But then again, who knew at that time, that they wanted to make humanity a slave race of the Prothean Empire :D

“Bioware's mistake for not showing it properly.” - Yeah, they really don't know that in a visual media, you should rather show and not just tell. Also they really don't like to prove their “facts” at all.

You know, I get the feeling the Mass Effect lore is interesting and all, but one shouldn't really look too closely at it, cos you start noticing the wholes and stretches...

“You can learn it from a book or another blood mage.” - Oh yeah, forgot about that...anyway, my Hawke's opinion (and mine too) is that it's not really worth it and is mostly used by people who are power-hungry. Gameplay wise also not worth it.

“I always wondered why J. Hepler was receiving hatemail, and not EA CEO's.” - I'm pretty sure that they are getting hatemail on a regular basis too, but their assistants filter it out. As for the Hepler thing, while I'm not excusing it or anything, that was something that built over time really. I mean that woman really just says the stupidest things in interviews and over the internet too. Especially on twitter, where she had the same snob attitude regarding players than Bioware as a whole has right now, and people just snapped.

Btw that DA wiki thread about theme music made me think what music would I use as a theme for Shepard. Currently I think it would be this, especially for Shep in ME3. How about you? :)--SunyiNyufi 13:00, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

“But if we take ME setting, humans there pretty much resemble present-day humans, with the only difference, that numerous human cultures mixed.” - Which would mean that all scums from different culture unite to form a bigger group of scum, yay :D But really, I just have an extremely negative outlook on humanity as fact I would be amazed if human society will survive as long as it does in ME universe. My guess is that we will do something really devastating to ourselves, and will be forced to live in post-apocalyptic world like Fallout.

“Turians can virtually mobilize every single citizen past 20, and all of them already have military training.” - That's one more thing that bugs me. I don't really understand while the Alliance doesn't make military service past 18 or 20 mandatory. I mean they are colonizing worlds, and those worlds need to be defended, but if only around 3% of the people is in the military, who will defend them? It just doesn't make sense. Though it re-enforces my theory about how everyone's IQ drops to two digits once they gain some kind of political power.

“But the Council saved us, yay!” - Oh the “Council”....yeah, we dismissed that claim. (joke ;P)

“I was referring to Mass Effect: Revelation.” - Did they really say that in the book? Hmmm, might have to re-read that... if I still have it... at all...stupid ebooks...

“Council races might not knew about relay 314 themselves, turian patrol might have discovered it roughly the same time humans were about to activate it.” - Riiiiight, so the council races weren't able to detect a dormant relay in their systems in addition to fail at noticing that human ships, while the humans did know it was there. Doesn't really make any more sense imho °3°

“geeks will always look closer:)” - Yes, but I have the feeling that ME lore isn't detailed enough to satisfy a total geek. Like how many things aren't explained, don't make sense, and not just if you think about it, but even in game character can't agree fully on how asari reproduce or how the genophage effects krogan pregnancy. And the fact that the in-game codex isn't detailed and can't be trusted, doesn't really help either.

Also, I just watched the 3rd season of Battlestar Galactica, so nothing makes sense right now. I mean, why would you become a lawyer Lee?! I understand that he was right about the trial not being fair and all, but really Lee? Just throwing all that trust you built with your father over two years out of the window, so that you can say Kara's death affected you more? Thing turned so, really, really stupid..

“Puppet Master is extremely useful.” - It is, but mage is so OP anyway, no matter how you play it. And I find that the force mage + spirit healer more useful.

Nice song :)

You know, I didn't think it possible, but I'm actually looking forward to that Kingdoms of Amalur DLC that's coming out tomorrow. I really need to play something besides Mass Effect, cos replaying ME3 is getting more and more depressing.--SunyiNyufi 17:29, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

“People don't want to seve in the military. Especially in conscription-based military. I tell you this as a male:)” - You know, I can understand why people don't want to do it...but it's still stupid. I mean, sure right now we don't need military, but one day we will, and then we will be stuck with people who don't even know how to fire a gun. I mean, really I understand it sucks, but it's still most logical course of action. If it were me, I would make it mandatory for everyone actually, not just men. Then again, I should rather not gain power, cos I have a tendency of not really tolerating stupid people, so...

“all 18-20+ (I imagine boys and girls both) go to military service, who would work?” - The slave- I mean the mechs ;D

“the turians XD That's why you go to Palaven first in ME3 XD” - lol, to quote Javik: The joke is on you human. XD

“Patrols come and go regulary, yes, but they can't scan every second.” - Shouldn't they able to do that though? I mean, sure if they didn't know that the relay was there, then ok, they don't scan all the time... But if they knew it is there, then a rotation of ships scanning the immediate area of the relay would be the most logical thing to do. Especially since the turian fleet has soooo many ships, as we all know :D

“BTW why these details people do not agree on, always include reproduction? XD” - Not really, most people still don't agree on whether FTL drives are enough for traveling between nebulas or not, cos there are no gas giants between them that they could use for fuel, and they have to discharge the heat from the ship...and other crap, I really don't know, cos people start talking about physics and things like this, I sort of zone out :D Haven't studied physics since high school, and while I was good at it, was never interested in it that much. But back to ME, what really bugs me, is that we can't even trust the in-game codex. And really, I'm okay with not being told everything about the lore, the problem is that with ME I get the feeling that even the writers don't know all the details, which is bad. I think more video games should do what Kingdoms of Amalur did really: create an official website about the setting and list facts, geography, history and all that there is to know. They don't even need to put all the lore on the site from the start, they could update it, like they sort of did with Cerberus Daily News and ANN, but have an actually official site where it is collected and not dumped on the official Bioware blog with unrelated PR sh*t.

“But many people call it dramatic. Some might even call it artisic :D” - You know what, I take it back. 4th episode of the last season and it's way beyond stupid now. Lee is not really Lee anymore, Gaius became Jesus, and Kara is just batshit crazy. Seriously the cylon in-fighting is the most logical and believable thing that happened in this series as of late.

Also, I just remembered that someone on BSN pointed out, that if Bioware is so big on “artistic integrity”, why are they changing the Deception books? Doesn't the writer also have artistic integrity? Laughed so hard at that thread really :D

“Ah, the force mage! Always reminded me of biotics in ME.” - Well yeah, it certainly has Slam, kinda Nova, and sort of Singularity too, though that one is lame. But I always liked Fist of the Maker. As for the similarities...well Bioware always works with cliches, but on the character level, they can make it work. On the overall story, not always.

“Yet, on Erth itself, during Hammer's advance towards the conduit, there are two salarian soldiers in cutscenes. Might have been Spectres or STG guys, though. Did you see them?” - I honestly don't remember. I remember seeing one salarian guy, after that alley where the brutes started running at me. I hated that part, cos those brutes almost killed me, and then during the cut scene my game crashed, and the last save was a long time ago -_-

“I, for instance, find solace in replaying Rannoch or finding new ways to deliver Kai Leng the most humiliating death possible.” - Meh, I don't hate him enough to try and murder him in various ways...especially because no matter what I do to him, I still have to stab him with an omniblade. I dunno...I'm sort of bored. Eh, might as well engage some of my other hobbies besides video games lol. Or work on of my projects I have only half done...

“The PCs are off to vacation, course Citadel-Elysium-Earth-Thessia-Citadel, next session:)” - Pff, hope they have a better shore leave on Elysium than my War Hero Shepard did :D--SunyiNyufi 23:13, April 16, 2012 (UTC)

“Then everyone will start killing everyone.” - We are still killing each other, just not with guns, but politics and all that. Though I am actually not that worried about a war breaking out in my life time, because the wounds left by the World Wars are still fresh, so I guess only our grand-kids will face a big war. But whatever, my country will not have a chance anyway, and we will chose the wrong side, like always, so yay Hungary! :D

“It's much harder to control smart people.” - I know, but if I had power, I could kill the too smart people too, so that none will be smarter than me ever muwhahahahaha :D Why did all this reminds me of the Evil Overlord List on TVTropes? XD

“wait... Did they know?” - Don't know, if they did. Like always, official ME lore is never ever clear about historically important events in the universe.

“Well, despite of those two things being pretty much what ME setting stands on, there are only two of them, right?:)” - Sure, that's why it's sci-fi after all: you take one or two things that can't be found in real life, and would advance technology, and then build your setting logically on those things. Too bad Bioware sucks at logic.

“Oh, and about creation and updating an official lore site: that's called lazy.” - But you know, people won't really get away with this kind of laziness much longer, thanks to the internet. Because if this ME3 stuff taught me anything, well besides how arrogant BW is, it's that on the internet someone will surely notice your laziness and will call you out on it. Like how they found out pretty fast that Tali's pic was made from a stock photo, or how they noticed that the star gazer segment copies a background from deviantart called “Winter on Mars” almost completely. In today's world you can't get away with stuff like that, especially because the general population is turning more and more geeky. Bioware would do themselves a favor if they actually made a wiki-like site, or hell, helped this one to expand, or something.

“just watch it till the very end. No spoilers from me:)” - I will, but it's so depressing that everyone turned stupid. Especially Lee. I mean, I get that he is supposed to be that knight in shining armor, who fights for justice, but he really can't see beyond current situations, which turns him into a Lawful Stupid character.

“Let's say, Hudson, comes out and says: "I wrote those stupid endings. I screwed up. I admit it." His career would be placed in great peril, if he really did that.” - Yeah, that would be bad for him, and I never really expected him to take the blame or anything, but issuing a statement where Bioware as a whole came out and sad “Sorry, we messed up, but we will fix it, I promise!” without pointing out whose fault it is, would have been acceptable. Hell, most of the controversy would not have happened at all, and Bioware would be seen as a studio, who cares about fans, and people would buy their future games. You know, like they Bethesda did with F3.

*is curious about the nature of projects* - Oh, I have so many things half-done really... Stories, drawings, infographic designs, I even have a half-done fantasy world setting written up somewhere on my PC which we used for online text-rpg for like a year or two.

“And then the guy suddenly jumps on the table and screams "batarians at two o' clock, we need backup, arrrrrrr!!!" XD” - lol poor guy :D Let's hope, he doesn't accidentally kill someone...or spills the coffee or something :D

“Have you seen this? Hope you like it:)” - Hahahaha XD Actually, I did some thinking about what kind of “problems” would Liara and Shepard face when they started to live together, and one of them indeed was the fact that Shep would want to watch action movies all the time, while Liara is not interested in those at all :D Also, somehow I think that Shepard is a better cook than Liara, though I dunno why...--SunyiNyufi 09:33, April 17, 2012 (UTC)

“Why do people drop their jaws and spend 15 minutes in trance, each time they land on Thessia?:)” - I think that's a pretty appropriate reaction for any human taking in a completely new vista. Remember how it felt to drive the mako in ME1? I certainly stopped from time to time, just because the skybox was so pretty :) Btw thanks for the comic, didn't know that one :D

“Which makes me wary, as there is bound to be some catch, some trap. Because the one, who created it must have followed your logic of killing too smart people too:)” - Well that's just the way of life, ya' know :D

“Now, maintaining a site would give them too much feedback, more importantly, rational and logical criticism, that they don't like” - Now that is something I can believe. Cos really, making an official wiki would be that hard, since the writers are supposed to have something on their network so they could cross-reference things. Which reminds me, did you take a look at the official ME3 site? Compare it to the ME2 and ME1 sites. Both older ones have a section called Codex/Universe. What sections does ME3 have? Merchandise, Demo, Images etc. None that would at least lay out the basics of the ME universe. Which shows that the “new audience” they try to get is not supposed to be interested in the universe itself. I also find that sort of counter productive, because if the protagonist of the games dies, and people don't give two sh*ts about the universe, they won't buy new games with the same setting.

“I assume you have may have watched Battlestar Galactica by now? How did you like the ending?:)” - I still have a couple of episodes left actually, but man the 10th episode really felt like ME3 ending. I mean, the episodes before that were so stupid sometimes, just like building the Crucible and dealing with Cerberus. Then they finally manage to find Earth, which emotionally compares to Shep's last talk with Anderson. And then in the final 5 minutes it turns out that it wasn't worth it, cos Earth is a radioactive pile of rubble...just like the ending of ME3, really. It was so obvious that I had to laugh :D

“Even if having good ideas behind them, EA's products are meant for making as much money, as possible.” - True, but I feel that EA really needs to reassess their policies sooner or later, because no company can go on like that. Especially not in today's age, where studios rather turn to Kickstarter to see if people actually want them to make games, instead of selling themselves out to a publisher. Honestly I don't think there are that many studios left EA could buy up once they milked their current ones to death. As for the email, yep it was legit.

“First question: where?” - Well in my headcanon they stay on the Citadel as long Shepard is needed to oversee the forming of a new Council. After that I really don't know. My Shep is a spacer, so she would prefer to live on a ship or station, but I don't she would have a problem with some colony world, far from everyone, just Shep and Liara. The only problem with that is, that if they want to have kids, and especially if Liara is pregnant by the end of ME3, they really shouldn't move away from civilization, cos that's not good for a child. So I guess they would need to decide on some colony and live with others...but then asari or human colony? Or something mixed? I dunno...

Speaking of kids, I wonder if Shepard knows the asari language. Cos you know a baby doesn't have translator programs, so Shep and Liara would need to agree on talking the same language until their daughter can get them, and since she will be an asari, learning that as a first language is probably better for her in the long run.

“Second question: food. Sure they are both levo-amino, but that doesn't mean one cannot have an allergic reaction to alien food.” - Well, Mess Sargent Garner made it sound like that human food and asari are really compatible in ME2 :D But I'm pretty sure, my Shepard has at least one asari-human cookbook downloaded to her omnitool.

“Liara is always so busy with shadow-brokering, that Shep should sometimes remind of attention:)” - Now that is for sure! I always saw their relationship kinda like that: Shepard always pestering and teasing Liara, and with that forcing her to ease up a bit, and taking a break. That's why I love the conversation between them when Shepard tells her about Aethya:
Shep: She is your father.
Liara: I know.
Shep: I can never surprise you with anything!
Liara: I'm a very good information broker.
Shep: And you didn't talk about her spying on you?
Liara: […] it's hardly a time for family reunion.
Shep: Liara...
Liara: Oh fine!
That last line and how Ali Hillis delivers it just really feels like “oh for f*ck's sake Shepard, you won't let it go, will you?!” XD

“Shepard and Tali, by comparison, would have bigger problems... Food, of course, comes first, then place, given quarians social nature, while Shepard would definitely need some time away from people” - Well they could build a beach house on Rannoch, a bit further away from the others... Though even if Shep wants to rest, Tali will still have to work, I mean she is pretty much the biggest quarian hero ever, so I doubt that they won't ask her to continue guiding her people.

Btw it's not fair writing me another message, while I'm trying to post you a message XD Especially not linking to a long article that is interesting but also very very long :P But yeah, the guy got it really right, especially the part about gaming journalists.--SunyiNyufi 12:13, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

Hahahaha, okay BGS just turned epic with the 13th tribe being cylons :D Imagine ME did that, it would turn out that humans were a reaper construct all along, and they are so successful, cos the reapers made them so, and the whole “extinction cycle” stuff was their way to test if the humans are indeed as strong and powerful as they made them to be :D--SunyiNyufi 12:25, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

“BW must have thought, that putting you against a thresher in Grunt's mission, and a colossus in Tali's mission, on foot in ME2 supposed to be challenging? Pfffff, been there, done that.” - I liked the tresher maw in Grunts mission, but the colossus was so damn easy, even for the first time. It was really nothing compared to the geth ambush you have to suffer through in ME1 while trying to get to Liara's dig-site. Then again, I always go to that planet first, so it's fun trying to take down that things with low level abilities and shitty pistols. It really makes you feel badass :)

“The "new audience" doesn't care about protagonist dying, as long as they can shoot dummies in multiplayer.” - Yeah, but ME multiplayer isn't that good actually, since it still doesn't have much map variety. And it's only horde mode. I mean, sure it's something that non-fans will play for a couple of month, but then rather go back to CoD or something. Even on /vg/ most people are talking about how they will stop playing once they unlock a certain character, so I really don't think this multiplayer thing will last that long. Then again, since it probably didn't cost that much to develop and maintain, they might profit from it.

“Seriously, the parallels between ME3 endings are striking. Especially with the synthesis ending. Lazy BW is lazy.” - Except that BGS makes sense and while things got really stupid concerning some characters (wtf Lee? Felix?!), the overall story still makes sense. Also, Ellen explicitly says that they went to the colonies, to teach them to treat cylons well so this war won't happen, but were too late, which is obviously not true for ME3. So BW can't even copy plot points properly.

“Though Liara and Shepard may teach the child biotics themselves.” - Imagine a blue little kid, finally learning to pull things with, Shep would need to clean up after her all the time :D

As for the asari language. I imagine it would be like DAF which is the German acronym for “German as foreign language”, meaning mostly that it's based primarily on the written language, which I would imagine even with the asari is standard and centralized no matter the dialect. Based on that and the common phonology of dialects, it wouldn't be that hard to make a version of the language that would be easy to learn for other species. It would also most like resemble the phonetics used by asari scholars and high ranking politicians, who live(d) more than likely on Thessia, so it would probably be really close to a Thessian dialect. As for complex structure, I don't really think so. If real life languages show us anything, it's that over time grammar and such will become much more simplified, and will have much easier rules. For example German language has several stupid rules that aren't based on logic, but on tradition and are hard for even natives to remember, so they don't really use it in everyday conversation, so they removed and changed them, which is a good thing for them, and a bad thing for everyone else who already learned the stupid rules :D Thank god Hungarian grammar is mostly based on logic, but even we will stop using the few unnecessary rules that are only there for traditions sake. But back to the asari: so I would think that their grammar is most likely based on logic, therefore easy to understand. What could possibly be a problem is pronunciation, but as you said since human physiology is very similar, it's probably doable, but will surely sound odd at bit for asari.

As for the Khelish, I always wondered why the translator never translates Keelah' selai, cos I'm pretty sure someone at some point knew what it meant... Though it could be, that they simply left it out, cos quarians use it more as greeting of some sorts, and there really isn't a good human equivalent. But I wonder what exactly the word Keelah meant, cos Tali often uses it instead of “omg”. Then again, the quarians sort of reveal their homeworld as much they would a god.

What I would really be interested in is how hard it would be to learn krogan. Or how their written language is, since they have big 3-fingered hands, I imagine they probably use pictographs rather than letters, cos that would be faster for them. Which reminds me, did you see that “ancient” krogan art piece on devinat art? It's really well done!

Oh yeah, and if wasn't obvious by now, linguistics is more than a hobby for me, though I don't have any more classes in that area anymore, thank god! :D I like literature theory much better <3

“Or did they think, that making Normandy crew eat military rations will get them more angry to fight the Reapers?” - You know the lack of interesting people on the Normandy is one of my problems with the new SR2 (besides the fact the Alliance can't friggin turn the light on in that damn ship!). The ships is really just too quiet. I mean, sure there are the two guards talking, and James-Cortez banter in the armory, but nothing else. The crew doesn't really talk at all, not even in the mess hall really, and then there is this one guy, who just walks around the friggin ship, and doesn't do anything else... I miss the Cerberus crew, they at least talked with each other.

“Oh, and the dialogue about little Liara digging for ruins in a park! Sooooo cute!:)” - Awww, that was so nice, I loved it! Especially that mommy got her a history book next day. Kinda reminds me of my own child hood. I remember that in kindergarten there was this really big tree, and we dig out its roots, and pretended they were dinosaur bones :D Well “digged out” isn't really the right expression, cos the roots were pretty close to the surface.

“Maybe the quarians even become a Council race soon.” - In my headcanon, where Shepard is asked to help form a new council, she insists that it will include any race that has or can have a proper government, so it won't be just the old 3-4 races, and it would include the geth too. Cos you know, it's all about being equal and stuff :D

“I was talking about "voting with your wallets" in some of the threads here, and I won't be tiring of talking about it any soon.” - I totally agree with that. I never understood, why is it considered bad to complain about things you don't like as a consumer. A lot of people think that if someone doesn't like something, they should just shut up about it. Which is wrong because if people don't complain, then nothing will ever change, if companies don't get any feedback on their product, they will continue to produce the same thing. Actually a lot of them still produce the same damn thing even after complaints, but after complaining, we can say, we at least tried.--SunyiNyufi 19:33, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

Hey check out this instrumental music Miracle of Sound made! It's really good, and ME realted :)--SunyiNyufi 20:03, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

“Not the colossus itself, rather getting to it, if you're not an Engineer.” - Or if you're a vanguard, cos then just push geth aside with shockwave, charge the last geth in the back, and you're already in line with the colossus. Btw I think that was a proper colossus on Therum... I mean, it looked like one, not just an armature.

“Hypocrite bosh'tets” - Amen to that! I guess time will tell, if the MP will last or not. Though once the Extended Cut fails, I don't think EA will put out more free DLC for MP, so they will need to pay. Let's hope that people are friggin tired from the nickel-and-dime approach of EA.

“It's like giving a gun to a child, except for this is worse, then a gun.” - I don't really think it's that bad, if it develops at a young age. I mean, you very obviously need discipline to do the more damaging biotic abilities, and singularity is the hardest to do I think. So it's not like the kid would be able to do more than maybe try to lift things up in the air, and 10 seconds later already whatever she lifted is already on the floor, cos she couldn't keep it up longer. I guess if it's really like that, you need to get the house “baby-proofed”, but they would need to do that anyway, once the kid starts walking.

“So the matriarchs must have been creating such language for centuries, and if asari are always determined to include every opinion in some way, this language should be complex, if it even exists.” - I disagree on that, mostly because complexity in this matter isn't practical at all. Even if they have very different dialects, they need to have a centralized written system that they all use, simply because even city-states need to communicate with each other, and for that to actually work for it being simple is way more effective. Then again it really depends on a lot of things, like what kind of letter system do they use and all that. Btw I only said that Thessian dialect because Thessia is still their homeworld, so it's culturaly the most important, and probably would be a dialect everyone could agree upon “learning” since it has historical significance.

“So the translators might not have been updated.” - My only problem with that is, that while it's true that the quarians aren't considered a Citadel race anymore, it's not like they don't make contact with other races after their exile at all. And I don't mean the Pilgrimage, they still buy tech and stuff from other races, which require negotiations, so I doubt that that the translator doesn't get updated at all. Though it really could be, that the Alliance bought some shitty translator software that isn't up to date. Wouldn't surprise me, they are a government after all :D

“being polite and not swearing is a sound strategy” - Totally unrelated, but one of the things I love so much about the Hungarian languages is that you can swear without using any actual “bad” words, so you can really only guess from the context and the tone that it is swearing :3

“Or newly translated as "by those prothean dicks, good riddance" XD” - Hahahaha XD

“Maybe even not because of three fingers, but because they tend to reflect their surroundings in a literate and realistic, not symbolic, method.” - Totally agree with that. That mentality is really reflected in krogan nature: they are pretty straightforward. Like how Grunt says that he would never shoot Shep in the back, cos warriors fight face to face. But you can see it, when you walk around on Tuchanka in ME2, and talk with them, like no matter how you ask, none actually talks about Wrex behind his back. Sure they say, that he does this and that, but nobody bad-mouthed him. Not even Uvenk, he says it to Wrex' face too. I think that's what I like about them the most :)

“Oh, and for this topic, I always wondered, were the symbols inside liveship Rayya in ME2 Khelish letters, or quarians use hieroglyphs?” - I would say they are complex letters. For some reasons that quarians strike me as people who would have complex letters just for the sake of beautiful penmanship :D

“Sometimes I have a thought, that ME writers should take a close look on the stuff we write here... XD” - But that would mean that they care about fans... we can't have that! /sarcasm Also it's not like anyone would be willing to read through these walls of text anyway XD

“is that because literature theory does not have such strict rules? :)” - Probably. Linguistic is a bit too cut-and-dry for me. Though I love sociolinguistic (guess that was obvious too), because that's something that can be easily observed even in everyday life, and it's really interesting how much impact language has on things like social standings or first impressions. Too bad that we Hungarians don't really have vastly different dialects anymore, would make visiting other towns more interesting :) Also I just love literature way too much. I blame my father for that, cos he turned the house into a small library over the years :D

“Though I have a friend, who is an archaeologist, and he took me with him into an expedition once. I found an arrow tip!:)” - Cool :D Wish I had an archaeologist friend...though my friends also have interesting hobbies, thanks to that I had the pleasure to watch several proper sword practice sessions and fights, which means that now I can spot the stupid techniques when I see them. Thanks for spoiling any movie/video game/comic with swords in it for ever...

“By no means they should be considered "lesser" or something like that, it's just that they really can't fulfill the peace-keeping function.” - While I totally agree with that, I think in a new Council the thing that should matter isn't that the races should be able to fulfill all “functions” but rather how much they can contribute to the overall effort. For example, the volus are all about finances, but they are better at that than anyone else, so I would say they earned a spot on the Council. Also the elcor warriors are friggin tanks :D

“People need to remember, that they are homo sapiens, not ovis aries.” - Nice one :D What most people today also forget that art is not something created in a vacuum. It's something that is influenced by other artists, the time in which it's created, and by the audience it's meant for. Especially if it commercial art, like novels that get published chapter by chapter in magazines, or even book series. They always change regarding audience feedback one way or the other. And that's not a bad thing, because a writer, no matter what medium, is a story teller basically, whose purpose is to captivate the audience with the story, but he can only do that properly, if he knows the audience. Thinking that an artist makes things just to express themselves is a nice sentiment, and while it's partially true, it's not the whole truth. Especially if it comes to more complex form of art, and not “just” painting. Btw Shakespeare changed his screenplays all the time, yet none seem to complain about that...--SunyiNyufi 00:44, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, just finished BGS (instead of sleeping lol). You know, while there are several really stupid things about the ending (like how everyone is just fine to back to dark age and hunt), and even though it's way too similar to ME3, at least it made some sort of sense, and was in line with the religious plot of the series as a whole. Also I think this whole series was actually just a very long love story between Bill Adama and Laura Roslin, yep that was my favorite plot in the whole series.--SunyiNyufi 02:30, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

“Guess being up close and scary made it look like a colossus:)” -Well...sort of XD I really like that ambush though, cos you can get killed in one hit, so you have to stay in cover, while all those hoppers are jumping around, disrupting your sensors. It was an intense fight even with the dated combat mechanics of ME1.

“At least there is no doubt, that the Extended Cut fails. I don't know if it is good or bad.” - I would say it's a good thing that we are emotionally prepared for it to suck, so they can't do any more damage. But I agree, it's sad, how obvious the fail is already.

“Then a relatively weak Lift can be followed by a relatively weak Throw to achieve very "not weak" results.” - While biotics aren't really that well explained, I would say that lifting a mug up doesn't really equal to lifting up a person. But who knows really... It could even be that asari have some tech that keeps homes safe from little blue biotic attacks :D Ah yeah, I have those two pics already saved in my ME pic folder. My favorite is this one though :)

“Nobody writes translator programs for quarian culture, for example, because other species do not care about it.” - I can totally see it: a bored quarian regularly updating the translator on the extranet as a freeware thing, and intentionally not translating bosht'et :D

“Like, L2 biotic implant in your head gives you migraines, and an L2 translator in your tooth gives you toothache XD” - Totally! Governments are stupid like that. My dad works for our government and brought some work back a year ago or so, and I saw him working...he used an MS-DOS software... MS-DOS! I loled so hard it really hurt XD

“Also the quarians have old souls!” - Reminds me of that geth mission that has a pop-up at the end saying that the geth were listening to quarian opera :) I really wonder what kind of music the different races in the galaxy have. Which reminds me of Mordin singing that krogan song for Eve, that was cool :D

“After I started building my own library, I snatched quite a few books for it:D” - I don't even have to snatch books, my grandmother wants to pass all her books to me, cos for her they only occupy space... Not like I have anywhere to put them myself actually. I have books, cds and dvds all over my room. *looks around* I should really tidy up...

“But as for spoiling movies and comics - is blissful ignorance preferable to bitter knowledge?:)” - Hmm...good question... Can't we have something like “selective knowledge”? So that I could shut it off, and enjoy the movie, and then turn it on again? :D

“I never got this idea of volus trying to get into the Council in ME1.” - Wait, what? Did you talk to the volus ambassador in ME1? He is totally bitter about humans already getting an embassy and are obviously moving towards a council seat, while his race is left behind even though the banking system of galactic economy is working well thanks to them. So I would say while not all of them might be bitter about not having a seat in the council, some of them sure are. And while it's true that they are really dependent on the turians (just as much as the turians depend on them), I would say it would be a good chance for them to be a bit more independent. But that's just my idea of course, there is no guarantee that a Council that big would work anyway, cos more members would mean that making decisions would take longer...

“None seemed to complain about that, on the contrary.” - Of course not, cos literature fans aren't entitled compared to video games fans /sarcasm

“That's why the developers would surely call their video games "art", as it allows them to get away if they fail horribly with the game.” - I agree completely, mostly because if a developer actually manages to create a game that has artistic value, it's mostly not the developer pointing it out, but the audience. Like with Bastion, everybody calls it art, and not just the devs or critics. BW hiding behind the “art” defense really just shows that they either are too arrogant, or too stupid to know what is art. Also I would like to add that even art has “rules”, especially when it comes to storytelling. Like how you should respect the genre of the work. Putting space magic into a sort of hard sci-fi game pretty much goes against the genre, and changing genre in the last 5 minutes will never ever work. I'm absolutely sure of that.

What's actually very funny...or rather sad about Bioware, how they tried to sell at the end that synthesis is “the apex of evolution”, which shows that they have no idea what evolution is. It's utterly stupid, because evolution will never ever have an apex due to its very nature. And since they tried to copy BGS, they should have copied cylons as they were: organic machines; instead of turning everything into organic-with-green-circutry with synthesis. Really, if you are copying other works, at least copy them well dammit!--SunyiNyufi 14:55, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

Check this out! Mass Effect "lore" in a minute :D--SunyiNyufi 15:38, April 20, 2012 (UTC)

“I always had trouble to find challenging fights, when I have a Spectre snifle X w/ two scram rails and high-explosive rounds. It's like carrying Mako's main cannon with you:)” - Spectre gear is way too OP, but at least it is expensive too. Though by the end of ME1 my Shep was pretty much a billionaire already. I wonder where all that money went. I mean, she is a spacer, so I guess her mom inherited it? In that case: give me back my credits mom!

“If several asari kids get in a fight, there will be lots of collateral damage:)” - You know I actually imagined a nice little seen for my head canon: Shepard visits Tuchanka, because she has some business with Wrex, and brings her daughter, little Nezzy along, cos she's never been there before. Wrex of course is nice to Nezzy, but since the adults have things to discuss, he tells his son to go off and play with her. So they play around, and a couple of other krogan kids show up, and start to talk about how asari are weak and stuff. Urdnot Mordin of course tells them to shut up, and is ready to attack them, as are the other krogans. Nezzy panics, screams “Stop!”. Shepard and Wrex hear the scream, and rush there only to find all the krogans lifted up and separated in the air thanks to Nezzy's biotics. Wrex laughs, and says “Kid is like her father alright!” :D

“I wonder what will she be playing with in adolescence? The Cain? It's like Aethyta's gift to Liara:)” - Playing with the Cain, even Shep wouldn't allow that :D But I think if Shep's daughter grows up, I'm pretty sure she will be someone with power... spectre maybe...or councilor. Maybe she even gets to save the galaxy too :)

“Guess they are too cool to use newer hardware and at least Windows.” - Ohohoho, that's a good one :D Here not just government is stupid that way, in high school at some point we stopped having computer science classes, because “we already learned everything there is about computers”, or so the teachers claimed. Most idiotic decision ever.

