Captain Vlassia Ariokis, service number 6732-IC-1917, is an Alliance Intelligence operative stationed at the Quiet Eddy black ops facility. Vertically-challenged but highly perceptive and exuding a lethal aura nonetheless, she is economical in her movements and views assassinations merely as judgment calls that have to be made.

On Illium, Ariokis kills the mercenary Ygara Menoris to obtain the artificial intelligence kernel in her possession as she and her bosses had no budget to buy the tech at auction and the asari was unlikely to be intimidated. Since she deleted the kernel from Ygara's ship, Andromeda Initiative agent Cora Harper follows her shuttle trail all the way to Pamyat in pursuit of the twice-stolen code.

Ariokis transmits the kernel to the waiting facility as soon as she's in shuttle range but mayhem greets her arrival on Quiet Eddy a few hours later. Medea disables Ariokis' shuttle during the landing sequence, although she survives the crash and the hostile augments in the hangar. Having received the location of a safe haven at the Gamma Labs, Ariokis cloaks through the facility and joins the remaining survivors there.

When Cora stumbles upon the Gamma Labs and learns the truth about the situation, Ariokis' assistance is requested by the biotic regarding a medical procedure. Ariokis observes Cora has been talking a lot to her comms, and quickly pulls a gun on the biotic when the latter confesses it's her implant AI. She deduces it's made from the same kernel she took from Illium and assumes it's hostile due to Medea's actions, but SAM-E and Cora quickly correct her on the latter. Once Cora explains she's about to overclock her body with SAM-E's help, Ariokis surmises she's there to kill the biotic if anything goes wrong.

The procedure goes well and Ariokis witnesses the result firsthand when Cora decapitates an augment with sheer power, momentarily shocking her. After helping shepherd the other survivors to Cora's shuttle, Ariokis comes to Cora's rescue, who's nearly exhausted and about to be beaten to a pulp by multiple augments. Ariokis' missile launcher gores the monsters around Cora, then she helps drag the wounded biotic back to the waiting shuttle.

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