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Zakera Ward is one of the five wards of the Citadel. It is a hub location containing several shops, a club and a C-Sec office. Zakera Ward is a starting and finishing point for several missions and assignments, including Garrus' and Thane's loyalty missions. There are several rapid transport terminals which can shuttle you quickly to the different levels.

According to Captain Bailey, the Zakera Ward is dominated by volus, elcor, and hanar. The humans have a commercial zone at Shin Akiba. Occasionally, a krogan or a quarian is seen in the ward. Transients are known to live in the 633 Block where they can find shelter in a HabCapsule.

Geography Edit

The point closest to the Presidium is called Presidium Junction, while the point farthest away is called Zakera Point. Equidistant from these two points are the Mid-Ward District and the Keel Docking Ports. The Factory District and the 800 Block are between the Mid-Ward District and Presidium Junction. The human commercial zone, Shin Akiba, is either near the Presidium Junction or Zakera Point. Other landmarks (of uncertain location) are the Vol-Clan Exchange, the Courts of the Center, the Shrines of the Enkindlers, and the 633 Block.

According to a shuttle schedule, travel time from Zakera Ward to Presidium proper, or to Shin Akiba, or to Zakera Point, is 30 minutes. Other destinations in the ward include Vol-Clan Exchange (20 minutes), the Courts of the Center (10 minutes), Keel Docking Station, and Shrine of the Enkindlers (10 minutes). Other destinations in the Zakera Ward are the Factory District, the 633 Block, and the 800 Block.

In the Mid-Ward District, there is a building with at least 28 levels. Commander Shepard visits and begins several missions and assignments from this building in 2185. Locations in this building include:

Mid-Ward Building Locations Edit

Level 23

Level 26

Level 27
Level 28
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