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if you're going to keep doing what you do here Edit

Ale89515 (talk) 06:11, April 18, 2020 (UTC)

some other pointers Edit

  • no need to put down everything written on an enemy unit's page when every time they're encountered throughout the games. that's the whole point of their pages - to cut down on the bloat.
  • if you have specific strategies to enemies as relating to that specific part of the mission/assignment, say, relating to level architecture, or in relation to other enemies in the area, that's fine to add. if you're just recapping from what's written on their enemy pages, that's not.
  • i have half a mind to move the section after collector base: long walk in mass effect 2 guide (aka the final battle) into Stop the Collectors. technically, the latter is accomplished once you kill the reaper baby, so it's still part of the mission. however, shit might be confusing for navigation.

. . T̶͙̝͍̖̤̞͂̅̿̆́̕̚͝͡e̮̬͚̪͐̅̒̿͟͡m͚̮̣̪̟̦̫̺̝̏̍̄̾̅̽͂ͅp̶̳̥̣̥͓͆̃̋͊́̈̈́̊́̏o̸͉̰̞̖̖̰̟͂̉̈́̍̐͂̚̚͜͠r̛͙͇̦̈́̀̔͐̒͆̽͛͜͜͡a̵̺̣͕̗͗̇̅́̐͒͂̚͟r̺͓͕̰͙͚͙̋̏͐͌͂̍̐̀́̚y̴͉̜͎̜͙͍̞̠͊̄̃̍̋ͅͅḛ̴̙͉͙̠̐̿̄͗͆̈̽͞d̳̙̫͎̝̝̜̘̂̀̍́̀̇͗̄̕͜͟į̴̜̯̗̦̹̻̬̓́̀̓͛̓́̆̇͆ţ̸͍͔̠͍̐̋͋̑͑̉̀̀͞͝ǒ̧̱̣̠̲̣̜̤͙̉̋̾̄̈̕ṟ̛̦͕̖̗͖̱̤̰̪͛́̀̆̑̔͂̃̕7̨̮͎̤̣̞̣̦̞̿̾̓̊̏͑͗̾͌͜8̷̳̻̗̼̙͎́̄̔̀̓͘͝ . 00:17, May 23, 2020 (UTC)

I understand. When I was new to the Trilogy, I did came to this Wiki for guidance on the missions and what to expect, and I personally never looked at any of the enemy pages (or knew they existed), just the mission walkthroughs. If you want people using them there needs to be cross-linking, i.e. "see the ____ page for more detailed info on how to fight this guy" in the mission walkthroughs. If there's nothing pointing people to the enemy pages they won't likely know about them.
  • I also found it a bit odd that the Final Battle walkthrough is part of the overall ME2 Guide page so yeah the navigation was a little weird because I was expecting there to be a separate page for it called "Collector Base: The Final Battle" just like there's separate pages for "Collector Base: Infiltration" and "Collector Base: The Long Walk." That's my two cents I don't feel that strongly about it.

Ale89515 (talk) 05:14, May 25, 2020 (UTC)

tread carefully when talking about stats Edit

see information sourcing guidelines. are you even testing with external tools, backing up the numbers with stated values in coalesced.inis, or just eyeballing it? because if the latter, we are going to have a problem. . . T̶͙̝͍̖̤̞͂̅̿̆́̕̚͝͡e̮̬͚̪͐̅̒̿͟͡m͚̮̣̪̟̦̫̺̝̏̍̄̾̅̽͂ͅp̶̳̥̣̥͓͆̃̋͊́̈̈́̊́̏o̸͉̰̞̖̖̰̟͂̉̈́̍̐͂̚̚͜͠r̛͙͇̦̈́̀̔͐̒͆̽͛͜͜͡a̵̺̣͕̗͗̇̅́̐͒͂̚͟r̺͓͕̰͙͚͙̋̏͐͌͂̍̐̀́̚y̴͉̜͎̜͙͍̞̠͊̄̃̍̋ͅͅḛ̴̙͉͙̠̐̿̄͗͆̈̽͞d̳̙̫͎̝̝̜̘̂̀̍́̀̇͗̄̕͜͟į̴̜̯̗̦̹̻̬̓́̀̓͛̓́̆̇͆ţ̸͍͔̠͍̐̋͋̑͑̉̀̀͞͝ǒ̧̱̣̠̲̣̜̤͙̉̋̾̄̈̕ṟ̛̦͕̖̗͖̱̤̰̪͛́̀̆̑̔͂̃̕7̨̮͎̤̣̞̣̦̞̿̾̓̊̏͑͗̾͌͜8̷̳̻̗̼̙͎́̄̔̀̓͘͝ . 01:25, June 6, 2020 (UTC)

