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“Making deals to get the things you want, shooting at the things you don’t. That’s me.”

Vetra Nyx serves as the Pathfinder team's jack-of-all-trades, emphasis on the latter. In addition to her duties she brokers deals between the lawful and lawless elements of the Heleus Cluster.

Surviving the rough world of smugglers and mercenaries requires street-smarts, adaptability and cunning, qualities that serve Vetra well in Andromeda. Her experiences have taught her the importance of having someone to watch your back, and she’ll do anything for the people she considers friends and family.[2]

Vetra is a potential romantic interest for a Pathfinder Ryder of either gender.


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Vetra was born on Palaven, but has also disclosed that she is not recognized as a formal citizen of turian society, never having entered boot camp. Vetra left Palaven at an early age, and spent most of her life in the outer reaches of Council space, never settling down in one place.

Vetra's mother cared for little else other than ascending the ranks. Her father was involved with questionable people and activities, and fought with her mother most of the time. At the end Vetra thought they hated each other.

Her father took her away from Palaven along with her younger sister Sidera (Sid), who was barely a year old at the time. They settled in a mining colony in the Minos Wasteland for a while. Two years later when Vetra was about Sid's present age he abandoned the sisters, his checkered past having caught up with him. Vetra thought of returning to her mother, but she was aware enough that whatever her father did meant she and her sister weren't welcome on the homeworld. She waited a long time for her father to return, but he never did, and she never learned if he was even still alive when she and Sid departed the Milky Way.

Having been orphaned at a young age, it fell on Vetra to raise Sid. Barely more than a kid, she started in construction jobs where she did the dangerous stuff nobody would. She was known to have worked numerous odd jobs, some of them unsavory. When she learned how to shoot she moved to smuggling and mercenary work, and allegedly may have been part of an unnamed mercenary band that was hired to steal sensitive military secrets from a base on Menae. The jobs didn't make her rich, but allowed her and Sid to live comfortably.

Two years prior to leaving with the Andromeda Initiative, Vetra "hypothetically" double-crossed a batarian crew. This prompted her to think about going somewhere out of reach, where decisions made when she was "young and stupid" will have no way of catching up to her and her sister. She preferred going into the unknown to being tracked down and not returning home to Sid.

Vetra began working with a mercenary crew called Nova Force, a small-time group also dabbling in smuggling. She was caught stealing from Nakmor Kesh during one of group's jobs, so she bargained with Kesh for her freedom in return for her services. Kesh sent her to retrieve experimental prototypes from the Terminus Systems, a task that Vetra completed successfully, sparking a mutually beneficial association.

Vetra ended up as a provisioner for Kesh during the initial stages of the Initiative project: Kesh paid up front, helping Vetra become independent. Over time she became suspicious of the cargo she was transporting for Kesh, and when she asked the krogan about it she learned about the Initiative's goals. Once she heard the recruitment pitch, she was convinced enough to sign up.

Vetra and her younger sister were officially enlisted into the Andromeda Initiative after a referral from Kesh, who has Vetra listed as "a business associate". She arrived in Andromeda via the Nexus alongside Sid. She is of the opinion that family ties are more important than venturing deeper into the galaxy.

Vetra is acquainted with Kesh's grandfather Nakmor Drack. During the Nexus' construction, Vetra stole supplies from Drack, and waited until they were all in Kesh's office to tell the old krogan she was working for his granddaughter all along. Vetra and Kesh both think of this as a funny memory.

During the Nexus Uprising, the mutineers attempted to persuade Vetra to join their side. She refused, though she maintained contacts and friendships with many of them after their exile.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

Vetra observing some incompetent mechanics during Nexus visits

Vetra works with fellow logistician Kim Connor to coordinate the Tempest's supply corps in stocking the ship. When Pathfinder Ryder arrives to see their new vessel, Vetra introduces herself as the "Initiative wrangler, provisioner, gunner, and everything in between." She is eager to depart for their adventure, but a dock hand named Ben attempts to delay their departure by attempting to inventory the outpost development equipment for Foster Addison. Vetra is able to get him to look the other way in exchange for using her connections to get his son out of cryo.

Afterwards, she gives the Pathfinder a tour of the ship, as well as introducing Ryder to Gil Brodie and Dr. Suvi Anwar. After the introductions are over, Vetra convinces Ryder that her ability to find supplies and her positive rapport with the Tempest's crew would make her a valuable asset to Ryder's team.

