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Stop loading images from other websites. This wiki takes ownership of pictures seriously.

You're lifting images from other websites and putting them into pages here. Do you have permission to use these images?

I know that they are from other websites because I found those images as well months ago. However, I don't have permission to load them so I have to create my own.

I know that they aren't your images because the left over artifacts in the crop of pictures match other websites. The person on that website doesn't match your user name here.

This can get you permanently banned. Don't load any more images that aren't your images.

I had to crop and load 25 images yesterday all day long to fix your additions. Now I have to fix another 10 shotgun pics.

STOP --GS877 (talk) 16:52, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

Maybe we should just go on this website and ask to use those images. --DeldiRe (talk) 17:15, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
Sorry. Never been friendly with policies. Sorry I got your "fingers" on fire. But look at this from other point. You've got it done in 2 days when nobody cared to do it for more than a year. Consider it a little push, hard, but friendly. No bad intentions.
P.S. You're most of pics were from other wikis, but not all of them. Some I cut from my own sshots with photoshop. --Necrontir (talk) 17:41, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
Sourcing is one of those things that is taken very seriously on this website. If it is your work, mark it as such when you add it and select the copyright you want for the work.
Each of us has the ability to work with images and create great pics from in-game material. MEA just doesn't have a good place to get the pictures from for alot of the game other than hi-res screenshot grabs. It would be very hard to tell apart most of the images that are cropped well. With that said, I could take the easy route and just grab someone else's work and try to clean it up but I haven't. Most of the cropping work I've found hasn't been very good or artifacts were left in the images from bad autocrop. It's just easier to start from scratch.
Keep in mind that a lot of people have put work into this wiki and small changes can compound quickly. There are a number of people who are watching content and those users will step in fairly quickly if you run afoul of the Manual of Style (MOS). I at least sent a note to you telling you what was wrong. Other people will just revert your work and not explain.
I wasn't planning on adding the photos yet because there were other things to work on. It takes a significant investment in time and effort to get good images. Pretty pictures are nice but there are a bunch of things that need to be worked on instead. I try to think about what a person coming to the site is looking for. I was busy with missions until I had to step away and fix pictures.-- GS877 (talk) 18:41, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
I appologise once again. I just tried to be helpfull. If it is your wish I won't upload anything more. -- Necrontir (talk) 19:02, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
Anyone can add or edit the wiki. No apology is needed. No one is allowed to say someone can't edit the wiki (including admins). As long as you meet the wiki MOS standards, I have no problem (or say so) with you adding or editing. If you are going to make a major update (like a whole bunch of pics), test a few pics first, and see if anyone has any objections. I once add 100+ ME3 icons and an admin almost pulled them all. (I didn't cite where they came from. It was an official source so they were ok).
Someone may change or edit your edits but that's the nature of wiki. I'm a perfectionist on certain things. I like nice clean images and formatting is important to me. I like when things match and are displayed in a simple yet elegant format.
Make sure to categorize and find out if your edit impacts other areas of the wiki. Always try to put an edit reason in the Edit Summary. That can help explain to someone else what you are trying to do. (This helps with people reverting your edits for no reason)
Also, this wiki can be harsh for changes. Your edit may get reverted for no reason. I get smacked down for stuff every once in awhile. I try to learn from it and I don't take it personally.-- GS877 (talk) 19:40, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

New Pic and Potential Article Edit

That said, I still got 1 more render left. I didn't uploaded it since there is no article, no info about it and there won't be, I guess. Still it is ingame pice of work, though not usable. But I believe worth mentioning. If it could be usefull, I'll upload it. --Necrontir (talk) 19:56, March 31, 2018 (UTC) (Taken from TemporaryEditor78's talk page and moved here)

What is the picture and should an article be made about it? If it's in game material, then someone somewhere created the item at Bioware. You can always add the pic and keep it as one of your 10 user images and when you get around to creating the article you can add the pic to it. (Each user is allowed 10 personal pics categorized as "User Images" that won't be deleted for not being used on the wiki). I can help with an article if you can give me a sense of what you are looking for and what the pic is. -- GS877 (talk) 20:06, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

This one. Delete it, if it wont't be usefull. I just don't know where to put it. --Necrontir (talk) 20:21, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

