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Recent ban Edit

Recently, User:Luminit was banned on the grounds of edit warring by User:Temporaryeditor78. He undid Temporaryeditor78's reversions due the administrator's given reason for doing so seemingly being fallacious: "unnecessary changes AND removal of valid sources", the administrator reasoned. It seems quite odd to label the (a) adding of key links, (b) removing of redundant sources not included on most other articles where they're equally applicable, and (c) correction of capitalization (it should be 'Element Zero' in article title's and subheadings, and 'E/element zero' elsewhere in articles) "unnecessary". Here is the revision for your viewing: link.

As fair as the reason for banning Luminit is, it's also quite hypocritical. It seems reasonable to expect an admin to give a user a warning via talk page before banning them or equally engaging in edit warring, no? Overall, any inputs on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Note: If this message is unjustly removed from your talk page, please restart the conversation, as this seems like administrative abuse and misuse warranting discussion. 00:06, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

I agree, Luminit should have at least been warned. TheKingLerp (talk) 04:17, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

and this will be your one and only warning against advancing -your- agenda while pretending to be another IP user, luminit. zero tolerance against sockpuppetry is in effect. i am rarely this nice.
i am well within my rights to block you since you did not follow proper procedure when a conflict such as this arises, which is to stop what -you- are doing and bring the issue up to the talkpage to be hashed out.
all the relevant warnings and procedures are already laid out in the welcome automessage links pasted on your talkpages when you edit something on this wiki. the understanding is you've at least scanned it before doing anything. your inattention, your loss. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 10:31, January 8, 2016 (UTC)<-- This reminds me of how the C-Sec officer threatened to book the quarian for vagrancy in ME2 when the officer was in the wrong. How is Temp still an admin when he talks to people like this?
Our community guidelines say "First offences do not normally lead to a ban, but an offender will be warned. Repeat offenders who refuse to listen to warnings will be banned.". I agree a warning should be issued as a talk page message, especially when the resulting ban would be as long as two weeks despite the offense not involving vandalism or offensive behavior.
However, I also agree that anonymously posing as another editor is not acceptable. A better course of action is to use your own talk page to contest the ban, as blocked users will normally not be prevented from editing their own talk page. :) Elseweyr talkstalk January 8, 2016, 14:00:01 (UTC)

I noticed you were active, can you lend a hand? Edit

I was trying to complete the interwiki links on the Reaper page and it seems that the Portuguese link isn't working. I went to the Ukranian ME wiki page for it (As that wiki tends to have a fairly complete interwiki list) to see what the correct code was and it had right in the source "pt:Reaper" but it doesn't seem to be working on this wiki. I put pt:Reaper, but it isn't working, see? And the Portuguese page link is right here if that helps Assistance would be appreciated, thank you. TheKingLerp (talk) 21:48, February 1, 2016 (UTC)

forwarded an interlang linking request to community staff. Should probably be fixed once one of them takes a look. Seems like automated linking didn't take for the portuguese site, which is weird since we've never experienced this problem with other language versions before. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 02:07, February 2, 2016 (UTC)
Ok, thank you. TheKingLerp (talk) 03:34, February 2, 2016 (UTC)
dealt with on their end. feel free to link away now. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 02:14, February 3, 2016 (UTC)
Excellent! Thank you very much. TheKingLerp (talk) 02:23, February 3, 2016 (UTC)

Nice work! Interlanguage linking has to be set up manually by a Wikia staff member; it's not enabled between any wikis by default. If other foreign-language ME wikis pop up, admins can file a request like TE78 did with the PT wiki. Elseweyr talkstalk February 3, 2016, 17:18:00 (UTC)

A disconcerting user Edit

Sorry to bother you, but since you're an admin, I was hoping you could be of assistance with Nord Ronnoch's behavior. I don't want to get on anyone's bad side, but he's not exactly the understanding type, and I'm worried it might actually cause an online conflict. Can you try to reason with him, please?--Observer Supreme 05:59, February 7, 2016 (UTC)

Are you there?--Observer Supreme 15:24, February 12, 2016 (UTC)

I'll take action if things escalate. Elseweyr talkstalk February 14, 2016, 00:28:24 (UTC)
Far enough.--Observer Supreme 02:12, February 14, 2016 (UTC)

re: Infiltrator edits Edit

Hi there,

Got your message. Temporaryeditor78 is really starting to annoy me and from his chat history it looks like I'm not the only one. I already did recreate the Ultimate Sniper section as a personal blog after he canned it, and added a link to it in the ME3 Infiltrator Guide but he got rid of the link as well. If it's just buried on my blog page and not referenced anywhere no one will ever find it so it may as well be useless. How do I get that linked in an easy-to-find location, preferably the ME3 Infiltrator Guide which should be the place to put them, that won't get Temporaryeditor78 going nuts?