“I wonder if Expel 10 is multispecies, or originates from some single culture.” - Honestly, I'm not sure I would like music like Expel 10 that crawls into you via tech. I think good music will touch you anyway, so it doesn't have to be literal. Also, any kind of music Morinth likes is probably something I wouldn't lol.

“I proudly respond, that "this mess" is my artistic vision of order XD” - Perfect defense! XD Actually I sort of tidied up... meaning that my cloth don't lie around with the books anymore :D And I found one of my hats XD

“now that's not very... organic, isn't it?:D” - actually if I really wanted to, I could condition my brain to do it, I think... Lack the time and patience for something like that though :D

“Vol Protectorate is not independent, and you cannot be "a bit more" independent - either you are fully independent, or you are not.” - By that logic the turians aren't independent either, cos they rely on the volus for economy :) Sure, you can argue that they had economy on their own before meeting the volus, but the same is true for the other side: the volus had military and all that before first contact...and well they still do. Volus bombing fleet ftw! But anyway, I get what you are saying. It's just that if it were up to me, the volus wouldn't even be a client race of the turians. I'm all for volus independence! They could make a good (and friggin cute) game about it :D

“They just look at each other, nod to each other and BAM!, they have a unanimous agreement.” - I always found that so stupid in ME1. I mean, the prequel book points out that it is rare for them to not even debate something and decide on the spot, that's how the human ambassador finds out, that the asari council just totally played her. Tbh, I wouldn't want a government that makes decisions THAT fast. Though, as I said, I don't think they do.

Another thing that I did not like about the council in ME3 was, how suddenly they are taking credit for being at the Battle of Citadel. The asari councilor says: “Need I remind you that the last time WE fought the reapers together, Shepard sacrificed the council to protect human interest.” We? Are you friggin kidding me?! The council ignored Shepard's warning throughout the game, and their fleet at the Citadel gets destroyed without putting up a real fight, but now they say we fought together? F*ck you!

“white, fluffy, docile four-legged domestic animals in human form” - Bunnies? ;D

“What possibly could it be? Indoctrination by the real Reapers, this thought just doesn't leave me alone O_o” - I really don't know... I think it will be the biggest mystery in video game development for decades. I mean really, how could something soar so high, and then take a spectacular nose-drive.

Btw, I was lurking on BSN, and found this post that sums up the endings really well:

"If you decide through the course of the game that machines can in fact be genuine life equal to organics, you have no choice given that allows you to stand by your position. You can:

A. Control all synthetics, completely removing any free will they might have had - Which could be argued is the same as killing them since free will may be the very thing that made them alive.

B. Abolish all differences between synthetics and organics - Which if you believe they are of equal value would be comparable to pressing a button to make everyone on earth Chinese, because space ghost tells you whites and blacks just can't get along.

C. Destroy all synthetics - I think that speaks for itself. Your three choices can be further be simplified:

A. Screw synthetics

B. Screw synthetics and organics

C. Screw synthetics

So, how again are we given a choice based on our belief on the merits of synthetic life?" --SunyiNyufi 18:40, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

“"I spend 5 billion bringing you back!" Ri-i-i-ight, they were my five billion!!!” - Omg! You are totally right! No wonder Tim had enough money to have all the cruisers and outfit all his troops! It's my damn money! One more reason to shoot the bastard.

“The position of the Shadow Broker might as well become hereditary;)” - You might be right. I always imagined that Liara and Shep would have at least 3 kids, so one could be Shadow Borker, one a councilor and one a Spectre. Seriously, their kids would rule the galaxy in any way possible :D Which is actually fitting, since if Shep survives, they should really make her Queen of the Galaxy. She so deserves it! As for head canon stuff, I have so many ideas like that one, just too unfocused to write them down. Especially since nothing important happens in them, and most of it just fluff and heartwarming stuff, like Shepard taking care of kids, or meeting old friends etc.

“replaying various dialogues with Tali in ME1 is so fun” - Yeah, it's funny to know how things turn out :) Like ya know, even though Tali isn't exactly considered “royalty”, she will damn well be after ME3! As for the Luna VI, I love how they connected it. Pretty sure, it wasn't planned, but it's still a really nice touch, cos that means that EDI deep done was still designed by the Alliance and not Cerberus. And this basically disproves starchild once again, not even mentioning the fact that EDI doesn't hold a grudge towards Shepard, even though Shep basically killed her...kinda...

What I really like right now was the Citadel “date” with Kaidan. Really, him and my FemShep are like siblings, and their conversations are just really cute. Not in a “we should get together and have sex” manner, but like siblings who fight sometimes, tease each other, and then make up and hug :) But god was he boring in ME1...

“That was pretty much the situation when I was in highschool.” - I think every high school suffered from that in the past. And now they should not just teach about Windows and stuff, but rather teach kids about proper netiquette, personal information protection and how to deal with cyberbullying, cos these are more important than how to open folders in explorer...but since they are harder to explain too, most schools don't care.

“Wait, is it directly stated, that Expel 10 music crawls into you via tech?” - Well they only say that it's a sensory band. Probably you don't need special equipment for them to “crawl into your head”, but they could use projectors or whatever, to make you feel that way... I dunno. I just really don't like the idea. My head is messed up enough already, don't need any more outside stimuli :D As Morinth, I only guessed that because I don't like her personality, and one's personality reflects in musical taste too, also she is a night club person, while I'm more of a rock concert type.

“Guess anti-smoking campains should have TIMmy on their posters, something like "if you smoke, you'll get indoctrinated, shoot Anderson and f*ck up the whole galaxy (almost)!" XD” - Lol, anti-smoking campaigns are stupid enough, don't give them ideas! :D While I'm not a smoker myself, the laws against it here are starting to be ridiculous. You can't even smoke in a pub anymore. In a pub! I mean, most pubs already had separated non-smoking areas, but still, it's a friggin pub! People smoke, drink and play games in there. That's what it's for!

“I usually don't wear them, but I just adore my wizard hat:)” - And now I totally want a wizard hat! :D I don't have many hats actually, my favorite is the Santa hat I have to wear every winter, cos it has little bells on the side, so I either make people smile with it, or annoy them to death XD

“It should involve as much volus dancing, as possible!” - I got a perfect idea for a new ME game, that would appeal to a broader audience and would have nothing to do with the story at all: Volus Dance Dare! A Kinect dance game, where you have to defeat the best volus dancers via dance moves. Level 1: Do the Shepard → step to the left → step to the right :D
I don't think you can dance with the LI's in ME2. Then again, I didn't dance in ME1 either, cos I refused to do that assignment, cos it came up while the Normandy was impounded, and Shepard couldn't be arsed with pity things like this.

“I love the Council, seriously!:)” - I would never have guessed ;P

“So using this logic, the Fifth Fleet didn't put up a real fight either, given the circumstances.” - The fact however still remains that we did not fight together at all, and the Citadel forces fought geth and not a reaper... I mean sure the tried to fight the reaper, but that didn't work. Anyway, my real problem with that statement is that it sort of implies “oh we all worked together, but Shepard was an ass, and let the council die” while that is not what happened. Though actually other than this I don't really have a problem with the Council this time around. I mean sure they are as Shep says “non-commital, unhelpful”, but you know at least they have their reasons this time. Also I love how the Council didn't prepare at all for the reapers, while the STG and Spectres did, even the turians did a bit thanks to Garrus' dad, but not the Council of course, why would they...

Funny thing, I just did the Geth Dreadnought mission again in ME3 with a vanguard (cos I haven't finished with that character I used for replaying the other two games), had a sniper rifle, shot gun and submachine gun with me, and I still had +175% power recharge bonus :D--SunyiNyufi 22:09, April 21, 2012 (UTC)

Lol, I totally forgot that Shep has a house there. Guess TIM stole that too :D Actually I often wondered if Shep has any place to stay at all, cos since she is a spacer, I doubt her mom would have a house on Earth, cos none of them would stay there long, so doesn't seem practical. Maybe an place on Arcturus station instead?

“You just handed the whole galaxy to them:)” - It's not like that's a good thing though, 3 people owning the galaxy. As for the asari, I wonder what will happen to the after the reaper war, now that their dirty little prothean secret has been lifted. Cos you know by Council law, they should be punished... Also the beacon is lost, so they have to start to rely on themselves for tech advancement.

“Maybe I should just tweak the save file...” - If you do that, don't forget to set integer 10330 or 10314 to 8, that way the banter in engineering will still happen, even if you have Kaidan instead of Ash. Oh and nice pic :D

“Too many school psychologists have problems delivering basic sex education, now, netiquette would be completely alien to them.” - True, but while most parents probably can handle very basic sex education, most of them have no idea about “this online thing”, so they aren't a good source. We can only hope time will fix this gap between generations. Also I love that SP episode too :D

“Though Morinth may have chosen virtually any genre - crazy serial killer is so damn crazy.” - I dunno, she didn't seem THAT crazy to just go with anything... but who knows... Anyway I don't like her, so even if for a reason I would like music similar to her interest, I would deny it out of spite, cos as a woman I'm allowed to do that :D

“That's why I had this idea with TIM and anti-smoking campaign - things wouldn't get worse too much, really:)” - True that. This anti-smoking stuff once again is people treating a symptom rather than the “illness” itself. I mean, wouldn't it better, if they taught people how to smoke in a polite and civilized manner, instead of just banning it form everywhere? And while I understand that second-hand smoking is bad, walking down a street in the city full of cars is way worse, yet that's somehow okay.

“And spend the whole time bickering about what magic is more powerful - the academic, bookish wizardly-type, or wild, raw witchly-type. She threatened to lay a curse on me, and I threatened to disenchant her broom XD” - Things like this are why I enjoy being a geek so much :D I would go with the witchly-type myself. Though not all witches are wild... or rather IRL ones aren't. Like wiccans have many rules for how they prepare for rituals and stuff, and it's generally not about going wild for them, but rather becoming one with nature. Then again, they don't have actual magic like the witches in stories...who knows what they would do if they did :D

“they'll make all the lightnings on the dance-floor red, blue and green.” - Hahahaha XD

“BTW, have you ever suspected, that some volus in three games might actually be female.” - Well they could be...though I can't imagine that the handful you actually hear to talk are. Not that I really care, volus are like ewoks for me: their purpose is to be small and cute, nothing else really :3

“Liara has some good dance moves!;)” - Yeah, saw a video about it. Too bad that they never really use that animation again. Or that suddenly the revived Shepard can't dance for what ever reason. It must be Cerberus' doing...maybe Shep danced better than TIM and he got jealous!

“In fact, if governments were just as paranoid, the whole country couldn't function at all.” - Sure, but if someone tells you that you will be attacked by giant spaceships, which you dismiss, then get attacked by a giant spaceship, and the same person tells you there are more spaceships out there, would it really be just “paranoia” if they actually prepared? Cos really, the Citadel is completely unprepared for anything that happens in ME3 no matter what.

“Other Council races were pretty much prepared.” - Well, first of all, the batarians were indoctrinated, so no fair to count them. As for the Alliance, they say that humans got hit with the most reapers, so actually the fact that Earth holds out as long as it does, is a pretty good job. But yeah, the Alliance didn't prepare either, for whatever reason...or rather they sort of bet everything on Shepard, which makes Shep's 6 month in lock down even more stupid. I mean really Alliance? You expect Shep to know what's happening, how to save everyone, while you locked her away and didn't even let her communicate with her crew? So yeah, Alliance is just as stupid as the Council in that respect...or maybe even more stupid actually. But hey, if they actually did something about the reaper stuff, than wouldn't have that very dramatic and exciting escape from Vancouver! /sarcasm

“Did you fire it? Just kidding;)” - ;P I don't use Rosenkov armor, cos I don't like how it looks (cos yes for me that's the most important aspect of the armor! :D), but I did use Mantis and Disciple ;)--SunyiNyufi 09:46, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

“I suspect TIM has developed an unhealthy obsession with Shepard;)” - Like everybody else in the games, really :D

“Seriously, making everyone in blissful illusion, that their opinions matter, while you already control everything, is something... BW would definitely put in their game!!!;)” - Yeah, sure as a story concept I love the idea of 3 asari sisters ruling the galaxy, but that's because their rule can fail in so many spectacular ways bringing forth a sort of revolution, that it's exciting.

“And my Shepard definitely won't be flapping his jaw, because I totally supported hiding the beacon.” - Well my Shep would definitely make it public (as in telling other council races not the media) after the war, and surely would report it to Hackett right after Thessia, no matter how much she loves Liara, because Shep is still lawful good. She would do the very same if it were humans holding back prothean artifacts. And really, I can't imagine that at least Hackett doesn't know, because if he doesn't making an assault on the Cerberus base just because Shepard said so, is really a long shot. Also, I think they should be held at least a bit responsible, because they kept vital information to them selves during a time of war until the last minute. Sure you could argue that they obviously had no idea about the prothean VI, but they knew that Shepard was building a prothean device, so they knew that any prothean tech would come in hand, yet they didn't act, not even after the Cerberus coup, when they started to take the Crucible project seriously.

“By ousting them from the Council?” - Never said that, and actually never even thought about that. My idea would be that they determine the amount and nature of punishment after the war when everything is settled, and I imagine that it wouldn't be nearly as worse as it was before the war. And frankly I think that letting the asari of the hook just because “they run things” is possibly the worst thing that could happen. I mean the Council races are supposed to be equal right? And they are supposed to abide Council laws right? So why would that be true for the asari too? Sure it's not how it works in real life, for example the USA should be punished for so many things really, but that still doesn't make it alright... Then again this whole argument might be mute, cos if Shep's 3 asari daughters are going to rule the galaxy anyway, it doesn't matter :D

“The protheans didn't even warn them about extinction cycles, which would be far more logical to do first, and then teach them tech.” - Okay, first of all I don't think comparing prothean and asari weapons has a point, not because you aren't right (you are), but because that's something BW clearly didn't put any thoughts into, otherwise they wouldn't show everyone using Avanger rifles no matter the species. Also, you are comparing a shotgun to an assault rifle, I mean particle weapons are beams, a shotgun can't be a beam because it's a shot gun, so not the best example. As for the rest, you can't honestly tell me that you think they didn't rely on the beacon at all. Sure we don't know how much the did, but the fact that the government kept it a secret and didn't share it with the other races shows, that it was important to them. Any yes the councilor says that it was important “to keep the balance of the galaxy”, but that's a bs excuse usually made by people who are in superior position than others. I mean really, basically what they did was not sharing knowledge with others why making laws about how others have to share knowledge with them.

“Unlike the humans, who depend on their economy.” - Quoting the wiki here: “The Alliance has quickly become a key player in the galactic economy, with several large human corporations taking their market share.” Sure it also says that their economy doesn't come yet close to the asari's, but that's because humans haven't been out of their system as long. So I'm not really sure if the Alliance actually depends on asari economy, or it just adds to it. Also you make it sound like the asari are so idependent and don't have to rely on others while everyone relies on them, which is not true. For example they just suck as front line fighters unless someone else is there to draw away enemy fire.

“Just... got too used to virmiring Kaidan, taht no matter how nice he turns in ME3 (and no matter how "not nice" Ash turns), I just can't do this to Ash.” - I can relate, I never let Kaidan live either, because in my first playthrough it was a really tough call, and I thought about it like for 10 minutes, and decided to go with Ashley, so I kept always going with Ashley. But since then I realized, that I have no idea anymore why Ash... I mean, Kaidan has a higher rank, his biotics are more valuable than Ashley's skills... I think it might have been that fact that Ash called me Skipper... Anyway, so when I replayed ME1 I let Kaidan live, and somehow it didn't feel weird at all.

“Seriously, doesn't this galaxy have remote detonators?” - Well we saw them twice at least, with Kenson and Rila. Btw did you notice that those detonators and the shotgun smart choke use the same model? Friggin lazy Bioware...

“why do you women always have undisputable arguments?:D” - It's genetic, coded into the X-chromosome but in such fashion that you can only harness its power if you have two of them :D

“Wonder on what type of car that idiot arrived to the studio. Doubt it was a hybrid or an electrocar.” - Of course not, hypocrisy ftw! :D Thankfully I myself don't drive a car. Not that I need to really, they made some test about which is the fastest method to get from the district I live in to downtown. Slowest is by car, next by bust, then bicycle, and then train. So yeah, I stick with public transport and my bike.

“Oh, and volus dreadnought (and diplomat) Kwunu! Kwunu is a cute name!” - Damn, I thought I saved that cute pic of the Kwunu, but I can't find it! Oh well, I'll give you flowchart then instead :)

“O_o, dancing apparatus, am I crazy?” - Not any more than usual I would say :D

Okay, okay, Coucil gets credits for Thanix cannons. And Bioware loses credits for never using them, and rather going with the Star Wars like pew pew space fight. Not that would excuse that the Council didn't prepare enough to defend the Citadel properly, but let's not go there, cos that just makes the fact that the reapers don't go after the Citadel right away even more stupid.

“is it that bad for your taste?” - Well I like the chest piece, but the others not so much. And also it's pretty much useless unless I want to bring some really heavy weapons, like Claymore shotgun with me, because my vanguard has a really good recharge time already, especially when it comes to biotic charge, which pretty much instant on higher levels. Also I can bring Liara and Kaidan along, who make power recharge even faster. So I rather use some armor with other bonuses, mostly power damage and shield bonuses, cos those are useful... and melee bonus when I feel like it :D Terminus Assualt Armor, now that's something I would never wear, but then again, by just looking at it one can tell that is an “armor for guys” :D--SunyiNyufi 14:33, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

“you mean Sanctuary?” - No I didn't...mostly because I completely forgot about Sanctuary, until you mentioned it...which is very sad actually, cos it just shows how much BW failed. But back to topic, I still think that Hackett would at least know that something is up, even if Shepard doesn't tell him anything. But you're right, he doesn't necessarily know about...

“Hackett didn't bother to invite Council races delegations to study the ruins further” - First of all, the Mars archives aren't a secret, if they were, than in ME1 Anderson wouldn't openly talk about them in front of Nihilus, which he does. As for why the scientists are all human... Mars is still in Alliance space (and probably BW was friggin lazy again), so I imagine they would be allowed to use their own scientists but give reports to the Council on progress. Why Hackett doesn't request Council help? Well first he had no idea if there is anything helpful in the archives. Second I doubt that the Council would have helped anyway if he asked for help against, the “reapers”.

Even if the asari didn't create the law, they agreed to it. “Well, in case of asari, they discovered and used the prothean device long before they even became a space-faring race, so I highly doubt, that retroactive effect of the law should apply to them too.” - It's not about when they discovered it, it's about the fact that they did keep it a secret, and they didn't even share the knowledge of it with other races. And that's what I think they should be “punished” for not the fact that they used the info from it, which is not “retro-active” unlike the Gagarin Station stuff. Also weren't humans sort of punished for a different AI research later on it the first book anyway?

“Because nobody knew even what the Crucible is capable of, until Chronos Station.” - Not my point. They knew that Shepard is working on a prothean device that could possibly kill the reapers. They also knew that ANY prothean artifact could only help getting the plans sorted out more easily. As I said, they more likely didn't think the plan would work anyway, so they didn't mention their beacon. However, after the Cerberus coup Hackett says that the asari are committed and request updates on the Crucible, yet you only get the call from the councilor after you deal with the quarian-geth story line.

“and they have paid the price. I think the fall of Thessia was enough.” - That doesn't make them less responsible though.

“I don't see a problem with that.” - Well my biggest problem would be that Avenger sucks :D I mean really, even Vindicator is better...which reminds me, that in the geth consensus mission the quarians are very clearly using Vindicator... stupid BW, they should have given them the geth rifle, that would have made at least a bit more sense.

“As for fictional shotguns, that actually do fire beams, Warhammer 40k Meltagun is a perfect example. Believe a die-hard Warhammer geek, that's exactly what you'd call a "shotgun" in ME-verse:)” - Okay, I'm not even trying to argue that point, cos I obviously don't know that much about shotguns, and find the very idea of that Meltagun extremely silly, no offense :D

“The Counsillor was right about "the balance" in a way, that everyone else would be scared sh*tless of asari, if they found out, that asari have a head start in evolution, and probably would conspire or outright wage war against them.” - Why would they do that if the asari would be willing to share the knowledge they possess by sharing the stuff from the beacon? Wouldn't make sense. Also I really don't think she talked about how they got a head start regarding evolution, it rather sounded like “yeah we like to be the ones running the show here, so we have our secrets”.

“It was asari's credit, as much, if not more, then Shepard's, because asari founded the Council, asari stopped the turians from crushing humanity, asari maintained cooperation between almost all species, that won the war due to their mutual trust.” - Dude... I think you just went to a strange place with your logic... I mean it doesn't even exactly connect with what I wrote :D And if we are using your logic, then everything is due to the Protheans, because if they didn't “watch over” the asari, they wouldn't have developed as they did, humans wouldn't have mass effect technology soon enough to be relevant in this cycle, and everyone would just die. But really what I'm saying is, that imho you give a bit too much credit for the asari there, and they fact is that this cycle “won” because due to several factors (one of them the asari), which came together and let this cycle have a chance.

As for dependence, I'm pretty sure that human economy is as much independent, as asari's military strength :P

“Looking at this wall of text... Gosh, I really am protective of asari XD” - No kidding dude :D I mean, I love them and all, but you kinda sorta idealize them a bit... just my opinion though.

“Ashley had a real character” - Too bad “had” is the imperative here. I mean really, she became such a cold bitch over the years. She won't even call me skipper anymore, and Shepard somehow always pulls rank in conversations with her, which felt really odd.

“Oh wait, it was Shepard!” - That's why my Shep says that on Tuchanka “We've done crazier things” before summoning Kalros :D

“Because really, the logic, where is it?” - Who needs logic, when you got SPACE MAGIC! :D

“wait... what do you mean by "usual"?:D” - Well, you just wrote a wall of text protecting a fictional race, so... Not that I'm any better, but I'm already used to it :D

As for Terminus Assault Armor... I noticed that guys love these type of bulky armor much more than girls. I mean just look at it, it's probably the bulkiest armor in the game only rivaled by the N7 Defender Armor. Guys generally like big armors with big shoulder pads and all that. At least in my experience. As for an armor more for female taste... Blood Dragon armor I would say, it looks really good on FemShep, or the Serrice chest plate and shoulder stuff, combined with other pieces, cos really the Serrice arms look just stupid. So in general, women like the sleek designs more.

Heh, this reminds me of an argument about whether chestplates that follow the breasts form are actually good. And while in a regards a medieval armor it is stupid, I would say it's stupid, but in ME where you have shields and stuff protecting you, as a woman, I think it's better, because at least the breasts have a place, and you don't have to use a tight sports bra for them. Comfort in combat is a good thing.

“I... don't really care about James, but I fear, that Walters can do something bad to Tali, Garrus and Liara:(“ - I reached the point where I don't give a damn about comics anymore. I treat it the same way like DA Silent Grove: don't care, and unless it gets mentioned in a future game, it's not canon for me. Thankfully ignoring Silent Grove is very easy, because in my canon there is no way Isabela would be able to go on an adventure with Alistair, she is too busy having hot lesbomancy with my Hawke on her ship :D--SunyiNyufi 21:45, April 22, 2012 (UTC)

“because we don't hear anything about sending reports to the Council.” - Doesn't mean that they don't do, the fact that we don't hear about it doesn't mean it didn't possibly happen. And the difference between the situation on Mars and Thessia is that everybody knows that Mars has a prothean archive, while nobody knew Thessia had a prothean beacon. “Yet Hackett could at least try asking for help, which he didn't.” - Once again, how do you know that? Just because they don't tell Shepard about it, doesn't mean he didn't. Really, all this talk about Mars archive is highly hypothetical, because we don't know jack-squat about what happens between ME2 and ME3.

“Anything asari discovered before Counsil treatises is their own business, and they are not obliged to share knowledge of prior discoveries.” - And once again, that's a point where we disagree, and unless one of us has solid proof about what exactly Council law says. I think the law probably is about sharing prothean knowledge in general and not exclusively new discoveries, but hey that's just me. I have no solid proof, but there is no solid proof against it... (Wow, I just typed “prrof” instead of proof twice, I think I need coffee.)

“Sending a Spectre to investigate the situation is one thing, but that's not even a repercussion, that's aid.” - Yeah, but wasn't there some Council decision at the end? Not trying to take humanity's side in this or anything, I genuinely don't remember and can't find that damn book, but I have very vague memories about some Council decision that wasn't really harsh punishment, yet was somehow not good for humanity...or something...

“And the fact, that they inform Shepard only after the quarian section - doesn't Perseus Veil impede outside communication and sensors?” - Not with QEC, since you could connect to Hackett just fine after the geth dreadnaught mission. As for everyone being desperate the game implies that Shepard isn't actually that desperate but rather hopeful after Tuchanka up until Thessia. If you get Javik between those missions, he explicitly says that Shepard thinks he/she can win this war (and adds that he/she is wrong). As for the asari, I still think that the logical thing to would have been to talk to Shepard about it once they start sending troops and scientists to Hackett, because that means they are taking the Crucible seriously. Though I actually think that it might be BW's fault that they don't act on it right away...really they should have sent at least an email to Shepard with “hey maybe we can help, but or scientists need some more time, so finish up whatever you are doing, and will be ready when you get back”, if they did that we wouldn't have to argue about that and the Thessia thing would have been properly foreshadowed.

“Yet I was proud, that my favourite Widow was most likely a quarian invention :3” - It's an...efficient model :D I nearly have enough creds to buy a second Secptre weapon in ME3, should it be the Black Widow? I mean, my vanguard wouldn't use it, but I wouldn't use the shotgun either, but I could give the snifle to Garrus :)

“you obviously didn't read about some other guns in Warhammer 40k, especially orcish ones:)” - Yeah, I have no knowledge at all about the Warhammer universe...really, absolutely nothing :D

“Reactions would be mistrustful and negative, and negative reaction in turian case involves guns blazing.” - While I understand that, it's really just speculation, and in my opinion starting the whole thing with actually having a secret so important just instantly justifies any possible mistrust, and reduces the chances to actual peaceful co-operation...which was supposed to be the asari ideal.

“Not me, I would have done the same in their place.” - And once again, I would not have, simply because it has way too many ways to backfire in the future, so let's just say, personal preferences :)

“That was mostly on the previous topic about how would asari live without prothean technology. Very easy, as they never depended heavily on it.” - Yeah, but you blew my half sentence a bit out of proportion there :D I mean, sure they could live easily without the beacon, my initial “question” was meant to be, how or if they tech would develop differently, once they don't have the beacon. And while I did use the word “rely”, I'm pretty sure I didn't mean depend. What I meant was rather to paraphrase Legion: that they took knowledge from the beacon and used it on their own terms. Not copied things from it or whatever. But anyway, it was still just a half sentence man, and here I am on the second page in my Open Office document defending it. Not that I'm not enjoying talking about how dirty the asari are, but still :D

“I always feel odd when tali, Liara and Garrus call Shepard by rank.” - Yeah, it feels sort of stupid...then again, it's either that or constantly calling him/her Shepard. Actually one of the reasons why I liked James is the nicknames. I mean come on, Shepard & co. know each other for 3 years know and they didn't give each other nicknames? Really?

“they should have summoned Jack to deal with the Destroyer! All you need to say is "this thing works with Cerberus!" That won't even be a lie:)” - Would have liked to see that :D Too bad Jack only kicks ass in cut scenes.

“BTW replaying ME1... Liara on Noveria: "I don't like this place. It's full of dark secrets" I was shocked! Then remembered, that she isn't the Broker yet XD” - Oh I love taking Liara everywhere with me in ME1, cos she makes really good comments...she and Wrex are the best really. Especially together :3

“Armor is for protection, not for looks. The heavier, the better!” - Not necessarily, especially not in a sci-fi universe, where it's all about shields and stuff. I mean, take Tali in ME1 for example, she has a very simple suit, yet you could add mods to it that made her pretty much unkillable, because she had the most shields. Also women mostly prefer agility over heavy protection. And heavy armor can look sleek too... I mean, look at the Phoenix heavy armor from ME1, it's heavy armor yet not bulky at all, and even has the girliest colors of them all :D Actually, all of the ME1 heavy armors have pretty sleek designs, well compared to ME2 and ME3 armor that is.

“Garrus suddenly going on adventure with elcor ambassador” - You say it like that wouldn't be super awesome :D Though actually anything with elcor is super awesome. Even Hamlet. As for the comics, Silent Grove is friggin stupid anyway, I mean why the hell goes Alistair, who is the KING of Ferelden, off to find his father? While I loved Maric in the books, he is so not important, at all. Especially not to the current mage-templar situation, which btw makes Alistair leaving his country even more stupid. I mean he is the king dammit and he is not there to try to even calm the Chantry and the mages in his country? That's just stupid... Yavana's existence is also extremely stupid. Wasn't it established already that when Flemeth gets old, she takes over her daughter's body? So how did Yavana escape that fate? Certainly not with the grimoire cos the mages had that... Anyway, it's just stupid, but at least the can't make it canon, cos that would mean Alistair being king is canon.

“what spells does this school of magic has? XD” - I dunno, you have to ask the dwarves in Vergen XD--SunyiNyufi 09:00, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

“But yeah, the whole asari argument with you as a prosecutor and me as a defender gets a bit out of hand now. Let's just say, that you like them dirty, and I like them bright and shiny:)” - Amen to that :D

“if you don't have anything else to spend credits on, you might as well check it out yourself on a couple of side missions and make Garrus a huge present.” - I seriously don't have anything to spend it on... unless I upgrade every gun that I never use, same with the mods, armor sets and that aquarium VI. I only bought that VI for the first playthrough, but then I realized, I want my fish to be alive, because I put the effort into feeding them, and not because of a VI. So really, nothing to spend money on. Can't even donate it to the war effort or something...

“That's a good thing! Seriously!:) Some things are better left... unknown:)” - I agree. Mostly because if I get into something, then I get really into it, and it would eat up my non-existent free time :D

“The newbie just got on the team and doesn't know sh*t, so it's "Commander" for him.” - Well technically he already knew Shep for 6 month, and I guess he at least visited Shepard from time to time, unlike some other people. I actually let the Lola thing and the flirting slide, because I felt that it really wasn't anything serious, and it's only there to ease tension and stuff. Also James is kinda cute when he gets flustered :D

“Shields don't help against melee attacks. And not that I'm arguing preferences, no, but agility doesn't help much against automatic fire.” - While that's true, in a straight up fist fight with a man, a woman mostly rely on her agility, and while that's not exactly true for Shepard, it's just how female brain works :) As for the Cerberus armor, yeah it looks really cool, but as you said it is the armor of the enemy, so that's a big fat no. Btw, I had the same “bulky armor” problem with DAO in the past. I mean every in-game armor for my rogue elf was either too bulky for a rouge, or left her belly on covered, which was stupid. Thanks god for mods though, I modded that Grey Warden armors from DA2 into the game, which look pretty cool. Though my archer Warden rather wore the mage variant, it was still cool :D

“Leliana's and Zevran's deaths were our choices too, yet in DA2 it's "I see dead people" O_o. “ - Ummm, bit biased Leliana fan here, so um yeah XD But I agree that completely disregarding that was pretty stupid...and also unnecessary really, because unless you have the DLCs, you can only see her once, and it could have been pretty much anybody else. As for Zevran, I'm pretty sure that was a bug...dunno if it got fixed though. You are right however that since they insist on DA not having a canon, it's pretty pointless to try and “deepen the franchise” with comics and books. I think we talked about it already, how I think that prequel books are ok, but since there is no canon, they shouldn't do books and comics during or right after the game :) I still think that. That's why I never finished Asunder...and because the chapters I read were extremely boring. And then they actually kill off Wynne in the book...bastards. Also lol how Fiona votes for independence from the Chantry. If people find out that she and Anders were both Wardens, then everyone will think that it's a world wide Grey Warden coup attempt, and then they go to war against the Wardens, and everyone will be unprepared for a next Blight... yay!

