Wilson is a medical officer who works for Cerberus and oversees the Lazarus Project, along with Miranda Lawson. While Miranda runs the project, Dr. Wilson is attached to the bio wing, acting as Chief Medical Officer.

While the Lazarus Project is rebuilding Shepard, the facility comes under attack by rogue mechs, and Commander Shepard needs to fight through the facility to escape despite not being fully healed. When Shepard encounters Wilson for the first time, he has suffered a gunshot wound to the leg.

As soon as the Commander treats him with medi-gel, more mechs swarm to their position. Wilson suggests overloading volatile crates nearby, and helps to carve a path to the station's escape shuttle. He finds Miranda waiting beyond the shuttle bay doors, and she shoots him in the throat. Miranda claims that it was Wilson who hacked the mechs just before she, Jacob Taylor, and Shepard finally evacuate the station.

The reason for Wilson's betrayal was originally unknown. Various logs written by Wilson indicate frustration with Miranda's standoffish attitude, possibly indicating he snapped due to personal reasons or was attempting to elicit some sort of privileged information from Miranda. While going through information available aboard the Shadow Broker's base, however, Shepard uncovers proof in the files regarding Legion that Wilson was in fact working for the Shadow Broker.


  • Wilson carries on the tradition, as Corporal Jenkins did, by being a squadmate that is killed early on and replaced by a member with the same abilities (in this case, Miranda). This tradition has been with most BioWare games since Knights of the Old Republic.
  • If you have the Firepower Pack downloaded, then Wilson will have the M-5 Phalanx instead of the M-3 Predator heavy pistol.
  • When Wilson's weapon is holstered, his walk animation is the same as Joker's.