Vetra in her natural habitat: guns, rations, and boxes of BlastOhs

Vetra claims her quarters in the armory section of the ship, though she can frequently be found attending to other matters elsewhere. On the Nexus she often hangs out at the Docking Bay near the Cultural Exchange.

Following the discovery about exaltation, Vetra can be found at her quarters reviewing pictures of the exaltation chamber, or alternatively reading about the Archon's spy who betrayed Moshae Sjefa. Observing angaran-made medical equipment in the chamber (or alternatively theorizing there may be more spies to hunt), she wants to find an edge against the kett as she could not bear the thought of Sid forcibly exalted, hoping Ryder can empathize if the same happened with their twin. Ryder can relate, although if they think their sibling's old enough, Vetra still feels responsible for the only family she has left. She then discloses their father's abandonment, which Ryder can relate to with the loss of their parents or inquire instead about her parenting Sid alone.

Vetra realizes she also did the same things that got her father into trouble, but she doesn't want to not come home. Ryder can assure her she'll always be there for Sid, or point out her decision taking her sister into the unknown far from home.

Speaking with her afterward, she finds another reason to hate the kett due to learning about exaltation, and she empathizes with Jaal on the issue. On comms, Vetra reluctantly humors Peebee's attempts at obtaining Jaal's scans from Dr. Lexi T'Perro.

During mission downtimes aboard the Tempest, Vetra frequently converses with Drack nearby on a number of topics. She recounts how Sid used to be afraid of space and how she used to hold her sister to calm her down. She also values Drack's take on meeting new species in his lifetime like humans and the angara. In moments of uncertainty, she looks to him for reassurance when asking him their chances of survival.

During the Tempest crew's first visit to Kadara Vetra accompanies Ryder and Drack while disembarking, remarking upon seeing a severed Chosen head that the exiles have stepped up their game since their failed revolt. She and Drack are on the planet for business, and they shortly leave the Pathfinder to their own devices. After Ryder's talk with Vehn Terev regarding the whereabouts of the Archon's ship, Vetra informs the Pathfinder her and Drack's "completely legitimate business deal" went off without a hitch.

Back aboard the ship during Drack's emergency team meeting, Vetra agrees that the team should investigate the recent tensions on Elaaden, figuring Nakmor Morda's self-promotion to Overlord is weird. She also reacts on hearing about pirate activity on Remav, as the turians were assigned a golden world there.

Following the meeting, Vetra's relieved Kadara had all sorts of merchandise, as she promised people some things even she wasn't sure she could get. She recognizes the hard decisions the Nexus leadership had to make in expelling the exiles, as it was either lose some people or lose everything. She's not bothered by the legality of trading with exiles since there aren't actually any written laws to break: they're on the frontier, and she'll worry about the "small stuff" once survival concerns have been dealt with.


Vetra brings Sid's concerns about kidnapped settlers to Ryder's attention. Sid provides their location on H-047c and wants to help, but Vetra orders her to remain on the Nexus where she is safe.

Upon entering an outlaw base in Crater: Idriya, the squad falls into a trap. To Vetra's confusion, their captor, Meriweather, and her other captives, all claim that Vetra helped the captives escape their outlaw pasts by helping them leave Meriweather's smuggling ring and create new lives for themselves in the Andromeda outposts. Vetra denies the assertions made by Galloway, spokesperson for the captives, and promises to find out the truth of the matter.

After escaping the trap, Vetra learns that Sid is the ex-outlaws' true benefactor, having used her older sister's name and voice to help Meriweather's indentured servants escape. Vetra is annoyed, but soon her sister's safety becomes her overriding concern as Sid flew a shuttle nearby and is remotely hacking into the facility to aid them. Vetra discourages her from doing anything that might lead Merriweather's gang to her.

Vetra minces no words when it comes to her sister's safety

Soon Sid finds out how Vetra actually deals with threats: violently. Vetra explains she never wanted Sid to be involved in her world: she can't have excitement and adventure if she can't handle pain and blood. Later though, Sid realizes she has been discovered, causing Vetra to slightly panic and Ryder helps keep her focus.