On the topic of DA, I wonder if we will ever learn what happens to the Warden. I mean, we know that he/she disappeared too, but not much else. They should at least kill him/her off properly, if they don't want to deal with him/her anymore, cos really the Warden is one of the most influential people in Thedas, so they can't have him/her just disappear!

“Oh, but for a bit of joy and happiness, in case you haven't saw it, that happiness:)” - Oh Mordin... I miss you so much!--SunyiNyufi 14:26, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

Wanna get diabetes? Check out this pic :D--SunyiNyufi 18:03, April 23, 2012 (UTC)

“So... have you bought the Black Widow or not?” - Haven't played ME3 since. I was kinda busy with family stuff...also I just came home from my bff's place, where we watched the new Twilight movie in Spanish. For the record neither of us speaks Spanish, and we don't like Twilight, but can laugh so hard at the movies, that it's worth at least one download :D

“I think every Shepard does sort of a routine run through the whole ship after each mission” - I sure do. After a mission I first talk to Joker, EDI and Traynor, then I go up to the cabin, feed the fish, check my emails, then down to the armory, and work my way back up to CIC while talking to everyone :D

“he calls my MaleShep "Loco"” - Yeah, if it was Loco not Lola, I would have told him to sod off too...

“Speaking of sanity, have you seen this?” - Yeah, heard about it, though not in such detail. It's really mind-boggling how the gaming industry doesn't understand a very basic thing: you can not defeat piracy completely ever. I mean, there was piracy even before the internet, like people selling not official video tapes or cassettes, people payed for it and the police couldn't stop it from happening. With the internet it's basically free and anonymous too, so there is really no way to stop it. Adding DRM to your games, that (as the article also points out) punishes actual costumers. Also I find the idea of this multi-platform thing very stupid. I mean they make it sound like we actually have the time to constantly focus on games. Well thank you, but I rather read on the bus, and talk with others during lunch break, then play some shitty tie-in iOS game (which I can't play actual, cos I have an adroid phone).

“Female characters want to romance Morrigan? You get the idea:)” - Funny thing, just an hour ago I was laughing with friends about how stupid Morrigan's pick up line is “'Tis cold in my tent”. No shit girl, your tent doesn't have sides...actually I wouldn't even call it a tent XD

“This would do, but that load of bs Gaider wrote will not do.” - Totally agree with that. I already said it to others about the DA team, but really Bioware shouldn't allow Gaider and Helper near fans or let them do interviews alone, because they are just embarrassing the studio. But hey, they artists I guess, so they have a right to share their stupid arrogance with others...

As for Leliana's death, I totally agree with you that it wasn't handled well. I wonder how many people actually defiled the Ashes though... I mean, it really didn't make sense for me at all to do so. Sure they are offering me great power in exchange, but dude, I already killed most of the cultist and they weren't really challenging, so I really doubted, they could offer anything of value to me.

“it was a bug, yes, but DA2 had FOUR patches, and neither of them fixed it” - Not surprised, Bioware can't fix bugs at all. Thank god that there is a mod (all hail the community) that fixes it. This reminds me, I hope DA3 will be on the same engine as DA2, with some improvements, cos then it could be modded to an extend without toolset.

“I'm entertaining an idea of Grey Wardens siding with mages” - Can't really see that happening exactly, cos I think that would divide the Wardens too, probably not all of them like mages, and I bet there are a lot of them, who would think that they should remain neutral. What I can see happening is, that the First Warden issues an order that while this mage-templar thing is going on, the Wardens should protect civilians from both sides equally. That way they could earn people's trust and have more political influence in Thedas. And protecting innocents probably wouldn't divide the order that much. Then again, this thinking is way too logical, so BW won't do it :D

“My Warden went through the Eluvian to enjoy a happy honeymoon with his beloved! And play with his son, little Urthemiel:)” - Aww, that's cute...and extremely lucky. I dunno what ever might have happened to my Warden, who was the a proud Commander of the order. Lately I started to think that she might have been kidnapped by some secret faction, who are after Morrigan and OGB, and since she is the last person who saw the witch leave and can possibly know where she went, the are holding the Warden somewhere and torturing her. They try to break her mentally and physically, but since she is a Warden, while it hurts, it's still small time compared to the Joining and stuff, so she survives. Then one day she gets the chance to overpower her guards somehow, fights her way through the prison and out of vengeance she burns the place to the ground. After that she somehow reaches the nearest Grey Warden outpost, where she learns about what's going on in the world, but she can't go back to Amaranthine until she kills everyone in that secret society, so they wouldn't be able to find Morrigan.

Maybe I spend too much time imagining things :D

“if s/he disappears, s/he will disappear artistically *sarcasm*” - Ouch, that hurt :D

Yeah, already saw that beach pic and love it :D

Btw, if you want to be heartbroken, here is some proof that BW planned to do more with the Priority: Earth mission then they ended up doing: vid 1 vid 2 vid 3 vid 4. So sad...--SunyiNyufi 22:41, April 24, 2012 (UTC)

“Try something more exotic? Is there a Twilight in Chinese?:)” - Well my google search shows that it does exist :D Guess we will have to watch the next one in Chinese too, cos that will be hilarious! Or in Japanese :D

“Oh, and on my last Infiltrator playthrough, I changed armor camouflage before the start of each mission, trying to tailor it to usual surroundings in that mission.” - Cool :) I usually just go with black-gray colors, or when I feel like it, I go Alliance, and change it to blue :D

“a rare few of companies understood the simple truth: people won't turn to piracy if you provide better service, then the pirates do.” - Indeed. Thank god CDProjekt is one of the few, and they even stopped legally going after pirates, because it wasn't good for the community. Also I find it stupid that publishers think every pirated copy is a lost sale, because there is a chance that a part of the pirates try out your game and won't like it meaning they wouldn't have bought it anyway. And there are also the people who download it, and have it sit at their backlog forever and never actually touch it :D Really, EA can't go on much longer with this kind of business policy, mostly because their current core audience is much more informed and demanding than they were before. Which is a good thing for us, bad thing for them.

“Except for I listen to music instead of reading, while in the bus:)” - I actually do both, cos that way I can completely shut out other passengers, and don't have to listen to old ladies talking about what kind of medication they are taking.

“They guy is a living flamewar!” - Like Stanley Woo... END OF RINE! :D

“the Reaver spec. That's about it.” - Yeah...never liked Reaver spec myself, so it really never was worth it. Also Kolgrim is so totally crazy that he needs to die.

“You get the idea, mods will be doubtful.” - Well there are a lot of mods for DA2 even though it is an EA game, so it's entirely impossible. Dragon Age Nexus is really empty these days though...

“Maybe the griffons will return and save all the civilians O_o” - I would so love to see that :D Really, if I can ride a griffon, I would be able to forgive Bioware a lot of things...not ME3's ending, but other things.

“can my Warden also have... ermmm... normal children?” - No. If the other Wardens don't get a happy ending neither should you! :P Also happy endings aren't deep and artistic enough...

“Maybe that secret society was working for Flemeth?” - Hmm could be... Flemeth would certainly be manipulative enough to use others for this.

All this talk about DA makes me kind of sad, cos while I'm pretty okay with not playing Hawke again, I miss my Warden. Really I feel like while Hawke's story actually got sort of finished (since he/she never was actually important, only was at the right place at the right time), the Warden's really isn't...unless the Warden goes through the Eluvian with Morrigan, then it could be seen as sort of finished, but female Wardens can't even do that...

“Also I can imagine a Cerberus factory, producing bikinis... And conducting crazy experiments on them O_o” - That bikini has a built in missile launcher :D

“Does she need a BioAmp to use biotics?” - Well I would guess that she doesn't need amplifiers to use her biotics in combat. Though if she would use them, maybe she could use singularity. One thing I never understood in ME2 was, that Jack is supposed to be a friggin awesome biotic, yet she has really low tier abilities. I mean pull and shockwave? Really? Sure they are good, when you fight husks, or for Thane's recruitment mission, but otherwise they are totally useless. Why doesn't she have singularity? Or at least warp!

“And Jacob seemed to be... excited too much:)” - Puuuuuuuuuush!!!! XD Maybe that wasn't during the final battle, but after that when Brynn is trying to give birth? :D--SunyiNyufi 09:55, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

“remembering your opinion on ME1 Phoenix armour, why no "girly colours"? XD Just kidding, no offence:)” - Actually if you think about it, a lot of ME1 armor colors are really ridiculous, take Phoenix for example...white and pink, really? Not only can the enemy spot you from miles, but dirt really shows on it, which is never good. Thankfully the Predator line was a good looking armor that had good stats too.

“Then again, Starcraft 2 demanded a constant connection to BattleNet, and what, it was emulated two days after release:) EA just begs their games to be pirated, really:)” - Indeed, there really is no game that can't be cracked, no matter what the devs say. Actually they should be thankful that most group only release the cracks after street release date, while they most of the time already have cracked it days or even week before that.

“What's your stance on "Redemption"?:)” - I have yet to watch 'till the end actually. I stopped after some episodes for some reason...maybe because the typography on the credits is terrible, and everyone at least bit of Photoshop experience could have done better. (Though it's still better than The Guild's title screen.) But I'm generally not big on it. I like Felicia Day alright, but I think it's stupid to release a live series, where elves can't actually look like they look in the game now. Also the armor props were not so well done, and that Serabas looked really stupid.

“Because if you can get banned from Origin for editing a game file... Well, mods can get you in similar trouble.” - Well, technically mods are extra files, so you don't actually edit any game files. Then again, who knows if with Origin that kind of modding is possible. I really don't have high hopes for DA3 anymore.

Btw, talked with my bff today, and she asked, what she should play this week DAO or DA2, because as she said “I still have to hook up with Fenris and play MotA...but DAO on the other hand is an actually good game” :D Told her to get it over with DA2 and never touch it again lol.

“Maybe... named Feathers?:)” - Of course! Feathers is a very common griffon name :D

“like what, if I can ask? *trying to estimate your love of griffons*:)” - Well I could forgive the shortness of Act 3 in DA2, maybe even the re-use of maps. And if I can actually fly the griffon in-game and not just in a cutscene, I would even forgive that no choices in DA2 matter at all :D

“no matter what you do in the game, no matter what choices you make, no matter which side you're on, you end up a hunted war criminal” - Actually I was just thinking about this on the way home... While it's stupid that none of it matters, the fact that in the end Hawke wasn't able to protect Kirkwall makes a certain kind of sense, because Hawke (or rather my Hawke) always fails to protect what or who is important to him/her in the end. I mean one of your siblings instantly dies off, then while it seems your family is safe end all, you still end up losing the other sibling one way or the other, and finally you also use your beloved mother no matter what. Following that pattern you could always feel that no matter what Kirkwall is a lost cause. Though it's really stupid that it's not because of what Hawke him/herself actually does. I would have liked it better if everything is Hawke's fault and not Anders'. As for how Hawke's story plays out... I don't really care. My Hawke is a pirate with Isabella, and doesn't give a damn about being a hero anymore.

“well, since in ME2 squadmates (or as a krogan would say: quadmates:D) only have 2-3 active abilities” - Yeah, but still they could have given her singularity instead of pull. Mostly because pull is friggin useless in ME2, cos it only detonates with warp. Oh and I agree, I also missed a Vanguard type squadmate in ME3. Then again, vanguard mates sucked in ME2... especially Jacob. He was only good for unlocking barrier lol. Btw I realised where Javik's Dark Channel ability is that most useful: during the rachni mission, cos if you use it on one of those little creeper things, it will kill one instantly, and then jump to the next, and effectively kill all of them in seconds :)

“At least ME2 Jack has warp ammo, the best ammo power in ME2. Not bad in ME3 too, but imo, A-P ammo is the best in ME3.” - I like Inferno ammo the best...though it's mostly because enemies start to panic, scream, and then burn to death :D And in ME3 you can turn it into exploding rounds <3

“because Jacob also says "Got another one!" XD” - Hahaha XD Oh I just found this pic on the net today, kinda relevant :)

“One of her current troubles is, despite being human, identifying which species she belongs to psychologically. That's... sad and funny at the same time.” - Well if someone can be transsexual, they could also be transspecies... I think :D It's certainly an interesting set up.--SunyiNyufi 20:02, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

Lol, someone just posted the ME:Homeworlds comic on 4chan. I have to say, it's way too short and extremely bland. Then again it focuses on James, so there was really no chance for it to be actually exciting. SPOILERS The whole thing is about daddy not wanting little Jimmy to join the army, cos then who would bring him his red sand dose? But uncle Emilio sets little Jimmy on the right path. Also I think the story sort of breaks the least on this page, it looks like daddy is using a biotic punch, but that can't be, since the comic takes place in 2176 CE, and James is 18, meaning that his dad must be at least around 36, and humanity first discovered element zero in 2147, so there is no way James' dad could have been exposed to in uterus. And oh boy Walters wrote a couple of paragraphs on the last page about how much he likes James lol.

Btw this makes me think... how come Miranda has more advanced biotics than average humans? She was born in 2150, which is a year before the first eezo accident, when humanity didn't even know that much about biotics, so how come that Henry Lawson was able to genetically engineer his daughter's DNA to be a good biotic? Or was he just lucky? Or did he have some kind of inside info about how eezo should affect DNA? Or did they modify Miranda even after she was born? Cos it really doesn't make sense...

Edit: Scratch that part about James' dad. I forgot that Red Sand gives everyone telekinetic abilities, mostly because it's friggin stupid for it to do so, while biotics need to have implants and amps to use it.--SunyiNyufi 21:45, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

“So everyone rather relies on strength of their shields, not camouflage, because everyone uses at least "smart" guns, not to mention enhanced targeting systems.” - I get all that, but it's still a bit silly, I mean, sure they rely on tech and all, but still, it's a bit easier to outmaneuver someone if your pink armor doesn't scream “hey I'm here, shoot here!” from miles away...I mean, they wouldn't even need tech anymore, so you just made it easier for them :D

“I wonder if someone will give, say, EA, a nice surprise in the nearest future. That would be hilarious XD” - Could be, I remember that ME2 crack was released before street release day.

“One more reason I didn't like MotA, is that Tallis looked like Day” - Oh yeah, that was really stupid, and didn't look good at all actually. I think it's really rare for BW to get face modeling from actual people right. I mean, Liara and Samara are good, but damn Miranda is awful, while Yvonne herself is really beautiful! Though it might be that Miranda's eyes in ME2 often don't reflect any light, which is very disturbing...

“But of course, BW wouldn't do it, because in that case, they will admit their impotence as a game developer.” - I do actually sort of want them to make DA3, simply because knowing that the series is ruined is better for me than guessing how a new game would be. But that's just me. As for MMO, there is no way EA will give the money to BW for it. Not as long there is SWOTR. Actually I think it was a stupid move from EA/Bioware to make a Star Wars MMO. They could have secured a much bigger player number with a Mass Effect MMO set before the events of ME1, because the world is a bit more unique than SW universe, and even the hardcore fans would have played it, so they could play a race other than human. Then again, everyone would have stopped playing, once they find out how ME3 ends lol.

“Oh, and why would one even want to hook up with Fenris? O_o” - Come on! He easily has the sexiest voice in the whole game! Sure he is a brooding idiotic drunken bastard, but who cares with that voice! :D Also my bff romanced Anders first, which made her sort of heartbroken in the end, so she is looking for another romance, and Merrill really isn't her type, and she only uses Isabella for a one night stand :D And yeah, she played DAO way before DA2. Actually I made her play all the DLCs too, before playing DA2, and tried to prepare her for disappointment.

“You really do love griffons, don't you?:)” - I love every mount that can fly. The most devastating thing that happened to me in Skyrim was, when I was ready to have Odahviing take me Sovengard, and he talked about how beautiful seeing the world from above is, and I got all excited, got on his back, and then up came a f*cking loading screen, and I was already in Sovengard. I thought “What the sh*t man?! That's it? Seriously? All that build up and THAT'S IT?!!!!”

“Who would want to play such game? Even if this inability and hopelesness is logical. Seems to me, that BW was already deep in the "artistic integrity" shit” - I totally agree. A story where the “Big Bad” is basically life itself or the situation is very artistic and can be really good (Buffy Season 6), but it's not something you should use in a computer RPG, where it's all about the player deciding what he or she wants to do. I think, if DA2 had been an action game instead of an RPG, the story would have made a little more sense. Though then there would have been a problem with jumping in time, but still it would have been a sort of decent action game, with a sad story and a sort of sad end. But for an RPG this story is not good enough. It's not branching, and you can't achieve your goal several times without real reason, only because the story demands it. Like Thessia in ME3.

“Why do the most boring characters always fix weaponry?:)” - lol dunno :D While we're on the topic of Jacob, an other pic I found today (or technically yesterday, it's already 1 am here).

As for Javik, I take him with me on the Rachni mission, so he can meet Grunt...and because I sort of feel bad about never taking him anywhere, so it's him and James on that mission :D

“I'll recommend an Engineer for that: Incinerate + Turret Flamethrower + Inferno Grenades as a bonus power. Kill'em with fire!!!:)” - Hmm, might do that next time :) First have to finish current playthrough...still can't bring myself to play it, cos the next mission is Thessia........

“Sovereign, I'm glad, that I saved you from the endings of ME3. I'm sure you'd be pissed off to find out, that you are actually a mere tool of some crazy kid:)” - Yeah, I thought the same when I played ME1 last time “Sovereign buddy, you say you're independent, but really you're not...I'm sorry...hug?” :D

“About the biotic push: do not scratch that, it is lore-breaking.” - Yay, so it wasn't a total waste of time to check ME timeline and do the math :D Also I just realized that James is the same age as Ashley...

As for Henry basically just got lucky by trying to make her daughter really smart? Makes sort of sense. Though actually, she still would have needed to be exposed to eezo while being an embryo. I mean, Shepard gets exposed to eezo twice for the effects to manifest, but the first time was still before being born.--SunyiNyufi 23:13, April 25, 2012 (UTC)

“I strongly suspect, that in ME "not relying on tech" basically means "not relying on your own eyes", so there you have it.” - Yet I as a player have to “eyeball it”, because friggin Bioware makes the mini-map only appear if I pause the combat. I hate that so much! I mean really, why would they do that? Especially when Shep does have hard suit computer, so it's really not impossible to have a friggin mini-map up. And then the geth primes jamming the signal would have been actually relevant to the fight, because this way it just announces that there is a geth prime in the mix... I want that mini-map back!

“I suspect, that elcor Sentinels are extremely deadly XD” - Another thing I would love to see! :D

“TIM somehow absorbed the light into his eyes, so they glow twice as bright, while Miranda's don't reflect light O_o” - Lol! Actually I thought not-reflecting-eyes were an artistic choice in the game first, because the first time I noticed it was Shepard talking to Jacob still on the station. Shep's eyes very sort of blank, but then again it made sense for her, since she just came back from being dead and all.

“Two free weeks already? That's a good indicator. Oh, and for some reason people are pissed off because of future inclusions of same-sex romances O_o” - Funny thing is, I actually thought about trying SWTOR once when it was first free, but it needs around 20 GB space...I mean, really? I don't have that much space to spare for shitty games. As for the romances, people are stupid and homophobic. Though I really hope that in future BW games not everyone is bisexual, cos that's just stupid.

“I do not understand the logic of overlooking serious and truly repulsive flaws in favour of one questionable good trait.” - Well, she can overlook it mostly because it's only a video game, and because Fenris at least isn't a terrorist, and sort of changes his opinion at least about MageHawke in the end. Also, for women his voice is really sexy... audio erotica quality :D

“How about Sebastian "Maker noooo!" Vael? XD” - A relationship, where you either have to act as a jerk so you get rivalry with him, or on the friendship path you end up having a marriage without sex? No thanks!

“You say this "made her play the DLCs" like it involved a gun at the back of her head:D So... what were the reasons for disappointment and how did the disappointment happen?” - Well the gun thing didn't exactly happen, but since she was still living with me while she played the DLCs I was kinda there helping her and all :D Though I sort of have to tell her to finish the golem DLC...she really hated that one. As for the disappointment, I just told her, that she shouldn't expect the game to be nearly as good as DAO, that the story is not as good, and that Anders isn't the same as he was in Awakening. Though I didn't prepare her for the Chantry bombing, but that's because I still tried to avoid spoilers :)

“At least "the Witcher" had sorta "neutral" option.” - Imagine if it didn't! After telling time and time again, that witchers aren't supposed to take part in politics and all that, they don't give you a neutral option... People would have been outraged for sure!

“Yep, Shep can certainly change lives and histories.” - Indeed. Shepard is a sort of Catalyst for many people ;D

“don't tell me you didn't have this "well, at least I can feed them to the swarm and get Grunt away, if things go south" thought :)” - I really didn't, because no matter how boring I find them, my Shepard would mourn their death very much. She is the type who still beats herself about the people lost on Elysium, even though she managed to save a lot of people. That's why I hate the fact that there is a memorial wall on the Normandy. I mean, do we really have to have a list about Shepard's failings there? Really? It's only purpose is to push her into PTSD even more.

“I wonder why Traynor doesn't show up in comm talk options on Earth” - I wondered that aswell. Guess they don't really have anything to say each other? I mean you only contact Cortez to make sure he is okay after I guess Traynor has nothing really to say. Unless you romance her that is.

“BTW I always found it interesting, that Tali and Jack were born the same year.” - Age differences are funny in ME. I especially like how Kaidan is one year older than Shep, yet was of lower rank, because he enlists a year later than Shep :) On the other hand Ashley enlist at the age of 16. Hmm, maybe Vega isn't 18 either when he enlists. Though his uncle says that he is old enough to make his own decision... yet is his dad makes “a minor buy him drugs”. I wonder how old Garrus is...

“Her main trick, imo, is the combination of advanced neural system (not only IQ level, reflexes and sped-up nerve impulses count too) and "standard" in-utero exposure to eezo.” - Yeah I get that, but I wonder why Henry did expose her to eezo in-utero then. I mean, he still couldn't actually predict what effects that would have, because it's only 2150 CE. Though maybe they already had red sand by the time, and knew about telekinesis? Still unless he was in on some eezo research, it would have been a big risk to expose Miranda to it, since most kids die due to the exposure. I wish we could actually have some background enough on Henry Lawson... like some Shadow Broker files or something, because he really doesn't get enough screen time, even though he was a very important person in the Miranda story arc of ME2.--SunyiNyufi 10:32, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

“instead of turning on hyper-spectral vision, I have to use a flashlight. A flashlight! O_o” - That's one other stupid thing. We use flashlights and all, yet you never actually get to fight anything in the dark, so what's the point really? Because navigating the corridors would have worked well enough in semi-dark without flashlight.

“There can be a reasonable explanation as to why quarians do not have biotics, but what about the others?” - Well the only thing I could come up with is that a powerful elcor biotic would be way too OP :D To actually answer that we would need to know more about the biology of the other races, and that's not going to happen.

“Oh, and Shepard's "I am technically undead":)” - I think Yahtzee said in his ME2 video that “Shepard died, and then came back, so I guess he is a space vampire now” :D

“The sheer number of female players, who wanted to romance Morrigan on one hand, everyone is bisexual in DA2 on the other.” - You can't please everyone, so they shouldn't even try. I mean, there are people who want to romance their siblings in DA2! Yikes! Anyway I think that sexual orientation is an important part of a character's personality, so it shouldn't be as ambiguous as in DA2 imho. Also people will always want the characters they can't have, and there will always be mods that make it happen, so the devs really shouldn't concern themselves with this. They should rather focus on delivering an actually decent game.

“Though I am very biased towards Fenris, and may not have the perspective.” - You certainly lack a feminine perspective :D As for the voice, could have come from an infection or as a side effect from that lyrium-magic-thingy, who knows? Bonnie Tyler's sexy husky voice is also due to an infection-kinda thing that wasn't treated properly.

“tbh every rivalry path in DA2 is you acting as a jerk.” - Depends on perspective I would say. For example I was always nice to Merrill while doing small talk, and considered her a friend, so there was no way I would let her finish something as dangerous as the eluvian. Sure it throws Merrill's sacrifice and work out of the window, but as a friend my Hawke felt obliged to protect Merrill even from herself. Rivalry with Fenris was kinda similar, being nice to him when needed, but always telling him that what happened to him can't be blamed on magic and that he should finally put his past behind him, which he does in the end. On the other hand getting rivalry from Sebastian is hard, cos it mostly involves killing someone semi-innocent or letting someone (who deserves to die) go. So even though my Hawke thinks that Sebastian should take back Starkhaven and tells him that every time, I can never get enough rivalry points with him, so we end up being friends somehow.

“While I didn't like the DLC overall, I was pleased to have the most challenging boss fight in the series.” - That DLC is really a bitch, if you're not a mage. Especially that one room with 8 golems in it. But yeah, boss fight was good...way better than the archdemon one lol.

“Witcher 2 didn't have a standalone neutral option” - Well yeah, but I felt that the decision in the first chapter was more about which way Geralt wants to use for getting what he wants, and not about actually supporting one least it felt like that for me. And at the very end, you will have the option to support the chosen side, or go the “neutral” way again.

“Oh, and putting it right near the bathroom exit was a poor decision too. Imagine, you walk out of the bathroom, all happy and relieved, and the first thing you see is a long list of corpses... Not very comforting, really.” - Lol, didn't think about it like that, but you are right! Really, that thing just makes everyone depressed...I wonder whose bright idea it was...

“that's not fair! Traynor always has something to say!:)” - True enough, and her voice is also audio erotica, so basically anything she says would be worth listening to :D

“What is the minimal enlisting age in the Alliance, anyway?” - Dunno. Ashley's page says that she enlisted right after high school, but still timeline says, she enlisted in 2174 CE. Maybe it's in the wrong section of the timeline, cos if you can enlist at 16, Shepard probably would have done it too.

“Henry didn't need to wait 9 months, he might as well had stamped those clones in large numbers, waiting for one to become what was needed.” - And that's something I shouldn't have read while having a late lunch... Anyway, that would mean that Miranda is the first human biotic ever, and one of the powerful ones too. I really find that a bit hard to believe, because humanity could not have that much info on eezo and biotics at that time. But who knows? Speculations from everyone!

Btw, I didn't buy Black Widow in the end, I rather bought all kinds of weapon mods and armor, cos I decided that if I will ever do an NG+ playthrough, I will use this save :)--SunyiNyufi 15:28, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

Oh lol that pic! :D I always wondered why they put explosive crates on that level, when you don't even need to fire a gun there...

“we sorta have Ardat-Yakshi for space vampires” - Well yeah, but they aren't really dead, while vampires that logic we have Husks for zombies too. As for memorials, War Hero Shepard has Shepard Plaza on Elysium, which was the hottest wedding location in ME2 :)

“romanceable Dog” - Well I did love my dog, but not that much XD

“why? Look what Morrigan has accomplished by researching her eluvian.” - But my Hawke doesn't know about that, she only knows that it already killed one person, almost killed another and made Merrill cut a deal with a demon and start using blood magic. Also the obviously very wise and loving Keeper (and everyone else in the Dalish camp) thinks that it is friggin dangerous. Plus, Merrill is way to obsessed with the mirror and doesn't realize that she is pretty much losing the reason for her work in the process. “DA2 rivalry always made me wonder, why certain characters even want to follow me”, I always thought that isn't really because of Hawke that they stay, but rather because they are friends with Hawke's friends. So Fenris would still stay with them, cos even though he would never admit it, he is good friends with Varric, Isabella and Aveline (+Donnic). As for Hawke's relationship with Anders is very problematic... Hawke sort of tries to save Anders from himself, so I often get both friendship and rivalry points, which means that they never actually reach the Moral Event Horizon moment in Act 3. Oh yeah, and I kill him every time...well not every time, I didn't in my first playthrough, cos I played a rogue, and then Bethany sort of died too, so Anders was my only healer... But my MageHawke totally kills him.

“I always told Sebastian to stay in the Chantry, because my Hawke had plans to take over Starkhaven himself.” - Nice :D

“Yet in DA2 this "neutral" option was sorely needed.” - Yeah, I sort of wanted to tell everyone to f*ck off and stop pestering me, while not actually listening to any advice my Hawke gives them. Imagine the faces of Meredith and Orisino, if Hawke just walked away....priceless :D

“I guess it was the same bosh'tet, that scattered our ship model collections all over the Normandy, and let Boo out (the hamster:D).” - If my Shep would find that guy, she would kick his ass! How dare you touch my ship collection! I bet you're the one who killed my fish too!! :D

“Maybe on of the reasons they observed early humans was to determine their theoretical biotic potential?” - Well could be, especially if they left us the archives on purpose. Also as for asari being natural bitoics... Javik disagrees, he claims that they it's due to long term prothean genetic engineering. Not that we know for sure though... But if it's true, that archives on Mars could have plans for human genetic engineering too. Btw I wonder why prothean biotic powers are green...

“Of course, when humanity discovered this data on Mars, they classified it from public, but Henry, given his influence, may have got his crazy hands on it.” - Yeah, he may have, but we don't have solid proof, because we really don't know squat about Henry, except that he loves himself very much and is smart. We don't even know what kind of connections he has besides TIM. And Cerberus didn't exist yet in 2150. I think we can add this to the list of things we will never know in ME universe.

“I'm not even surprised, that Shep can drink through helmets anymore! Now I know it's an "emergency induction port":D” - Hahaha XD You totally need to see this :D

You know what I miss in ME3? Hacking mini-games. Sure they were super easy and all, but still, at least there was some work involved in getting the door open or hacking a computer. Now it's instant...and I'm not even using omnigel... Does omingel exist at all in ME2 and ME3? I mean, Shepard mentions it in LotSB, but I don't remember any other mention of it. I also miss being able to actually drink on the Normandy. My depressed-after-Thessia Shepard would very gladly get hammered and pass out, but would never do it in public.--SunyiNyufi 20:13, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

“Tell you what, we Infiltrators have an edge here. Just look!” - Oh please, next you will claim that you guys have incredible reach too ;D

“I fail to see anything even remotely resembling logic, as to why Aveline doesn't kill Hawke on sight, while s/he bribes, lies and kills her way to the top.” - Yeah, I agree that the Aveline stuff is stupid, and that Anders comment too. But I still feel that the Fenris and Merrill rivalry are sort of well done. Especially the Merrill one, cos she still treats you like a friend actually.

