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You've been warned about the presence of underground explosives surrounding one of the torches. You'll need to exit the Mako and proceed on foot.

Acquisition Edit

While you're trying to stop the asteroid from crashing into Terra Nova, Simon Atwell mentions the blasting caps when he talks to you in the first fusion torch station.

Walkthrough Edit

This is quite straightforward: get through the blasting caps to the fusion torch station without getting blown up.

This station is surrounded by batarian guard and turrets, as well as the aforementioned blasting caps. Leave the Mako safely outside the range of the blasting caps (the circle marked with the beacons), get rid of the turrets and approach on foot (entering the circle is instant death for the Mako). Walk very slowly and keep an eye on the proximity alarm. When you start to get close, batarian troopers - including two rocket troopers - will attack you. Bear in mind that it's possible to throw the batarians into the blasting caps for an instant kill, or race straight to the torch station's door, shut the blasting caps off and then deal with them.

Remember that you can zoom in on your map to see blasting cap placements, and how many there are between you and cover. Also, your squadmates will not trigger the blasting caps when they follow you in.

If you approach from the front of the building, there are more blasting caps between you and some crates for cover. If you approach from the rear, there are fewer blasting caps and more cover for your squadmates (if you decide to bring them), but your position will be rushed by two batarians.

Enemies Edit

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