Kiljaedenas (talk) 23:55, February 12, 2016 (UTC)

I would also have removed the link, not to be mean but because keeping the wiki clean, neutral and organized requires adherence to certain style guidelines. "Neutral" is the key word in this case: your sniper guide provides instructions for a very specific build, whereas our class guides only give general, descriptive advice about how the various abilities can be utilized. The wiki's guides and walkthroughs generally strive to cover a wide range of playstyles rather than endorse specific ones.
It would get pretty crowded if we all chipped in our favorite builds – and as I mentioned, there are better places for that. :) Elseweyr talkstalk February 14, 2016, 00:22:48 (UTC)

Alright, where? No one will ever find my guide unless it is listed in some obvious place. I didn't write that for nothing, I do want to teach people about it who may not find it an obvious build. I've tried several different classes and builds; I have not found anything anywhere as lethal as that one, and want to share that knowledge.

Please advise.

Kiljaedenas (talk) 09:10, February 15, 2016 (UTC)

The BioWare forums are probably your best bet. Elseweyr talkstalk February 15, 2016, 19:28:57 (UTC)

Hello. I just wanted to ... Edit

Hello. I just wanted to say im an avid mass effect fan. Reading your mass effect 3 article I was amazed at how well written it was. Written as if it's history, it made for an awesome read and will help me immensely when writing about, and playing mass effect. Thank you for bringing my favorite series to life so masterfully 19:47, April 10, 2016 (UTC)shadowAngel23

Hey! Appreciate it, and glad to hear your interest was rekindled.
Happy writing/playing! Elseweyr talkstalk April 10, 2016, 20:16:06 (UTC)

TempEditor Edit

If you look at his contributions, over 94% of his revisions of other people's edits are NOT given a reason in the changelog. This has been going on for years. I find this unacceptable, and I believe it is against community guidelines. If you check Temp's talk page, the few people who actually ask him why there edits were reverted out of the literal HUNDREDS of users who have had their edits revised without reason given, are often not given a reply at all. When they are, it is very often sarcastic and very nasty, and the reason is often Temp's opinion.

Speaking of Temp's talk page, he has so many complaints against him and yet no action has been taken against him. This is very confusing to me.

Especially when he so often and unforgivingly breaks the community guidelines. I.E. THe multitude of his bans are given WITHOUT WARNING, you can see so yourself if you have access to ban logs. His excuse given in an example towards the top of your talk page is entirely unacceptable. This has happened countless times.

So really my question is, why is he allowed to remain Admin? Is it because you two are friends? Really I can't see why he is still given any power beyond that of a normal user given his blatant abuse of it and disrespect/toxic communication with other users. In fact I can't believe he hasn't been banned.

I may contact the official wikia staff on this and request this be looked into. 09:46, May 19, 2016 (UTC)

Coding Assistance Edit

Screenshot 2016-06-01-19-46-20-1-
So I went around and gathered the links to the races pages of the various languages of the MEWikis, and when I go to edit the Spanish, Italian, Czech and Hungarian pages, it essentially destroys the pages. When I press the "Show changes" button over on the side to see what was happening, various lines of the page were messed up. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like (It looks normal beforehand) without even modifying the page, just pressing "edit source" and then "view changes." So if you (Or Temp) would be so kind as to go to the listed wikis and fix that if possible, I would greatly appreciate it as I have near-obsession with this interwiki stuff. The links on the languages themselves up there are to the appropriate races pages for easy access. Thank you in advance for the help. TheKingLerp (talk) 23:58, June 1, 2016 (UTC)
the section headers seem to be stripped when going to edit mode. a quickfix you can do for now is append them back. two equal signs each:
<center>Specie esterne alla Cittadella</center>
==<center>Specie esterne alla Cittadella</center>==
be warned that the problem seems persistent that the headers appear to be stripped again if the page is edited again, so a bug report is probably due over at community.wikia if the issue's still there after a few days. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 00:56, June 2, 2016 (UTC)
Ah that worked perfectly! Thank you very much! TheKingLerp (talk) 01:17, June 2, 2016 (UTC)

Female armor pictures Edit

Hey, thanks for adding in the female version of the Cerberus armor! If you can, can you add in the female versions of other armors in ME 2 & 3? --Nord Ronnoc (talk) 22:43, June 19, 2016 (UTC)

