Hyperion (initiative briefing sideview)

海伯利安(Hyperion) - 出現於《質量效應:仙女座》,在仙女座計劃中搭載人類方舟,但其支援工作人員有各種銀河系種族,長度有一公里半多,重達1700萬metric-tons,是最大的太空船之一。海伯利安目前在luna的軌道上進行最後安裝階段。

As with the other Arks, Hyperion is equipped with the experimental ODSY Drive System for sustained FTL in dark space. 20,000 humans are in cryogenic stasis aboard Hyperion, among them the Pathfinder assigned to the ship - Alec Ryder.


海伯利安在進入直定的Habitat 7時遇上麻煩。與 Nexus 和其他方舟之間的聯繫中斷。[1] 海伯利安在Nexus的14個月之後抵達了赫利俄斯星群。 As the crew began awakening from stasis, the Ark ran into an energy cloud that caused extensive damage. Even worse, their arrival at Habitat 7 was less than ideal, with the planet being inhospitable compared to their earlier long-ranged scans. Pathfinder Alec Ryder led his team down to the surface to assess the environment, only to encounter hostile alien lifeforms. In the end, Alec was forced to sacrifice his life to save the life of his child, whom he designated the new Pathfinder.

Hyperion then proceeded to rendezvous with the Nexus, providing the long-awaited power supply for the station. The Hyperion is eventually attacked by the Archon and is taken to the Remnant dyson-sphere world of Meridian. During the final battle for Meridian, the Hyperion crashes into the planet's surface, where it now resides permanently as "Port Meridian".



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