Weyrloc Clanguards are krogan warriors in the service of Clan Weyrloc on Tuchanka. They appear in the mission Mordin: Old Blood.

Capabilities Edit


Weyrloc Clanguards are equipped with shotguns that can be armed with Incendiary ammunition, and can also use Carnage.


Weyrloc Clanguards have high levels of armor and health, charge and regenerate like all krogan.

Tactics Edit

Clanguards typically advance steadily on Shepard's squad, firing periodically as they go. They may charge nearby squadmates, but otherwise do not move quickly. The preferable tactics against them is to quickly strip their armor away using such powers as Incinerate, Warp, and/or Incendiary Ammo. Once their armor is destroyed, use Incinerate, Warp or Reave to halt their significant regeneration, or Pull to send them flying helplessly.

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