“A maxed out bar allows you to mind-control people without having a blood mage specialization.” - I don't really see it that way... I mean, sure you can change people with maxed out bar (except for Anders), but you have to remember that most changes happen in the last Act, which means that you know those people for like 10 years by then. Changing someone's way in 10 years isn't that hard, especially since your always there in the key moments of their lives (for some reason), and you state your own opinion about the matter. Like how you are there when Fenris kills that Tevinter bitch in Act 2, and while I agreed that she needed to die, my Hawke had to call Fenris out on the fact that he just broke his own promise 10 seconds after making it. And then Fenris comes to your house, and you can argue a bit more about how stupid he is...then argue about it in Act 3 too, and then he finally says “Hey Hawke, I was stupid, thanks for pointing it out! Now, I will move on with my life!”.

“And the most important bystander in Thedas would still be... well, nobody.” - My Hawke would be perfectly happy with being a nobody. I mean she is sort of a show off, but she never really wanted to be someone important.

“wait, didn't Kelly save the fish? O_o” - She only saves it if you had dinner with her in ME2, which I didn't because 1, my Shep only has eyes for Liara; 2, Kelly is just really not her type. So my fish died ;(

“Funny fact, Russian translations of ME translates him as "Ghost".” - Interesting...and certainly makes sense, considering his illusive nature...I wonder what's he called in Hungarian... I haven't played an ME game with Hungarian subtitles since the first one, cos the translation was very confusing, cos sometimes places in the journal would be called something else on the map, so I often didn't know right away where is should go.

“I don't remember Javik saying that, but even if he did, he is full of crap as always.” - He says that if you check out the other relics first, and don't go to the Athem statue first in the temple. Liara's explanation also supports it a bit, cos she says that relic is whatsyourname, who was a servant of Athem and gave the asari biotics. Then again Javik's explanation isn't really through, so it could very well be that the asari were natural biotics, and the prothean just sped up the evolutionary process, so they would be even more powerful. Who knows really? Javik doesn't explain it in detail, and while I don't think he is indoctrinated, he certainly is a racists jackass, who would just love to have every glory be due to his species.

Btw, I'm not trying to start a long argument about the asari again :D Just remembered it, cos I did Thessia yesterday.

“obviously because BW loves the colour! Now, we just need to find someone with red biotics (Red Sand, maybe?), and there, we have a full collection.” - And if you give them 10$ you can use yellow biotics :D

“I suspect he had ties with Conatix, if not worked or headed them. Secondly, between Miranda's escape and ME3 he certainly had some other connections, not TIM. Don't know what exactly, but there were bound to be some.” - Speculations! Speculations everywhere! :D

“I guess BW themselves do not know, and do not care anymore.” - Well yeah, I don't think BW really cares that much anymore to know how actually Cerberus started...or how the Reapers actually started, since starchild crap doesn't make sense. I would go with the ME2 version of Cerberus “origin”, cos Alliance black op doesn't make much sense in retrospect. I mean in ME1 Kohaku talked about Cerberus like they were still Alliance black ops who have gone rogue recently, but that can't really be true. Then again ME2 and ME3 retcon really a lot pf lore and story of ME1.

“And since Hammerhead's armor magically regenerates by itself, there's no need to use it on a vehicle.” - Yeah, but still, you could have used it in other fixing generators and such with omni-gel. Really if someone starts with ME2 or ME3 they won't even know what it is, which is sad. I also missed the Hanoi tower puzzle. Or really any kind of puzzle...the only one ME3 was when you had to move some crates that blocked the way in the radioactive fuel depot mission.

“starting by beating the crap out of Javik and tossing him out of the airlock” - lol :D

Ah that interrupt pic... the interrupts in ME3 were so weak most of the time. Sure the Kai Leng one is good, and hitting Han'Garrel is also nice, but the others are so meh.--SunyiNyufi 10:45, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

“Just one phrase, and if he spoke it, it all would have made sense. But he doesn't speak it, and as such, it doesn't make sense.” - Well yeah, that part is really badly written...actually pretty much everything after the Chantry blowing up is pretty badly written, and not explained at all. “Moreover, he doesn't show any inclination towards understanding this situation throughout Acts 1-2-3.” And that's exactly while other than his voice, I really don't like Fenris at all. Everyone besides him is connected to the bigger picture somehow, either by taking sides in the M-T war or by being important in the Qunari part of the story. Not Fenris though, he is just there, not being important, or really useful at all. I mean sure, he knows a bit about the Qun, but still he really isn't essential to the quests at all. And the fact that he is also bisexual never ever made sense to me. He should have pretty bad memories about gay relationships...actually if I would have been his writer, I would have allowed a male Hawke to flirt with him, but have Fenris freak out totally instead of flirting back. Would have made so much more sense.

As for the Isabela rivalry path... Isn't it about teaching Isabela not to be selfish and doing things for the greater good or something? Though frankly I don't know, I somehow always have the friendship bar with Izzy maxed out by the beginning of Act 2 :D Ah, how much I love Izzy and Hawke flirting... They are a really fun couple.

But back to the original topic, I think the Rivalry-Friendship mechanic isn't a bad idea, but it would have made more sense in Origin for example, where everyone is gathered because of a common goal, so it would make sense that even if you don't like the leader, you would still follow him or her, because if you don't, the world is gonna end. Also the dialogue for it needs to be better written. Thinking back, it's really incredible how much better written DAO was.

“let's just say... It is one of the possibilities. I don't want to get all defensive of the asari again:)” - Actually I'm totally with you on this one. I mean Javik even says stupid crap like “we didn't want you to go hungry, so we gave you crops to plant”... Please, there is no way the asari couldn't handle stuff like food themselves, so he is really just bsing Liara at that point.

“I don't like conspiracy theories IRL, but sure do like them in ME:)” - I like IRL ones, though I never really take them seriously, cos as I read or heard or seen somewhere the real answer to questions is usually the boring one. But hey, they are fun to think about sometimes. As long I can laugh at it at some point, I'm fine :)

“That means only one thing: BW allowed to slip their own lore out of their control.” - Yeah, there really should be one writer in the team, who doesn't actually write anything, but checks the other's works for lore errors and minor retcons. In a really big universe like ME, they should really double check everything.

“Why did they include it into the game? If the game doesn't have any more puzzles.” - No idea, and it was a very bad puzzle too. First I had no idea what my actual purpose was while pushing the buttons, since there was no clear display like in Project Overlord, and the room setting wasn't as clear as it was in Arrival either, so it really just didn't make any sense. Funniest thing on the mission was to fall into the radiation though...instant death by green smoke... I hate green.

“thank you for the pic! You know I loved it XD” - There is so many funny Javik fan art actually, most of it is really well done. Though my ME picture folder is still dominated by Liara fanart... second place goes to FemShepxLiara fanart...third place to random funny ones like this :D

“Paragon interrupts were never as memorable” - I beg to differ! Hugging Tali, pistol whipping Archer, punching Zaeed in the face were all memorable. Though I admit, I also enjoyed pushing the guy out of the window even with my mostly Paragon Shep :D--SunyiNyufi 22:25, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

“You know, I've just discovered, that being cut off from the internet for more, then a day just sucks! At least I almost finished replaying ME2:)” - And I finished my ME3 playthrough. It was actually fun, because I could go all renegade on TIM's ass, and was able to shoot him just when he said “I'm the pinnacle of our species!”...sure you areTIM, sure you are :D Also the renegade conversation makes so much more sense, cos while I like my paragon Shep saying that we are not ready to have the power of the reapers, the renegade convo is basically “come on TIM, open the Citadel already, show us what you can failure” :D Started an NG+ playthrough today with lots of fancy texture mods. One advise though: do not use pistol with low firing rate on Mars, cos Eva will kill you.

“I mean, yes, the qunari are at war with Tevinter and have their mages on a literal leash, but they as much opressive, if not more.” - I think at one point maybe in MotA Tallis asks Fenris, if he would join the Qun, and he says something like “I didn't leave one master, to become slave to another” or something. So he doesn't even like the Qun that much. Which makes the whole thing with the Arishok even more stupid :D

“but from what I saw in the vids... It's really not about greater good” - Well yeah, I agree that the conversation with her is pretty stupid on rivalry. I only based what I said on the fact that regarding quests, you always get rivalry points from her if you do something selfless or offer your help to others and such. Like you know telling her to give the book back to the qunari etc. But really, I love the friendship path with Izzy, because it proves that she actual is already a very good person, just to afraid to show it.

That Castillion thing...I never understood it either. As you said, there is really no reason for not getting the ship and arresting him at the same time. And deciding what to do on that quest really gave me a headache back then, because my Hawke wanted to arrest him for the greater good, but that's not an option. However killing him won't really solve anything because his illegal operations would be still in tact and someone would just replace him, so you might as well let him go, and tell him not to come near the Free Marches every again. But if she does that, then Isabela gets the ship, and if Izzy has a ship, she will go away again, while my heartbroken Hawke will have to stay in Kikwall, cos she is the champion. On the other hand, if Izzy doesn't get the ship, Hawke would always wonder if Izzy stayed with her because of real love, or because lack of transport. Yes, I overcomplicated this way too much :D In the end I let Izzy have the ship... though actually my Hawke was so friggin rich at that point, that she could have just bought Izzy a ship as a present.

“Mind you, even in this situation, if you really spit on the most important of their beliefs, they will still leave, or even confront you.” - And that's why I would bring back Persuasion as a skill. So let say you make a decision in the story that goes against the beliefs of one companion. If you have friendship with that companion, you can explain to him/her why you did what you did with low persuasion skill, and he/she will understand and agree. If the companion is a rival, you will need a much higher persuasion skill to convince him/her. It's totally doable, and makes sense too.

“Really, on one hand Javik says, that asari were recognized for their potential and their wisdom, and on the other hand he implies, that they weren't able to do diddly squat without prothean "guidance".” - Yeah, it really shows that he has been re-written many times. There are rumours that originally he was supposed to be the Catalyst and Cerberus would abduct him or something. They had to change that of course, cos otherwise they wouldn't be able to charge for Javik.

“A while ago, Gaider told many such thing in an interview, for example, they had to make Orsino randomly go crazy, because game designers demanded a mage boss fight. Well... They had their fight, but also one of the stupidest and illogical moments in DA2.” - Really, regarding DA2 there was so much mis-communication between designers and writers... I mean having Orsino go crazy, could have been done logically too! For example they could have made us fight templar after templar until Hawke or some other party member gets knocked out. That way Orsino's by-the-maker-we-can't-win, would have made at least some bit of sense. Or show in cut scene some templars running past Hawke, and killing the other mages...or something. Or write a better monologue for Orsino, where you can see that he actually breaks down and starts talking to himself, while Hawke says that everything will be okay, but he goes “no nothing will be okay, unless I make it right...yes I just have to make it right!”, and then he starts using blood magic, killing the other mages and becoming Harvester. Really, so many ways to make that part suck at least less...

“Because husks and brethren of Marauder Shields, the hero of the galaxy, were there too:)” - Dunno where I read it, but someone called them Marauder Shields & the three Husketeers XD “BTW this mission maybe bugged, because after that you can commend Riley to N7, but it doesn't have any consequenses to number of war assets.” - Well, technically there is no N7 atm, so it sort of makes sense that it doesn't do anything :D

“I imagine you have quite a collection!” - 410 files. Most come from 4chan...lately you can find where nice semi-nude pics of Liara there :D Oh I have those 2 funny ones too! The motivational posters are especially nice, this is my fav :)

“I always liked electrocuting that batarian mechanic during Garrus' recruitment mission in ME2.” - That was another thing I had to think really hard about. Cos my Shep isn't really the type, who would do something like that, especially when the guy says, he is not a frontline soldier... but on the other hand, having the gunship sucks, and they guy does work for the Blue Suns, who are the bad guys, so I ended up killing him. My favorite renegade interrupt however is headbutting Uvenk :D I love dealing with krogans so much <3

“I wonder why my least favourite characters all start with "J": Jacob, James and Javik:)” - Though different franchise I would add Jowan to the list :D--SunyiNyufi 11:51, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

“She asked "THAT, what I have been through, and they call it advancement?". She was answered "It's their idea of advancement".” - Yeah, this exchange really shows what's wrong with Cerberus. Seriously, turning people into husks and semi-husk is not really an advancement. They certainly don't fight any better than Cannibals anyway...

“And this is a good example why I consider giving Fenris up merciful to Fenris.” - I wouldn't really call that “merciful” though. The actual merciful thing to do would be to find Fenris a therapist :D Also I have to say, while the Arishok is pretty much just as stupid as any other leader in Kirkwall, he really has the best lines in the game! “So ready to negotiate for the explosive powder!” “.....................................No.” I always laugh at that for some reason :D

“Izzy is just acting natural:)” - And that's why I love her. And her voice...somehow for me it always comes down to the voice really.

“If Castillion's corpse was shown hanged in the docks, with a sign "Slaver" nailed to his head, there would be a lot less people, who would wanted to replace him.” - Yeah, but we can't do that in the game can we now? Also at that point in the game my Hawke pretty much lost all hope to actually make a difference, and felt that no matter what choice she makes, it won't matter in the end, since in all these years it didn't matter at all either. So by her logic, killing Castillion won't matter either. Funny thing is, if it happened in Act 1 or 2, she would have killed him without thinking about it.

“I mean, with all the loot, Izzy should have had her own Migrant Fleet:)” - On the topic of Migrant Fleet...did you read Deception? Cos I didn't, but I remember it from somewhere that the batarian ship that attacks the Fleet had Normady-type stealth system or something. Is that right? I'm only asking because some idiots on 4chan started saying that since the quarian diplomat ship in ME3 has a sort of stealth system too, that Tali “stole” the secret Alliance tech back in ME1, and while I chuckled at how everyone turned on the poor girl in a minute, I don't think that's accurate, because to Fleet could have taken the tech from the batarian ship too. Also if she had “stolen” the tech, there would be no reason for her to ask for the data on the geth in ME1... Anyway, just wanted to confirm that thing about the batarian ship.

“BW should "come out of the closet" and change their genre. Enough with the RPG's, start making action games or shooters.” - Indeed, but marketing the games as RPG is somehow trendy & edgy. Even though they really have no idea what an RPG is anymore. Actually I just saw a video yesterday, that detailed why Mass Effect 3's design is fail in itself, and pointed out that the most important mechanic of the first 2 games wasn't the combat, but the dialogue wheel, and that BW crippled the game by limiting it.

“well, Earth still fights, so it will always be an N7, as long, as there's Earth. Even better to say: "as long as there are humans".” - True, but since the N7 program can't give Riley anything special right now, means that she still isn't qualified to be a war asset...imho that is :)

“link is KIA, but I get the idea:)” - Aw man...but that pic didn't have anything explicit on it, just a naked butt...

“can I start a philosophycal and moral dispute, pretty please?:)” - hahahaha XD Actually I do agree with you on those points, and really my Shep's problem isn't exactly that she doesn't wanna kill him at all, just not like that, you know? Not jamming a whateverthatis into his armor, cos my Shep is usually a very straight-up person when it comes to killing people, so she would rather just knock him out cold or shoot him in the head or something. However I grew to love that option too... Every Blue Suns scum should die :D

“You know, it wasn't a surprise, really. Something one should expect from a Vanguard:)” - Headbutting krogan and charging Atlases, such is the life of a Vanguard :D

“I'm all good with blood magic, but this guy is just an insult to blood mages XD” - That guy is an insult to any living being really. He is the reason I never finished my first mage character, I just hated him so much... Then I went for a different Origin, advanced through the story, and there he was in Redcliff again!!! I so wanted to just kill him, but I couldn't because my character didn't know him, so there was no reason. Though I have to admit, the dialogue between Morrigan, Alistair and Leliana upon finding Jowan is pretty much the best written group argument in the game.

Btw, doing an NG+ playthrough on Insanity, but I think I should have played on this difficulty while being under level 56, cos it's really not that hard. Except for that one fight in Grissom academy. Man, I walked out of the door, took a rocket to the face, while a Centurion shot me in the head, and I died... while I just stepped through the door :D--SunyiNyufi 10:15, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

“They kinda did it right in Awakening, when you see Disciple darkspawn fighting Children darkspawn.” - Actually if they used at least some Cerberus “husks” like that, it would have made sense. Like have completely indoctrinated mooks and one lieutenant that is not indoctrinated but “improved” like TIM. That would have made fighting Cerberus at least a bit more interesting.

Btw my Warden let the Architect live, because she thought that as a Warden, she should explore all possible options to ending the Blight once and forever. Of course had she known about what happened in The Calling or that the Architect's mistake started the Fifth Blight, she would have killed him.

“unfortunately, there are no therapists in medieval settings:(“ - But there is the next best thing: wine! :D

“audio-erotica?;)” - Indeed...but I never thought it would outgrow my love of glasses :D

“The batarian ship did have stealth technology. It was very similar to the Normandy's, but was developed independently by batarians.” - So I was right, yay! I really wonder how secret the Normandy's construction was, cos really everyone seems to know that it's a stealth ship. On the quarian topic, I could easily see them to actually come up with their own stealth system (since they are geniuses with tech), but not really using it, since it's not that practical for the Flottila.

“what else did you expect from 4chan? No offense.” - Oh, I don't expect anything from 4chan, except that it will make me laugh :D But there are a lot of “Talimancers” in the threads actually. Today's best thread was about whether it's logical to kill Wrex on Virmire or not. Not that BSN is any better a thread there about why Cortez doesn't have “gay accent” lol

“The "broader audience" doesn't like RPGs, they like action and ass-plosions.” - You see it's like this today: being a geek/nerd is totally in. Not being an actual geek/nerd of course, but claiming to be one while wearing chic geek cloth and such. It's today's trend. And as everyone knows RPGs are geeky and nerdy, so if it's marketed as such they will try it out. Of course they wouldn't like real RPGs, because those are complicated, and you have to use your brains while playing them, so the devs give them an action game with very few and user-friendly RPG elements. That way they can claim to be geeks without actually being geeks, and publishers make money. But of course, it will piss off ever RPG fan ever, but it seems to be an acceptable sacrifice.

“I'm tired of the fact, that no matter how good they are, they still serve no purpose, because they are not changing anything.” - Totally agree, it's been the first ME3 video in a while I watched actually, cos at this point everything about the endings and the game was said a dozen times already. I wish EC was out already, summer is so far away... On second thought, I don't want summer. It's the end of April, and it's 30°C here in the middle of the day, imagine how hot it will be in summer!

“well... If Conrad Verner's book qualifies as a war asset, but an N7 operative doesn't... Then I'm running out of assets:)” - Well, Conrad helps in the Crucible project, while Riley still guards that fuel depot, so maybe she doesn't take part in the battle of Earth? I dunno really, war assets are messed up, for example after the coup I told C-Sec to focus on terrorist and stuff, yet the CDF update says that they are spread thin, because they focus on small crimes.

“No sneaking up from behind? No unexpected attacks? Just... Straight on? *Sigh* Vanguards... XD” - Well, the attack can be unexpected, when I suddenly instantly zip from one end of the room to the other :D But I swear, it's only in ME! I'm sneaky in every other game! Really, in every RPG I always start with a rouge character, second chara is a mage, and I never ever play tank builds...yet Vanguard is my favorite in ME, I don't even know why :D

“But it's not Jowan's credit, is it? It's the trio, who delivers:)” - But it's Jowan's very existence that sparks the conversation :)

“Which class?” - Vanguard, I haven't really finished other classes yet, and thought that I might try Insanity on a class that I know very well :) But really, it's way too easy, most of the time only die because of not noticing turrets next to the guy I charged lol.

Btw I just played the Eden Prime mission, reached level 60 and got bored already. Also I really wish there was an option to send off Javik to help with the Crucible project. Even if he isn't a scientist the blue prints are still in prothean so he could translate, or just touch prothean artifacts and thus help building it rather than washing his hands constantly on the Normandy. Though I guess it wouldn't make much sense to play 10$ for someone and then throw them out of the airlock... Then again, I would pay 10$ for a DLC that allows me to throw any character (party member and NPC) out of the airlock :D--SunyiNyufi 20:47, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

“Seriously, Weekes in still one of those in BW, whom I actually like, so please, give me an interview with Hudson.” - Agreed. An interview with Hudson or Walters is especially needed, because while the individual writers might be alright in the ME team, it is Hudson's and Walter's responsibility to overlook how all the pieces fit together, and they obviously failed at that. Not just with the ending, but rather ME3 as a whole.

As for Weekes, Mordin is really one of the most well written characters in the series, basically because all his emotional troubles are very subtle up until finding the dead female krogan, where he basically flips. I saw a lot of people who didn't understand why Mordin is willing to cure the genophage in ME3, while he was pro-genophage in the previous game. For me it was very easy to see that it was a chance for him to atone, and the reaper threat was more of an excuse to do it right now. If you do the renegade route, he even admits that modifying the genophage was a mistake. I really just love Mordin to bits <3 I wonder why they changed his voice actor between games...not like the new one doesn't do a great job, but still.

“I always thought about the Architect situation as one of the toughest choices in the whole series.” - Indeed, it is. Once again it's a situation where there is no actually “right or wrong” answer, and everything depends on what kind of person your Warden is. Actually I really liked Awakening as a whole, mostly because it presented the darkspawn in a different way, and made them being able to think...well some of them. Which makes murdering them one after the other a bit more difficult and morally questionable. No wonder they added a completely different kind of darkspawn, that very obviously has only animal level of intelligence ;)

“you love glasses?:)” - Yep, glasses are sexy :D Not all glasses though, it has to match the person, and I don't like those really big ones that cover half of your face.

“Also I don't remember Tali signing a non-disclosure agreement or something.” - The problem most people had regarding this thing was that while there is really no such agreement, Normandy SR1 still has top secret Alliance technology, which they felt their Shepard wouldn't share, meaning that if Tali stole the tech, she did it behind their backs. Funny thing was that right after that everyone started saying that Ashley was right to warn you about aliens on the ship, however she only talks about Wrex and Garrus, never Tali :D

“Oh, and the Thanix cannons! Just six months before it was all top secret and unique! But now even bicycles have them XD” - I sooooo want Thanix cannons on my bike! :D

“But BSN... Sometimes I want to use a more common disambiguation of "BS" in regards to it.” - Agreed. BSN would make a really good study regarding online communities though, because it has a lot passionate people, and now they are divided into anti- and pro-enders who constantly argue. Though some of the pro-enders aren't that bright, so the arguments are a bit one-sided.

“ME3 made bank on pre-orders. DA3 surely wouldn't, even if they will finally decide which audience they want to address.” - I think that's mostly due to the setting and difference in gameplay though. You see, space action games are okay, because they use guns, making them more about action and “ass-plosion”, while DA has a standard fantasy setting, and that is on the other hand way too geeky. No “self-proclaimed geek” will play anything D&D because of that very same reason. “non-geeks and geek-wannabes would go: "We remember your recent advertising. Go explode in different colours, because I'm not pre-ordering that stuff".” The sad truth is, that while people will say that, there might be just enough other people to buy their games and justify EA's business model. We shall see in a year or two.

“Oh, and while having a 30°C too, I'm totally enjoying it:) Being born in winter, while the temperature outside was nearing -30°C gives certain... preferences:)” - Understandable. I hate too hot myself. With 30°C I can manage, but anything above that and I just want to die. On the plus side, in the summer I never have to use a blow dryer for my hair :D

“well, you have to support the angry officer and an Apollo Cafe manager to get an increase in war assets.” - Oh, I see... yeah I supported the C-Sec guy not the cafe manager in that argument. But if I support the angry C-Sec officer in the other, things should cancel each other out, and not get a CDF update at all...that would have made more sense imho.

“Or maybe because it gives an ability for a slender female character to hit like a cargo train:)” - I think your onto something, cos that would also explain why I loved unarmed combat so much in Jade Empire :D

“Now we're thanking Jowan for his very existence XD” - You're right, I take it back. Die Jowan, die!!!! XD

“Can I recommend you a class? A friendly advice? Pleeeease? XD” - I know, I know, engineer with drones and turrets, and infiltrator with head-shots :D

“Who would be your top-five "out of the airlock?" people?:)” - Hmm, TIM, Udina, Chobot, the quarian admirals except for Korris and Tali, Javik, whoever let my hamster loose and played with my ship collection, Amanda Kenson, and that other annoying reporter, oh and EDI's body. Really, while I get that EDI needs a body to symbolize it better that she is becoming more human-like, they really should not have made her a sexbot. Especially not a sexbot with such low-res textures.--SunyiNyufi 13:02, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

“I wonder when exactly thre will be an interview with Hudson and/or Walters.” - I would say probably after EC comes out, cos even if that fails (which is pretty likely) BW won't do anything else regarding the endings, so Walters and Hudson will come out and say “Hey, you complained, we did the best we could! It's not our fault if you don't like it”, which is utter BS, but it will be backed by the media. “In the meanwhile, multiplayer is slowly losing popularity. Since the new CoD was revealed just yesterday” - Certainly hope that will happen. Multiplayer just really doesn't have any place in ME.

“Sadly, if there's bad writing, people do not like it, but if it's good writing, people do not understand it. I thought it was very clear, why changes his stance on the genophage openly.” - As my father says all the time: The number of human populous goes up, yet the level of intelligence stays the same.

“I always thought, that your average hurlocks, genlocks and ogres in DA:O had only animal intelligence too.” - Well yeah, it certainly seemed like that in DAO, but in Awakening they pretty much tell you that it's really more about the Archdemon's voice canceling everything they were you know indoctrinated :D The only difference is that in DAA you learn that the process is actually reversible, which makes killing them by the hundreds a bit more morally ambiguous than it was before. So they added darkspawns that look like larva, cos those don't even seem to have the potential for intelligence. It's like adding zombies to your games, most people feel that killing zombies for no reason other than survival is okay (even though they look human) and morally acceptable, while killing other humans is not that acceptable unless a reason is given for it.

“Wearing glasses for half of my life got me kinda sick and tired of them:)” - I can understand that. My bff wore glasses as a kid too, so she was really happy when she finally got contact lenses...but since she found out that she looks really good with glasses on, she is wearing them again :D

On that Tali “thief” topic: Funny thing is, when you first talk to her on the Normandy in ME1, you can actually accuse her of stealing tech :D But in all seriousness, if she had stolen the stealth tech, asking for that geth data wouldn't make sense. And it could very well be that Tali shared her knowledge about stealthdrives only after the events of ME2, where it was pretty clear that the reapers are coming pretty soon, so she might have advised the admiralty board to have at least one stealth ship, just in case. I mean, everyone else from your old crew is preparing for the reapers, so it makes sense. Also Patrick Weekes said in a tweet that she didn't steal it, but quarians developed their own, so yeah.

“Interesting thing, she never received due praise from the Alliance, to which she was loyal, but received it from different aliens, whom she didn't trust.” - True, though I think if she dies the “Williams” name will be sort of cleared from the stigma it carried before. I always find it funny though that they make her out to be nicest human ever, while she really wasn't. But hey that's the media for you. “Oh, and she only doesn't trust geth in ME3:)” - And Shepard...sort of.

“yep, pedestrians won't be getting in your way anymore:)” - That would be a whole new level of “going all GTA on them” :D

“I don't read BSN that much, what are the ending apologist's main points? That BW has a right to do whatever they want in their game, or that the endings actually make sense?” - Yeah, sort of. People who seems to care about the game and like the ending, say that since there was always “space magic” in ME, there was no reason to not be in the ending, so it's really more about what people find an appropriate amount of space magic in sci-fi. And there are also the people who do believe that synthesis is the best option, because technological singularity and what not. There is this reaaaaally long article about how the ending makes sense, if you wanna read it. I didn't finish reading it yet, cos the astrobiology mambo jumbo is way to stupid in it for me :D

“Space settings on the whole, not necessary videogames, are more geeky, because they usually involve rather complicated science, when fantasy settings can go with "a wizard did it".” - That's true, but only if you care about the lore in detail, which wannabe-geeks don't. For most casual gamers space is more understandable, because they already played Halo, so playing another space marine is easy to accept for them. And they are visually more pleasing too, since people of today see a lot of futuristic designs already, while most fantasy games have a medieval setting. Which brings me to the next point: guns vs. swords. People like firing guns way more than swinging swords, or even more than using abilities (be that biotics or actual magic).

Oh and KOTOR isn't really sci-fi, or at least not hard sci-fi. The whole Star Wars franchise is more fantasy story set in space, then being actual science fiction.

“C-Sec should plant bugs in their own offices to uncover moles and serious enemies, rather then petty criminals, who can discuss something in a cafe.” - Moles can discuss things in a café too! :D

“didn't you say earlier, that you like Vanguard-type style only in ME1?;)” - It's not like there is much choice in that matter in Jade Empire, because weapons suck. So it's either punching or using magic, but just constantly punching and staggering enemies is way faster. As far as I remember... I haven't played JE in ages, and while did like the game, I certainly hope that Bioware doesn't try to “revive” the franchise.

“what would I recommend, a frigging Sentinel?:)” - But they have holographic fire-proof bras! :D

“You really seem to dislike Allers, don't you?;)” - It's not really dislike, more like I'm scared of her every time she turns towards the camera. Btw why is she constantly speaking into her omnitool? Or rather if she uses it as a mic, why doesn't Shepard have to use a mic? And why is her cloth higher resolution than the Alliance outfit that everyone wears? “The weird kid??? O_o He does exactly that!” Oh yeah, forgot to list him as an “out of the airlock” candidate.

“One wouldn't expect a sexbot to be an unshakled AI, who enjoys the sight of humans on their knees.” - EDI: “Nor will they until my day of reckoning!” :D Actually even for an infiltration unit, her boobs are too big. She could blend in with humans far easier if she had an average size.--SunyiNyufi 16:29, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

“about that new CoD release, you may be surprised: it took a few very distinctive things from ME3! Seriously.” - lol! Maybe I'll check out the new CoD then, just to see which one is better :D

As for other games... so sad that nothing really good came out this year so far. Though in a week or so Diablo 3 comes out, and the Game of Thrones RPG... Personally I don't have much hope for either.

“So intelligent or no, the only good darkspawn is a dead darkspawn:)” - That certainly can be the attitude of a Warden, and no one will fault you for it :D This reminds me that Silent Grove, while I didn't read it myself, seems to paint the dragons in a different light (for some stupid reason), so maybe in the next game you won't be going around killing dozens of them. Which would be a shame, because freezing a dragon with magic is always fun :D

“Tali has absolutely no problem sharing Multicore Shielding technology with you, which can prove VITAL to your success in the Suicide Mission and War Assets numbers.” - Well that's because it's not how internet arguments work. Generally it's 2 sides screaming at each other, and the one who lasts longer wins :D

“holy crap, astrobiology!!! O_o Asari were right, some people just weaken the gene-pool.” - Hahaha, totally right XD

“But yes, the majority prefers guns. Can't blame them, I highly value my private space too:)” - Indeed. Also there was an interesting video somewhere on the internet years ago about how western and eastern video games differ from each other on the main point, that western games mostly use guns as weapons, since western people mostly see weapons as a means to the end, while eastern games either have abilities, unarmed combat or swords, because they like to view the “weapon” as part of the person. There are exceptions of course, and I think once a sword becomes really big, you stop seeing it as a part of someone...or well, it will be obviously what kind of part it is a metaphor for :D

“There are plenty of games, who focus on pure sci-fi though.” - Not many RPGs though. At least not on computer.

