X1 is a modified krogan test subject that Randall Ezno faces during his escape.

X1 is the Director's oldest test subject, and is held in the Cerberus space facility known as the Barn. The subject is a krogan that has undergone significant genetic and cybernetic augmentation. It is several times larger than a normal krogan, with significant alterations made to forelimb size and overall muscle mass. It has also been enhanced with cybernetics in the form of energy weapon gauntlets and integrated shield generators.

X1 appears incapable of speech. It is unknown whether it is controlled by Cerberus through indoctrination or if it has simply gone insane after the experimentation its been put through.

Tactics Edit

  • Having undergone extensive modification from Cerberus, X1 is very durable, with large health and armour bars and strong shielding, which will regenerate over time.
  • X1 is the first major boss in the game and is equipped with gauntlet blasters that fire weapons similar to the Ogre Mech. If you shoot one of its blasters, X1 then turns around, exposing a weak point on its back. Shoot this, and X1's shields will drop one quarter of the way. When all of X1's shields are depleted, it will resort to melee combat alone, charging into or hitting Randall.
  • Unlike other enemies in Mass Effect: Infiltrator, X1 will lose its armour before his shields. The shields can only be depleted when the player has the opportunity to shoot the exposed weak points on X1's back.
  • X1 is best fought with either M-96 Mattock Auto or M-333 Particle Beam, as high DPS of these weapons allows you to stagger him often.
  • After a while, a short cut-scene will play and you'll hear the Director talk. Randall will taunt the Director and walls will close in around Randall and X1, locking them in a smaller room. Don't worry though, as X1's frenzied charging will break these walls and open up the battlefield once again.
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