When the squad confronts Meriweather, they find her holding Sid hostage in one hand and a grenade in another. Depending on Ryder's decision Vetra may get to snatch that grenade and toss it back to Merriweather's goons, though inevitably a skirmish occurs that leaves the outlaws dead and Sid saved.

In the aftermath, Vetra scolds her sister for recklessly putting her life in danger. While Vetra was forced into her lifestyle, she didn't want the same happening to Sid, and Sid should have at least talked to her before doing anything. As Sid storms back to her shuttle, Vetra muses they both need some time to cool down before mending things.


Note: †Rank 6 of each Skill is unavailable to Vetra until her loyalty mission Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends is completed.


Vetra is armed with a modified Cyclone assault rifle.


Conversing with Vetra between missions gives Ryder the option to flirt with her.

Vetra justifies her presence in the Tempest with her desire to work and familiarity with the crew. If Ryder compliments her focus, she explains people tend to be intimidated by it. The Pathfinder hopes they can keep up, and Vetra promises she won't tell if they can't.

Ryder inquires if she brought someone special to Andromeda besides Sid. Vetra takes a while to realize what the Pathfinder means, then tells them she has no time for relationships. If Ryder thinks anywhere's empty without someone to share it with, Vetra's surprised Ryder's a romantic. She then muses leaving everything behind for a chance of something new is also somewhat romantic. If Ryder also claims to have no time for relationships though, Vetra assumes things will either settle down or they'll be dead.

Later, Vetra discloses part of her family history and she realizes she also did the same things that got her father into trouble, but she doesn't want to not come home. If Ryder calls her strong and smart enough to be more than capable of avoiding that, she muses maybe she's just lucky, and luck eventually runs out. Ryder assures her they won't run out on her, and after a noticeable pause and twitching of mandibles, Vetra tells them she has a good feeling about them.

When Ryder has helped Vetra save Sid, she will invite them to the Sulfur Springs on Kadara via email. At the Sulfur Springs, the two are racing to climb to the top of the ridge. At the top of the ridge, the two lay down and stare at the sky. If Vetra has been flirted with and Ryder's not in a relationship with another character, Vetra asks for confirmation of Ryder's interest, which Ryder can commit to or decline.

The next interaction with Vetra reveals she planned a surprise dinner for Ryder. Unfortunately, Vetra is a terrible cook and ruined the steak. Realizing that she ruined the dinner, she confides that she wanted to do something special for Ryder and says that she loves them. Ryder can then reassure her and tell her they love her too. Afterwards, they kiss and fool around.

During the Tempest's Movie Night, Vetra ends up snuggled on Ryder's shoulder.

When Ryder returns to the ship prior to storming Meridian, she requests a meeting on the bridge for a brief talk before continuing with the mission. In the aftermath, Vetra expresses a desire to build a home together with Ryder.


You're the boss.

To: Ryder

From: Vetra


I thought I ought to clarify. I know I said something about back channels, doing what I have to do. Being on the Nexus during the bad times, a lot of us got used to a lot of ugly things. Because survival just isn't that pretty.

But in the end, I'm here to help you, so if there's anything you don't like, I won't do it. Simple as that.


Received after the Moshae's rescue and subsequent conversation with Vetra:

That last talk

To: Ryder

From: Vetra


Thanks for listening to me. I hope I didn't come across… whiny. Could my life have been different? Sure. Could've had a dad, a mom, a rigid upbringing and great prospects in the turian civil service, with the stiff collars and the yessirs to go along. What I'm saying is, different's not always better. I don't regret anything—or what I've done to get where I am.

Don't regret coming here either.


Received after landing at Kadara Port:

About Kadara

To: Ryder

From: Vetra

Hey Ryder:

One of my "friends" from Kadara sent a list of tips for surviving there. It's mostly common sense, but there are some gems:

- No one knows who the Charlatan is. Asking's dangerous.
- Be really careful dealing with Sloane and anyone who works for her.
- Politics on Kadara are less about who's got the biggest stick and more about who's willing to use the sticks they have in creative ways.
- There's a hole-in-the-wall place in the slums that makes the best cup of quilloa.
- Don't ask Umi the bartender to "surprise you."



  • Vetra is is listed as 198 cm (6' 4") tall and 95 kg (209 lbs).
  • Vetra used to have a bulkier build, but the designers were forced to scale it back due to the bigger armor pieces clipping into one another. [3]

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