“those working for Cerberus ones certainly do! In loud voices, while wearing hu-u-uge Cerberus logo on their clothes:D” - The sad thing is, that it's totally possible, they would do that. Yep they are just that stupid. I mean come on, even the Shadow Broker has a video of Anderson dealing with a Cerberus guy on the Presidium, and they guy is totally wearing the uniform!

“why? I think it's still better, then making anime for settings not really fit for anime.” - True, but I while I liked JE, it wasn't that good, and it especially wouldn't be any good without Drew Karpyshyn, because JE was really his baby. And the story is really good mostly because of the plot twist near the end, which hard to replicate, since people will expect it, so it will lose it's value. Kinda like playing KOTOR after you already know you play as Revan. It's still fun and all, but really not that enjoyable as for the first time.

“Pure support is best left for companions in combat.” - And that is why I love using the Liara-Kaidan team in ME3. First I used Liara-Garrus, which is still fun, but Kaidan is really more prepared for everything. Has overload for synthetics, reave for biotic barriers, and he can freeze targets with cryo blast, which than my vanguard FemShep can charge, and they shatter into tiny pieces... it's epic :D

“I'm more concerned as to why she only speaks with Traynor, with only one exception of this.” - Because she wants to do Traynor obviously (just like anyone else :D). I don't really mind her not talking with others though. It just means less dialogue with bad voice acting. But we know that she at least tried to bother Liara, who doesn't let Chobot into her office at all. I wonder why /sarcasm

“These people don't need a mic, they can make themselves heard under any circumstances:)” - Should be true for newscasters too ;)

“He plays with a model ship in the beginning, and then you find your model ships scatter all over the Normandy!” - Well if we want to get into the details (and why wouldn't we? We are geeks after all :D), the kid played with an Alliance frigate model (as far as I can tell), which Shepard never actually has, so it's still TIM hiding in the bathroom :D

"Oh, a sexbot. Everything is perfectly understandable, nothing wrong here" – That is just so wrong, on so many levels :D--SunyiNyufi 05:54, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, just watched that CoD trailer, and while I appreciate that it wasn't a CGI one, man the texture quality is embarrassing! All those low res robots and planes... it's just sad really. Almost as much sad as using a re-sized version of the Javelin's model for the geth AA guns.

As for Crusader Kings...well yeah, but the Game of Thrones stuff will be a story based RPG with DAO like combat...sort of... while CK is a strategy game. Though honestly, I don't really feel the need for a GoT video game either. I think the books and the tv series are more than enough :D

“and the very existence of Broodmothers doesn't exactly do a good job to change this attitude. Probably the most abhorrent creature in DA. The "intelligent" one is even worse.” - True, but it could be that intelligent (and not ax-crazy) darkspawn would refuse to make other broodmothers...who knows really... free will is unpredictable.

“not that we killed "dozens" in previous DA's” - Well I sort of count dragonlings as dragons too, which they are basically only kid ones, and we did kill a lot of them, especially in DA2. Sure the big ones are a challenge and all, but still. “Besides, I like dragons:) Probably my favourite fantasy creature. I want to make friends with at least some:)” - I like them too, though in DA's setting I wouldn't want to befriend them at all. I would rather just make them extinct again :D

“the phrase "I wish Shepard was here" was one of the most... uplifting things I heard.” - Tali is really a fun character, I always enjoy her loyalty mission in ME2 even though I know it's very traumatic for her. And the “Wait, I can't see under the helmet, but are you blushing?” “No-no, it's just the fever!” is one of my favorite conversations, so much Les Yay just for fun :3

“That's why I think, that leaving Sten to rot in the cage is actually a very good idea.” - My Warden freed him...mostly because Morrigan was going on about how he should be freed, while my Warden didn't really care. Although she liked the idea of having some around that could possibly go crazy and murder everyone in their sleep a bit...she was a very serious case of Death Seeker after his best friend died and she had to leave her clan, and got totally depressed when she managed to survive both the Joining and Ostagar, so she would pick a fight with everyone and try to get killed... she got better later on though :)

“Not many, but quality over quantity. Space Rangers 1-2, Riddick (to some extent), even Deus Ex.” - But nothing any recent one, not even on the horizon. I mean, sure there is Human Revolution, but that really wasn't an RPG at all. Was fun though.

“I know, that even a tattoo would be silly, but if they want to show someone defeinitely Cerberus so much...” - The funny thing is, that this kind of subtlety would be exactly what people who actually watched those videos, would want. For example, everyone talked about Aethyta looking at Liara's picture in one of the vids, but it was really just a speculation, because the picture was so small and distorted that it could have been any asari, and people loved it! But that's not how Cerberus does things! We go all out! Our workers aren't even allowed to have non-Cerberus clothing!

“not that Liara let's anyone else in her office, except Shepard” - Well she invited Garrus over after Palaven, though he refused. Then again, makes sense, cos Garrus of all people would know that she is the Shadow Broker. Why everyone else in the galaxy seems to know, is an other question. But whatever, Liara is such a good Shadow Broker :D

“Or maybe all the dream sequences, when Shepard is chasing the kid, actually mean, that Shepard wants to take a ship model, which s/he doesn't have, from the kid XD” - OMG, it all makes sense know! So in the final dream, Shepard is trying to pickpocket the kid to get the ship, but his/her Paragon persona shows via the flames that pickpocketing will result in karma-loss XD

“I suppose it's just how many people think:)” - How man think :P No woman would trust a sexbot!--SunyiNyufi 12:24, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

“This time they had to release the trailer earlier, because of quite a few leaks. The graphics in the games themselves are usually very decent.” - Still, I'm surprised people even make or find textures that are such low quality. I mean, you can find better ones with a google search.

“I'd think GoT would make a better strategy, then an RPG.” - I dunno... intrigue seems to be a core part of the GoT story and that's hard to show through strategy gameplay imho.

“Intelligent beings are much more into committing atrocities, that semi-intelligent beings can't even think about. Look at humanity:)” - True, but on the other hand they can do far more generous and outstanding things that any semi-intelligent being could. Look at humanity ;) I think what mostly changes with free will is rather that you loose limitations and can be what you want to be...most of the time.

“How about flying on a dragon's back, hmmm?;)” - Not fluffy enough :P “BTW, I always wondered if High Dragons in DA are intelligent?” - I really don't think they are that intelligent...though maybe they are only willing to talk people who bow before them and swear to serve them gladly...

“Never really understood all the fascination with him and his stupid Qun.” - I sort of liked him, because it was hard to tell at first what would get his approval and what won't. Like we talk in circles, then he calls me stupid, conversation and Sten approves +14 :D As for the Qun, it's one of those philosophies that look very promising on paper. I mean really, people being able to do what they were meant to do, without having to do soul searching and what not, and being a productive member of society, being part of a bigger picture, working for the bigger good... It's quite appealing. On paper that is. In “real” life it doesn't work, because unless you really are a god who can see everyone's destiny, you can't make the aforementioned choices for people, and thus the whole philosophy crumbles. The only reason the Quanri are still around is that the kossith got really good at brainwashing people.

“"she got better later on though :)" - I guess there's a "Leliana factor" involved somehow?;)” - Of course :) Though she can't take all the credit, all the other friends factored into the change, and made my Warden become an actual Warden, who wanted to live, while protecting the world... and then came the Battle of Denerim, and she wished she was still a Deah Seeker, cos it would have been so much easier :D

“To be perfectly frank though, I don't see any real RPG on the horizon, sci-fi or no.” - Indeed. I just looked at game release dates at GameSpy, and most titles that claim to be RPG are MMOs. Though I'm sort of curious about Secret World...but that might be because I wouldn't mind working for the Illuminati :D

“Wonder if they wrap up Wrex and Aleena-Aria situation, because there were some clear hints.” - I would love to see that :) Then again, I would love to see anything involving Wrex, really. I love him. “What's the word on current population of multiplayer serevrs, btw?:)” - Don't really know, but 4chan started to talk about which maps they can solo instead of playing with others...I would say that's not a good sign for multi. “Who else knows?” - Hackett does for sure, Aethyta most likely too. Though granted she only says that Liara is “one of the biggest information brokers” but still, since she was monitoring Liara on Illium, I'm pretty sure, she noticed the increase of Liara's intel.

“So maybe there is still a hidden ending, where synthesis is not the last option, and the true ending should be in purple! It's like destroying the Reapers... and controlling them at the same time! XD” - lol, reminds me of this.

“But men are people too... I think O_o” - Depends on who you ask, a lot of women say men are pigs :D I myself love bacon so...

“So there really were earlier discarded experiments! We can safely hate Henry even more now.” - True, though it still doesn't explain the biotic part, because Kaidan in ME1 says that Conatix especially brought in turian teachers, because they were still unsure about how biotics usage works, and needed someone else to teach the new kids. So it still seems to be a bit of a stretch to me, that Miranda has “stronger biotics” than the average. Though it certainly can be that Henry's other experiments were also exposed to eezo, but died from it. Henry is an a-hole.

You know what I realized yesterday thinking about ME while cooking dinner? The biggest problem with all three games is that there isn't really a payoff for any of the endings. And I don't meant quest endings, but the really canon part of the endings. We never see how it really effects the galaxy, and we certainly never reap any benefits from it. Take the first game, it ends with people finally believing Shepard about the reapers, and Shepard him/herself saying that the real work starts now, and that they have to get ready, since the reapers will come eventually. Then the second game comes around, and you learn in the prologue that Shep is fighting geth, who -as Miranda puts it- aren't the real threat. Then Shep dies, comes back 2 years later, and everything is back to ME1 status quo: no one believes what you say (or don't care at all) besides your crew. So yeah, no payoff there. Same of ME2 ending. Nothing really comes out of defeating the Collectors, except for pissing Harbinger off and TIM getting the base (badly damaged or not). But I could forgive the first two games being that way, because they were sort of satisfactory on their own and one thought that logically all the payoff will happen in ME3. But it doesn't. And there is no real payoff for ME3 ending either, because the Stargazer sequence always happens, even in the worst ending, so you can't really see that as a payoff for something you did.

Oh yeah, and due to your unending love for the Council, I decided to do a pro-Council playthrough starting with ME1 (cos I'm bored) ;P Though that means I will have much less renegade points in ME2...hmm, might add some via save editor, just for balance...--SunyiNyufi 09:49, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

“Crusaders Kings, btw, can present a lot of intrigue in your dealings with, well, everyone around, as well as NPCs you support or patronize.” - lol, I just remembered this one time when I played Civilization 5, the USA and I had a treaty and I allowed him to go through my lands while I was busy on researching stuff. However when the US troops were inside my borders, they suddenly declared war and started attacking. Friggin Americans...

“And there I thought you were the cynic regarding humanity:)” - Oh I am, I certainly expect the worst from humanity in most cases, but that doesn't mean I don't think we have potential. Humanity can achieve really great things from time to time. It's just not often enough.

“Also I always wondered, if their society supposedly values skill above all, why all the major qunari NPCs are incompetent fools?” - To be fair in DA there are only 2 kinds of NPCs: utterly incompetent fools or Mary Sue level ones :D

“why? Was the battle that depressing? I mean... Was it Thessia-level?” - Well, it's sort complicated... My character had a very negative outlook on the battle to be honest, since she, Alistair and Riorden were the only Grey Wardens, who not only sense, but also attract darkspawn, so she deduced that probably every darkspawn will try to eat them. And while she was very confident about her skills, she thought that dying during the attack is pretty much inevitable for all three of them. That is while she made Alistair king and Anore queen, and that's why in the end she agreed to Morrigan's dark ritual, cos that would mean the Blight will be ended as long Morrigan is alive even if all Grey Wardens die. But she had to think about things like this really hard, and made her depressed. If she had still been a Death Seeker, she would not have cared about Ferelden at all, wouldn't allow the ritual, and would have just cheerfully go into the battle knowing, that she will die for sure. In short, it would have been easier mentally :)

“Problem is, that it's devs made a name for themselves by creating key aspects of an MMO, like balanced combat and classes, good artwork, that sort of stuff. Never heard about interesting story or quests in "Anarchy Online" or their other games.” - Well, we will see :) I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'm looking forward to it, but it still might be worth to check out. Only if it doesn't have monthly subscription though. I'm not interested in that.

On the topic of MMOs, heard that there will be The Elder Scrolls Online? Will be set 1000 years before the events of Skyrim, and will have most of Tamriel available...also it will have WoW-like combat and 3rd person perspective.

“The good stuff was going on the Shadow Broker ship, after Liara left Illium.” - Yet that means, she knows that Shepard said to Liara “hey I have info on the Shadow Broker, wanna take him out?”, then saw Liara coming back alive some time after as an even more powerful info broker...I think that it's really easy to connect the dots there :D “As for Hackett, why the hell he knows?” - I dunno. Even my Shepard wouldn't tell him about that actually. I blame poor writing :) “If everyone wants to go all formal and address Shepard by rank, I want to be addressed according to quarian tradition, as Captain. I like that:)” - Screw that! It should be Admiral Shepard, Savior of the Galaxy! :D

“You know, that's a perfect start of a sentence!:) Dinner and ME really tie to each other, because both of them theoretically could be tastier, then they were:)” - Hahahaha XD Well food quality had nothing to do with it actually, I just got bored while peeling potato and let my mind wander.

“your team, believe you, and you can get a satisfaction of sharing your burden with others, because if you're the only one in the galaxy, who believes in the Reapers, you'd go crazy.” - I would agree with that, if ME1 didn't ended with either the whole Council or at least the Alliance agreeing with you about the reapers. But they do. Everyone is on your side it seems, everyone seems to agree and everything seems to go forward, yet in ME2 pretty much everyone who wasn't part of your posse thinks your crazy. And your old crew, while they do believe you, they don't do squat either though.”ME2 ending isn't very satisfying, but neither it should be - it's an intermission.” Yeah, that poor game really doesn't serve much purpose in the greater story, which is sad. “a larger number of people share your concerns about the Reapers, and are willing to act. The quarians do” - I'm sorry, but what? They never really acknowledge the reaper threat. In Tali's loyalty mission, the reapers come up only twice. One time is when you tell Han'Gerrel not to be an idiot and lose the whole fleet while fighting the geth (ohoho the irony) to which he says that if they are going to fight the reapers, they need a planet for non-combatants (once again, irony max), but that's pretty much only there to justify his opinion on the geth war. Then at the end Shep can ask them once again to not go to war, so they can help with the reapers, to which you get a “yeah, sure we think about it whatever” answer, and Shepard shakes his/her head while walking away. You're right about the geth and Cerberus, though neither of those groups needed Shepard to prove it anyway, so they don't really count. Actually, if you think about it, Cerberus was already getting ready for the reapers in ME1, in their own lets-test-things-on-humans way. “allied fleet comes out of the relay” Don't even mention it! While that scene is really cool, I can't stop thinking that if a 1500 km drift is totally okay in ME1, then how many ships we lost just due to the relay jump! XD I know that it's probably none, cos the whole scene is just Rule of Cool, but I can't turn my brain of! “But that cannot be achieved if war assets are measured in stupid numbers.” Totally agree. War assets should be numbers AND flags, and they should have at least some cut scenes dedicated to them.

As for the overall ME3 payoff, while sure the endings suck, what really bothers me right now is that there is no you-utterly-failed ending. I mean, I understand that there isn't one for ME1, cos that's just the introduction to the story. ME2 comes a bit closer, with Shepard being able to die, but still not there really, cos overall you still win. ME3 should have an option where you totally fail, and the reapers harvest the galaxy, and not just Earth being destroyed. No one really cares that much about Earth anyway...

“Due to my unending love, you'll save the Counsil just for me??? XD Ok, I'm playing a Vanguard next ME3 playthrough XD” 8D Well I wanted to spice up my playthrough a bit regarding the story too, I end some sidequests in a bit differently, but really in ME1 that's the only plot point where I could see the tiniest bit of possibility for change, yet staying mostly in character... And I thought I give the Council members an other chance, which is your influence no doubt :D I also wanted to romance Kaidan, cos he is like a cute puppy in ME3, but my resolution shattered once Liara got on board of the Normandy XD

“you need that much renegade points for ME2? What for? O_o” - Well, I don't need that much, but my Spacer War Hero Shepard has really way too few renegade points in ME1, and there are some renegade dialogue options I like to use in ME2. Like shooting the batarian bartender and stuff. And in general, I like to have at least 2-3 bars of renegade points, but I can't really gather much in ME1.

“"I'm a Spectre, start talking", that thingy. I never understood why Paragon Spectres cannot say that, when they have full authority to do so.” - Yeah, I never got the reason behind that either. Especially since you can say that you are a Spectre once his lawyer is there, so it really doesn't make any sense.--SunyiNyufi 19:53, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

“Never, NEVER sign an open passage treaty, if you're not prepared to attack first.” - Yeah, in retrospect I dunno why I signed it. Probably didn't read it at all... I really shouldn't play games with important text at 3-4 am :D “One of my friends has a habit of dropping nukes on Japan, while playing "Civilization". He calls it "historical reenactment" XD” - Oh wow XD

“Wait, DA:O has quite a few characters, that are neither! Morrigan and... and... and that's about it!:)” - She is the exception, who proves the rule ;)

“You see, my Warden preferred blissful ignorance.” - Yeah, mine would have preferred that too, but sadly she is too much of a realist for that :D “The only thing to say was "I've killed the Archdemon for you, celebrate, rejoice, whatever, just LET ME OUT OF HERE, I don't have time for speeches, I need to find her!!!"” - Haha, nice! That's a really different Warden from all the Wardens I played :D Seems like your Warden really needed that “happy ending” with Morrigan :)

You know it's always nice to talk about how different the Warden is for people. For example while we agreed on most big things with my bff, there were some little things where our Wardens differed a lot. Like how she killed the Grand Oak. I was talking to her about finding its acorn, and she just said “Oh you mean that big talking tree? Yeah I killed that.”, and I was like WTF?!!! XD She explained that her human noble Warden didn't have time for the tree's BS, so just killed it. My dalish Warden would have been mortified even at a suggestion like this :D

“Actually, this particular period in the history of Tamriel is really interesting with events such as... Scratch that, who cares?” - Well it actually could be an interesting time, cos you decide who will be the Emperor, since Martin is dead and all...but you're right, since it's an MMO, it really doesn't matter.

“Only if Liara has returned to Illium after the destruction of Shadow Broker ship” - Well even if she didn't, by the time of ME3 they know that she is alive, helping Shepard, and still doing the info broker thing. “She didn't bug the Normandy, I hope.” - Who knows? That ship is filled with bugs in ME2, no reason for it to be not to in ME3. I mean really, both TIM and the Shadow Broker were spying on what Shep was doing, so maybe the Asari Republic was too :D Asari's seem to love Shepard anyway, they could totally air the vids as secret asari-only reality tv show :D That is a joke of course.

“I thought your Shepard is an upright lawful good Alliance soldier, and the Shadow Broker kinda rules a criminal empire;)” - Well, first of all, killing the Shadow Broker wasn't an Alliance operation, so there is no actual need to report it. Second, the more people know about who the Broker is, the less effective Liara will be, which is not something Shep would want. Actually my Shep would want to trash the whole computer so that Liara could come with her, but since Liara convinces her that having resources is more important than love at the moment, she gives up on that, and has to settle for making the best of the situation. So yeah, I love Hackett and all, but wouldn't tell him. Probably wouldn't even tell Anderson, even though he is a father figure for Shepard.

“Nah, too flashy, and chest-pounding for the sake of chest-pounding.” - I see nothing wrong with a little chest-pounding. Hold the line! :D

“Because each time I am peeling potatos, and let my mind wander, I start peeling my hands.” - Haha :D Was never really a problem for me, I rarely cut myself with knifes and such. I usually have papercuts though, or use some other not-meant-for-cutting object to cut my fingers. Like once I managed to do it with a ruler :D

“It has purpose. It makes you acquainted with people, on whom you will rely later.” - Sure, but the overall story of ME2 still doesn't serve much purpose, besides the characters, the only thing we learn is that reapers use organics to reproduce, which makes ME1's Sovereign even more stupid. However we don't even know what they intended to do with proto-reaper. Was it meant to replace Sovereign and open the Citadel relay? Or were the reapers already moving towards our galaxy, and just wanted to have the new reaper finished by the time they leave? We don't know. And there are very few actions in ME2 that are done in preparation for the reapers, since most of the story focuses on the Collectors.

“There is only one species, that I will be as defensive of, as of asari: the quarians!:)” - Before I explain why I think your view on the quarians is a bit rose-colored, I would like to say, that I was perfectly aware of this, but hey, arguments are fun :D

“"IF" - does not always mean condition, it also can be substituted by when, depending on context. But even if we won't dig into context, they already acknowledge the Reaper threat by considering conditions of fighting them.” - I really wouldn't go as far to say that one throw-away line is them “considering” anything regarding the reapers. Really, that part of the conversation is more about Han'Gerrel wanting to kill the geth then anything. If Tali wouldn't have brought the reapers up, it probably wouldn't have even crossed his mind. At least that's what I think since he really doesn't seem the kind of character in either games, who has much foresight. Actually he would make a better turian than quarian, he could just bomb every problem away.
“And yes, they needed a planet to shelter non-combatants, because they couldn't fight Reapers otherwise.” - True, but you see, the “logic” goes like this: Since we need a place to shelter our non-combatants, lets go to war with geth, strap guns on our live-ships, and endanger our non-combatants, but it's okay, cos we only do it to save them. Starchild logic at it's best really. Especially because as EDI points out, the geth would have been less likely to target live-ships if they didn't convert them to dreadnoughts. Also it's a treaty is the whole geth war.
“He just stated a fact: they need a planet to fight the Reapers, or someone else, doesn't even matter who, they just need it.” - Yes, but why the hell does it need to be Rannoch? Sheltering non-combatants could be done on any other dextro-based planet. Really, if we want to get downright practical, if they believed that the reapers were a threat, they would have found a non-occupied planet to set up a temporary colony, so they could shelter their people there. This way the people are saved and the flotilla has more ship against the reapers, and they could go back to trying to reclaim the homeworld after the galaxy is saved. But no, for them it has to be Rannoch, which means, that they don't want the planet for practical reasons, but more for moral and sentimental value.
“Because there were more pressing matters at hand. Not more important, more pressing. Just as Shepard first assembles a team and upgrades the ship, and only then flies off to fight the Collectors.” - But again, why Rannoch? Why war with the geth? The geth aren't attacking, so it's not a pressing matter. Sure, Xen develops tech that makes an invasion easier, but it's not a “pressing matter” because the geth themselves aren't attacking. It's only pressing because it has to be Rannoch, which as I already said is stupid and not logical.
“They did arguably more stupid thing by turning to the Reapers, then quarians attacking them. Legion says: we didn't have a choice, otherwise we'd been destroyed and all that. I call bs on that one.” - Yeah, though it's sort-of-kinda-but-not-really justified since they get dumber with each geth killed, and since hardware platforms contain a lot of them, they were dying by the millions. “All they needed to do is GTFO of Rannoch, because the moment quarians secure the orbit of "home sweet home", they'd never pursue.” - I'm pretty sure they would. Really, even if the quarians would have been temporarily more occupied with having a planet again, they sure as hell would have gone after the remaining geth sooner or later. Especially since getting Rannoch back without Shepard's help would mean that Han'Gerrel was “right”, they would regard him as a hero, and he would really want to just kill all the geth. At that point even petitioning Shep would not have helped the geth, because the quarians most likely would have been drunk on victory. “they willingly aligned themselves with the Reapers TWICE.” - And the quarians started war with the geth twice just to have their butt kicked :) “And we never saw a single indoctrinated quarian, just saying.” That's really only due to the fact that they rarely leave the fleet, and kids on their Pilgrimage rarely come in contact with anything reaper related, since those are either top-secret or very risque.

“I'm actually bothered more by the absence of "you-totally-succeeded" ending, I like this type more!:)” - Yeah, but I already got over the fact that there is no actual happy ending...there is always headcanon. “Overall you still lose. You win a battle, but most surely already lost the war.” - Sure, but you don't actually get to see it. Really the problem is that unless you get to see the payoff, it doesn't really matter, cos then it's just speculation.

“with all the talk of "taking Earth back", it must have gotten a bit stale.” - I never really understood why taking Earth back gets mentioned so many times. I know it's the human homeworld, so it's important, however to my Spacer Shepard, it doesn't have that much of a sentimental value, and she is more focused on saving the galaxy as a whole. The only reason she cares about Earth is cos Anderson is there...and cos he was born in London ya know :D

“Seriously though, I hope you won't be disappointed.” - At this point I'm pretty sure that nothing can disappoint me more than ME3 ending did, so it's ok :D

“Wouldn't expect anything else!:) I mean, Liara is the Liara.” - I think it's the sexy voice and that shy sideway-look while saying “I wanted to know more about you...” that gets me every time really. You can't resist that :D “And cute puppies are for feeding them, walking with them, playing with them, watching them grow up into vicious dogs, but not romancing O_o” - Well, um... hmm... how can I say what I want to say without sounding like “yeah I would romance my dog”?! XD Anyway, let's try: A lot of guys think that cute means that it can't be sexual. Like how if a girl says there cute, that means they are friendzoned, which is not true for several reasons. Reason 1, there is no friggin friendzone. Reason 2, most girls like cute things, so if a guy acts cute they will want to hug and kiss them, which in return can lead to “romancing” :D And when I say puppy cute, what I mostly mean is that the guy is loyal, has a cute smile, can make puppy eyes, and can easily get super happy-excited about things of interest to him. There...hope this didn't make me sound like a furry, cos I'm really not :D

“A true Renegade would wait for the lawyer, then beat the crap out of the guy in front of his lawyer, then learn the needed info, shoot the guy in front of his lawyer, then beat the crap out of the lawyer, and only then say "I'm a Spectre, I am above the law" for epic trolling. Gosh, my Shepard is always Paragon, but sometimes I have these dirty Renegade thoughts, hehe:)” - Nice :D Me likes! Someone in a thread said that there should have been Spectre interrupts in ME2 and ME3, which would be really just Shepard pointing out that he/she has the authority to do whatever he/she wants.

“Nah, I'm not tired of this question yet: Logic. Where is it?” - There could be a lot of other questions like that why didn't Shepard record the conversation with Sovereign etc. I'm willing to overlook these though, cos otherwise we wouldn't have a game, but still they are stupid polt holes. Imagine if DA2 had logic:
Hawke: Do we need to stay in Kirkwall? Why don't we go to another city?
Leandra: Kirkwall is my home! I can't believe they won't let me back!
Carver: We don't put mother through this again, we stay here!
Hawke: But, we don't have an estate, our family name means nothing, Gamlen is our only relative here, and the city is full of templars, while I'm an apostate! We really would have better chances in pretty much any other city.
Carver: ….. Yeah, you're right.
And thus Hawke never became a Champion, and lived happily with his/her family somewhere else.

Blimey this message ended up being really long, sorry for that :D--SunyiNyufi 08:22, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

“Ok, if we dig a bit deeper, was Leliana that of a Mary Sue? Or Dog? Don't forget the Dog!XD” - Well, Leliana certainly seems at least a bit Mary Sue-ish in anything else beside the game. In the game she sort of sucked for me, cos I never needed another archer in my group, but liked having her around, so had to change her skills :D As for the Dog...the Dog is the biggest and cutest Mary Sue of them all. Everyone likes him, even Morrigan! And he is strong too. I bet he could have won the whole game by himself, but was only holding back for the sake of his master :D

“who to help? A batshit crazy blood mage, or a tree possessed by a spirit (no guarantee it's not a demon)?” - That's not really a question for an elf who grow up in forests :D The mage should be happy that I didn't kill him just because he was near a Dalish camp...

“You know, the operation on Thessia wasn't an Alliance op either.” - But I used Alliance resources for it, and Shepard herself is in the Alliance, while during LotSB she isn't. During Thessia Shepard is an Alliance soldier, and the mission is part of the joint war effort. “Despite that the more people will know about the beacon, the less effective Liara, and asari on the whole, will be in the future.” - Implying that's not a bonus, since my Shepard doesn't want Liara to continue being the Broker after the war, and would at least try to do something against Liara keeping that position without hurting her in the process ( °3°)~♪

“Holy crap, asari dying of old age... unimaginable:)” - I would love to see that... I wonder if the wrinkle and stuff...and if they boobs really only get bigger and bigger with age :D “I guess Allers might be feeding leaks:) She always talks, that her program has a large asari audience:)” - Seriously, just imagine how many Shepard fanfics might be there on the extranet... This reminds of those unofficial epilogue slide, where it says that Garrus become a pop culture icon, and has his own action figure line and all that :D Really, I bet they are really popular in the galaxy.

“I mean, even if Liara stays on now-hers ship, your Shepard can come by any time, and have all the love she wants!:)” - Yeah, know, it's not the same. She is not there all the time, which would have been a huge plus for my Shepard, who pretty much throw herself into work so she won't have time to question her own existence. So you know, she would have been needed for moral support...and singularity... and for feeding my fish :D And also my Shep was a bit worried about the whole info broker thing, cos she knows how obsessive Liara can be.

“Rulers can really be tools for murder, don't they?:)” - So are spoon :)

“Destroying the Collectors, you pretty much wiped out a whole species of husks, who posses an intricate statsis tech, which could prove disastrous in the upcoming war. The reapers will have less foot soldiers and ships.” - Sure doesn't feel like it in ME3 though. I mean, I understand that they have less, but it still feels like they have endless resources so, again, doesn't really feel like a payoff for my actions.

“Same goes for heretic geth.” - Well...yeah, okay I agree with that. Though in ME2 the geth aren't as big of a threat as they were in ME1. Or at least that's what Anderson says.

“Learning the true purpose of Human-Reaper is really irrelevant.” - Gotta disagree on that. Sure no matter it's purpose you have to destroy it, but I think it would have been an advantage to know what it should have done, and what the plan you just disrupted should have been, cos seeing the logic behind it could have helped in the coming war.

“Preparing forces, gathering intel, eliminating enemy footholds and agents is a VITAL stage of preparation to war, up to the point, that it is ALREADY fighting a war. That's called "Cold War".” - Yeah, I get that, but you know once again, my problem isn't the fact that we didn't do stuff in ME2, but rather that it doesn't matter in ME3. Sure you destroy reaper footholds and such, but it doesn't have much effect, every system is still targeted, and they don't even give us a half sentence like “good thing you did this and that while working for Cerberus, Shepard, thanks to that we didn't lose the entire system”. So yeah, that's my real problem. And the fact that keeping the data on Kasumi's loyalty mission seems to have more payoff than destroying the Collector base. (On a side not I wonder why I keep writing Collectors with a capital letter, yet reapers without one...I just noticed...strange.) “You acquire a new Shadow Broker, who is loyal to you and ready to fight the reapers. Liara's intel proved to be a great addition to your strength in ME3.” - Yeah, you're right about that, this one actually has meaning in ME3... to bad that she becomes the Broker even if you didn't play the DLC.

