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An unnamed volus makes vidcomm contact with Cerberus operative Randall Ezno when the latter has been told that their mutual acquaintance Inali Renata has "volunteered" for a secret project. A skilled computer hacker, he serves as Randall's sporadic mission support during the upheavals at the Barn facility.

When a keycard Inali left for Randall at her desk is inserted into a nearby terminal, the volus gains control over numerous systems and circumvents most lockdowns in Randall's way. He is capable enough to outmatch the UDI artificial intelligence employed by the facility.

The volus helps Randall reach the Medical Bay where experiments on Inali are being perfomed. The events that unfold there turns Randall against Cerberus forces and the volus tells him he can save both himself and Inali by contacting the Alliance. He alerts Randall to the presence of other Cerberus victims in the facility, and tries persuading the operative to save them too.

The volus then directs him to an old datacore also located in the Medical Bay. As it turns out, the volus is also a prisoner at the Barn, holed up in the datacore. Through continued comm chatter from his cell the volus helps Randall to reach the communication tower of the station in order to contact the Alliance. To create a diversion, the volus hacks UDI once more and unlocks some strategic cells, allowing the escape of many asari and krogan test subjects. The facility then transforms into a warzone.

When Randall finally arrives at the communication tower, the volus arranges a pickup on LV426, a nearby desert planet. He also warns Randall of some geth activity in the sector before leading him to the hangar bay in order to steal a shuttle off the station. Not wishing to draw any more attention to himself, the volus cuts off communications when Randall is aboard the shuttle. He asks Randall to take his intel to the Alliance before wishing him good luck.