[ [File:MEA_M-28.png|150px|]] (I broke the link on purpose so that this isn't cross linked everywhere. You mentioned it here only so that I could see it and now that there is a page, I changed it over to text. That way someone else could follow the conversation)-- GS877 (talk) 21:30, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

It's a really nice pic. I did a quick check but find nothing about an M-28. Was this something you found online at one of the BioWare sites or something from in-game?
The reason I ask is this, we can create a page that says what it is and what it is related to. If this was something that was supposed to be in-game but never got added, we could always make a short article of that. (There are parts of the original Mass Effect game that never made it into game but have pages because the content is official, just not released. armors, weapons, etc. Those types of things are pretty limited though).
Someone coming to the site may want to search for what you found and the wiki would have article on it. It may be very limited but nonetheless it would be there.
We have the pic already, we can put all of the relevant information about where this is from in-game, and then put a reference to the site or place where this info comes from on the new article. Valid sources should be noted. (the MOS says which ones are valid but anything from "official" sites such as bioware, the bioware blogs, EA, etc are ok) Anything from another wiki or from any gaming websites won't count. Twitter is a no-no unless it comes straight from bioware or an employee. Basically, it has to be a legit, confirmed source.
Let me know and I'd be glad to help creating an article (if it makes sense). -- GS877 (talk) 20:41, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
That shotgun is wielded at least by Cora, Sarissa and Vederia. The information stops here, beside the fact it was assembled in Milky Way. This is all I've found. Not much.--Necrontir (talk) 20:59, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
I mocked up a page for M-28 Shotgun using the standard weapon page as a template and added an armament section on Cora's page as this is her weapon. That weapon should totally be added into the wiki.
Can you add as much information that you have on the NPCs who use it? Things like where, when, any in-game description, etc. As much info that we can put down would be great. :)
BTW, We can clean up and format any text or information that you add after the fact.-- GS877 (talk) 21:30, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
Thanks and sorry. My English grammar is a bit heavy sometimes - foreign language.--Necrontir (talk) 22:09, March 31, 2018 (UTC)
No problem. You did a great job on the weapon page. I didn't even pick up on that weapon in-game. I don't mind looking at articles and helping where possible. Lots of our users are from all over the world, so many people speak other languages besides English (so many that I couldn't even come close to understanding). If I can help with anything, just let me know. :)--GS877 (talk) 23:00, March 31, 2018 (UTC)

where did you get the faction logos from Edit

specific details please, not something as vague as "from the game" . . T̶͙̝͍̖̤̞͂̅̿̆́̕̚͝͡e̮̬͚̪͐̅̒̿͟͡m͚̮̣̪̟̦̫̺̝̏̍̄̾̅̽͂ͅp̶̳̥̣̥͓͆̃̋͊́̈̈́̊́̏o̸͉̰̞̖̖̰̟͂̉̈́̍̐͂̚̚͜͠r̛͙͇̦̈́̀̔͐̒͆̽͛͜͜͡a̵̺̣͕̗͗̇̅́̐͒͂̚͟r̺͓͕̰͙͚͙̋̏͐͌͂̍̐̀́̚y̴͉̜͎̜͙͍̞̠͊̄̃̍̋ͅͅḛ̴̙͉͙̠̐̿̄͗͆̈̽͞d̳̙̫͎̝̝̜̘̂̀̍́̀̇͗̄̕͜͟į̴̜̯̗̦̹̻̬̓́̀̓͛̓́̆̇͆ţ̸͍͔̠͍̐̋͋̑͑̉̀̀͞͝ǒ̧̱̣̠̲̣̜̤͙̉̋̾̄̈̕ṟ̛̦͕̖̗͖̱̤̰̪͛́̀̆̑̔͂̃̕7̨̮͎̤̣̞̣̦̞̿̾̓̊̏͑͗̾͌͜8̷̳̻̗̼̙͎́̄̔̀̓͘͝ . 12:20, April 17, 2019 (UTC)

They ARE sshots from the game. Kadara level - outcasts' is from the banners on the walls in Outcasts HQ, also noticed it on their armor. Collective's - also from their merc's armor, didn't find anywhere else. I just cut the logo from the sshot.Necrontir (talk) 12:26, April 17, 2019 (UTC)
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