Foundation 11 - verrikan
The Verrikan was a frigate of the Turian Hierarchy. It was crashed by Zaeed Massani in his first "impossible" mission as an independent contractor.

Mass Effect: Foundation Edit

The Verrikan was once the flagship of the turians' eighth fleet. Pride of the Hierarchy, it had survived numerous battles and earned more victories than any other. However, one of the Shadow Broker's clients wanted to embarrass the Turian Hierarchy and was willing to stake a large fortune on the frigate's destruction. The Broker, in turn, hired Zaeed to do the job.

At the time of Zaeed's mission, known crew of the Verrikan included Chief of Security Garkko and Commander Polonis. The frigate was refuelling at Essenus supposedly for a victory lap around the galaxy when it was boarded by Zaeed and his team. Polonis was supposed to let the intruders in, but he was caught in the act by Garkko, resulting in a temporary setback for the mercenaries.

Zaeed found another way in, and the mission turned largely in the mercenaries' favor. The ship's crew were numerous and armed to the teeth, but Zaeed's three-man team managed to hold off and even beat them at some junctures. The "abandon ship" call was sounded throughout the Verrikan on top of the chaos.

The ship was set on a crash course to the nearby planet of Impera when Zaeed took control of the bridge. The garrison on Impera detected the ship's distress calls, but opted to blast the ship out of their sky if it showed signs of threatening their airspace. As they received no contact from the bridge, they opened fire on the frigate as it sped downward. Out of Zaeed's team, only he survived to witness the Verrikan's explosion.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Commander Shepard recruits Zaeed in 2185, one of the personal effects he brings aboard the Normandy SR-2 is a scale model of the Verrikan. He recounts a brief story of his adventures there if Shepard shows interest at the model.

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