Yandoa is a Systems Alliance colony, notable for a massive industrial accident in 2170. An Eldfell-Ashland Energy vessel exploded in the planet's atmosphere, exposing the colony to dust-form element zero. This resulted in children born with birth defects and tumors. Thirty-seven children were not only born healthy but with biotic abilities.

It is assumed that Yandoa has a population well into the thousands and possibly the millions, although no official count is given. The planet was also the birthplace of Gillian Grayson.[1]

The "industrial accident" over Yandoa was actually orchestrated by Cerberus, and committed in an act of sabotage by Paul Grayson. After being exposed to eezo in utero, Gillian was later given to Paul by the Illusive Man; the fate of her parents back on Yandoa is not known.

References[edit | edit source]

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