Location: Milky WaySigurd's CradleSkepsis System Third planet

Prerequisite: N7: MSV Strontium Mule (Mass Effect 2)

Description Edit

Watson is known in human media for two things -- its spectacular tides brought on by a large moon, and the bureaucratic snafu over which Earth nations got to settle there first. Watson is a garden world, first discovered in 2165 CE, with credit claimed by the Chinese People's Federation, the United North American States, and the European Union. The Systems Alliance brokered the infamous "Rekjavik [sic] Compromise," allowing limited colonization from each coalition in cities comprised of populations from each nation.

Watson itself trends colder than Earth, with a temperate zone measuring about 30 degrees latitude in either direction from the equator. Its life does not easily map to Earth's evolutionary eras -- some islands have species that resemble terrestrial placental mammals, others are overrun by arthropods. It is estimated that at least two more generations of xenozoologists will be needed to properly classify all the species of the planet.

Mineral Deposits Edit

Initial Scanner Result: Good

Mineral Amount Approximate Value
Palladium Medium 7,800
Platinum High 14,000
Iridium Medium 5,600
Element Zero Medium 9,000

Search and Rescue Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Since the planets in the Skepsis system are probably named for famous scientists and thinkers, Watson is likely named after James Watson, while its moon, Franklin, is possibly named after Rosalind Franklin. The two, along with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins discovered the structure of DNA.
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