Guard Captain Vidinos is the turian head of security aboard Pinnacle Station.

Mass Effect Edit

Vidinos regards himself and all turians highly, going as far as accusing a fellow competitor, the human Lieutenant Bryant, of tampering with the combat simulator after the Lieutenant manages to beat his score in several simulations. Vidinos believes no human could be capable of such a feat, and threatens to throw Bryant in the "stockade" as punishment for the rest of the competition. His arrogance is somewhat justified, however, as he is shown to be the leader of the majority of the combat situations.

If Commander Shepard opts to defend Bryant, Vidinos asks the Commander to prove that humans are capable of beating his records, offering a reward of one of his own weapons as incentive. After Shepard successfully achieves the top rank in the first eight available scenarios, Vidinos will concede, Lieutenant Bryant is released and Shepard will be given the choice of Vidinos's shotgun, assault rifle, pistol, or sniper rifle.

Mass Effect 3 Edit

During the Reaper invasion, Vidinos is still serving aboard Pinnacle Station. Heading up a special-ops team, he and his squad can be recruited for the war effort.

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