MEA Viability
Viability in Andromeda is the measure of a planet's suitability for habitation as calculated by Andromeda Initiative.

Overview Edit

The ultimate goal of the Initiative is to make a new self-sustaining home on potential colony planets in the Heleus Cluster. Before departing for the Andromeda Galaxy, the Initiative chose seven Golden Worlds for colonization efforts.

Initially, however, the planets encountered are less than ideal. Each potential colony planet has a viability rating starting at 0% and can be raised to 100%. Raising the viability of each planet is one of Pathfinder Ryder's main goals.

Mechanics Edit

Main article: Andromeda Viability Points

Ryder can raise the viability of a planet by gaining Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) AVP icon. AVP points represent the collective integrity of Ryder's colonization efforts in Andromeda. AVP can be earned by scouting planets, making allies, defeating threats, repairing damaged environments, and other actions that make Heleus a better home.

Note: Once Ryder reaches 100% viability for a given planet, viability will no longer be earned for that planet and only AVP AVP icon will be awarded.

Benefits To Raising Viability Edit

Earning AVP points and increasing viability leads to two benefits for Ryder: Advanced Cryo Pod Perks and Outposts MEA Outpost Map Icon.

Advanced Cryo Pod Perks Edit

Main article: Cryo Pod Perks

Cryo pods are unlocked when enough AVP points have been gained to raise the Nexus level. Each time the Nexus level is raised, a cryo pod point is awarded, and the ability to unlock a cryo pod perk is given. However, some of the more advanced cryo pod perks have requirements that include the viability of a specific planet. Until the viability requirement in question is met, even if a cryo pod point is available, the perk is unable to be unlocked.

Outposts Edit

Main article: Outpost

Ryder is required to reach 40% viability on each planet (where an outpost is possible) before an outpost can be constructed. In addition to viability, there are usually other requirements for constructing an outpost on specific planets. Those additional requirements will be listed in the Journal under the Heleus Assignments section for the planet in question.

Constructing an outpost gives a large boost to AVP points, significantly increases viability, awards a large amount of XP, and makes additional missions available to Ryder.

Special Mission Edit

If planetary viability is raised to 100% for all five planets and the mission Epilogue: Home and Away has been completed, a special Priority Ops mission The World is Waiting will be unlocked.

Viability Rewards Edit

Forward Stations Edit

Main article: Forward Station

Each Forward Station deployed awards +2 AVP AVP icon and increases planetary viability by +2%.

Note: Forward Stations on H-047c only award AVP as what remains of the planet can't be made viable.
Note: The first landing on Eos grants the above mentioned bonuses instead of the Forward Station at Site 1.
Note: The Forward Station on the vault island on Eos doesn't grant the AVP or viability bonuses.

Mission Rewards Edit

For missions that award viability, see Mission Rewards.

Tempest Scanning Rewards Edit

For scanning that awards viability using the Tempest, see Tempest Scanning Rewards.
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