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Mass Effect Edit

Varren are only encountered on Feros. These varren are sometimes killed by the colonists for their meat, and a lair of them can be cleared out in the tunnels beneath Zhu's Hope. Another group infests the ExoGeni headquarters garage, attacking en masse after the encounter with Lizbeth Baynham.

Tactics Edit

  • Varren tend to attack in large numbers, so keep moving around, shooting, and using Talents to avoid their bite.
  • Biotic talents like Throw, Lift, and Singularity are effective against large, or even smaller groups.
  • Using shotguns at close range, even if untrained in them, are also an effective way of dealing with the large groups.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Varren can be found infesting numerous places Shepard can visit in 2185. The creatures can be encountered feral on numerous worlds or as attack dogs assisting the Blood Pack in their various operations.

Capabilities Edit


Varren have a powerful bite, but they have to get close to use it.


Varren have a moderate amount of health, and low armor on higher difficulties.

Tactics Edit

  • Because varren have to get close in order to attack, it is advisable that you keep them at a distance.
  • Using powers such as Throw, Pull, and Shockwave, even in higher difficulties can help keep the varren at a distance.
  • If varren happen to get close, using Shotguns equipped with Incendiary Ammo is a great way of busting through their armor.
  • The Arc Projector can easily kill large groups of varren in one or two shots.
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