Ark Ship (N7 day 2015)




  • Nexus - 旗鑑方舟,作為指揮仙女座計劃的基地,攜帶多種族包括krogan Clan Nakmor。在Hyperion之前14個月抵達仙女座。
  • 海伯利安(Hyperion) - 人類方舟,在2819年抵仙女座並在Habitat 7遇上麻煩。
  • Leusinia - 阿莎麗 方舟。 被計劃認定為失踨。
  • Natanus - 突銳 方舟。 被計劃認定為失踨。
  • Paarchero - 賽拉睿 方舟。 被計劃認定為失踨。
  • Keelah Si'yah- quarian 方舟,其中也搭載drell, hanar, elcor and volus. 因為其種族的多元性而需要的技術更複雜,因此其出發延遲到第一波出發者抵達之後。目前尚未確定何時會抵達仙女座。

技術 编辑

Because the journey through dark space will take several human lifetimes to complete even with FTL, the Arks are equipped with cryostasis pods protected by mass effect fields where the colonists will spend most of their time sleeping in until they reach the outskirts of Andromeda.

ODSY Drive System 编辑

With the Arks unable to refuel by traditional means in dark space, the journey to Andromeda is only made possible by the ODSY Drive System. The ODSY is a massive experimental drive core specifically designed for this trans-galactic voyage. It is capable of recycling static energy that would typically cause a starship to explode, instead storing it to power the Ark’s primary systems. Meanwhile, an electromagnetic ram-scoop will gather hydrogen from the Ark’s surroundings, converting it into fuel as needed.

出處 编辑

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