Victory was a Prothean VI overseer of a bunker facility on Eden Prime. During the Reaper invasion of the planet 50,000 years before the present, Victory kept its base commander Javik apprised of then-ongoing threats to the bunker.

With extinction at the hands of the Reapers seemingly inevitable, Prothean survivors have gathered at the facility. It was here that the survivors hoped to enter cryogenic stasis, emerging after the Reapers have reentered dark space to rebuild the Prothean Empire.

As Collector ground troops closed in on the facility, Javik instructed Victory to broadcast the readiness signal to all lifepods. Victory reminded Javik of the refugees who have yet to reach the bunker, which Javik dismissed as a necessary sacrifice. As Javik and others fought to seal off the base, Victory informed Javik that Reaper forces have destroyed approximately 300,000 lifepods—a third of the Protheans. Victory later notified Javik that the northside bulkhead cannot be sealed, and relayed Javik's orders for all forces to converge there.

The bunker soon fell in danger of being overrun despite the defenders' efforts. With no other options remaining, Victory ordered Javik into his stasis pod and set off the neutron bombardment. It denied Javik's protests for a few more minutes' reprieve for his men and other online pods to safely escape the purge, as it used Javik's own words against him: "Their sacrifice will be honored in the coming empire."

The blast eliminated the Reaper threat but damaged the base's sensors and made it impossible for automatic reawakening. This meant that the remaining Protheans can only be reawakened manually when a new culture discovers the facility, which may result in a shortage of power to the stasis pods. Over Javik's protests to not shut down any pods, Victory said it will triage the base's power supply appropriately. As Javik is the only known Prothean survivor, it would appear that Victory was eventually forced to cut power to all pods except for Javik's. It appointed him as the voice of their people shortly before Javik went into stasis.

Victory's ultimate fate is unknown. If Commander Shepard reawakens Javik in 2186, Victory is neither seen nor heard from except in flashbacks induced by contact with Prothean data and Javik himself.

Unlike other degraded Prothean VIs encountered by Shepard from 2183 onwards, Victory appears just like a holographic Prothean. It can be projected anywhere in the facility, and like Vendetta it can simulate ambulatory movement when necessary.

The other known Prothean VIs, Vigil and Vendetta, were created using personality imprints from actual Protheans. It is unknown if this is the case with Victory and if so, from whose personality imprints it is based.

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