The Weyrloc Clanspeaker is a krogan from the Weyrloc Clan who speaks on behalf of Chief Weyrloc Guld. He is encountered alongside Weyrloc Clanguards and Blood Pack Troopers during Mordin's loyalty mission.

Inside the krogan hospital, Mordin and Shepard are confronted by the Weyrloc Clanspeaker. While the Clanspeaker believes that Shepard should be killed for spilling the blood of many Weyrloc krogan, he explains that Weyrloc Guld, the chief of chiefs, has given the crew one chance to flee. Denying the opportunity, the Clanspeaker launches into a long winded and bloodthirsty speech about Weyrloc's plan for the galaxy, such as plunging the Citadel into a star and eating salarian eggs as delicacies.

The long speech will provide Shepard the opportunity to use Renegade interrupt: if engaged, Shepard will interrupt the speech by first firing one shot at the fuel tank below the Clanspeaker; just when the Clanspeaker harks at Shepard's apparent lack of marksmanship, Shepard fires the second shot, igniting the leaking gas and incinerating the Clanspeaker, eliminating him from the fight that follows. In his last breath he screams "The Bloodpack will avenge me!".

Capabilities Edit


The Weyrloc Clanspeaker is a krogan that is armed with a shotgun and will charge if given the opportunity. He uses Carnage as often as the Clanguards. He can also provide a stats boost to his men.


He has a high level of armor and health, and can charge and regenerate like all krogan.

Tactics Edit

The Weyrloc Clanspeaker is like any other krogan. He is armored, wields a shotgun, and will charge at Shepard or any squadmember if engaged in close combat. The best thing to do is stay at the bottom of the stairs in cover and shoot at him from there, he, like all krogan, will constantly move down and try to get as close as possible. Be careful because the vorcha accompanying him will attempt to come down from the right. Deal with the vorcha as they come down the stairs, but focus mainly on the Clanspeaker and Clanguards. The Renegade interrupt will instantly kill him before combat ensues.

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