Vulcan Station Lava Approach
Vulcan Station is part of a series of Cerberus research facilities on the planet Aite devoted to Project Overlord.

The station is a geothermal plant that provides power for all four Cerberus outposts on the planet. During the mission to shut down the rogue VI on the planet, Shepard travels to the station to override the lockdown on Atlas Station. The workers at the station attempted to sabotage the station in an attempt to cut off power to the VI. However the security mechs killed the workers before they could do too much damage.

Shepard and the squad manage to breach the station and after fighting through the defenses around and inside the station, they manage to override the lockdown, blowing a LOKI Mech's head off as they leave.

Trivia Edit

  • Considering its underground location and lava flows, Vulcan Station is likely named after Vulcan, the Roman God of Fire who worked from an underground smithy.
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