Nomad ND1是一種能在各種地形行駛,並以探險為主要目的的登陸車,是在仙女座行動中由探路者使用,來探索殖民黃金世界之用。

特性 编辑

該車擁有雙重氫氧充能器,支援element zero核心。每個輪子獨立懸掛,4或6輪傳動。類似於Mako, it comes equipped with a rear fuel injection booster to propel it forward, and helium-3 microthrusters beneath the vehicle to blast it upward. It comes with the capability to scan planet surfaces for valuable resources and deploy mining drones to harvest those.


  • Thrusters - can hold as much boost fluid as needed for greater maneuverability.
  • Shields - additional power cells can briefly generate a protective field around the Nomad to protect the drive and its occupants when exiting the vehicle.
  • Shield Blast - if the Nomad loses its shield, in a last attempt to preserve shield integrity the shield power cells will discharge causing an area of effect shockwave that will send nearby enemies flying.
  • 雷達(Radar) - 在周圍區域標註敵人。
  • 生命支援(Life Support) - 提供更多生化抵抗。
  • Paint jobs - customizable depending on environmental circumstances.


Nomad ND1的昇級需要基礎資源。

  • 進階偵察系統(Advanced Detection Systems)
    • Allows the occupants of the Nomad to detect enemies through obstacles at a range of up to 75 meters.
  • 進階生命支援(Advanced Life Support)
    • Installs power cells that can briefly generate a mass effect field around the Nomad to shield occupants as they are exiting the vehicle.
  • Agility Mode
    • Allows the Nomad's Stability Assist, which is always on by default, to be disabled, giving an expert driver greater control over the vehicle. With Stability Assist disabled, the Nomad is more agile, but will have less traction when cornering.
  • Defensive Fortification
  • Emergency Shield Discharge
    • When the Nomad's shields are entirely depleted, shield cells will discharge, generating a shockwave that sends nearby enemies flying.
  • Improved Boost
    • Expands booster chambers to provide a longer boost in both drive modes.
  • Improved Shield Regeneration

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