yeah it may be a problem then, so if reverts need to be made so be it. I may decide to go the extra mile for proper sourcing using tools at a later date. It's just that I can't find any other information on these numbers anywhere online despite digging so hopefully what I put up on the talk pages can remain in place. As for testing the probabilities of the proc rates for Pistol Critical / Redundant shields I'm not sure even something like Coalesced would reveal the numbers; the necessary datamining is probably beyond what I'd know. Since there isn't a lot of discussion about this sort of thing these days getting someone else to try and verify things isn't likely, unfortunately. Ale89515 (talk) 02:20, June 6, 2020 (UTC)
just an update on this I was able to get some definite numbers to support some of the stuff about Heavy Pistol Critical and also about the close-range weapon damage bonus about which I learned some interesting things using the profile commands with console. I've updated the Talk pages of Research and also the weapon types with what I've learned and may make a few updates to the pages eventually. Ale89515 (talk) 07:11, June 6, 2020 (UTC)

unique dialogue pointers Edit

as much as possible, paraphrase instead of using the exact quotes. they make sense in context, but come off as disjointed in written lists since you have to factor numerous variables that come together naturally while playing the game. that is one of the backburner projects i have in mind, though of course constantly put off over the years because reasons. . . T̶͙̝͍̖̤̞͂̅̿̆́̕̚͝͡e̮̬͚̪͐̅̒̿͟͡m͚̮̣̪̟̦̫̺̝̏̍̄̾̅̽͂ͅp̶̳̥̣̥͓͆̃̋͊́̈̈́̊́̏o̸͉̰̞̖̖̰̟͂̉̈́̍̐͂̚̚͜͠r̛͙͇̦̈́̀̔͐̒͆̽͛͜͜͡a̵̺̣͕̗͗̇̅́̐͒͂̚͟r̺͓͕̰͙͚͙̋̏͐͌͂̍̐̀́̚y̴͉̜͎̜͙͍̞̠͊̄̃̍̋ͅͅḛ̴̙͉͙̠̐̿̄͗͆̈̽͞d̳̙̫͎̝̝̜̘̂̀̍́̀̇͗̄̕͜͟į̴̜̯̗̦̹̻̬̓́̀̓͛̓́̆̇͆ţ̸͍͔̠͍̐̋͋̑͑̉̀̀͞͝ǒ̧̱̣̠̲̣̜̤͙̉̋̾̄̈̕ṟ̛̦͕̖̗͖̱̤̰̪͛́̀̆̑̔͂̃̕7̨̮͎̤̣̞̣̦̞̿̾̓̊̏͑͗̾͌͜8̷̳̻̗̼̙͎́̄̔̀̓͘͝ . 08:59, June 18, 2020 (UTC)

Thanks; I had actually thought the opposite was true and verbatim quotes were favored. Also - with regards to Mass Effect 3 dialogue where it varies a lot based on who is in the squad (and sometimes which squad member is used more than others if I'm not mistaken) how should that be dealt with? For example, can it be enough to say something like: "If X is the squadmate who makes a comment, then X says ____" ? Or do we need to get super specific and accurate about what conditions need to be met for a certain squadmate to make a certain comment? (Guessing it's the latter but that's a boatload of testing) Ale89515 (talk) 00:30, June 19, 2020 (UTC)
when i was filling up the UD pages years ago if some line is truly interchangeable and didn't really add anything meaningful i didn't bother putting them in. i have a dialogue tree cheat sheet for ME3, so i knew who said what and where. complex cases are few and documented already, i think. . . T̶͙̝͍̖̤̞͂̅̿̆́̕̚͝͡e̮̬͚̪͐̅̒̿͟͡m͚̮̣̪̟̦̫̺̝̏̍̄̾̅̽͂ͅp̶̳̥̣̥͓͆̃̋͊́̈̈́̊́̏o̸͉̰̞̖̖̰̟͂̉̈́̍̐͂̚̚͜͠r̛͙͇̦̈́̀̔͐̒͆̽͛͜͜͡a̵̺̣͕̗͗̇̅́̐͒͂̚͟r̺͓͕̰͙͚͙̋̏͐͌͂̍̐̀́̚y̴͉̜͎̜͙͍̞̠͊̄̃̍̋ͅͅḛ̴̙͉͙̠̐̿̄͗͆̈̽͞d̳̙̫͎̝̝̜̘̂̀̍́̀̇͗̄̕͜͟į̴̜̯̗̦̹̻̬̓́̀̓͛̓́̆̇͆ţ̸͍͔̠͍̐̋͋̑͑̉̀̀͞͝ǒ̧̱̣̠̲̣̜̤͙̉̋̾̄̈̕ṟ̛̦͕̖̗͖̱̤̰̪͛́̀̆̑̔͂̃̕7̨̮͎̤̣̞̣̦̞̿̾̓̊̏͑͗̾͌͜8̷̳̻̗̼̙͎́̄̔̀̓͘͝ . 10:56, June 20, 2020 (UTC)
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