We're all just volunteers here. :) Screenshotting, editing and uploading all the female armors is quite the task, but I'll get to it eventually unless someone else (hopefully) does it first. Elseweyr talkstalk June 19, 2016, 23:16:31 (UTC)

If you can provide several tips to do it right, I would be happy to finish this task ;) --DeldiRe (talk) 13:06, June 20, 2016 (UTC)

Update links before Bioware forums close Edit

Hi, I'm trying to replace links to the Bioware forums that are set to close in a few months with links. However, I don't have write access to some pages (the main Mass Effect 3 page for instance). Could you take care of the edit in those pages (the links are available there: [1]). If you want me to do the edit, I'd need you to unlock the write access to this account (and possibly take them back once the edit is done).

Thanks :)

TaikiRak (talk) 09:20, August 3, 2016 (UTC)

Hello! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I'm only able to use a computer sporadically at the moment. Looks like TE78's got you covered. Thanks for your assistance! Elseweyr talkstalk August 5, 2016, 21:23:56 (UTC)

Edit Reversal: PC Tweaks Edit

As I see a lot of other people are having edits from Temporaryeditor78 reversed for absolutely no reason I thought I'd also ask why there was any need to remove the information I added to the PC cheats section, I found something that enables players to unlock squad bonus powers before loyalty missions and it was removed for no reason. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by KatSchidt (talk · contr).

information in the pc tweaks pages are strictly to document which variables are which while the tools to view/use/manipulate them are given as sidenotes in appropriate sections of the articles, not as the primary means to get to them. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 22:30, August 11, 2016 (UTC)

So you wipe out an entire section instead of just removing that link? Glad to see this place's admins aren't lazy or anything. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by KatSchidt (talk · contr).

again, the whole point is that you've made using the thirdparty software the primary focus of your writeup. T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 22:53, August 11, 2016 (UTC)

Seems like there's plenty of that information in other parts of the article. Though I'm interested to hear suggestions on how you're meant to offer information about save editing without a third party application being used. I see now why so many members of this wiki think you're a pedantic jackass. (KatSchidt (talk) 23:04, August 11, 2016 (UTC))

"so many members" don't really hold weight when it's really just a couple of people actually maintaining the site and not bitching in the sidelines like you.
look again, dipshit. do you see "step 1 get gibbed step 2 use the save editor to do so-and-so" everywhere? no? T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 23:11, August 11, 2016 (UTC)

I did look again. None of what you're blathering on about is mentioned either in the site's eqiquette, or editing guidelines. It does tend to be particularly difficult to follow rules that people pull out of their arses. The save editor is the only tool available for editing save games. I can't say I'm surprised so few people edit the site with a piece of scum like you maintaining it.

Come on now, folks; there's no need to stoop to name-calling. It's true that providing guides for how to achieve effects with a particular third-party tool is not the focus of the PC Tweaks article here on the wiki. I'm sure there's something in your find that can be salvaged and properly inserted into the article, KatSchidt, but it really comes down to the goodwill of another person if they're willing to do that for you (us admins are just volunteers, too, not employees). If you need someone's assistance in making something work, jumping to insults would probably not be the best way to go about it. Elseweyr talkstalk August 12, 2016, 00:03:11 (UTC)

My logo design Edit

I tried to design my logo/signature. On my profile I uploaded them. Which do you think is better red or green?FirstDrellSpectre (talk) 21:20, September 27, 2016 (UTC)

To be honest, I don't think this is the best place to talk about your stuff. --Nord Ronnoc (talk) 01:06, September 29, 2016 (UTC)

Just a signature test FDSLogoGreen (talk)19:47, October 2, 2016 (UTC) Sorry it didn't work.19:48, October 2, 2016 (UTC)

I think I'd go for the green one, but I'm generally partial to green over red.
If you want to customise your signature, you can do that in the Signature section in your preferences. Signature templates are only needed if you want to use a unique signature on a particular wiki. In that case you create a page for the signature contents on that wiki. See Help:Templates and Help:Substituting_templates. Elseweyr talkstalk October 6, 2016, 17:17:03 (UTC)

Tali's and Legion's pages edit Edit


Recently I added something on Tali's and Legion's wiki page (in the loyalty part to be exact), since I thought it was an important information. It was a warning about a "major" consequence in Mass Effect 3 if one didn't make the right choice in their conflict, but it was deleted. I wanted to know why, and what I can do in order to have that information on the page. I truly believe it could help! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Monetamaster (talk · contr).

