Velonia is a turian salvager located at The Paradise on Elaaden.

Velonia tends to mind her own business but trades salvage with anyone who wants to trade. Velonia routinely heads to Kadara to trade salvage.

Pathfinder Ryder will encounter Velonia during two missions: The Rebel and/or The Search for Ljeta.

During The Rebel, Ryder is sent to Velonia to help Kent Halsey with finding his sister Isabel Halsey. Velonia doesn't know much but is able to provide the location of a scavenger base far to the west in the Sea of Ataraxia.

During The Search For Ljeta, Rorik at New Tuchanka sends Ryder to Velonia for information on Ljeta's whereabouts. Velonia says that she took her to Kadara and didn't ask any questions. Colt Dalton at the Kadara Port may know more information.

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