Vorn is a krogan botanist that left Milky Way with the Andromeda Initiative.

In the wake of the Nexus rebellion, Vorn will leave the Nexus with other krogan of the Nakmor clan to live in New Tuchanka on Elaaden. There, he works with his assistant to get a greenhouse running. He is ultimately kidnapped by outlaws when they steal the seed vault of the colony of New Tuchanka. He can be rescued by Pathfinder Ryder if Ryder chooses to help Nakmor Drack retrieve the vault.

During the recovery, Vorn tells Drack he intends to court his granddaughter Nakmor Kesh, much to Drack's irritation. If spoken to at his stall, Vorn can ask Ryder to give Kesh a flower. Vorn can later be seen visiting the Nexus, consulting at the Hydroponic Gardens. He particularly intrigues Dr. Camden with the prospects of his disease-resistant seeds.

If Ryder chooses to rescue Drack's scouts from the Archon's flagship, he will inform Ryder that Kesh has laid several viable eggs. When spoken to at his stall, Vorn will reluctantly admit to being the father.

If Vorn was recued by Ryder, he will participate in the battle for Meridian. He can be heard on the comms stating he is tranquilizing the Kett forces with his botany experiments.

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