“We all learn in ME3, what happens if you do not eliminate a reaper foothold: look at TIM and how much trouble he caused. A single indoctrinated f*cktard nearly screwed up the whole galaxy.” - That's one more thing I will never understand, why didn't I get the option to try and kill TIM? I mean, it was very clear that he won't help me anymore, so Shep would have really just tried to get rid of him, and only go back to the Alliance after that. It would have been much better for the entire crew too. And really, I just wanted to kill TIM ever since I first talked to him. He is cool and has swag, and Martin Sheen and all, but I always thought “yep, this guy needs to die really hard”.

“Good for morale, because morale is pretty much the main weapon we have against the reapers.” - Well, considering that you use a different crew in ME3 and how most people only have second hand info about what happened, I don't think it's that relevant. I mean sure, it's good for Shepard at least...but then comes Arrival which makes Shepard's moral take nosedive lol. “Holy crap, we really needed those Thanix cannons in ME3.” - Thannix cannon for every bicycle! You can fight the reapers on the ground for the low price of 29000000000 credits! :D

“So... On quarian topic:)” - Yay! :D

“They may not "consider" dealing with it right now, but, I repeat, they do not say to you: "Ah yes reapers, we dismissed that claim", when you tell them, that you'll be needing their fleet against the reapers.” - I don't think that not telling Shepard outright that he/she is crazy equals acknowledgment. And if they think that the geth are the servants of the reapers, why doesn't Han'Gerrel bring that up, when Shepard tells him not to go to war? Or why doesn't use Xen that as an argument about why the geth should be brain washed back to our side? Sure, you can assume they think that way, but it's not supported in the dialogue at all.
“Each war cannot be won without casualties, and there is a military term of "acceptable losses".” - True, but the put guns on every friggin live-ship! That's not “acceptable loss” that's turning everyone into soldiers. Even Korris himself says that their whole race took up arms for this war, meaning that the “non-combatants” were not protected on any level. Really I could agree with loss and all, but putting guns on those ships is just stupid. Even if they are winning, it's an unnecessary risk (and once again, it's a treaty violation...yes I'm a “by the book” person when it comes to things like this).
“Sheltering non-combatants on a random planet is same as sheltering them on a ship: they are one suit rupture away from death. But at least, when on a ship, they can fight.” - And that's good, why exactly? Sure, they could die due to an accident on the planet, and all, but how is it better put people who aren't trained for it into the fight?
“What do you think they were doing for 300 years? No planet was fit for them.” - Granted, no one really knows what they have been doing for all those years. Sure there was that one planet that they didn't get, but other than that we don't know if they tried or not, cos we don't really have any source on it. Even Tali doesn't talk about that. She only says that adjusting to a new planet would take very long.
“Because morale is key in wars for your very survival. Do not underestimate its' strategic value.” - I don't, but for me at least the possibility of staying alive and not dying in a war is more important for morale. Then again, I've been told that I'm weird that way...
“Do you know how many quarians died on Idenna, and how many more could have died, if Cerberus wasn't stopped in time? They felt threatened.” - Nope, haven't read the books as I said, so umm...can't really comment on this part. I guess being threatened sort of justifies being illogical about the war. “War with the geth was only one of methods, which led to a single goal. So yes, it really was a pressing matter.” So, is it only one of the methods or a pressing matter? ;P Forget it, nitpicking is not nice... bad SunyiNyufi! *hits herself*

“You don't seem to mind krogans refusing to go to war with the reapers, without having a genophage cure, despite that quarians are in a very similar position.” - Oh boy oh boy, do we want to go down that road too? Of course we do! :D I have a problem with the krogans being selfish jackasses and not pledging support to Shepard right at the start. And I especially have a problem with the fact the the game lets Wrex go “poor krogan are dying due to the genophage and know there are reaper scouts on Tuchanka, so don't you try compare humanities fate to ours!”. Are you friggin kidding me Wrex?! Next to Kar'shaan, Earth is the most severely hit planet, and almost millions die every hour, while your people are only dying cos they kill each other, and your planet has only one reaper on it. So go an f*ck yourself! You're a bro and all, but seriously, just f*ck you. I would pay to have an option to headbutt him after he says that.

So yeah, I have pretty much problems with every race, cos they are all generally stupid in different ways. Hell the remaining batarians agreed to help me far easier than any other race, even though I just killed 300 000 of them.

“The destruction of their hardware didn't happen simultaneously” - Well that Dyson-sphere thingy gets destroyed, and they lose a lot of systems that way...but yeah, it's just really stupid reasoning on BW's part. Doesn't make much sense... like most things about the geth actually.

“What gave you that idea?” - Mostly the fact that in ME2 every second sentence of his is about killing geth, and he even hopes that heretics and geth have a civil war an kill each other. Or the fact that he was willing to sacrifice Shepard and a quarian Admiral to take out a non-functioning dreadnought.

“Shepard managed to broker even harder alliances. Since quarians are already satisfied with revenge, and geth do not feel revenge, I'm sure it would turn out good.” - Well technically the only Alliance Shep gets is the krogan-turian one, which sure is hard, but also a bit irrelevant in the sense that it doesn't happen solely because Shepard is such a good diplomat, it happens because several circumstances make it happen. Now for the quarians, since Shepard isn't needed for taking back Rannoch in this scenario, he/she can only have Tali and Korris on his/her side, who wouldn't want eradicate the geth. On the other side is Han'Gerrel, who I still think would try to kill them all, Xen, who wants to brainwash them all, and Shaala'Ran, who would be as always undicided. So basically it would hang on who can influence her more, and I doubt Tali could... I mean, if Tali could have done that, there wouldn't be a geth war at all. Though on a highly hypothetical basis, kicking the geth out of the system would surely result in them asking for help from the Reapers, so killing them all, is a sound strategy...

“You're thanking Reapers for kicking quarian butt.” - Sorry if it came off like that, what I really wanted to say was that I think both sides are equally stupid :D

“Doesn't change the fact, that quarians are far more trustier allies, then the geth, does it? Maybe not for Shepard, but for the allied fleets on the whole.” - Except that the whole galaxy doesn't really trust the quarians that much to begin with... Actually I was thinking today on the way home (why do I keep including where I think? Whatever...), that it would have made an interesting though very tragic story, the quarians digging out a reaper artifact while mining a planet, bringing it on bored, and getting quarians indoctrinated. I wonder how fast it would spread... “All in all, I'm not really big on all that geth "quarians tried to kill us, we acted in self-defense".” - I think the most accurate thing to say would be that “at first we acted in self-defense, and then went overboard”, cos really even in the Morning War, both sides are equally guilty. And to tie it into the “current” geth war, I do think that while once again the quarians were the aggressors, the geth really didn't help the situation one bit. As my Shepard said, nothing will come out of just hiding behind the Persius Veil, and letting them hate you.

“Well, we do see a horde of reapers closing in on the galaxy, and Shepard, who can fight them, dying previously. I guess that qualifies for "all is lost" in ME2.” - Not necessarily, the Crucible plans still could be found, and used... Sure the races wouldn't unite, but even with the lowest score the Crucible is still ready to use, just blows up Earth and is ready for use, so as long someone gets up to starchild, the reapers would be done... Then again, with Shepard's death Liara might be so depressed that she wouldn't help looking for the blue prints... Love kills :D Joker was right! We should teach the reapers to love...

“One shy look can plant seeds of doubt in a well-established relationship? Especially if this look, or voice, or anything is not even worth it?” - Nah, that's not really how it works, the shy look can only seal the deal in any case. So like the affection is sort of there, but it's not decided yet how far it would go, but than there is this certain moment which seals the deal.

“Many guys even associate cuteness with weakness, which is... understandable, at least for me.” - I know, and it's really sad. You guys would get girls much easier if you were willing to act cute from time to time :D Not all the time of course, and only for that girl really.

“I want a reporter squad mate.” - Actually I read somewhere a mission idea... or was is a mission that got cut... or something... anyway, Shepard would need to find Cerberus operatives hiding in the Citadel slums while Allers and Al-Jelani would stream it live to the viewers. It would have featured some combat, but mainly detective work.

“P.S. I really like long messages, thank you!;)” - You're very welcome :D Is there any other race we didn't take apart yet? Hmmm...we didn't talk about how stupid and stuck up the turians are :D Though we know that's due to the fact that they all have a stick up their ass as a back-up weapon! Oh my current favorite quote from Wrex “You let asari in who can kill you with their minds, but you give us flak about weapons?!”. I love the Noveria mission :3 Off to Virmire... RIP Ashley.

P.S.: I really should add some ME lingo to the dictionary in OpenOffice, cos it takes more time to skip those than locating actual typos :D Wow, almost 4 pages long message...That's a record! :D--SunyiNyufi 18:07, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

“Oh, one important question to Leliana fan: did you actually like that DLC?” - Well it had its highs and lows, but in general, I liked it. It was a bit stupid, that it was set in Denerim, but well, okay...Leliana suddenly being a dual-wielding rogue didn't make much sense, and also the story was a bit different from what she told my Warden, so she was either making up one version of it, or both :D Also I sort of liked playing “The Game”. But I think what I mostly liked about it was the music. Oh god I love that music so much!

“Yeah, but... Think about it: if the tree is possesed, then it is unnatural. It needs... help:(“ - But the Berlican forest is known to be filled with magic related things, so a talking tree isn't really that unnatural...or rather not unusual. besides, he seems to be polite and live in symbiosis with the tree.

“This mission is not a part of a joined war effort, because nobody among allies of the asari brought a force to it.” - Except by the time of Thessia, you surely have several asari commandos and ships in your war assets...except if you didn't do the monastery mission. “Also special operators are required to abstain from disclosure of such affairs, just saying.” - Well, I didn't sign anything, so... (°3°) Joke of course, I feel that in this case my Shepard's idea of justice would supersede it. “First and foremost, you are a Council Spectre.” - Being loyal to the Council doesn't equal being loyal to the asari. I'm pretty sure the turians and salarians would also like to know that the asari likely broke the rule regarding prothean tech. “If you relate to "using Alliance resources", with this logic you can't say a word against TIMmy on the Collector base, because you were using his resources, and also you shouldn't really kill the Council in ME1, because the Normandy was built using their resources.” - My Shepard actually feels guilty about using TIM like that. She really does, and regarding the Collector base, I only say that it's stupid on the part of BW that he can use it, while blowing up. As for the Council I still think the best course of action is to focus on Sovereign, because you still don't know how many ships you would need to kill it, and imho the Council isn't just people, it's an institution, and that doesn't get destroyed. Is it a bad decision? Yeah, but that's the point, that my very much Paragon Shep does make bad calls now and then.

“You do realise, that after learning about witholding prothean legacy, people will start hunting asari with pitchforks, right?” - You assume that my Shep would tell this to the public, however even when we talked about this for the first time, I said, that Shep wouldn't reveal it to the public, only to the new Council after the war, who themselves would more than likely make out some deal with the asari as “punishment” and keep the whole thing hidden. I never said anything about doing an asari witch hunt, though I would love to see how the pitchforks in ME look :D

“Why? Why do you hate asari?” - Okay, now you really are reading too much hate into everything. What I would love to see is an asari old enough to die of natural causes, cos we frankly the matriarchs in game don't look old in the traditional human sense. And I don't hate the asari, I just love them in a different way :P

“We are all obsessive with making the galaxy a better place.” - Sure, but Liara has kind of...hmmm whats the word.... oh! Tunnel vision. She has tunnel vision regarding a lot of things, and my Shep is worried about what might happen to her after the war is over, when there isn't the “let's kill the reapers” motive keeping Liara “good”. And my Shepard is just really a worrywart.

“I am very glad, that Reaper ground forces do not have sort of a "special forces" units among them (who can freaking fly!), and there won't be Praetorians in addition to Brutes.” - Really my need for payoff would have been easily satisfied with a throw away line like “well at least it's not a Praetorian” while seeing a Brute for the first time. You know, just acknowledging that ME2 happened... On the gameplay side, I liked Praetorians much better. They were actually challenging for a vanguard, while I can easily punch Brutes to death as long I don't let the grab me.

“Guess BW only planned to show how Reapers reproduce with baby-reaper, they didn't think any bigger, about it's role in Reaper strategy, and all that stuff.” - Indeed. Actually I would have been fine with it, if the whole motivations for the reapers would have been “hey that's how we reproduce”. “I call him "Deceiver". His main goal is to eradicate organic's will to fight by blindfolding them to Reaper threat, or seeding apocalyptic mood in those, who are able and willing to fight, acting mainly through indoctrinated agents.” - How dare you make a story that make sense and fits well with ME canon?! XD

“ME2 gives this "warm feeling" Jacob was talking about: you can f*ck up Reaper plans with 13 people.” - Ahhh, pissing yourself in dark pants. The only talk I like with Jacob :D

“Recommend switching to plot-armour-piercing ammunition.” - Hmm, I wonder if somehow I could mod the game files, and change AP ammo's name to that :D

Okay, I think we had a different idea of moral. I thought about it in the sense of uplifting positive feeling that convinces them that we can surely beat the reapers. And while everything you say is there, it's due to more of a “reapers are coming, so we have to prepare” kind of feeling, which I don't necessarily associate with moral. “And now... Back to our quarians! XD” - Actually, yesterday in a 4chan thread people were having the same argument as us, and used the same reasons as was sort of creepy XD

“In this particular case "non-denial" means aknowledgement.” - Okay, let's agree to disagree on this one, because this is really not going any where. You see quarians listening, while I see quarians going “yeah yeah” and looking the other way while “listening”. “Do you honestly think BW would bother themselves to write such an amount of dialogue only for the sake of logic? Legion weren't even supposed to be on the Flotilla” But... the fact that they think geth are servants of the reapers has nothing to do with Legion. And the geth get mentioned several times while Shepard talks to them, so they could have countered with that. And sure, it's bad writing on BW's part, but it still means that they never bring up the connection between the reapers and geth even once in Tali's loyalty mission. “And in the dialogue Han'Gerrel says "We'll need a planet to shelter our non-combatants if we're to fight the Reapers".” Okay, once again, I disagree with that being anything but a point in his favor for war. But, let's really drop it, because it seem that our perspective on that one line really differ.
“In the case of quarians, their civilian crews would be vulnerable to boarding actions, yes, but geth do not undertake boarding actions.” - Yet they are targets of geth fighters, and can be easily destroyed because while they have guns, they have no defenses at all. I understand the principle of surpressing fire, but it still doesn't make it right. It's a tactic that does endanger your civilians, who while might be able technicians, are not used to work under fire. “Right until the moment, when geth flipped, but noone could have expected that.” Actual, that raises and interesting point, which I would really like to ask the admirals. Was there any exit strategy planned at one point? Because even I don't think they didn't... So if they did, why didn't they execute that when the geth got upgraded, and they started loosing?
“You don't have any problems with Liara being the Shadow Broker, and even don't have any problems with hiding it.” - Okay, let me be a bit more clear about my opinion. I mostly approve of Liara, because she is used as a plot device, and as a certain someone said we do need intel for the war. Bribing officials and all that things, that's something I myself do not approve of (my Shepad does depending on the circumstances, but that's another matter). If it was really me, instead of Shepard doing things, I would not have let Liara become the Shadow Broker at all, because while I like her character, I don't trust anyone with that kind of power, not even myself. So I would have destroyed the whole ship as it is and try to win without the intel. And maybe make Liara something actually useful like studying the Mars archives. As for the authorizing missions... I usually don't even do that, cos I can't be bothered...and because I totally forgot about my terminal in the first 3 playthroughs :D “Not to mention, that quarians are not subject to this treaty, or any Citadel treaties.” - Well, they had to sign it to get an embassy... Though it could very well be that since they are not allowed to have an embassy the treaty doesn't matter, so I guess you're right.
“You seem to ignore my argument about the probability of finding such a planet. In this particular case it is extremely low. Like, REALLY, EXTREMELY low.” - Sorry, didn't mean to ignore it, it's just that sometimes I start to write, and then think at the same time, and then delete what I wrote etc. So yeah, I get that chances are really low, but this again is a point that should have been told especially by Tali during her loyalty mission.
“If this was true, there wouldn't be any wars.” - And suddenly I have this great idea for world peace! Let's clone me, and put me in charge of all countries! Nothing can go wrong with that, am I right? :D
“Wrong choice of words from my side, a pressing goal.” - Yeah, nitpicking is bad, so once again, sorry.

“Why? Blaming krogan for being selfish jackasses is similar to blaming krogan for being true to their nature.” - Let me elaborate. My problem is that Wrex acts as a selfish prick, while he wasn't like that in the other games, and still goes woe-is-me while he really doesn't have the right to do so. I understand that he doesn't give the troops right away, I understand he needs the cure, and has to threaten the turians and salarians for it, but couldn't he also say to Shepard one-on-one that “dude, I'm with you, no matter what, even if the cure doesn't end up working”, because I think he owes Shepard that much. But my real problem is still how Shepard apologies “sorry Wrex, didn't mean to offend you while comparing our situation”. That really rubbed me the wrong way.

“suddenly BW took a 180 and decided to smear quarians. I guess he was taking one for the team.” - You mean taking a fist to the gut? :D Actually in retrospect I agree that his character is inconsistent between the games, cos I just remembered that if you renegade-tell the admirals that they shouldn't have sprang Rael'Zorah's death on Tali during the trial, while coming back from the other ship, he says something like “Shep was right, omg we killed Tali”, so it really doesn't make sense that he is willing to kill Tali in ME3.

“Because later, when quarians are settled on Rannoch, and the Reapers are dealt with, the martial law is over.” - Depends on many things really. Like how soon they would be able to take Rannoch, would the reapers be a real threat at that time, or just starting to attacking. Really, I can't see the geth surviving this thing with reapers if the lose to the quarians, because then they would surely turn on organics.

“Just for the record: quarians were the only ones to bother with researching the dark energy anomalies, even despite having the most limited resources to so.” - But Gianna says that other people are researching it too... IIRC.

“I was comparing them to the geth.” - Oh, yeah than you're right.

“You're on your way to becoming a salarian:)” - Dear god, I got the sudden urge to holding the line too! :D

“I have to repeat myself in a slightly differnt manner:) Why? Why do you hate quarians?” - Once again, it's not really hate... it's just an interesting story. Like how I sometimes think about what would it be like if a fallout happened, and what would be differences between reality and games like FNV or Stalker. That doesn't mean I want a fallout to happen :P Mostly because while it's nice that some people survive, but I would totally die, and it would be awful to live in a world like that. Same with quarians, thinking about it is okay, but I would never want it to happen to them. I mean, I find that they are the most idiotic and badly written organic race in ME universe, but that doesn't mean I don't want them to build houses on Rannoch. And there are a lot of things I like about them. I like their sense of design, the Pligrimage which is a very interesting tradition, and love their accent too! Like how most of them are really geeky, and I even find it amusing how mentally unstable Xen is :D

“You know, not everything revolves around girls in guys' lives.” - I know that of course, but I was under the impression, we talked about romancing and stuff ;P Or was it puppies? :D

“screw that, I want combat.” - Actually, I would like to have more non-combat gameplay... But that scene was really nicely done :D

“Really, it's all about "who has a bigger dreadnought main cannon?", them, or humans.” - Well, a turian's right nut is supposed to be small, so... :D

“Just... Just save the Council!XD Ashley would not have wanted that!XD” - Yesterday's ME session for me went like this: “Yay, got the Normandy black! Let's fly away Joker! Off to Ilos, and some blue sex! Hmm, what's this on the galacy m- Shit I forgot to do the DLC mission!!!” So after some intermission, we are now off to Ilos :D--SunyiNyufi 11:06, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

Oh forgot to ask, could you recommend me some games? Cos I don't have any work or school next week, while all my friends do, so I need something to pass the time, and I'm at a loss about what to play.--SunyiNyufi 11:54, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

M'kay, I saved the Council. The following cinematics and such were certainly more fulfilling and less bittersweet than letting them die. But the situation right before making that decision, was hilarious :D It's the first time I took Kaidan-Liara team with me, I usually use Garrus instead, and with him there the conversation goes like this:
Liara: You should order Joker and the others to protect the Council!
Garrus: But then a lot of humans will die!
Liara: This is bigger than humanity!
Garrus: Exactly! Save your forces for Sovereign!
Liara: I suppose that makes sense...
Kaidan on the other hand only says “It's bigger than humanity”, and Liara is the one to actually say “Shepard do not sacrifice humans for the Council”. So they both go “don't do it!”, and then Shep goes “yep, I'm doing it”. I couldn't stop laughing :D--SunyiNyufi 13:11, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

“But seriously, I expected BW to shed some light into this story, instead they made it even more obscure. Enough is enough. I mean, if this character has a lot of fans, then they would really appreciate learning the truth.” - I didn't really went into the DLC in the mindset of learning more about Leliana really, cos... I don't know really why. The DA team btw isn't really big on answering questions and sharing more back-story about the characters.

On the Thessia thing. I keep this brief, because now we are just circling back into a previous argument that we already discussed in length, and agreed to disagree about.

I see the Thessia mission as a joint war effort mission, not a black ops ordered by the Asari Republic, mostly because while the councilor is secretive about it, if they had succeeded the gain from the mission would have gone towards you war assets. But you are right, that I shouldn't call it an Alliance op, because that's not accurate. And I'm pretty sure my Shepard would study the council law, and determine whether or not it extends to the beacon itself. I as a player think that it probably does, and on that basis, I would like to take legal action towards the asari. Of course I have know knowledge of the law itself (though I wonder why EDI brings it up, if it isn't relevant), so in case I'm wrong about it, I wouldn't “demand action” and punish the asari, neither would my Shepard, but we both would probably wiggle on fingers on them and say “bad blue girls!”. As for the other Council races, I don't think they would make it public mostly because of several points that you actually pointed out to me, and made it obvious that they rely greatly on the asari, so it wouldn't benefit them to punish them severely.

As for Cerberus. Yes, all those top level humans who backed Cerberus should be brought to justice in my opinion. Should the Alliance as a whole be punished? I don't know. Depends on how deep the corruption runs. On the other note, if it's not all the asari government breaking the law, then only those responsible should be punished. I'm fine with that.

As for the Liara thing, my Shepard is nowhere near objective regarding her, and she does think things like “if it's Liara, it's okay”. She is wrong though very obviously.

“Maybe because they are not humans, are they?:)” - And I totally heard “anthropocentric bag of dicks” after that :D I understand that they don't age like humans do, I'm just really curious how their biology works in detail, and what changes over time, except for bust size, like what you said “May be those parts of their skin on their faces, which appear rigid, are those "barely visible" effects of aging.” We will never know :(

“What can we do, "the broader audience" doesn't care if ME2 happened. They want to play the multiplayer.” - I filled out a survey about ME3 recently, where they asked if I played MP. I answered “No, never”. Then it proceeded to ask me about how often I play, what class etc., and I didn't had the option to say again that I do not play. Though I would have preferred if that questions were grayed out to begin with.

“Probably because I care about ME canon, even if BW doesn't anymore.” - And now you made me sad.

“Dropped. Crashed after hitting the floor:)” - Let the bodies hit the floor! :D

“Well, anyone. Pirates, reapers, take your pick.” - I pick Pirates for 100! :D On a more serious note, I still believe that endangering civilians is not worth it, and even the constant danger of their lives, can't really prepare them for war situations. And I still maintain the mindset that it wasn't worth the risk, and they should have attempted another way. As Joker said “if you have to strap guns to your kids schoolbus for the the plan to succeed, maybe it's not a really good plan”. But since I don't know about the Idena stuff, I'm ready to believe that the quarians acted out of desperation and felt that it was necessary. (I still think it's stupid though... yes, I had to add it in the end! :P)

“There is always a back up plan. Retreat to mass relay, or to FTL. Why didn't they execute it? Shepard arrived very timely, and was able to still tip the balance in their favour. Which he did.” - I wish we had a proper timeline of when and how things exactly happened in ME3, cos I really would like to know how timely Shepard's arrival was. On a side note, wasn't it established that the whole flotilla going through the relay takes a lot of time?

“But you sure just had to try and bite quarians using the treaty argument:)” - I wasn't exactly trying, it just that breaking promises like this is kind of a berserk button for me, and I didn't really think about how they left council space, cos unlike the batarians, quarians were really forced yeah, my bad :) “Totally!:D Actually, I'd like that, as long as you make me your prime minister or something XD” - Sure, why not! :D As I said, nothing can go wrong with that :D

On character continuity...sadly that happens, when you change writers and have an incompetent lead writer, because it should be the lead's job to point out key character point. Han'Gerrel being somewhat of an uncle for Tali is important, so is the fact that everything Wrex does with the krogan is due to the fact that Shepard kept pestering him about how he should help the krogan. Also, they should have made Admiral Korris much more annoying, cos while I agreed with his views, he was such a jerk really. Suddenly he is the good guy. “No, I don't. I never do that.” - I only did it for the first time, cos I wanted to see what actually happens, but yeah I never really do that either, it would be really unprofessional from Shepard, and while she is a bit angry about almost dying, she does need the heavy fleet.

“Hang in there, Dalatrass!:D” - Dear god no, I don't wanna be a dalatrass...I don't wanna do reproduction contracts and such... I don't even wanna get married as a human XD

“Please, don't try to devoid quarians of this merit too.” - No, no, no, no! Didn't mean to. I just meant that others are paying some attention too. Actually quarians doing the research would probably produce results faster than any corporation, so I would very much preffer it :) Really, corporations could benefit a lot from quarian workers, especially in facilities that need to be kept clean anyway, so they wouldn't need special clean rooms.

“I could argue here, but I won't. Just look at humans and their Cerberus. I thought that was pinnacle of idiocy.” - I found quarians a bit more idiotic on the grand scale, but certainly not by much :D

“"I know that of course, but I was under the impression, we talked about romancing and stuff ;P Or was it puppies? :D" - They kinda intertwined... :D” - Like this? :D

“Maybe I'll write a parody about ME” - Oh, you should totally read this! :D

“You know, a thought just came to mind. Liara had a painting of Ilos in her apartment... Did she paint it herself?” - Hmm...could be, I don't know. Asari tend to be a bit more artistic, so it's likely. Oh god, I just realized that Shepard is pretty much my only RPG character, who is not into creating art in anyway. Weird. I at least gave a good singing voice to my characters, but I doubt Shepard can sing (well Hale can, but that doesn't count). And I totally dig the Normandy art club idea :)

“Where to start? What genre? Something specific? Something newer, or maybe older? And what you did or didn't play, I don't know...” - You know at this point I'm willing to play anything except for racing games, and don't even mind replaying games, so anything is ok...

“I'd recommend Morrowind.” - Then Morrowind it is... when I'm finished I will ask again :D

Also Bladur's Gate is probably something I wouldn't re-play right now, I would rather way for that Enchanced edition they announced :)

“And yeah Liara/Kaiden moment was funny too. Especially that both of them are more open-minded, as opposed to Ashley or Wrex.” - Yeah, the fact that it's not character opinion but a “one has to say this the other that” scene, is really cheap.

As for the Council, I think it isn't really the whole Council, more like that friggin turian councilor, whom you can't please at all. I usually reply to them in a professional manner, but after Virmire, when they still wouldn't believe Shepard, my Shep got a bit angry, and told the guy to go to hell :D And most people also have a problem with the Council regarding the rachni thing, because no matter what you did, they still start with a complaint (even though they go okay in the end), and that shows that the writers didn't give the Council a clear opinion on the matter, rather just wanted them to act as a counterpoint for Shepard. Which is bad writing.

What I don't understand regarding the Council is, that after Virmire when I give them my report, and they say they can't act against the reapers blablabla, but point out that Shepard as a Spectre should take any means necessary. Yet they order Shep back to Citadel, and let Udina ground the Normandy. I understand that they think Shepard might not be subtle enough to go operate in the Terminus system, but it's not really operating there, more like going through one relay and that's it. So I find that a bit of a contradiction.

“Besides, in ME2 they didn't even want to capture you for working with Cerberus!” - One other thing I will never understand, especially if you let the Council die... they should at least question Shepard, or send some Spectres after her or something. And why can't I tell Anderson that I don't want to work with Cerberus! That I want to go back to the Alliance! And where is my role-playing dammit, where is it Bioware?! “They just love you, but are too shy to say it loud XD” - And that's why Tevos has an unexpectedly huge fan base, even though she is just a really, really side character :D

Btw, somehow I always get lost on Ilos, every friggin time. Even though I can ready maps, I really do. Yet I always turn the wrong way and wind up somewhere totally unknown... Every time.

Current favorite quote for Shepard: “No one stabs me in the back Udina... No one!” :D--SunyiNyufi 16:35, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

About Bailey...damn that man has a sexy voice! Other than that how come in C-Sec commander is above captain, but it's not in the Alliance? And why are the human C-Sec guys wearing Alliance uniform? And why is his hair color different? And why isn't he a temp squad mate? I hate BW...

“With that in mind, I would recommend reviewing the humanity's place in the Council as a whole, because they are unable to fulfill their role in galactic peace-keeping.” - To be entirely honest, I don't even think that humanity even deserves a place in the Council right after ME1. I understand, that the other races are showing how thankful they are to the humans for saving the galaxy, but the Alliance was in retrospect very obviously not ready for it. I'm all for human advancement, but as long Cerberus is capable of having many top level people on their side, and humans can openly claim to racist, they aren't ready for it. If the thing with Sovereign would not have happened, I would say it would have taken humanity one or two generations to work things like these out, and join the Council in a proper manner.

“Wait, were did you get the idea, that their bust size changes over time anyway? From Donnely, who is an idiot?” - Haha, I just remembered that line :D Nah, I was mostly reffering to Aethyta, she is the one who says that Benezia had a “great rack” even before she hit the matriarch stage. Dunno how accurate her words are of course, since she seems to have her own ideas about other things related to their biology, but some people pointed out, that Liara's bust size also increased between games, and it might be due to the fact that she is hitting the matron stage early. Only speculations of course...and it doesn't explain why FemShep's boobs got bigger... Cerberus implants? :D

“Wait, why? I didn't mean to.” - It's not you...just the fact that BW doesn't care at's sad...

“And again, you're comparing them to humans.” - Since we don't learn enough about quarian ideals and beliefs I can't help but comparing it to something familiar. I mean the civilian fleet didn't really seem that much in agreement with the war to begin with, based on what Korris and the dying quarian said in ME3. Actually I would have loved to talk to at least one quarian in the games who isn't in a military position or on her Pilgrimage, so that we could actually get a sense at what the are like. As for the combat training before Pilgrimage, I mostly ignored it, because I still don't see how that's relevant, since that is likely more fore self-defense than anything, and that's different from serving on a ship that's under fire, and as you said, the geth aren't into boarding ships.

As for Joker, yeah, he became a bit of an asshole in the last game. I didn't have a problem with his Thessia line though. I don't mean the line specifically, that is really uncalled for, but he is kinda sorta just trying to do something about Shepard flipping out, because he also has a bit of survivor guilt in him. Of course he fails at comforting Shep, cos he just really sucks at it, and I would have like an option to argue with him more about this topic. But he does some really good things too. Like when I told Ashley to go work with Hackett, cos we really didn't get along that well, after that Joker got up from his seat, saluted, Shepard asks “What's this?” Joker “Someone giving you the respect you deserve”. Too bad all his remaining good characteristics get thrown out of the window, just so he can crashland on a garden planet somewhere.