Might want to leave a signature behind. --Nord Ronnoc (talk) 23:28, October 8, 2016 (UTC)
Hello. Sorry for the delay, I've been away without internet for a week.
The main reason your edit was reverted is because character articles are biographies written from an in-universe perspective, where gameplay tips do not belong. Information about the confrontation can already be found on Tali's and Legion's loyalty mission pages as well as Loyalty#Confrontations. The wiki does also not really take a stance on what is "the best possible outcome" for something, and at least marks future consequences in walkthroughs carefully to protect readers from being spoiled. That said, I think there could potentially be a note about the Rannoch repercussions on one or some of the pages I linked to, as long as it's clearly labeled as a spoiler. Elseweyr talkstalk October 15, 2016, 14:58:22 (UTC)

Private Messaging Edit

Hi Elseweyr, I am somewhat new and can't seem to find any way to privately contact other users. I have something I'd like to discuss with you or someone on the admin team that I'd rather not be done in public. Does such a feature exist and if not, what would be the best way to contact you? --H2AK0N (talk) 11:46, October 18, 2016 (UTC)

Hello. The wiki's chat feature does include private messaging, but we'd both have to be connected at the same time. If that's not an option, I have a gmail-address associated with my Wikia username that you can use. Elseweyr talkstalk October 18, 2016, 23:11:45 (UTC)

It would probably be easier via email, so elseweyr # gmail? --H2AK0N (talk) 11:57, October 20, 2016 (UTC)

Yes. Elseweyr talkstalk October 21, 2016, 00:59:42 (UTC)

MEA Edit

OMG OMG the new trailer!!! :) (I wanted to share my excitement with someone :) --DeldiRe (talk) 16:09, November 2, 2016 (UTC)

I'm not getting on the hype train just yet, but we'll see what N7 Day brings ;) Elseweyr talkstalk November 4, 2016, 11:21:13 (UTC)
Where is the "tech armor!" pages?? :) --DeldiRe (talk) 18:09, February 22, 2017 (UTC)

suweet, what job is itEdit

QA or something much more involved than suspected? does that mean you have to be added in the list of valid sources then? :p T̴̴͕̲̞̳̖̼̱͒͛̎͒ͫ̃ͧeͩ̈̽̈҉͓̝̰̼̦̫̤̀͠m̫̪̪̯̻͎̫̅̇̓̇͌̚p̸̙̝̓̓͌ͨ͆ͣͥ̂̕o͒̽͐̽͏̞̬̻͕͔͕͚̰͍͠͞ṙ̢̞͚͈̹̰ͨ̓ͭ̈́̌ạ̢̧̪̹̺̺̣̹̲͂͆̏ͪͨ͒ͭř̹͈͜͠y̷͍̻̜̹̼̾̽̈́e̵̹̼̟̦͚͐̈́͌͘d͉̲̣̻͉̱͗̅ḭ̷̻̆͋̆̓̔͝t̨͍̦̫̗͂̅̍̋̆ͩ͝ộ̫̟̬̳̝̲̾ͫ̒̿ͮ̑̚rͯ̎ͨͭ̄̿̽͛҉̠̫̱̠̘̘̲́ͅ7̩̻ͤͩͨ͝͡8̜̣̙͇̻ͨ͛͛̆͒̆̽̒͐͜͡ ͥ̍̉̃̇ͥ̓ͨ͏̕҉̥̹͓̗̤̠̖̤ (talk) 22:37, December 6, 2016 (UTC)

She already was, no? ;) --DeldiRe (talk) 13:15, December 7, 2016 (UTC)
Got lucky... It's a program called GameChangers which involves playtesting and feedback sessions meant to cover a variety of player types and provide an outside perspective. Beginning with May this year we (a hand-picked team of ~8 people) have visited each of the three BioWare studios for intense two-day events. We played the first couple of hours of the game as well as one other campaign mission, but mostly focused on the multiplayer mode. We were allowed to mention our involvement on N7 day.
Seeing as we're not allowed to reveal new information ("in MP you can also fight <unrevealed enemy faction redacted>") I doubt I'll have much to contribute pre-release since most of the knowledge I have would be subjective and/or outdated. I might be able to shed some light on mechanics and features to be seen in the MP tech test, however; I think I'll have to take it on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, you can always try asking ;p Elseweyr talkstalk December 7, 2016, 13:53:42 (UTC)
Hehe, Temp seems jealous ;)--DeldiRe (talk) 14:22, December 7, 2016 (UTC)

Homepage Edit

We could use your opinion on this point : User_talk:Trandra#Homepage --DeldiRe (talk) 13:20, December 9, 2016 (UTC)

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