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Mass Effect 2 Edits Edit

Please note that your additions to the Mass Effect 2 article are unnecessary, irrelevant (for lack of a better term), and not allowed. The site you keep putting in is a fan site, and because we are an encyclopedic source, we don't allow fan-art, fan-stories, fan-fiction, or fan anything else. There are two known Mass Effect fan fiction wikis and you are free to talk about that kind of stuff there, or create an account and post it on your user page, but that kind of information has no place in the Mass Effect 2 article because it is fan created material, not offical material. As such I will ask you to please stop putting it back in. Thanks. Lancer1289 19:39, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

Blocked Edit

I gave you a warning and yet you persisted and then went around the wiki and vandalized several articles. The thing you kept on promoting something that isn't canon, isn't official material, and continued to insert irrelevant information into articles. The material is fan material and as such has no place in main articles. I gave you several places where it could go, but you didn't listen. You also were edit warring on the Mass Effect 2, which is a bannable offense, along with the vandalism you did all over the wiki. As such you have been blocked for a month for your actions. If this persists when the block is up, then it will be reenacted for a longer period of time. Lancer1289 20:41, March 3, 2011 (UTC)

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