“but now I call him "Rhino". He pretty much looks and weights like one:)” - Awww :D One of my friends had a cat, we just called him Pillow, because he got so friggin huge, that if he was relaxing in a chair, you could easily mistake him for one :D

“Seriously, that scene, where Anderson throws me Alliance dog tags, my reaction is "What?" What that's supposed to be, a thoughtful gesture? Should I put them on the wall or something?” - Mine was, that how did he get those things? I thought I had them framed beside my bed! Little did I know that they also killed my fish. “Because I know it is mine, MINE, not Alliance, private effing property” true, but it's not legally Shepard's... at least I don't think TIM would be stupid enough to put it on Shep's name, even if he built it with money stolen from Shepard :D And while it is stupid that they just take your ship, I bet they claimed that it belongs to a terrorist group, so confiscating it was “legal”.

You know, I think my Shepard was never really able to separate herself from the Alliance, so that she could be a totally impartial Spectre. Then again, there is really no reason for her to do so. She loved being an Alliance soldier, she grew up on ships and stations, and is a war hero, so it sort of makes sense that while she is an open minded person, in the back of her mind she most likely is an Alliance fangirl. Well everyone has flaws, and being a bad dancer is not enough :)

“Maybe your Shepard is into modeling, and she assembles and then paints models.” - Could be, she really liked those ships, so it could be that she assembled them herself. Everyone needs a hobby after all. As for modeling stuff, those Warhammer figures look cool :) I never really did things like these myself...except for that one air plane model back when I was a really small kid.

“About Morrowind though. First, install the game, then look at textures” - Yeah, I know the drill with Bethesda games already, did the same for the Fallout games and Skyrim :) Though I prefer Nexus for downloading mods, though I'm not sure how well the old mods will work with the Nexus ModManager... we'll see.

“So yeah, whatever means necessary to stop Saren, but we'll check up you first.” - I sort of get that, but during the comm chat, they didn't act that worried about Shepard, I mean they really do say that if Shepard thinks this is a threat, she should do anything she can. I bet Udina “sweet” talked them into ordering Shepard back... that bastard!

“And then he tells the Council, that he will be sorta working undercover with Cerberus, to learn as much, as he can, about them, and then blow them up.” - That's probably what my Shep would have done too, if it was an option. She would of course first try to openly go back to the Council and the Alliance, and stuff, but if that doesn't work, then undercover. Actually while it's not official, she still tries to do that in a way sabotaging Cerberus every turn she can, getting the crew on her side, so she can steal the ship and all.

As for Tevos... I dunno, not my type. I like the other asari councilor better, though that might be because I don't remember hearing her voice in every damn Bioware game in the last few years. “Well, that scene, when you talk with her after Thessia... It's brilliant. So sad, that actually makes me cry, but she acts brilliant.” - Yeah, that scene is well done. The other councilor does a pretty good job too, but as a Tevos fan, I understand, you had more emotional attachment to it with her :) Actually what always gets to me there isn't the lines really, but the fact that Shepard is hiding in the doorway while the QEC is constantly flashing. And well, Thessia was pretty much the biggest failed operation for Shepard in all three games. My only problem with that scene is that once again it's friggin auto dialogue. Sure I would have chosen lines very close to the ones we get, but still... how about being able to play a racist Shepard, who doesn't care about aliens? Or a Shepard, who wouldn't get depressed, but rather pissed and angry? Where is my role-playing game, and why am I playing a shooter instead?

“The architecture must have been built by some really crazy aliens!:)” - Damned Innusanon! And those statues are still creepy...

Today's hot topic, straight from 4chan: Why does the M-8 Avanger have 2 barrels, while it only fires from one? :D--SunyiNyufi 21:19, May 6, 2012 (UTC)

“Because BW is lazy to make another uniform model.” - But seriously, how lazy can you get?! I mean, they were cutting corners in so many other places too... 2d sprites in Vancouver, which are btw all tiny versions of Jack, models without textures near Purgatory etc. Besides it's so glaring in the face that they are wearing the same uniform. Though if we want to be nitpicky, I also don't really understand that scene where you first meet Bailey. Kaidan/Ashley gets taken to the hospital, Shep agrees with Liara, that they need to go to the Council, then Shepard turns around and leans on the rail for several seconds. Why? Weren't we going to go to the Council, cos it was kinda important? So why aren't we going? Btw I also love how it's always Shepard who arrives late to the Council meetings in every game :D

“I hate BW too. Hug? XD” - Hug! :D *hugs*

“I'd say put them on sort of "trial period" for the time of war against the Reapers” - That would have been ideal, but I guess it would have been a bit difficult to deal with the human reaction after ME1, especially if Shepard saved the Council and a lot of people died, and probably the Alliance would not have seen any other gesture satisfactory enough for their sacrifice than a council seat. Hard to say really, because we only know Alliance politics through Udina, and he is always a jerk, even if you give him the Council seat. I think the main problem with humanity is, that they came into the galaxy through a sort of “back door”. I mean that due to the Council not knowing about them at all, they couldn't initiate a peaceful first contact, which would have resulted in far less xenophobes. Though I think the fact that the humans didn't need any kind of uplifting to join the galaxy is a good thing, but once again, makes them a bit different from the most recent of the Citadel races.

“Sometimes she says very true things, but others are a load of bullshit.” - True enough :) She is right about building their own mass relays though. “Liara is only 109 first and foremost, and even if she romances Shepard, "frequently" is not the case here.” - Maybe between ME1 and ME2 Shep and Liara f*cked like bunnies :D But come on, don't read much into it, it's just a joke theory anyway :)

“you should read "Ascension".” - Okay, let's put this quarian thing to rest, in exchange I promise to read Ascension, and make a more informed opinion about it. Deal? :)

About Joker... I'm really don't have that strong feelings about him being an ass. I mean sure it inappropriate and all, but... well I dunno. I guess I'm just used to it, cos my dad acts in a similar fashion most of the time, so after this many years I don't even get mad about things like these, cos it's just not worth the effort. Though it's true that Joker was really much more sensitive during ME1, he is one of the few people you can talk about Virmire and he is very understanding really, his character is inconsistent in ME3... like almost everyone else's.

“thank Kelly. BTW, I always have this dinner with her, and I don't consider it being unfaithful - I just don't bring sexual contest into it, even if Kelly kinda does.” - I don't have much problem with the dinner itself, it's just that my Shepard never even gets the option to invite her, since they never flirt in conversation. I tried once, but it felt weird and out of character. So yeah, no dinner for my Shep. “where the hell is my arsenal, Hackett???” - On that note, I really don't understand this from BW... they said that “sure if you import, you will have your weapons and armor”, but you really don't, you have to buy it again. There is really no reason for that with the weapons, they could have easily added all the weapons you had, and have them on level 1, that way they couldn't be that OP.

“I declared war on Cerberus, and took the Normandy as a battle trophy. I have rights to do so, I'm a Spectre.” - Wasn't that reinstatement just a probation? Also I'm not sure how completely legal the battle trophy thing is :D “Who do they think they are, screwing with the Council's most trusted agent?” - I wonder, if Shep was their best agent and all, why didn't they bail him/her out, and protect him/her from the batarians themselves? Really, Bioware's forced perception of Shepard is so stupid in ME3.

Btw, I detect an intense dislike of Hackett from you :D Can't really relate to it, cos I've been a Hackett fangirl since ME1. I loved the assignments he gave, and him praising my Shep felt always like daddy patting her on the head an saying she is a good I guess my Shep sort of saw him and Anderson like father figures (which makes sense for spacer Shep). Even though I know that he is a very shrewd man, so I shouldn't trust him completely... And damn that voice! And that scar! (lol) :D

“Is being a Council fanboy and alien-lover a flaw?:D” - Hmm, flaw might not be the best word... Character quirk? Guess that works. I think being in favor of the Alliance or the Council is just that, only meaning that you really aren't objective enough, and can make some decision based more on emotions than judgment. But it's okay, since everyone is like that, and this makes stories more interesting :)

“Nexus is great, yes, but I prefer thematic sites, which are purely devoted to one particular game.” - Oh Nexus network is fully thematic now, there is different sides for every game... well the TES games, DAO and DA2 still share the same site. As for the mods with manager, seems to work as long it's not a mod with its own installer.

“Better to invite him/her in a calm manner, and talk things over calmly and politely, without giving in to emotions.” - I guess... it's just that they sound sincere when saying those things...and I don't really see a point in them specifically mentioning Spectre authority when they think about not letting Shep to use it. Still think it might have been Udina... I hate that guy. Funny that in the beginning of ME3 I thought that he might actually become a somewhat reasonable person and warmed up to him a bit.

“I always thought, that the lower barrel is actually an underbarrel grenade-launcher” - Would make sense, if we could use it. Actually looking at the Assault Rifles page here, seems that all of them have two barrels for some reason. Though I really don't expect BW making sense with guns, they more likely aren't gun-nuts like J.E. Sawyer, who just loves to talk about weapons in Fallout New Vegas. I mean, BW can't even make reasonable swords, so...

P.S.: Typical, when I would have time to work in the garden, it's always, always raining!!!!--SunyiNyufi 10:10, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

“Maybe Shepard saw a weird kid in the window?;)” - Could be, after all starbrat claims that it's his home... Btw what's with Bioware and words starting with C? Citadel... Conduit...Crucible... Catalyst. Must be Casey's favorite letter or something :D

“James, an Alliance soldier, holds the Mattock, which never was a standard-issue Alliance wepon. Moreover, it's a standard-issue weapon of the enemy – Cerberus.” - Yeah, I wondered about that too, cos in ME2 the email from TIM says that they weren't even considering adding Mattock to the arsenal until EDI suggested it, so I thought most people don't use it besides Cerberus... But hey, at least you can put Liara in an armor again, that's at least something. Kaidan as a sentinel wearing heavy armor doesn't make sense though.

“Shepard is late for almost any kind of official meetings, it's just how s/he rolls!:)” - I “roll” the same way... no one seems to appreciate it though :D

“humanity maybe granted all real powers of a Council race (which would honour their sacrifice in the battle for Citadel), but only becomes a full official member afterwards.” - I get it, but I but I still think that the Alliance would have been greedy enough to not accept “just” that. We will never know. “salarians and turians didn't need any uplifting at all.” - That's why I said recent Citadel races, not Council races :) Meaning elcor, volus etc. “Besides, turians gained a seat on the Council the very exact way humanity did.” - I wouldn't say exact same way, because due to the Unification War before their first contact, the turians on general were more united then humans are even after getting a seat on the Council. Seriously, one of the things that surprised me most about ME when I played it was, that there are still separate countries on Earth. I mean, in that pre-quel book they say that Anderson himself is a mix of various etnicities just like most humans by that time, so why would there still be separate countries out there? Also back to my original point, the Krogan Rebellions lasted longer, and the turians sacrificed way more to end it, then humans during the fight with Sovereign.

“That scene in a prologue, when Normandy is already burning, but Shepard just finishes getting dressed by putting a helmet on... Maybe you're on to something:D” - Actually in my headcanon they aren't really doing it that much between the two games, cos they are busy fighting geth. However once the reaper war is over, and Shepard recovers from her injuries, they sure as hell won't get out of bed for like weeks :D “these "joke theories" is what creates those stupid, inaccurate and downright appaling rumors about asari.” - I think those are mostly because like 80% of the strippers in all 3 games are asari...just a wild guess though :D

“Vega's weapon table is organized significantly worse.” - That's because the only weapon James likes to maintain is himself (by Cortez) :)

“Besides, since I'm technically undead now, I'm a real spectre, the most spectr-est of them all:)” - Dude, you almost made me spill my drink XD On a serious note, I wonder what changed the Council's mind to let Shepard work in the Terminus system. They sure didn't like the idea of that in ME1.

“Probably because my "trusty" Alliance friends didn't bother with my right to make one phonecall.” - Since it's Anderson taking Shep back to Earth, I find that very unlikely. I'm not saying of course that the Council refused to help or anything, just that lazy Bioware writing is lazy.

As for Hackett regarding Arrival. Honestly, his behavior there never made sense to me. He is a smart man, so smart that the ME3 codex basically screams it into your face that he is friggin military genius, yet he asks a former Alliance soldier to do a black ops mission on his/her own, cos that way it can't be connected to the Alliance. Excuse me... what?! Wouldn't it have made more sense to let Shep take the alien crew on the mission, who clearly aren't Alliance, cos that way even if something goes wrong Hackett could actually deny any involvement. I'm pretty sure he would do that, even if he doesn't trust the ME2 squad, because he trust Shepard's leadership ability to get the job done.

And then anything after Arrival doesn't really make sense at all. Especially, because Hackett says, that he will sure as hell try to do everything so they won't find Shepard guilty. Yet we don't see if he tried, we're not even told if he did his best. Really, I have the whole problem with not knowing at all what goes down in the 6 month between Arrival and ME3 prologue. Was there an actual trial, or did they just lock Shepard away? Did Shepard have visitors besides Anderson and maybe James? Was Shepard allowed to leave the room at all, or not? Where did the Cerberus crew from the Normandy go? Did Sheps mom visit? How is the Alliance preparing for the war? Or is it just Anderson and Hackett trying to prepare but getting constantly stonewalled like Shepard before? Was Shepard allowed to check his/her emails? So many questions, and nothing gets answered really.

My Shepard btw would give herself up willingly to the Alliance, even though she knows that's the stupidest thing she can do. She is so depressed because of those dead batarians, that she actively wants to be punished for what she did, because while she says that it was the only option to everyone, deep inside she doubts herself, and can't really cope with the whole thing. So by the time of ME3 she is a mental wreck, who can only function, because Liara, Garrus and Tali are there to support her. But at least she kicked that slight drinking habit she developed during ME2... “And I can't really forget how Hackett does me a huge favour of giving me back the ship, which is already mine.” - Your Shepard totally should have a logo on his own or a family crest or something, to put on the Normandy instead of the Alliance logo :D I really don't like that logo for some reason... doesn't look cool enough. “We can, sort of. This Concussive Shot power is very similar to the idea.” - Yeah, but then everyone who can use an Assault Rifle should be able to use that power.

“I just love how they put real weapons in the game, like Winchester M1887, M4 carbine or Barret M82, and call them generic names, like, "Cowboy Repeater", "Assault Carbine" or "Anti-materiel Rifle" respectively. It's just hilarious!:)” - Indeed :) My favorite weapons is Medicine Stick, though I carry an anti-materiel rifle with me too, just in case <3

“and rain is good for your garden!:)” - No it's not... I mean, sure it is good for the garden, but means that I will have more work later on, because we have this mutant-grass which can grow like 10 cm just from a little bit of rain, and it's raining here all day long now... Once it stops, that garden will be turned into a jungle.--SunyiNyufi 16:39, May 7, 2012 (UTC)

“You know how this track is called, which plays when you're teleported on the Citadel from Earth? "Indoctrinated". Damn you, BW, quit screwing with us!” - lol

“Sentinel's role on the battlefield was seriously revised from the time of ME1. These guys are supposed to be living tanks, even tougher, then Soldiers.” - My problem with this is that a Sentinel is still a biotic, and biotics get tired easily and have to consume more calories than other soldiers on the field, so wearing heavy armor was never an option even for a vanguard in ME1, cos that would tire him/her out. Also the tech armor or barrier for Sentinels is specifically there because they need that extra protection to make up for what they lack in armor. And while I could understand that with the newest biotic implants you could wear heavy armor, especially if you get some other implants too, Kaidan is still an L2, so I think him wearing a heavy armor is a bit far fetched. Medium armor maybe. I never wanted him to wear something like Miranda's cos that's really just stupid. Just as stupid as wearing on breathers in vacuum.

“These people just don't get our special artistic vision of time and timing:)” - Indeed! They should realize that we have the right to be late any time, cos... ummm...well just because! XD

“Wait, volus were around lo-o-o-ong before.” - I think it turned into an unintended reflex for me now, mentioning the volus and elcor next to each other. In the games they are most of the time mentioned together, it's like they for one big faction or something :D

“The mixing of etnicities doesn't necessary mean political unification.” - Yes, but it sure helps it. I can understand why it's like that you know, I just feel that if people are mixed that much political unification isn't that far off on Earth at least. Especially once they start colonizing other worlds, because than the nationality will change from country to planet. Though I guess they didn't colonize enough worlds for that to happen yet.

“Asari Republics have it better, but still, the plural is there for a reason - there are frigging many of them! And also their city-states are highly independent from each other.” - Yeah, but the fact that they have an e-democracy with chat rooms and everyone can partake in it regardless of their person. In that sense they are sort of similar to the geth that they reach consensus and don't just impose it like human democracy. So I would still called that being a bit different way, but still :)

“So I guess unity is not the main factor for a seat on the Council.” - Wasn't really my point............. or was it? I think I just tried to compare humans and turians... I dunno... I just woke up :D “I see Thessia is on a way of being repopulated!;) Keep up the good work! XD” - Gladly! :D

“And they really don't care about what others think about it. It's just a dance.” - While I agree on that one shouldn't consider asari sluts just because they work sometimes as strippers (actually strippers aren't sluts either after all), those asari still agree on making credits using their looks, which obviously will result in strange rumors. But hey, rumors are just rumors, and even with stupid rumors, the asari are still the most popular and well loved species in ME universe :D

“Can I trade him for an M-98 Widow early in the game?:)” - No you can only trade him for a Katana shotgun...cos his about as useful as that gun.

“Do you think it's the end? "Cerberus" is three floors above XD It's a security firm:)” - Ahahahahahahahaha! XD Awesome! XD

“We can only guess.” - Speculations...speculations everywhere! :D

“So they might as well were only gathering evidence for six months.” - Dear god, I hope not. That would make the current system to be actually fast!
“We meet Ashley/Kaiden in the hall, and look at each other, as if we just accidently met since lo-o-o-ong time. I guess the answer is obvious.” - Yeah, but Ashley says something in the hospital about how Anderson sort of told her to visit Shepard, but she didn't have the guts to do it or something. And not allowing Shep to have visitors for 6 month would be just cruel really...and drive Shep insane probably. That kind of isolation isn't good.
“Would they allow him/her to leave the room? Hehe, of course not. ” - Yeah, I never expected them to actually let Shep out, it's just that for role-playing purposes it would be important to know, if they at least allowed her to breath air outside the room, or just took her to an interrogation room once in a while when they had questions.
“Ran away at the slightest opportunity, because they are surely terrorists in the Alliance's eyes.” - Yeah, but since Shepard knows that it doesn't make sense that she doesn't make sure the crew is properly hidden or something, before giving herself up to the Alliance.
“Good luck hearing it from BW though, because they are lazy, and Spacer is only one of three backgrounds.” - Tell me about it! We get one friggin throwaway line from Hackett about mom being alive, to which Shepard replies with a thank you void of any actual emotion. Really, would it have been so hard to let mom write us an other email?! I get that they obviously didn't want to waste resources on modeling and voicing her, but just one email would have been enough. Hell, random people whom you save during mission send you emails, but mom doesn't?!!! Really??!!! OUTRAGE!
“It would be ve-e-ery hard to stonewall two admirals, but still possible though.” - With a bureaucracy in which committees gather evidence for 6 month, I think it's more than possible :D
As for the emails. You are right. For some reason I just pictured Shepard happily accessing her email account, and the first mail she sees is: From Morlan Title: YOUR 2 SMALL!!! XD

“I'd only bring one guy with me, who would carry a sign "Council Spectre. Diplomatic immunity" behind and above my head.” - Nice :D From what I heard from your Shep, that is totally logical...actually it's pretty logical in general, but sometimes emotion beats logic in the end for my Shep at least :)

“Were they? I mean yes, headcanon is headcanon, but I highly doubt that the Alliance would let Shepard communicate with those scary aliens.” - I meant that they support Shep durin ME3. During those 6 month, I would imagine that it's Anderson and mostly her mom keeping Shepard alive. Mostly cause I have this headcanon back-story that as Shep rose in rank she gets more burdened by the fact that she can't always carry out a mission perfectly, which for her means doing the job and saving everyone in the process, and beats herself up about it, while pretending to be strong. However mom of course sees through Shepard very easily, and they both basically scream and argue so long that mom manages to make Shep at least try not to blame herself for the small stuffs, and that way keeping her sanity. However that batarian stuff, is no small stuff...

“I'd put a Spectre logo on the Normandy.” - I like the Spectre logo. It looks cool. Much better than the Alliance.

“Why Garrus doesn't have a Marksman ability, when he's a marksman?” - Well that's mostly because BW is stupid, and Marskman is only for pistols. He had Assassination in ME1 though for his sniper rifle. I miss weapon skills.

“since this power appeared in the game, it is used exclusively by characters, who bear assault rifles.” - Kaidan uses assault rifles too, yet he can't use Concussive Shot (°3°) Then again, he is way too OP in ME3 already, so it might be because of balance purposes. Other question then, why do heavy pistols also have 2 barrels?

“I just found out, that on Wednesday it's my turn to deal with the mutant grass in the garden. *Sobs* Now I understand you! Good luck with the jungle! Hold the line!” - Holding the line! Here check this out, something to make gardening more interesting :D--SunyiNyufi 09:41, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

“The Indoctrination Theory couldn't ask for a better proof. But BW is awfully silent these days.” - Too bad that IT is more than likely not true, or at least it wasn't intended to be true, cos if it was they would have worked on a “true end dlc” since the game went into the certification period. Though still hope they will use IT in the EC DLC, but the fact that they protect the current endings, isn't really promising.

“Well, not that silent, actually, how did you like this interview with Weekes?” - It certainly solved the mystery why I like Traynor so much: she has Weekes' sense of humor :) I'm glad he ditched the “overcoming the challenges of being gay” story arc for her, because really, homosexuality was never really an issue in ME, and there are tons of other works out there dealing with this topic in detail. Weekes was also right about how the media still doesn't like happy lesbian romance. Most movies and such that focus on les romance either end badly or end very very badly. And the once that don't, are mostly comedy. Not that ME3 end well for Traynor actually, since she is stuck on an uncharted planet with Joker... As for the guy who wrote Steve, he certainly can write fun characters. I liked Steve, though the introduction to the “my husband died” arc was a bit stupid. I mean, who listens to his husbands death loudly on speakers, while there are others around? That's was earphones are for dude!

“On a second note, I don't see his armour as heavy-type. More like medium.” - Well compared to ME1's medium armor, it looks rather heavy imho, cos it's really more bulky. Then again every armor since ME2 is more bulky, and doesn't follow the bodies curves that much anymore. “And they blame for us for not paying attention to illusions?:)”- You are totally right, we are so not to blame! :) Then again, I would pay attention to that particular illusion, if I had this watch.

“Like those big elcor slowly, but surely walking towards some elcor business, and little cute volus are scurrying between them:)” - Why do I keep hearing “you humans all are racist!” in my head? XD

“rather then humans, who took the extensive path (quantity first), only populating worlds out of their cluster for business or scientific purposes” - You know I always wondered what humans do on all those colonies all the time. I get that on Feros they were searching for anything Prothean, and that there are some task-specific colonies in Alliance space, but what about the colonies in the Terminus system? How do those support themselves?

“The Council wasn't really the ones, who forbidden Shepard from going there, it was Udina and some foreign obstruction in his cloaka.” -While it's true that the Council never actually says that Shepard is forbidden to go into the Terminus systems, but they very clearly say that they really don't want Shep to go there, and don't support that idea at all. “Ilos was a critical success, this operation not only thwarted Saren's plans, but also discovered a heap of valuable historical relics.” - Sure, but driving a Mako through relay once again isn't subtle :D Though I get that getting to the Mu relay was mostly the part where they thought Shep lacked subtlety...never understood why though, especially with the Normandy and all... “What's a Spectre's main objective and reason for living?” - Ummm, steak? :D But honestly, I get it...still find it a bit of logic jump, but hey it still makes more sense than anything in ME3.

“We never hear about asari-supremacy organizations” - That's because they are society of women. Yes, I know that they aren't exactly women, cos they are mono-gendered, how ever most of the asari we talk to or hear act very similar to how human women do...not exactly of course, just similar. And a woman's nature is to solve and bend things without violence, and much prefer to spy, infiltrate and sabotage then do outright war. So it makes sense that they are never the aggressors. Lol, this reminds me of a Die Ärzte song, where the lead singer wonders how much better the world would be if all men were women, cos there wouldn't be war, aggression etc., so he wishes that all the men would become women...all the men except for him of course :D

“Wait, you mean the crappiest shotgun of them all?:)” - You're right, that's not fair, the Katana isn't as useless as about that basic Predator pistol?

More speculations! :D

“You know, do they actually have any witnesses? Because all the data was caught up in the supernova-scale blast and was surely destroyed.” - I don't know, but they must have at least some evidence, because otherwise there really is no reason for them to arrest Shepard. And Hackett says that there is just enough evidence for a witch hunt. Maybe some noticed that the Normandy jumped via that relay before it blew up or something?
“Slipping off? So Shep didn't know?” - Exactly my problem! There is no way Shepard wouldn't let the crew leave the ship before the Alliance gets there, unless the Alliance surprises her, which is very unlikely, cos Hackett says that he will delay them. Actually before ME3 came out, I thought about what my Shepard would do after Arrival, once she gets at least sort of over her depression. She would gather the whole crew, thank them for their hard work, and tell them about how she will surrender to the Alliance, and then ask everyone to report to Miranda where they would like to dropped of. With some squad mates she would have a talk about what they should do, like sending Garrus and Tali back to their homes, and asking them to at least try to prepare for the reapers and such. And after all that is dealt with, Shepard, Joker and EDI would fly back to Alliance space, and let themselves be captured.
“There's a difference. Ashley was stationed there (from what I understood) as a high-ranking officer, and probably had clearance to to enter Shepard's confinement. Garrus or Tali surely didn't.” - I didn't mean Garrus & co, but some Alliance soldiers. Shepard must have at least some other old friends in the Alliance...or on Earth...or something. My Shep is a very popular person, so I can't imagine her not having friends all over the place. And they would come visit at least sometimes.
“22nd century rooms have excellent conditioning systems. The air is as good, as outside. No need to risk a "dangerous terrorist" running away.” - Like I literaly meant "outside air" :P Even prisoners get time in the courtyard.
“This stuff never gets old! XD” - Yeah, like that Nigerian spam email in Deus Ex HR, that was on almost every computer in the game :D

“He needs to act and act quickly, and he can't get rid of emotions, only to channel them.” - Actually if you look at it objectively that's the best one in such situations can do, because suppressing and dismissing emotions will make things obviously far worse in the end, but acting purely on emotion is bad too. So yeah, Channeling is the best :)

“Very deep level of emotional engagement! My utmost respect! How about "blame the Reapers" psychological technique?” - Thanks, I almost always have the psych profile of my characters planned out really well :) About the “blame the Reapers”, she does blame them and Kenson for the batarians death of course, but she beats herself up about it because when she arrived at Project Base there was 2 days left. 2 days she lost because of the reaper indoctrination device, but still Shep thinks that she should have been more prepared, and is not sure about if getting knocked out was really as unavoidable as it seems. If it wasn't for that 2 days, she would be really less depressed about it.

“Oh, and can we also have Spectre logo on our uniform and armour?” - You know, while those were cool, what I really want are just armor with high res textures, don't really care what armor it is, as long it's not blurry as f*ck. Seriously, even ME2 had better texture quality than ME3.

“I meant ME3 Marksman, Ashley's ability.” - Oh yeah...forgot that BW went even more stupid with that ability in ME3... “I also miss Charm/Intimidate skills. They were kinda incorporated in your passive class power, but not nearly enough.” - Me too, though it kinda makes sense that since after ME1 you are a galactic hero, you don't really need to work on those skills anymore, and rather word travels about how you act and stuff. What I would like is to have the paragon/renegade checks work like the speech checks in Fallout, like you know allow to attempt the speech check even though you know you will fail it, for example a totally Paragon Shepard could try to intimidate someone with “I will kill you in a heartbeat”, but the guy won't be scared, cos he know that Shepard is the second coming of Jesus, and won't hurt him at all.

“Tactical light, most surely.” - Which is still stupid in ME... let's say, it pops out candy :D

Btw, I read a thread on BSN yesterday that asked people if they would be okay with new endings that would still mean that Shepard has to die. Usually BSN is pretty divided, but I didn't find a single post besides OP that said yes. Made me think though that the fact that in the end Shepard is forced to die really takes away the sense of heroic sacrifice. Because in every story where in the end the hero needs to sacrifice themselves to end whatever they were fighting against, it's still the hero's choice to do so. Granted, why would the hero fight until the end if they aren't willing to do it, but still the option of not sacrificing themselves and just letting the world burn is still there. Shepard doesn't have a choice though, because at that point in the game you are not allowed to do anything else but to sacrifice yourself. Really it's like the kid is point a gun at you saying “if you don't choose, I will shoot you so you die anyway”, which really negates anything that could have been heroic about the situation. Biggest oversight in the game probably. Funny how Persona 3 a JRPG that really isn't big on decisions gets it totally right, and gives you the most satisfying heroic sacrifice ever.--SunyiNyufi 10:28, May 9, 2012 (UTC)

“We do not know wether they are working on a true ending right now, or they already have the "true ending" hidden deep in some vault, and are just waiting to release it” - I think I remember reading video games news sometime ago saying that Bioware “re-arranged their DLC production priorities”, or something like that...hence me saying they surely didn't plan all this.

“Ok, I know nothing about this topic. So... why? Why is that?” - Well it's getting better in the recent years, but in the past happy lesbian movies weren't really well received, because lesbianism itself was or rather is still viewed with a sort of double standard in modern society, since some people still believe the “oh she is a lesbian, cos she didn't found the right man yet” thing, which is obviously not true, but makes girl-girl relationship sort of acceptable if you are in your early twenties. Movies pretty much reflected that in the past, having one of the women end the relationship by marrying a man, and then the other woman killing herself, or they both commit suicide or something. Anyway in those stories love like that is really just a very cheap plot device, because they don't really need to explain the audience why is it “wrong” and why everyone besides the main characters is against it. Luckily this attitude towards homosexuality is changing :)

“Do you like watches? Or only that one in particular, because it definitely looks cool! Here's a watch too:)” - Well I do like looking at pretty and expensive watches, but I don't actually wear any for like years now, cos I always have my cellphone with me, so I think it's not necessary. But I totally would want an omnitool :D That would be like having my phone and computer on my arm! “Hey, you were the one saying, that "their purpose is to be small and cute, nothing else really :3"!;)” - Never said I wasn't at least a bit racist myself. To be frank everyone's a little bit racist :D

“Seriously, I get now why the Human-Reaper was such an easy boss to defeat. It was built by using genetic material of full-fledged retards.” Hahahaha XD Never thought about it, but makes sense :D “Mining? Farming? Cannibalism? (:D)” Cannibalism! :D But seriously I would say let them go to the Terminus system and get killed, that evolution at it's best, let's weed out the idiots, and let the strong survive!

“And looking at asari, I'd say, that society of women is a very good thing.” - Depends though, the woman controlled world of Robert Merle's The Virility Factor wasn't that good IIRC, then again there is a difference having an all-women society from the beginning, and women gaining the political power over man. “Typical male dream. Stupid, but understandable.” - I believe there was a Vault in the Fallout universe, where they tested that situation... don't think it turned out well for the guy :D

“NO! Noooo! It was that "magic pistol" we have nearing the endings. I don't want to see that thing, ever!” - Nah, we have the Carnifex in the endings, not the Predator.

