Wardrobe is a customization feature in Mass Effect: Andromeda

Overview Edit

The Wardrobe terminal is located in the Pathfinder's quarters aboard the Tempest. The Wardrobe terminal allows customizing and changing Casual Outfits and customizing the look of armor.

Casual Outfits Customization Edit

Main article: Casual Outfits

Selects one of the Casual Outfits that will be worn aboard the Hyperion, Nexus, Tempest, and during specific cutscenes.

Casual Outfits can be customized in the following ways:

  • Outfit Color 1 - Primary Color - White is the default color on the default outfit.
  • Outfit Color 2 - Secondary Color - Affects the neck and front seam on the shirt, stripes down the sides and back of the pants.
  • Outfit Color 3 - Tertiary Color - Blue is the default color on the default outfit.

Armor Customization Edit

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Customizing equipped armor is performed in the following ways:

  • Default Tints - Each armor piece uses its default colors. Under-armor is auto-tinted based on the color of the chest piece.
  • Auto Tint - All armor and under-armor is auto-tinted based on the color of the chest piece.
  • Custom Tints - Disables all auto-tinting. Players select the colors and patterns to apply to armor.
    • Outfit Color 1 - Primary color
    • Outfit Color 2 - Secondary color
    • Outfit Color 3 - Tertiary color
    • Pattern Select - The player can choose from 4 different options - 3 patterns and no pattern. The first 2 patterns are stripe-based and the final pattern is a camo-based.
    • Pattern Color - The primary color for the pattern (if the player selects a pattern).

To choose when the helmet is shown on Pathfinder Ryder, go to the main Settings menu to change this display feature.

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