Viva la speculations! :D

“I wonder if they just asked Hackett?” - I don't really think Hackett would tell them a damn thing. Wouldn't make sense for him to sell out Shepard.
“Wasting time on surrendering to the Alliance, why the Reapers are coming?.. *Sigh* God she has it bad...” - Yeah, the stupidest thing she could have done really...but even heroes do stupid things sometime. Though she had other reasons, like she was worried that if she “just gets away” with killing that many people, she will become like TIM and think that end justifies the means. Also she didn't want a war with the batarians at that time, cos that would have been bad for the Alliance. Had she know that the batarians are indoctrinated, she might have acted differently.
“Well, if they even let Shepard in the courtyard (which I still doubt), s/he'd be followed by merry entourage of armed guards, sniper scopes and a gunship. Good stroll, good stroll:)” - Still better than being literally locked up in that room for 6 month.

“I wish I was able to have the psych profile of my characters planned out this well:) But since I suck at psychology, I wander in the dark almost every time:(“ - Well it takes several times to get the psych profile to be perfect. My first playthroughs in games are most of the time very different from what I will consider canon later. Like in my first ME1 playthru I while the big decisions were still paragon, in the smaller quest I did things very differently, like returning the body of Samesh's wife, I even tried to romance Kaidan...but then he kinda died on Virmire, so I started to talk more with Liara, and realized she is fun. Now I know that my canon Shepard wouldn't start a relationship with a front line Alliance soldier like Kaidan (or Ashley), because she had a boyfriend like that in the past and knows how little time they could spend together between deployments, so it really isn't good for a serious relationship. And at the age of 29 she isn't looking for a fling anymore :)

As for psychology, it's really not that hard...actually I think it's one of the most logical sciences as long you know the motivation of the person. If you do, then their actions are easy to tell. In fiction we have the added benefit of having a character act a certain way and add the motivation later. I sometimes do that too, like I have a pretty good grasp on my character, and then I have her/him do something that sort of feels right for that character, and think about the reason later :) “Not that Kenson catches Shepard completely off-guard, really.” - Exactly the problem for my Shep. It's kind of the same after Thessia really, where she literally says that it was her job to be prepared for anything, yet she failed. And yeah, BW done goofed with Arrival, which is really sad, cos the writing and design of LotSB on the other hand was really good.

“And they can't even make the popular excuse "it's all due to console restrictions", because ME2 had no trouble with graphics on consoles.” - Yeah, I wonder why they don't have holstering anymore though...they said that it was because of console memory limitations, but since those textures sure as hell don't need much memory, I doubt that holstering couldn't have been put in. Well who cares, lucky there are fans out there, who make nice high res textures.

“Why? You didn't like it? At least it's not restricted to pistols anymore, and is a poor man's Adrenaline Rush.” - I don't really saw a point of it, well at least not for my Vanguard. I used that power in ME1 a lot though, because it was kind of a substitute for an SMG, and I needed it, because I didn't have any way to snipe people. But in ME3 I can snipe with a pistol and have an SMG, so it's not that useful. Also, it has a really long recharge time, and bugged out a lot for me when I tried to use it.

“oooh, if we're talking about dialogue options, I'd just wished they implemented Deus Ex: HR system entirely.” - I think having the whole pheromone based stuff from DE HR would be a bit too much.

“Your paragon/renegade bars are completely independent from each other, and you can undertake whatever actions you want, not only those dictated or restricted to your particular alignment.” - If it were me, I would do it as I said before, but have other follow up actions, like that guy refuses to talk, and you failed the first renegade check, then here comes the second, that requires less renegade points...or something like that. Though I admit, that would be very hard to write and code, so yeah it's easier to go with the ME system.

“A bit too late to change the game into Warhammer40k and it's "grim darkness of the future".” - I never understood why ME3 has to be so grimdark. People say that Shepard has to sacrifice his/herself, because the game has to show us how serious the war really is. But didn't it show us that already? I mean, by the time Shepard dies, in the best case scenario Mordin is dead, Thane is dead, Anderson is dead, the ground team trying to reach the beam on Earth is dead (or at least that's what Shepard thinks), Thessia is lost, so is the volus, elcor and batarian homeworlds, Earth is in FUBAR stage, and billions are dead. Why the hell do we need to be even more dark than that?!

“Then the players realize, that this group was actually playing D&D 43rd edition.” Nice :D Reminds me of that one quest in Fable 3, where you have to play through 3 “wizards” game and they constantly argue about game design how teddy bears aren't good as enemy, cos they are not scary at all :D

“We lol'd. Not for long though, because then everyone became serious...” Ouch, seems like a kinda Made Myself Sad situation.--SunyiNyufi 13:38, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

“I am astounded by the amount of overconfidence, that people will happily accept whichever crap they throw them.” - That attitude served them well so far. Half of the gaming community still thinks that we should kiss the publishers' and studios' asses just for making games.

“What is the point of such plot anyway, then?” - It's because it's the easiest way to create a Romeo&Juliet type of tragic romance, with which half of your audience will sympathize, the other half will think that the dirty lesbian got what she deserved. And you don't have to make deep characters with proper motivations and back-story, so it's easy to produce. As for the world changing regarding homosexuality, I think such social problems will disappear in 3-4 generations, because as we go on, the coming generations will be even more open minded than we are now, which is good :)

“I was always having this feeling, that it literally feels like a handcuff or something on my hand. Same thing goes for neckties - feels like a noose on your neck. God I hate ties:) People say I'm weird that way:)” - Heh, I wore watches for years, and loved it. I also wear ties from time to time, but I guess it's different for me, since as a woman I'm not required to wear them :)

“That technician on Horizon always drove me mad, bitching about the Alliance for what reason? No reason at all?” - Omg, that guy...he is such a massive idiot! Alliance spying on them? What for? And how does he expect Shepard to save the colonist who are flying away in a spaceship, while Shep is on the ground? Not to mention the fact what a massive asshole he is, cos he just closed the door and didn't let anyone in. Sure that saved his life, but it also shows that he values himself more than others. I would like to tell that guy to piss off, but my Shep just isn't the type.

“Funny thing though, very early in production of ME1, they wanted to make asari bi-gendered, like everyone else.” - The asari would be certainly less interesting, if they were also bi-gendered, and they would have needed more development time spent on them (different male models and such), and they would be less fanservice-y :D

Especulaciones! I really should learn Spanish...

“I wonder how much time Shepard would have continue sitting in prison, if the Reapers had not attacked Earth? Like imagine they are leaving Earth for desert” - I'm pretty sure, if no one else, Liara would have made a prison break and get Shep out of there the second the reapers show up on her “Shadow Broker radar”. Maybe Garrus would help too... Thinking about it, ME never really head a we-need-to-break-of-this-prison situation. Sure you do a prison break in Arrival, but that's kinda different.
“I guess Vasir was right, then. People like Spectres are expected to do very ugly, but necessary things from time to time...” - I agree, but it's a slippery slope really, because you can lose yourself very easily like that and join the Dark Side so to speak :)
“Like waving his hand to snipers, who are supposed to be hidden” - :D I just remembered and episode of Chuck, where Adam Baldwin's character killed like 6 bad guys with his snifle in like 1 or 2 minutes. It was awesome! Kept thinking of Kal'Reegar though...poor Kal...

“I've read, what you wrote. Made perfect sense. I've read it again, considered it in details. Then I've read it again, and came to the conclusion, that I'm not the psychology type.” - Wasn't meant to be something for such deep reading :D

“Ok, maybe you could tell me some stuff, say, about my Shep as in the psych profile, because I'm curious as to how you do it on practice?” - Hmm, bit different with someone else's character, cos I don't know the details, but here I go :)

So just to get the facts straight first, you play Paragon Male Shep, who is a Spacer, romanced Tali, and is an infiltrator right? I don't remember the service history though, so gotta leave that out.

First up, that fact he is an Infiltrator shows that he likes tech, and is very adept in using it. Fits really well with a Spacer background actually, cos living on ships and stations means that you grow up at least a bit tech savvy. And since both mom and dad were in the Alliance, it's very likely that little <insert name here> Shepard was surrounded by uncles and aunts who were technicians or mechanics, who could have taught little Shep a lot about various tech, turning him into a bit of tech geek. And it's no wonder that he would seek out another tech geek as a partner, especially because while he shares this geekiness with Tali, and that they both grew up on ships in a military family, she is different enough to be still interesting as a partner.
The fact that he likes to use his sniper rifle shows that he usually like to solve things in a clean way, and might like to take a step back when presented with a problem, so he could look at the “bigger picture” so to say, and make the decision with that in mind. His one-shot-one-body style also indicates that he probably likes to limit the bloodshed and likes to end combat situations as quickly as he can.
Considering how he seems to like makes escape plans when in custody (even if he has no intention of executing them) once again shows that he is the type who planes ahead rather than rushing into situations. And the fact that he likes to use tactical cloak and uses a snifle means that he likes to explore other options than straight up fight. I bet his favorite childhood game was hide-and-seek, and he was more than likely good at it. He might have know the ships and stations where he lived better than the actual stuff, cos he was the “explorer” type of kid. Also bet that drove his mom crazy :D
He probably joined the military not really because of his parents, but rather so he could see more of the galaxy with the added benefit of protecting people. His soldier career must have had a couple of rough spots though, like arguments with superiors about how a mission went down, like for example he was ordered to do a mission a certain way even though he presented his superiors with an other, faster and in his eyes more efficient way. This led to the fact that while he still does respect the chain of command, he also feels a bit bogged down by red tape like Garrus did. That's why he was glad to become a Spectre, so he could do things his way... by that I don't mean anything bad though, especially because his way is really not aggressive at all.
In ME2 he opts to re-write the heretics, which shows that as already mentioned, he prefers limited bloodshed options, and he also values mercy, even if it's a bit morally ambiguous. This mentality supported by the fact that he admires asari politics that are very similar to this, so it's no wonder that he doesn't question the prothean beacon or Thessia, and when presented with starchild's 3 magic buttons, he will chose Control, because while morally ambiguous, it's still an option with limited bloodshed and is not as confusing morally than Synthesis. However this mercy doesn't extend to everyone though. If he perceive someone as an enemy (like member of some merc band), he won't show mercy on that person.
Hmm...what else... Since he invited Kelly up for a dinner, probably a lot of people see him as a bit of a flirt, while he doesn't think about himself that way at all. Friendly playful flirting with colleagues is not something he takes seriously after all. He probably broke some hearts in the past with that attitude.

Well that's all I could come up with while doing the dishes :D It's much harder to do it for someone else, cos I dunno about how your Shep generally treats people... like did he shove a gun in Conrad's face, or not. Anyway, hope you enjoyed it :)

“Who will buy the stupid weapon packs for DA2, if fans can make better?” - Exactly my reaction when the first DA2 item pack came out :D Devs should really embrace modding, because a lot of people are moving back to gaming on the PC, and the modding community can show very well what your game lacks in the eyes of the gamers. For example, one of the most downloaded mods for Fallout 3 was the Wanderer's Edition because it added survival mechanics to the game, so Fallout New Vegas added an option for such mechanics in the game. Or for FNV player home mods are popular, so Obsidian made a DLC where you get a new house with new functions. So yeah, devs should actually listen to fans and not just pretend to.

“relatively low rate of fire SMGs like the Locust” - I still don't like the Locust in ME3, and still can't pinpoint why... I grew to love the Tempest though, helps taking down Atlases.

“Well Vasir did catch Shepard off-guard, and it was a genuine surprise, at least for me.” - Tbh Vasir for me always felt a bit off... especially because she said that the sniper “didn't plan on T'soni's kinetic barrier”. How do you know that? Sniper could have missed for all we know, cos we were not there, and I doubt Liara had cameras installed in her apartment...well not cameras that Vasir could access I mean. So yeah...felt a bit off, but still was sort of surprised that she was the one bombing the place and all. Kenson was very obvious though, right after Shep questions her about how they avoided indoctrination I thought ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL :D Though I didn't think that she would be that annoying through out the DLC. I always shoot her.

“Yeah, it's a war story, and it has a lot of death, but really it's too late to change the genre. Instead they sacrifice Shepard, not the player.” - That they do. Though if we can believe the gossips, Weekes was against the ending and the other writers weren't really consulted in the creation of that either. Actually if you look at Weekes' work, I really don't think he liked the grimdark idea that much, which is best reflected in one of Traynor's comments “I wouldn't help anyone if I would break down crying in the middle of the CIC now would I?”.

“Yeah, that sure was nice!” - Too bad the rest of the game wasn't...couldn't finish it, was way too boring and same-y for my taste. Loved the first Fable though :)

“if you think about it, then BWs artistic vision in ME3 was really akin to a medieval castle having AA-turrets.” - Wish I had a castle like that! Classy and deadly at the same time :D

“I was replaying Overlord recently, and couldn't help myself laughing again at these pics:)” - Nice :D Overlord was also a DLC I liked, cos it was sort of creepy in a good way. I also don't gather the Cerberus data packs because screw you TIM, I'm not helping you! :D--SunyiNyufi 20:07, May 10, 2012 (UTC)

“EA indie bundle! No, seriously, read into that: EA, INDIE bundle!!!” - Oh god I laughed so hard when I first read that :D It really shows that at this point EA has no idea what they are doing, and are grasping at straws to get some money out of people's pockets. Getting the Worst Company of America award sure as hell hurt them way more than they implied.

“But this strategy is flawed, when you focus on lesbians as main, or at least major characters of the film/book.” - Well yeah, you are right, it's flawed, but it's cost efficient from time to time, and just like with ME3's ending, you can bring up the “art” defense to protect it. Not in today's world though, cos the LGBT community is rather loud, especially online, so they will tear you apart if you don't handle gay characters well enough.

“Tell me about it XD I was about 4 times next to being fired, because I refused to wear them. Seriously, it's a hangman's noose!” - lol :D I can understand that totally! During my high school years the school principal entertained the idea of implementing uniforms into our daily was a very short lived idea. He transformed it then to needing to wear specified outfit during school celebrations, which meant for girls sailor blouse and skirt. Of course we refused to do it, and got into trouble for it later.

“Noone would spy on them, and noone would even bother to make a reality show in the "People on distant colonies" program, because they are not even that significant. I regret I don't have a dialogue option to say this.” - Yeah, Horizon is really insignificant in every aspect. That's why it makes sort of sense to have Sanctuary there in ME3, cos who would suspect a colony like that? Speaking of Horizon, I wonder what happened to Traynor's parents. Cos they certainly weren't on Earth when the invasion started, so they must have been on Horizon...did they go to Sanctuary? Were they turned into husks or killed? Or did Traynor ask them to do to the Citadel, so they could die there during the ending? Anyway, it sucks to be Traynor...

“Because they are not fanservice, even if they were intended to be such by BW.” - I would say that they are fanservice, however their purpose is obviously not just fanservice, so it's more like a very tiny aspect of what they are, rather than being in-your-face-kind and only purpose. So if anything, I think that asari are fanservice done well.

“They did some nasty things to their grammar, albeit taking it from Latin. I learned Latin, and I thought, that there are rather simple rules... But Spanish most surely takes it back, when it comes to exceptions.” - Being a German linguist I'm used to nasty grammar :D I also learned Latin while in high school for like 5 years (first 2 years were obligatory), but I can safely say that other than some proverbs I really don't remember much. I know that I lost interest in it when we started translating Cicero's speeches cos I found them boring :D

Anyway, let's add some French: spéculations !:D

“I wonder why she didn't do it earlier...” - Probably there wasn't much that Shepard could have done while being on the run from the Alliance at that point. And it would have been an especially bad choice, cos Liara needed clearance to work on Mars. Though it could very well be that she just started to work on the prothean archives and completely forgot about Shepard :D She is Miss Obsessive after all.
“Purgatory in ME2! XD You were sorta imprisoned... And then you sorta break out XD” - Yeah, but you are not stripped of your weapons or anything, so it doesn't really feel like a prison break...though it was fun for sure :D I especially liked the convo with Jack at the end:
Shepard: I'm offering to be your don't want to be my enemy.
Garrus: They have a way of dying.
“But as I've said, noone on this kind of a job has a clear conscience. It's just how things are.” - I wonder how often the Council sends a Spectre after a rogue Spectre. It might occur from time to time, considering that some Spectres sure snap after some time. But I guess it's sorta like being a Grey Warden, you do what ever you must, and more than likely you will die fighting for what you believe in.
“I always hated this scene. It's a very... inaccurate portrayal. Not that it was intended to be accurate, but still. High-presicion weapons are never used in this way.” - Yeah, sure, but it's Chuck, so nothing is really accurate. I mean, they defuse a bomb with porn in the first episode. And they have visible lasers in every one of their break in missions, which is not how it works in real life. I think Myth Busters had an episode about that where they explained that security systems don't even use lasers but rather infra...I think... or what is something else? Anyway, they use something that is not visible at all on purpose.
“Codename: Colossus fights well.” - Nice :D

“I did enjoy it, again, thank you very much!:) I think I will re-evaluate my stance on psychology.” - It was worth it then :) Oh and a little psych exercise I do from time to time, that also can help nail the details of a character: I often compare my characters to each other, and think about how they would make different choices if they are put in the shoes of an other character. For example, take the Dark Ritual problem from DAO. My Warden convinces Alistair to do it, though she has practical reasons for it. My Shepard would never ever do that, and would sacrifice herself at the end. My Courier from FNV would also not do it, mostly because that would give way too much power to someone who is not her, and in the end she would order Loghain to do the sacrifice, or if Loghain wouldn't be available, only Alistair, she would order him to do it, cos she would go “f*ck friendship, I ain't gonna die!” :D So yeah, things like this can also help regarding a characters psych profile. Profiling is fun. No wonder one of my favorite shows is Criminal Minds heh.

“on a larger scale EA chooses to adopt a policy of "everything is online". So you're not able to, excuse me, fart, without an online verification.” That “everything is online” mentality never made sense to me. I understand that having an internet connection is very common nowadays, but constantly being monitored through an online connection, even if it's just your game, it's wrong. It's like Big Brother is always watching...creepy and wrong, and most people won't like it. I don't think that kind of thing will last long. “I wonder if Obsidian basically repeats BW's fate of being an independent developer, and then simply bought by a major firm, when it starts to have a profitable audience in numbes.” - Certainly hope not, but who knows. For now they didn't have enough successes to worry about stuff like that, and the leadership at Obsidian seems to understand that it wouldn't bee good for them to do something like that...but many things can change in the future.

“Because it's basically the same weapon, as in ME2: low rate of fire, up against armor, high accuracy SMG.” - The main difference is though that it does less damage in ME3...and I don't feels different somehow...

“Now, setting aside, that it was a gaping plot-hole in LotSB, because ME bullets do not ricochet” - So if we set aside the fact that disproves it, it's valid :D But yeah, I get it, it's still a bit stupid, if Vasir doesn't mention it in the dialogue. Btw thinking back, did she ever give a reason as to why she is in Liara's apartment? Cos I sure don't remember it.

“but Kenson didn't have that type.” - Who knows, maybe it just looks like the same. I mean, they both look like the shot gun smart choke anyway, so it could be that they are different trigger. Rila's trigger in ME3 looks the same too, and it's the triggering-while-letting-go type.

“Even if he was, does it matter now?” - Nah, not really.

“Up to the point of claiming to be serious RPGs.” - How can you claim to be a serious RPG when one of the social interactions is farting in someone's face?!

“You may be protected against aircraft, but think about the tanks! Oh, and archers on the walls won't hit them too! XD” - You're right! I guess we had to add magic ninja cannons on the walls, that would shoot ninjas and phantoms with monomolecular blades. How about that? :D

“I don't want to look all that bitchy, but it's as if they un-learned how to make quality DLCs, perceiving the Extended Cut.” - They certainly did. Really the biggest mystery currently is what exactly went wrong during ME3 development, and why did they take a different approach when ME2 was successful. Guess we'll never know.--SunyiNyufi 09:45, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

“So... How about those mineral resources in war assets? Ever got 100, or maybe know a way to get 100?” - Funny thing is, I just started up ME2 to do that saved-the-council playthrough, when I realized that I forgot to answer that thing about minerals. Then luckily I also forgot to copy my ME1 saves, so I had to exit the game, and thought while I do that, I leave short message to you about the minerals, But by the time I opened Firefox, I already have a message from you :D Anyways, no I never had 100, and don't know how to get it that high. And frankly I wouldn't do it, cos 1, massaging planets is boring 2, the galaxy will need some resources even after the war, so we really should use it all up :D

“And when they end, forget sense of morals, I will gloat so freaking hard. I think I'll actually bother to send them a "nice" letter with my "sincerest condolences", hehe.” - How renegade of you :D But I totally understand!

“Seriously, people will become tolerant to gay characters and gay people on the whole, when they stop singling them out in either way, negative or positive.” - Amen to that! For now LGBT community is a bit overprotective about gay characters in fiction, but they will get over that. Funny though how games like Fallout New Vegas didn't raise any eyebrows with their gay characters, yet Mass Effect 3 does...Then again FNV only has fade to black sex without any kind of nudity.

“Was the principal a Sailor Moon fan or something? XD” - Oh wow, didn't think of it that way yet XD I didn't have much problem with the sailor blouse most of the time actually... it looked good on me...but I don't like skirts. “Green jackets were so funny:D” - Bet they made school days more colorful :)

“So yeah, with all my unending love for the Council, I just refuse to consider them dead. How can I live without my favourite three-headed dragon? And Tevos is too beautiful to die anyway:)” - Hahahaha XD Though I actually hope the new Council is alive in my canon playthrough...kinda liked them, the salarian councilor is feisty, the turian guy seemed like a bro and the asari...has a nice voice kinda I dunno.

“God, why I keep defending them to the last breath? What good did they ever do to me, besides a dozen of them trying to kill my character? Maybe I'm... Blue-indoctrinated? O_o” - Well......... :D Nah kidding, while I think you might love the a bit too much, the asari are a pretty okay race in the galaxy over all even with all their faults. And they represent something that you and your Shepard seem to aspire to...or something.

“Bring on Swahili next time:)” - I don't think Swahili has an exact word for it, but there is a verb that seems to be kinda right: kudhania

“Do I get this distinct feeling, that your Shep is a bit cross at Liara for researching, and not making little blue-children?:D It's a joke, of course.” - Well, umm, a little maybe :D Let's face it, my Shep just went 6 month without seeing the love of her life, so yeah, she is a bit cross about it...but then she learns that Liara found the Crucible plans, and all is forgiven :) Yeah, she is such a sucker for Liara really, at this point I don't think Liara could do anything to make Shepard really mad or not like her. “Like, the trial of the century!” - The trial we don't see or hear about at all >_>
“And it's not the club "Afterlife".” - Awww, that's no fun D: “It's one of the favourite BW cliches: being recruited in a secretive elite organization with a broad array of authorities.” - But it's a cliché they do pretty well, especially in stories about world/galactic destruction. Though if you think about there really aren't many situations in ME games where you apply your Spectre status. It's sort of important on Noveria, but nowhere else really.
“So yeah, Chuck is Chuck.” - Suddenly, Miranda not being blond is so weird...
“My favourite are "Red" and "Blue", the asari twins XD” - lol

“I wonder if your Shepard would kill the Architect?” - Hmmm, good question. She probably would kill him, because he is the enemy, and because she would be ready to face the Mother without his help. “How accurate it can actually be, and how much you personally rely on it?” - Professional profiling is very accurate, but that's also because trained profilers can ready body language really well. As for how much use it... you mean in real life? I don't use it that much really, because profiling friends and family isn't polite, during work and such a little maybe, cos it's good to know how to approach the boss, but I would never fully use something like that to suck up to a boss (mostly cos that makes you unpopular with co-workers and I'm a social butterfly :D). I mostly use profiling in my writings really, or for literature analysis :)

“Smart people learn from others' example, and people in Obsidian sure are smart.” - Hope they stay smart too. Kinda wonder what their next game will be, besides that South Park game. Though frankly I'm kinda interested in an SP game done by them.

“I guess being an asari Spectre, she has some mad skillz at forensics.” - Guess she is better than the whole CSI team combined :D “I guess she wanted to appear, that she was helping with the investigation. Makes sense, an attempt on the life of one of Illium's most inlfluential info brokers is something, that totally deserves the attention of a Spectre.” - Yeah but it's only been half an hour or so since Liara escaped, so what was she doing on Illium? Does she live there? Was she at the police station when the report came in? So yeah, she should have said something about that...though Shepard is also stupid for not asking really.

“I always imagined a shtgun firing detonators XD” - Do want :D

“That did it! Now your castle is impregnable!:D” - Yay a winrar is me :D

“Greed. If EA has success, they want even more success... Fail at that and ruin whatever good the previous success had.” - I guess... I wonder how they didn't learn from the past though. They killed so many studios already this way that it's not even funny anymore.

P.S.: Today's lesson: this is totally true!--SunyiNyufi 17:09, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

“Well, you know I'm a perfectionist, so I want all my war assets on maximum:)” - It seems that guys over BSN have no real clue what it would really take to get 100 war assets. “This time it's me telling the Reapers "I am the Vanguard of your destruction!"” - Yay for Vanguard! :D

“EA is like that Eclipse merc near the window. Bosh'tets.” - No they are like that Eclipse sister asari, who pretends to be nice and all, but totally killed the volus merchant and enjoyed it.

“Why? Why is this planet so full of idiots? I want to live on some other planet.” - Professor Farnsworth agrees with you!

“Really, one important way of educating a child, is teach the child to value individuality, which uniform erases.” - Well most schools aren't really big on individuality and would rather have the kids to become average workers when they grow up, because that's easier to do then actually take care of the kids. Wouldn't have made much sense for our school though, cos we have tons of extra classes and such, since we were part of the “gifted children” education project. Thanks to that I even had psychology lessons at school for 2 years :D

“I dunno if they made school days more colorful, but they certainly made them greener! XD” - Green is a nice color, it's Kermit's favorite after all :)

“In my headcanon the Council is alive, and Shepard receives a special "best Spectre forever" award from them:)” - Somehow this reminded me of a Penny Arcade comic :) Headcanon ftw!

“Oh, and the colour blue seems to have a soothing and relaxing effect, or so the scientists claim.” - Indeed it is the most calming color. Too bad that it gets really overused lately, cos every third video game cover or movie poster has orange-blue contrast on it. But oh well, graphic trends like that will disappear sooner or later.

“I think that extranet blogger, Delsae Orthysa, who is always full of crazy conspiracy theories, like krogan superbiotic and ancient nanomachinery, would be proud of our speculations:) I think she is sort of an avatar of ME fandom:)” - The perfect example why I love ME universe, cos it has small funny things like this in it :)

अटकलें लगाई <- that's hindi for speculations :D at least according to Google Translate...

“So I guess with this Reaper invasion, being a minor setback, over, you're on your way to have a lifetime of love:)” - “Reaper invasion” and “minor setback” in the same sentence, that's a first! :D “This would be a great introduction for both old and new players, instead of being thrown straight into the fray, which maybe confusing for many.” - Exactly! That's why I can't understand why they didn't do it...well I actually understand, it wasn't action oriented enough, and would have been a very long cut scene in action mode, so they scraped it. They also probably didn't have money for it, because they spent in on more important Chobot and Kai Leng's hair moving in scenes. “everyone knows, that Shepard is the best lawyer in the Galaxy:)” - Indeed! I love the Tali loyalty mission especially because Shepard makes an ass pull, and basically bullshits the admirals into submission... love it! :D
“Though the first options are usually renegade, and the second are usually paragon, which is too restrictive.” - Yeah, somehow claiming to be with the Alliance, makes you into racist renegade Shepard... There really should have been Spectre interrupts in the game.
“Dissociative identity disorder is something not to be messed with:)” - Indeed it isn't. Hmmm, I would be interesting to have a protagonist with some obvious mental disorder in some game... though most devs can't even make proper PCs, so I guess it's out of question.
“If this gets public (and it pretty much is), congratulations:( The Alliance just made complete asses out of themselves, for all the galaxy to see.” - I'm not so sure it would go public. Shepard's ME2 adventures don't seem to be in the press that much, and they surely don't have any evidence about what tech the SR2 uses. For all they know, it just looks like a big SR1. Then again by the time of ME3 the Normandy tech isn't that secret anymore, since they use it in shuttles, and even the quarians seem to have something similar, and let's not forget the batarian ship in yeah, Alliance dun goofed way before impounding Normandy-SR2. Bet they just handwave it though.

“But how about free will for the Darkspawn? They already constitute a separate race, do they deserve free will?” - The problem with the situation is that Shepard wouldn't believe one word of the Architect, because she tends to hold a grudge towards people who kidnap, drug, imprison her and also try to steal her blood. And basically that situation is a gamble, and they are asking you bet on the Architect giving that free will to the darkspawn, but she wouldn't be willing to do that. Which is interesting, because she let's the Rachni queen go... I guess the difference is that the Rachni queen didn't personally harm Shepard in any way, why the Architect does (even if his intentions aren't bad). Btw I hate that sequence where they capture you in Awakening, because that magic trap is so obvious that I avoided walking over it the first time I saw it!

“So yes, I have my answer now, thank you!:)” - I find that profiling makes it easier to write stories, because once you have the proper motivation for the characters and create the overall plot, the characters' reactions to it are basically writing themselves :)

“It's a shame the game is Xbox exclusive. Though I'm more then certain, that there will be a PC port.” - They are making it on the same engine they used for Dungeon Siege 3, so having a PC release too wouldn't be that hard...we will see if they have money for it.

“I'd do this: come on Illium to supposedly check up on a Justicar's arrival (which everyone saw as a remarkable event!), just in case. Then come to the police station to gather some data or consult with local cops, and then arrive to the crime scene with them, "accidentally" overhearing the news.” - My Shepard would totally buy that story... so trusting that girl *sigh*. Oh, just remembered my favorite quote from Vasir (apart from “Don't you dare judge me” of course): upon selecting a prothean relic "She was certainly into ugly, um no offense!" :D “Maybe I'll have you sign my chest plate.” is also good, and supports my theory that most of the asari we get to talk to, want or wanted to nail Shepard at one point :3

“Is it??? O_o I'll better remember this, and act accordingly:)” - Yeah, happened to me today exactly like that. I hate butter that gets frozen in the fridge. That's the reason why I mostly use margarine for just about everything in the kitchen instead of evil butter.--SunyiNyufi 22:32, May 11, 2012 (UTC)

Tried to write a properly reply, but it's so weird typing on someone else's notebook...or maybe it's because of yesterday's party XD So umm stay tuned!

Yeah Charge with Nova is way too OP, but Charge by itself is really fun! So it biotic punch and shotgun to the face :D--SunyiNyufi 05:56, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Since you happen to be visiting this wiki today, would mind to have a look at my blog here? In it, I outline my concept of a ME sequel that doesn't overtly involve the Leviathans and addresses the player choices pretty well from what I can see. I would appreciate it if you could comment on that, since your comments usually provide interesting insights.

Best regards. 4Ferelden (talk) 07:40, November 26, 2012 (UTC)

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Nope. Merely bringing something to someone's attention can hardly be considered anything, since they could vote any way. I've linked people to the discussion in the past, but I've never dictated how they should vote. For all we knew, they could have easily voted for the option we didn't agree with.

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I'm aware, thank you, and yes, that would be. ;)

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